I’ve said here many times that, for me, it’s the execution of the story that matters. I might criticize the thinking behind a story (Ava again? Really?), but I’ll still give the story a chance to win me over.

Well, I’ve found out there are limits to my tolerance, because I am completely unwilling to get on board with Ciara’s rape story.


There have been things they’ve done right. Days doesn’t have the greatest track record in showing the lingering trauma of rape, but they have certainly shown that Ciara is upset and traumatized. We’ve seen her unable to stop thinking about it (that flashback has gotten quite a workout), but unable to tell anyone. When she finally told Claire, there was some good dialogue. When she doubted she would be believed, it was clear it was because she doubted herself. I particularly liked the line when she said she couldn’t stand the thought of telling people and having them “picture it in their minds.” That was a great detail.

But I have the same question for Days that Ciara had for Chase yesterday: why?

Why do this to a legacy character, a recently SORASed teen? I’ve avoided thinking about the fact that this was Ciara’s first time, but Ciara said it herself yesterday. Why would you think that was a good idea? And, of course, it has pretty much ruined the character of Chase. The one teen who isn’t related to everyone in town! I’m not opposed to Chase being evil, but evil in this particular way? It doesn’t resonate with anything else. When everyone was yelling at Chase in yesterday’s episode, “how could you do this?” Chase kept saying, “I don’t know.” And that’s it, there really isn’t a reason. Yes, we saw he was worried about turning into his dad, he was hurt that Ciara accused him of starting the fire. And he’s obviously been attracted to her. But there was no particular trigger that day, or any day, that explained his actions. It makes all the drama yesterday (and some of it was effective) feel cheap and unearned.

I’m guessing that Chase will see Andre again in jail, and they will team up in some way. And before all this happened, I was interested in that, how Andre might use Chase, use his insecurities and resentments to turn him against Hope and the Hortons. But now? Chase just needs to go, and so does this story.


Crash and burn

So, was anyone surprised when Bo and Steve’s plane went down? 🙂

I was a little underwhelmed by Friday’s episode. I could care less what Daniel and Brady wear to the gala. (Does anyone outside of Salem actually use the word “gala”?) And I have been expecting Theresa to turn the tables on Kate, but I thought she would do it by wowing the lead designer, or something else more concrete. Telling her she won’t get coffee wasn’t as satisfying. But, I did like Nicole’s reaction to it.

I’m ready for Aiden to stop agonizing and step up and execute his plan, because we all know he will. Of course he’s a fool if he thinks killing Hope will solve any of his problems, but that’s a separate issue.

I enjoyed the wordless montage of scenes near the end of the episode. This is a great image:


In Aiden’s fantasy of killing Hope, he gave her a much better wedding dress than the one she picked out:


He felt bad about strangling her before, but in that dress … hey, he’ll be doing her a favor.

Of course, anything is better than this monstrosity:


Caroline has had the cutest outfits lately. I would honestly say she is one of the best-dressed on the show. But this is a crime. She looks like she’s wearing a tea cozy.

I would say Julie’s (who looks great, by the way) appalled reaction is the only appropriate response:


In other news, we have a new Ciara.


I like that this team looks like they introduce new characters (or in this case, recasts) slowly.  I’ll be curious how they set up the relationships between Ciara, Chase, Joey, Claire, and Theo. Joey is related to Ciara and Claire, and it looks like they are going to treat Ciara and Chase and quasi-siblings. So as far as romantic pairings go, they don’t have a lot of choices. Ciara could be paired with Theo. Claire could be paired with either Theo or Chase (though it’s a little icky if her aunt Ciara treats him like a brother). Of course they could do a gay storyline, but that actually doesn’t open up the options that much. So at some point they will have to bring on some new characters for our teens.