Harebrained schemes

I’ve mostly been annoyed at this whole Deimos story, until now. I couldn’t believe in any of the emotions the show was trying to sell me — Kate or Nicole falling for Deimos, Deimos obsessed with Nicole. I didn’t see any reason Deimos and Kate would want to marry each other. I thought the “Helena” flashbacks were laughable.

But damn if they didn’t hook me this week, a little. I thought the introduction of Chloe into the story was reasonably well done — a retcon but not a horrible one. I think they even had her mention a boyfriend “Robert” back when she showed up in town after Daniel and Nicole got engaged. I’ve always liked Chloe for the most part, and I’ve thought since last year that she would be a good addition to the canvas — a well known and liked character in that age range, who isn’t related to everyone in town.


Kate’s scheme is crazy, but my fears that the Salem PD would swallow it whole (like they usually do) have proved to be unfounded. Unlike her feelings for Deimos, which I never believed, I do believe she would make a play for the Kiriakis fortune. I really liked the scene where Victor came to Kate with his offer to back up either her story, or Nicole’s. I enjoyed seeing him bait the trap and let her walk into it. I thought Victor’s story to Roman today was a bit sad, though. Victor is usually a lot more subtle than that. Nevertheless, it was gratifying when Roman pointed out that a lot of people wanted Deimos dead and Victor and Kate seem awfully eager to pin the blame on Nicole. The Salem PD does have its moments of clarity, few though they may be.

I am reasonably interested in seeing all the different characters investigated who have a motivation to kill Deimos. And I am very eager for Kate and Aiden to be exposed for the frauds they are. (I’m just shaking my head at Hope for getting back with Aiden — the woman is insane.) Deimos is obviously not going to take this lying down, though I hope he stays “dead” for awhile so we can see the investigation play out a little bit more.


I’m also grateful it’s given Nicole something different to talk about other than losing the “love of her life” (cough, cough), some different characters to interact with, and hopefully will give her a little bit of her fight back.

I also enjoyed Steve and Kayla’s standoff with Charlene Manson and family on Monday.


The standoff gave both Steve and Kayla their chance to shine, even Joey … though he’s still got a long way to go before he can get back in my good graces. Steve was an effective hostage negotiator – I especially liked how he used the story of how he lost his eye to connect with Dirk. And of course Kayla the doctor springing into action at the end when Joey was shot.

My favorite moment, though, was when Joey asked Kayla about Fynn and Steve looked up, suddenly alert.


I love jealous Steve so much, and Stephen plays it so well … I want Kayla to stay with Fynn forever. Ha ha, just kidding! But I do hope Fynn has a little more fight left in him.








There was some plot movement today — most notably, Marlena being strangled. They hit a little hammer of suspicion for us when they cut from the strangling, to Abby back at her apartment saying Ben’s name to an empty room, and then to Chad on the elevator (not strangling!).  Another development was Chad remembering being with someone the night Serena was killed — a homeless man that he fought with, who could possibly give him an alibi. (Or who is in on the plot against him?) Ben also said he was “done” with Abby — we’ll see how long that lasts.

But my favorite parts of the episode were the moments that gave our actors a chance to react, to just listen:


Adrienne is listening to Justin’s excitement about doing something that has “nothing to do with his last name” — and thinking he’s never sounded more like Victor.


Poor Chad’s lip is never going to heal, but he is so beautiful here listening to Abby tell him she knows he could never kill anyone.


Look at the mixture of happiness and pain on Rafe’s face, as Eve talks about how wonderful Paige was. This is the sister he will never know.


Kate, showing Nicole hit a nerve with her catalog of her misdeeds — but also that she’s not giving up, thank you very much.

And we saw our pier again! A very small, claustrophobic pier, but a pier:


I love the camera angle here. Eve looks so trapped and so very, very alone.

This shot is from the music montage, which I loved because it was so perfectly old school. Little short shots of all of our characters — thinking, reacting to the events of the episode. When Adrienne picked up the picture of Justin and looked at it, I may have squealed. It was so classic.