Safe and sound



I really loved the fakeout with the shadow ominously appearing over the baby, and then this happy reunion! Look at the expression on the baby’s face! “Mommy!” Give that little guy an Emmy.

(I kind of wanted Abby run off to breastfeed the baby, like, right now. It’s been how many hours? But I suppose that would have been a little too much realism for Days. I’m actually amazed that they mentioned breastfeeding at all. When Abby was pleading for her life because she was the only one who could feed the baby … yup, that still gets me where I live.)

This episode was good but felt a little bit too jam-packed. I would have liked to see Abby’s statement about the murders put off for tomorrow. Regardless, it was very satisfying to have the truth come out and see the officers reacting. I particularly liked when Abby said, “Didn’t I tell you?” about Ben’s motives. She is really at the end of her rope.

It was a curious moment when Abby said she “always” knew there was something off about Ben. I guess we started to see it as time went on, but as you all know I spent a lot of time complaining about how happy she was with him.

This shot:


put me in mind of this famous final shot, from Psycho:


Complete with the blanket! Deliberate or not?

Cute guys with babies — can never get enough of this:


I haven’t commented on Hope the past few days, mostly because I think I need a break. I think she has been on every day for about four weeks. I loved the set (or location?) where she brought Dr. Malcolm, and I kind of love how the actor looks like a bit of a schlub. Nice casting against type. I liked how he was taunting her for moving on, which of course is why she is so hellbent on this revenge kick. But I’m kind of ready for her to dial it down a little. She seems to be headed for something worse than a breakdown, and I’m not sure what.

Chase and Ciara: I am warming up to both of them, but I feel they too, have been on every day or nearly every day. I didn’t feel anything particularly new happened today, so I would rather have used the airtime to check in with a different story.

I knew Eduardo’s “international security” business was going to turn into something! This has to be connected to the ISA, or at least John’s story, in some way. Excited to see where it goes.

I’m going to pretend that Kate and Eddy aren’t happening. Such an awkward conversation … did you know your grandaughter is my great-granddaughter? Oh, and your son and I had a … connection. Nope. No thank you.




That was one of the most harrowing hours of television I have ever watched.


This final shot …

When Ben started arranging those pillows around the baby, all my mom-senses started activating. And then when he walked out and closed the door, I actually said, “NO BEN YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THAT BABY ALONE.” (Yes, this definitely calls for all caps.)

When Ben and Lani showed up in Salem, I thought, this means an hour has gone by (they said last week Mammoth Falls is an hour from Salem). Then when Abby and Chad arrived too, I thought, there’s another hour. A newborn, a preemie, alone that long! I was so jumpy I could hardly concentrate on the other storylines.

I’m worried that by the time they find out where Ben left the baby, someone else will have taken him. I can’t imagine the baby will die (Days has been dark, but that would be really dark), but I can definitely see someone else finding the baby in the meantime and taking him away. I hope that doesn’t happen.

I did manage to focus on this very brief, but very welcome, Chabby moment:


I’m glad JJ got to be the one to capture Ben. I wish it had been Rafe with him instead of Lani. Maybe they decided to make it Lani, the rookie cop, to help explain bringing Ben back to Salem without finding out where Abby and the baby were. But then I have to remember nobody knew that Ben was really much of a threat at all; it was supposed to be routine “check-in” (come to think of it, what charge was Lani arresting him for? Breaking into the midwife’s office?)

I am honestly in awe of how skillfully the show wrought my nerves up to to fever pitch. The clock ticking for the baby all alone, coupled with Ben’s apparent craziness, means there is no easy, straightforward resolution in store for us. I was honestly weeping at Abby’s distress, and then doubly so at how she pulled herself together to go talk to him. Her baby’s life depends on her being able to get through to a crazy person. Or an evil person feigning being crazy. Or a bit of both.


(Who wanted Hope there channeling her craziness into this interrogation?)

Screencaps: Forever SAFE

Tell me you understand

This will be a quick post, because I’m leaving in the morning for a business trip. I’ll be back by Saturday and catching up on Days then. I’ll miss you guys!

Today was James Read’s last day, so I have to say goodbye to my dear, sweet, hillbilly drug lord. Sniff.

It was an interesting choice to have Ben confess to Clyde before he left.


The scenes were well shot and suspenseful. Sometimes, having a scene where someone Explains It All can come off as hokey, but I liked how it all came spilling out to the one person who Ben feels is in his corner – who he is now losing. And I had thought that Clyde knew or suspected the truth, but it seemed clear from his reactions today that he didn’t. But I liked how his shock quickly morphed into a fierce desire to protect his monster of a son. Chad will go down for this. If that’s what my boy wants, that’s what my boy gets.


And then I loved the little cliffhanger of Clyde running out of time to tell Ben the truth about the incident in Florida. Clearly, this is going to turn into something, probably through Lani, and (I hope) factor into Rafe putting the pieces together about Ben.

At the same time that Ben and Clyde were reassuring themselves that Chad will be charged, Aiden was inspired by Rafe’s doubts about Chad’s guilt – and attendant suspicion that the killer is still at large – to try to “copycat” kill Hope. This is the kind of intricate plotting that I love. What will Ben’s reaction be to hearing the Necktie Killer has struck while Chad is in a coma?

I can’t stand watching Hope with Aiden and seeing how clueless she is, but I enjoyed Aiden’s scenes with Andre. And Rafe! The whole idea of Rafe being Aiden’s best man is pretty stupid, and points out how isolated Aiden’s character has been even before he was evil. But Galen Gering totally sold me on those scenes, his fake surprise and “I’m honored” reaction were such a hoot.


So was that a chem test between Rafe and Lani? I might be able to get behind it, but she seems to young for him. And Hope seems too old. Isn’t there a happy medium somewhere?


RIP Will

Those Ben/Will scenes were intense, weren’t they? Maybe a little too intense in spots, for daytime. But I’m coming down on the side of this being a good move. It’s a copout to have a serial killer story and only kill off characters people don’t care about. This raises the stakes, for everyone.

The best part, for me, was the conversation Ben and Will had, where we got to hear some of Ben’s twisted thought processes. I especially loved his reaction to Will saying Chad might not be guilty. Contemptuously – “you and Abby.” And then asking what it was going to take to make people believe in Chad’s guilt. Another bod

But it was all really well done, really horrifying. A moments stand out — the refrigerator door flying open. The overhead shot of Will’s body and Ben laying next to him, exhausted from strangling him. Ben’s phone constantly buzzing. Ben picking up the picture of Sonny and Will.


And I had to turn away when Ben come back from moving the body, and started kissing Abby. Shudder.

Clyde’s arrest, and JJ’s role in it, has apparently unhinged Ben a little further. I am liking all the references to Clyde’s abusive past, because it suggests a troubled childhood for Ben. I hope they don’t try to make that too pat and easy, and so far they haven’t. The fact that he made up with his abuser and is now his biggest defender is interesting psychologically, to say the least.

In lighter news, it looks like JJ and Gabi — JJabi! — is definitely a possibility. I really liked how JJ confided in her about Paige today. Now, when Gabi finally finds out about Eddy, it will affect her relationship with three people. Eddy, of course. Rafe, because she’ll be mad he kept it from her. And now JJ. She’ll find out she had a sister she never knew, and she might turn to JJ to find out what she was like. And I think it will complicate any attraction between them.


Does she like him? Or has she just been in an all-women’s prison for two years?

With Justin and Adrienne, I am getting whiplash. Let’s recap. She tells him she wants to give their marriage “one more chance.” He agrees. They go on one date, which doesn’t go so well. They go on another date, where she asks him if he ever just wants his freedom. He says, sometimes. She says, that’s it then. Huh? I would attribute this to awkward transitioning from the old writing team to the new, but in fact this was all written by Higriff. I don’t get it.

I’m glad, though. All summer I watched them trading barbs and not trusting each other, and it looked like they were setting up more of the same. I am ready for them to be apart for awhile, even permanently (love both characters, was never into them as a couple). Oh, and there was a great, casual reference to history in their conversation yesterday, when Adrienne said they met when he found her crying on a park bench and she was looking for somewhere to be safe. And then I loved her line when she said she didn’t need that anymore — telling him she is stronger now.