Welcome back, Eric


“It’s me, Eric.”

He’s here, he’s finally here!

A few weeks ago, when it was revealed that Eric’s entrance involved Hope, a rumor went around that they were going to be paired off. I didn’t really believe it, but really, can you count anything out on this show?

So imagine my relief when Hope referred to Eric as her nephew today. Do you think the scriptwriter wanted to reassure us because s/he knows how Days usually works? That if you rescue someone, you are fated to be romantically involved with that person?

Anyway, now that I don’t have to worry about an aunt/nephew hookup, I think this could be a good reintroduction for Eric. Saving Hope’s life gives him a hero moment right off the bat. More importantly, Hope killed someone, and went to prison, just as Eric did. I really loved their wry exchange, when she said “I thought you were in prison,” and he replied, “I thought you were too.” She might be the best, or really the only, person who can help him right now, because she feels guilty for what she did, but has still accepted the help of her family and friends (ALL of her family and ALL of her friends …).  She is in a unique position to reassure Eric that he shouldn’t hide himself away, that he can be forgiven too.

I also loved that Eric referred to his time as a priest in the Congo. One thing I really, really want to see is that Days is aware of what made Eric such a unique character. He had a gentleness about him that was different than the cops and spies and big business dealers on the rest of the show. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cops and spies, but he brought a very different male energy to the show and I don’t want to lose that. He’s not a standard-issue tough guy. That said, I know he is in a different place now because of his experiences in jail, and I expect him to be darker and I welcome it. Today, Greg played his lines with a quiet intensity, suggesting strong emotions roiling beneath the surface. I’m intrigued to see where this goes. But I do hope we’ll that sweetness and gentleness again … someday.

In other news, Anna continues to be a highlight for me in the Prague adventure. They gave her the best lines: “I only have one gun.” “Do you have any cashews?” Ha! But what really made it all work were Austin and Carrie’s reactions to her, like this exchange of looks after Carrie realized she was giving her mother advice on how to shoot people:


It was fun seeing Steve ranting and raving at Marlena today, too; it reminded me of old school Steve, always flying off the handle.  And then when he got shot, and Kayla decided to go off to Prague to make sure he was all right … well, I know we all remember this:

Steve shot in Stockholm

Sigh. I’d love to think it’s an intentional callback by the writers, but it’s delightful either way.

All in all, an excellent episode. Good job, Days.



Goodbye Eric, part 2

I wasn’t going to post more about Eric’s departure, but his final scenes were really very good. I’m glad he got some decent goodbye scenes with (some of) his family. Brady was very busy, as we know, getting Maggie muffins and reassuring Summer about an adoption that happened more than forty years ago — super important stuff.

But I’m grateful Eric didn’t just disappear, with one line of dialogue a week later about him in prison, followed by no one ever mentioning him again. That second part will probably still happen, but at least we got some good farewell scenes first.

And they gave us a glimpse of what we haven’t seen in way too long: Greg Vaughan’s bare chest:


It was only a glimpse, so this was the best screenshot I was able to get. So, let’s refresh our memories, shall we?


Ah, happier times.

I’m very concerned about Jennifer too …


… that she has such blurry memories of hooking up with Eric. Hypnosis might help.

I think it’s dumb that they have to say contrived things like, “I don’t want you in the courtroom. Let’s say our goodbyes now,” because they don’t have a courtroom set. But, all of the goodbyes at the station were very affecting. Of course Brady should have been there. Nicole wouldn’t come say goodbye, but some final scene between them, even just a silent exchange of looks, would have been wonderful (h/t friend of the blog Amber!).

Regardless, I think no other actor can top Greg Vaughan when it comes to crying. I love Stephen’s tears … it’s close! But I give the edge to Greg.




Now I need a hug too. Sniff.

Goodbye, Eric. Come back soon.


Shawn’s return has been handled so badly. It is really driving me crazy. He comes back, has one talk with his daughter, and announces he wants Belle back. Then he says it again. And again. And again. No reason given. No motivation for the change of heart. Just “I want you back” to someone who cheated on him with Phillip right before they got married (remember that?), cheated on him in Maine, and now has just cheated on him again!


I haaaaated Brandon Beemer’s Shawn in his last run, but I was hoping the show would give me a reason to like him this time around. So far, that has not happened. Have we even seen him with Hope or Ciara yet?

It’s also been very depressing that this has brought the return of glittery Belle. I was liking Belle and I’m still hanging onto it, but having two men desperately pursuing her when she has proven herself no prize to either one of them is killing it for me.

That said, I did enjoy the conversation between Marlena and Belle today, when Marlena scolded her for running off to Vegas with Phillip. It’s as close as we’ve gotten to an explanation for Belle’s motivations. I liked the frustration that came through when she said she knew if she stayed she would just have to listen to Claire trying to get her back together with Shawn. (Though, actually, I think she agreed to go to Vegas before Claire called Shawn.) I want to here her say she’s sick of true love and happily ever after — now she just wants to have fun. It makes perfect sense, so let’s hear her say it. Instead we got to hear Marlena say Belle is probably blaming herself for going to Vegas more than anyone. Um, it doesn’t look like it to me.

I have only two words to say to the idea of Deimos and Kate getting together: HELL NO.


Isn’t it enough that she got her hooks into Eduardo? I love A Martinez and Vincent Irizarry, and both of them are wasted on this woman.

Side note: I love the way Vincent says “Deimos Kiriakis.” Gives me the shivers every time I hear it. I want to see him introduce himself to everyone in town, twice.

I said yesterday that I want more from Eric’s story. One thing I didn’t realize I wanted was to see this hot little jailbird:


Screencaps Forever Safe


Where is Kayla?

People have been having fun on Twitter with the hashtag #whereiskayla. I think this one is my favorite:


I enjoyed the return of desperate Steve. No one can freak out with love and worry like Stephen can. There was a scene during the Marina storyline, I believe, when Kayla got into a car accident. In the aftermath, Mike Horton said to Kayla, “We’ve got Steve chained up outside, do you want to see him?” Hee!


Of course I had to laugh out loud at Steve referring to Ava’s “bony ass” and his great line that he’d rather scoop out his good eye with a spoon than take up with Ava again. I’m actually glad that he didn’t manhandle Ava too much, though. Steve in the 80’s would have, but a 60-year old man would (and should) have more self-control. Besides, Ava looks like she would snap like a twig. What I hope is that Steve, in addition to looking for this “child,” will be scouring Salem and (especially) tailing Ava to see if she will lead him to Kayla. Come on, Steve, be the smart and wily guy we know you can be!

Poor Joey …


It was all a bit much, though. He declares his love and desire to run off to Mexico with Ava (see her reaction that proposal above, LOL), gets trashed, makes a scene at Ciara’s party, drinks some more, calls his dad and talks about drunk driving and consequences, and then arrives at home to the news that Ava kidnapped his mom and might have a baby with his dad (who would now be older than him). Now that’s a FULL day! I think James Lastovic is doing great, but it all happened so fast I’m not as emotionally engaged as I should be.

Chad’s proposal that he and Abby move into the Dimera mansion is obviously dictated by the desire to keeping using that set.


But I still liked it. Or rather, I liked the idea of it. In my head, Chad was explaining that he wants to reclaim the Dimera house and therefore Dimera heritage, transform what people think of that name and that house. All of this made perfect sense in the imaginary show in my head where they actually explain people’s motivations.

Poor Eric:


Greg is really selling me on Eric’s extreme remorse and guilt, but I’m itching for something to be added to this, some connection to someone or something else. I want this to go somewhere besides “I’m going to prison and I deserve it.” His conversation with Hope today was a good start. When he said he took a life and there are consequences for that, I really liked the look on Hope’s face — that she also took a life and — in contrast to Eric — is trying to avoid the consequences. It will be a nice redemption for Eric if he can help someone else before he leaves — I’m guessing Jennifer, with her instant pill addiction, is the most likely candidate.



I love that Chad starts out being a badass Dimera:


Using the power of his family to find Abigail, and then, by the end of the show, he has to betray his family — also to find Abigail!

I’m sure that there were people screaming about John and Marlena not being at Bo’s party (and I think it’s a little strange myself), but I really enjoyed their scenes with Chad. (Also, Marlena’s line, when she said they had to think like Sami: “God help us.” Hee!) I love that they picked up the thread of Marlena hypnotizing Chad and believing in him. And they are killing me — in a good way — drawing out Chad’s search for Abby! It’s such a perfect tease to have his memories trickling back. Today, he remembers their brutal fight, and hears himself say that Ben “should be in jail,” but doesn’t know the reason why.

I also like that Abby, even while in labor — poor Abby! — isn’t just helplessly sitting by. The drama with the phone today — picking it up, but not being able to call anyone — was another a perfect tease.

I don’t see how the midwife makes it out of there alive.

I knew that Kayla would pull away from Steve, and say “this was a mistake,” and she did. But she knows he has breached the wall she has put up, and she isn’t sure how she feels about that:


I love that they are giving us some happy moments for Bo, and I think the happiness-to-angst ratio at the party was well-balanced. But I have to say WTF? to whoever chose the flashbacks, one of them jumping the water during the Cruise of Deception and one of Bo rescuing Shawn? The dialogue was better, though — Roman’s speech, Shawn’s comment that when he was young he thought every kid has had his life saved by his father more than once. I also appreciated the phone call to Chelsea – that’s the kind of thing that often gets missed. What really melted my heart, though, was Bo’s speech about hearing their voices while he was being held captive, winding up with the “well named” Hope, and Hope coming in to hear him:


Kayla in the background, her heart breaking because she knows the truth … ANGST

And squee! at three of my favorite characters sharing the screen together. Eric might be a drunk (I’m not sure yet), but he found time between the wedding (which was LAST NIGHT) and today to get a haircut …


(Are we worried about Jeneric yet?)

And finally, I have to post this shot, of Steve announcing his vagabond days are over:


Their faces say it all. Love it!