Dead baby joke

What’s dead from pneumonia and anticlimactic?

Seriously, is this the end of the baby story? A guy from an illegal orphanage hears what time period they are looking for, and he immediately reels off, apparently from memory, the five children who came through at that time. He even remembers their ethnicities, and helpfully adds that both white babies died. Oh, and he just happens to have a picture.

See ya later, dead Ava baby.

It was good to see Kayla again, and coming out swinging.


I like that she is already suspicious and hot on the trail of why Steve is off with Ava. Joey is a terrible liar; with a little effort, she should have no trouble weaseling the truth out of him. Last week, I was having trouble connecting with Joey’s emotions with the whole roller coaster of trying to run away with Ava, then finding out she kidnapped his mom, and then immediately seeing his dad kissing her. It was too much. But James Lastovic did great today. His guilt toward his mom and anger at his father were well played. I liked how he was angry at Steve, but he instinctively covered for him too. That’s very believable (and Johnson-man-like).

The signs are there that Kayla is going to be front and center for the fallout from this whole mess, which will go a long way toward reconciling me to this storyline — ha ha, I joke! What I mean is, I refuse to let Dena ruin my couple for me, so I’m determined to salvage what I can.

As for the rest of the show, I continue to be appalled at Hope’s indifferent parenting of Chase. I am not seeing any chemistry between Ciara and either Chase or Theo. I do love Theo, though, and I’d like to see them try him with someone else. I am getting a nice family vibe from the three Carvers. Abe and Lani’s scenes were good today.


They may not be pursuing a Lani/Rafe/Hope triangle (and I’m fine with that) but I liked how Abe was subtly prodding her about her faith in Rafe.

Awwww, Chad and Abby:


I thought Kate Mansi did really well showing how upset she was at the idea of eloping. I liked that she pointed out that her family is worried about her because of Ben, and the last thing to give them confidence is for her to run away and get married secretly. But it makes sense that Chad is more concerned with protecting her from Andre than worrying what her family thinks of him. That was some nice organic conflict.

Screencaps Forever Safe.


Bad Boys

A Kiriakis so loathsome that even Victor disowned him thirty years ago? Bring it on.


Glad to see Vincent hasn’t lost any of his charisma. I rarely watched any other soaps, but I loved bad boy Lujack and Beth (played by Vincent and Judi Evans) so much that in sixth grade I switched to recording Guiding Light, instead of Days, during the school year.


I hope we’ll see Judi and Vincent sharing scenes!

I thought the reveal at the end, showing Phillip has already been colluding with Deimos, was a great twist. I think that Deimos must be the one chasing this miracle drug, and hence is responsible for Bo’s imprisonment and torture. I assume Phillip was unaware of that, but I like that he’s flirting with the dark side. We’ll see how this all falls out for him.

They might finally be giving Lani something interesting to do:


She’s obviously interested in Rafe, and that has fueled a suspicion about Hope and the lengths that he will go to for her. I like that we’ve seen this unfold gradually. Lani also served as a (slight) counterbalance to the rest of the police force, who were all falling over themselves to excuse Hope. I did like the final exchange between Roman and Justin, showing they hadn’t bought her lame story, but overall I feel this should have been a lot more dramatic and suspenseful.

Belle isn’t going to be winning any mother of the year awards, is she? I wish they would give us an explanation for her willingness to be wooed by Phillip (and Chad). I’m willing to fanwank to a certain point, but I’d like to see what the show has in mind with this. Claire’s phone call is making me dread the return of Shawn (in the form of Brandon Beemer) and the return of the love triangle that ate the show in the 2000’s.

Oh, and a child scheming to get her parents back together? Wow, I’ve never seen that plot before!


Hurray! We got to see Eric today!

I wasn’t crazy about his sweater, but at this point he could have been wearing a muumuu and I would still be happy to see him.


Eric and Marlena were both pretty low-key about the fact that she was attacked and almost killed. All in a day’s work for Dr. Evans, apparently.

There was some good dialogue showing us where Eric is, emotionally, right now. I liked his tone of rueful lightness as he summarized his loss of the priesthood and his two failed relationships. I liked how he said both that Nicole betrayed him, and that she turned her life around. It was quick but it covered the basics. 🙂 I liked how he talked about feeling a little beat up, a little lost, and how Marlena encouraged him to take on new challenges. Like a new job!

The whole episode was nice and light, after yesterday’s doomfest. They went for some cheap laughs with the three town bitches trying to cooperate to run to a company, but Ari, Lauren, Jen Lilley, and Eric Martsolf were obviously having fun with it. I liked Brady’s moment of self-congratulation at what a good dad he was going to be, after he scolded Kate and Nicole and told them to play nicely in the sandbox. And then Kate and Nicole abruptly (maybe a little too abruptly, but why quibble?) dropped their animosity and ganged up against Theresa, which was unexpected and very funny. I’m glad Theresa is going to have to work for her chance.

And then, and then — Eric and Nicole were in a scene together! For about five seconds! But still! A scene!


I’m intrigued by this turnaround regarding the job offer. Instead of Nicole persuading him to take it, it looks like Eric will have to go after it and prove he’s better than the “master” Kate has lined up. This is a great twist. Eric’s character has sometimes been written as a little too passive, so if he gets a fire lit under him to prove he’s a better photographer than Mr. Giovanni Whatever, I’m all for it.

Now, let’s just hope Eric and Nicole will continue the conversation tomorrow! Or is that too much to hope for?

What did you all think about that Thrady kiss? I know some people would say it’s too soon, and I agree, but I actually kind of liked it. I thought Brady’s gushing about what a success she’s going to be was a little much, but I liked the kiss itself. I even felt a little zing of chemistry. I wanted a slightly longer beat after the kiss — a moment when they just stare at each other, before he walked off. But I liked that a kiss — ironically — ruined the moment they were having.

Justin and Eve! I can’t decide if I’m shipping Eveddy or Jeve – I’ll take either! I liked how she went in to the police station as an avenging angel (or “got a little gangster,” in her words, hee!) and Justin understood where she was coming from and was able to talk her down and offer some comfort. Justin does like to come to the aid of distressed ladies. I remember how sweet he was to Adrienne when they first met, when she was reeling from killing her father after being raped by him.

It looks like Justin and Adrienne are each going to distrust each other, even as they innocently (so far) turn to others. I like that because the distrust makes sense, after their mutual betrayals earlier this year. Adrienne was upset when she saw Justin with Eve — but then said she was sure he was just comforting her for the loss of her daughter. Then, Adrienne confided in Lucas (but not Justin) about her cancer gene test. Back with Justin, she clearly conveyed she is hiding something.

Speaking of the cancer gene test:


Look at these two! I like how this story is starting out, with her worrying about the test and knowing that it doesn’t help to worry. It’s very realistic. It’s better than how illness stories usually start:  mysterious fainting spells, that of course our character doesn’t tell anyone about, until she/he collapses in a dramatic fashion.

The anvils are falling fast and furious that Lani is Abe’s daughter, aren’t they? Watch they’ll surprise us and she won’t be. “Long lost daughter? No! I just thought he had a nice face.”

What day is it?

Yesterday’s episode did not feel like a Friday. I wondered if I had a Chad-style blackout and it was Monday already. Lots of setups and introductions.

But, I enjoyed it for all that. I am so in love with Eve and Eddy, it’s not even funny. When they started arguing about the funeral arrangements, and she treated his choir suggestion with such withering sarcasm, I thought it was very realistic — funny and painful at the same time. And I loved her insight that all of this tender solicitude was him putting on a performance for his other family. Methinks Eve hath got his number.


For months, the boards have been going nuts trying to figure out why Thaao, who we knew was playing Andre, kept calling Stefano “daddy” and Chad “brother.” Well, here’s one of the first lines Andre said to Stefano today: “When we found out I was your biological son … ” So, that takes care of that. Next!


I kind of wish Andre had gotten a more dramatic introduction. The man was dead! He was shot, fell off a roof, and then pulled the plug on his own life support. I know that to a Dimera, all this is no worse than cutting yourself shaving, but shouldn’t they try to offer some explanation?


The other introduction was Lani Price, a new police officer with the Salem PD. I see that I was right that the show is going to connect her to Abe, most likely as his long-lost daughter with Tamara Price, played by Marilyn McCoo back in 1986. I laughed out loud when Rafe asked what brought her to Salem from sunny Florida, and she said, “I have a hidden agenda.” Don’t they all?

Also, Florida? Maybe she knows Ben!

We also got the start of a new storyline with Adrienne. She talked to her mom (Jo!) at the beginning of the episode, then went to see Kayla about getting tested for a gene that predisposes you for cancer. I tend not to like illness stories, but this is true to history, because Jo had a cancer story back in the late 80’s, so kudos for that. Kayla was so wonderful and reassuring with Adrienne, and I really enjoyed the scene. That said, during most of it I was filled with a sense of crushing disappointment that we aren’t going to see Steve and Adrienne’s reunion scene. But at least the show remembered they are related.

Speaking of history, I have to give the show credit on the Britta reference from the other day — I underestimated you, Higriff! I still say there was something off about the dialogue for Steve and Victor that day, but yesterday we found out this Claudia was hired to pretend to be Britta’s daughter, which makes sense. And Steve got another lead.


Why was the scene taking place on Victor’s plane? Is Steve living there now?

While Steve was rebuffing Claudia’s advances (at least we know there is no twist coming that she is really his daughter with Britta!), Kayla was hanging out with a surprisingly bitchy Hope. Sure, she asked her to be her matron of honor, but then she scoffed at the idea of this being Steve’s “last mission,” and the idea of Bo being in trouble. I think Kristian could have played Hope’s lines as the desperation of denial, because I think that’s more what was intended. It’s hard to watch her certainty about Bo’s abandonment when we are watching him suffer in captivity. I don’t know if the purpose of this story is to make Hope look bad, but that’s what happened. I’m so ready for Steve to bring Bo home and get this story moving along.

The best part of the episode was the short phone call between Steve and Kayla at the end. Definitely a softening there.


Kayla reacts to Steve’s line: “I just told him all the reasons I have for loving you.”

Sorry this post is so all over the place — there was a lot going on!