Jesus. After that hour of television, this is what I feel like:


It was intense, with so many incredible moments. Mostly drama and intrigue, but with one great emotional scene, when Sami and Lucas stood by Will’s body. Sami talked about how much they screwed up as parents (all true), while Lucas pointed out the good times, and the fact that Will grew up into a good man (also true). It felt so real, and so true to the characters and their history.

It was a very visual episode.

Here are Hope and Rafe exchanging skeptical looks regarding Ben’s scenario of what happened between Chad and him. Please, please let them follow up!


Aiden, contemplating the unthinkable:


I kind of loved this twist. I know it turns Aiden back into Teh Big Bad Evil again, which I have been complaining is simplistic. But this somehow fits with the weaselly, weak villainy that I think Daniel Cosgrove plays really well. Aiden is contemplating murder, but because it seems expedient, the fastest way out of a jam. But maybe he’ll change his mind and go for evidence tampering instead. Also expedience! When I don’t have to watch Hope taken in by his pathetic lies, I do enjoy Aiden quite a bit.

Finally, I loved the way the episode ended, with no words, just these three shots:


Ben, contemplating the success of his plan.


Abby, pondering Chad’s possible guilt.


And Sami, the wild card.


RIP Will

Those Ben/Will scenes were intense, weren’t they? Maybe a little too intense in spots, for daytime. But I’m coming down on the side of this being a good move. It’s a copout to have a serial killer story and only kill off characters people don’t care about. This raises the stakes, for everyone.

The best part, for me, was the conversation Ben and Will had, where we got to hear some of Ben’s twisted thought processes. I especially loved his reaction to Will saying Chad might not be guilty. Contemptuously – “you and Abby.” And then asking what it was going to take to make people believe in Chad’s guilt. Another bod

But it was all really well done, really horrifying. A moments stand out — the refrigerator door flying open. The overhead shot of Will’s body and Ben laying next to him, exhausted from strangling him. Ben’s phone constantly buzzing. Ben picking up the picture of Sonny and Will.


And I had to turn away when Ben come back from moving the body, and started kissing Abby. Shudder.

Clyde’s arrest, and JJ’s role in it, has apparently unhinged Ben a little further. I am liking all the references to Clyde’s abusive past, because it suggests a troubled childhood for Ben. I hope they don’t try to make that too pat and easy, and so far they haven’t. The fact that he made up with his abuser and is now his biggest defender is interesting psychologically, to say the least.

In lighter news, it looks like JJ and Gabi — JJabi! — is definitely a possibility. I really liked how JJ confided in her about Paige today. Now, when Gabi finally finds out about Eddy, it will affect her relationship with three people. Eddy, of course. Rafe, because she’ll be mad he kept it from her. And now JJ. She’ll find out she had a sister she never knew, and she might turn to JJ to find out what she was like. And I think it will complicate any attraction between them.


Does she like him? Or has she just been in an all-women’s prison for two years?

With Justin and Adrienne, I am getting whiplash. Let’s recap. She tells him she wants to give their marriage “one more chance.” He agrees. They go on one date, which doesn’t go so well. They go on another date, where she asks him if he ever just wants his freedom. He says, sometimes. She says, that’s it then. Huh? I would attribute this to awkward transitioning from the old writing team to the new, but in fact this was all written by Higriff. I don’t get it.

I’m glad, though. All summer I watched them trading barbs and not trusting each other, and it looked like they were setting up more of the same. I am ready for them to be apart for awhile, even permanently (love both characters, was never into them as a couple). Oh, and there was a great, casual reference to history in their conversation yesterday, when Adrienne said they met when he found her crying on a park bench and she was looking for somewhere to be safe. And then I loved her line when she said she didn’t need that anymore — telling him she is stronger now.


Does it get boring for me to keep saying, “Another good episode today”? Because it was another good episode today.

I was worried that today was James Read’s last day on the show, so I went searching around and found we get to keep him awhile longer. Whew! I am going to be very sad when I can’t see this little evil grin anymore:


The other highlight of today was Chad and Abby’s scene.



Chad was strangely flirtatious, given the situation he is in, but I loved it. I loved how he turned the tables on Abby, asking her why she keeps coming to see him, why she didn’t leave town when she said she was going to. And, also strangely (but again, loved it), Abby responded in kind, calling him egotistical to think he’s so irresistible. I loved his line after that, pointing out that she’s resisted him many times. Anyway, it was a fun break from all the angst.

As were my two new favorite brothers:


Just two bros, hangin’ on the couch.

I loved when Andre was telling him that Clyde was too smart to leave evidence lying around this apartment for people to find. He was exactly like the scolding older brother, calling his baby brother an idiot. And Chad was the snarky baby brother too, when he said “Just how long have you been here?” Hee!

Now, Will.

Stop reading if you are totally unspoiled, and haven’t watched Friday’s show yet.


I did get spoiled about Will’s death awhile back, and I have mixed feelings about it. I have never liked Guy Wilson’s portrayal, and his facial tics and mannerisms set my teeth on edge. But I am sad for the character, and sad that a groundbreaking storyline is ending this way.

But, I will say the Will/Sonny story was already ruined last year, by turning Will into a schemer — and such an inept one! — for so little reason. And I expect, given the quality of writing we are seeing from this team, that Will’s death will be written well and with many dramatic repercussions. But, somehow I’m still regretful.

I wish they had given him a little more airtime this past week or so, maybe another scene with Lucas (I liked the one from last week), or with Kate or Marlena. I am glad they gave him that final phone call to Sonny, taking responsibility for everything he did last year, and telling him he loved him. And this final scene, of him throwing papers in the trash can, actually made me start crying. It was so human and ordinary.

And then he found the red necktie in the trash can – that was an extremely boneheaded move by Ben, by the way. A red tie in a drawer is a red tie. A red tie buried in the trash can is EVIDENCE. Then the final shot of Ben coming in and the two men just looking at each other — fantastic.