Shawn’s return has been handled so badly. It is really driving me crazy. He comes back, has one talk with his daughter, and announces he wants Belle back. Then he says it again. And again. And again. No reason given. No motivation for the change of heart. Just “I want you back” to someone who cheated on him with Phillip right before they got married (remember that?), cheated on him in Maine, and now has just cheated on him again!


I haaaaated Brandon Beemer’s Shawn in his last run, but I was hoping the show would give me a reason to like him this time around. So far, that has not happened. Have we even seen him with Hope or Ciara yet?

It’s also been very depressing that this has brought the return of glittery Belle. I was liking Belle and I’m still hanging onto it, but having two men desperately pursuing her when she has proven herself no prize to either one of them is killing it for me.

That said, I did enjoy the conversation between Marlena and Belle today, when Marlena scolded her for running off to Vegas with Phillip. It’s as close as we’ve gotten to an explanation for Belle’s motivations. I liked the frustration that came through when she said she knew if she stayed she would just have to listen to Claire trying to get her back together with Shawn. (Though, actually, I think she agreed to go to Vegas before Claire called Shawn.) I want to here her say she’s sick of true love and happily ever after — now she just wants to have fun. It makes perfect sense, so let’s hear her say it. Instead we got to hear Marlena say Belle is probably blaming herself for going to Vegas more than anyone. Um, it doesn’t look like it to me.

I have only two words to say to the idea of Deimos and Kate getting together: HELL NO.


Isn’t it enough that she got her hooks into Eduardo? I love A Martinez and Vincent Irizarry, and both of them are wasted on this woman.

Side note: I love the way Vincent says “Deimos Kiriakis.” Gives me the shivers every time I hear it. I want to see him introduce himself to everyone in town, twice.

I said yesterday that I want more from Eric’s story. One thing I didn’t realize I wanted was to see this hot little jailbird:


Screencaps Forever Safe



Chock full

Tuesday’s episode was chock full of characters and incidents. I’m not really complaining about that — but John and Marlena’s story seemed particularly like it needed a little more time and attention devoted to it. We finally (maybe) meet John’s mother? And she turns out to be half his size? Never mind the shrinking birthmark, what about her?


I’m not convinced this is his real mother. She seemed so casual about it all, standing there with him. “How nice of you to come by!” Isn’t this supposed to be the son she hasn’t seen in 50 years?

Regarding Marlena, did I miss a scene where she was trying to find a way to get Eric out of the country? It took all the drama out of it, just having her matter-of-factly report that she changed her mind. Talk about undramatic.

I am rolling my eyes at the idea of Brady inheriting Daniel’s feelings for Nicole, but this scene actually kind of got to me:


The story will feel more real if Nicole latches on Brady as a last link to Daniel, and it isn’t just about Brady’s dreams. And they do have a history of turning to each other for comfort and hookups, between relationships.

Anything to get Nicole off the couch and away from mourning the greatest love that ever loved. (WWDD? Really, Days?) Ugh. Though I suppose it’s better than Daniel appearing as a ghost.

Color me intrigued by the developments in Deimos’s story.


I’m a little disappointed that he seems to be blackmailing Phillip, instead of Phillip working with him willingly. But I loved the backstory for Victor and Deimos. I thought at first it was a little overly detailed – the seduction of the fiancee, the finding of the body. But then the reveal that Victor was the one fighting with her, and was probably the one who pushed her off that cliff. And he set up Deimos to take the fall? Yowza! No wonder Deimos is out for revenge!

We also had Steve being suspicious of Ava again (hurray), but still willing to look for their “son” (boo). And where has Ava stashed Kayla?




Bad Boys

A Kiriakis so loathsome that even Victor disowned him thirty years ago? Bring it on.


Glad to see Vincent hasn’t lost any of his charisma. I rarely watched any other soaps, but I loved bad boy Lujack and Beth (played by Vincent and Judi Evans) so much that in sixth grade I switched to recording Guiding Light, instead of Days, during the school year.


I hope we’ll see Judi and Vincent sharing scenes!

I thought the reveal at the end, showing Phillip has already been colluding with Deimos, was a great twist. I think that Deimos must be the one chasing this miracle drug, and hence is responsible for Bo’s imprisonment and torture. I assume Phillip was unaware of that, but I like that he’s flirting with the dark side. We’ll see how this all falls out for him.

They might finally be giving Lani something interesting to do:


She’s obviously interested in Rafe, and that has fueled a suspicion about Hope and the lengths that he will go to for her. I like that we’ve seen this unfold gradually. Lani also served as a (slight) counterbalance to the rest of the police force, who were all falling over themselves to excuse Hope. I did like the final exchange between Roman and Justin, showing they hadn’t bought her lame story, but overall I feel this should have been a lot more dramatic and suspenseful.

Belle isn’t going to be winning any mother of the year awards, is she? I wish they would give us an explanation for her willingness to be wooed by Phillip (and Chad). I’m willing to fanwank to a certain point, but I’d like to see what the show has in mind with this. Claire’s phone call is making me dread the return of Shawn (in the form of Brandon Beemer) and the return of the love triangle that ate the show in the 2000’s.

Oh, and a child scheming to get her parents back together? Wow, I’ve never seen that plot before!