Full time job

I was home from work today so I actually got to see the show live.

First, the good:


Of course, it’s a bit sad that it has been more than a year and this was the first scene they were in together (other than a half second interaction). But this really was nice. It almost seemed like the scriptwriter might have been having fun with the fact that they hadn’t shared a scene, when Adrienne came up and said he looked like her brother. I loved how she knocked on his head and told him he needed to get over the idea that therapy is only for the weak. And the way she lit a fire under him to win Kayla back. I also loved the hug. I have always loved how she hugs him, just throwing herself in his arms.


Of course I have to point out Steve’s comment about them “acting like we’re 9” because actually they didn’t meet until they were adults. But aaaah, I’m in too good a mood about it, I’ll let it slide.

It was also nice to hear Steve talk to someone else (other than Joey and Kayla) so we could hear what he’s thinking. It was a bit vague but he referenced his freakout about the session and said he didn’t know exactly why he reacted that way. (I’m not sure if there is going to be anything specific there — I’m kind of thinking not.) Then, for the same reason, it was especially nice to hear Kayla’s point of view, with Marlena, because it was clear that she’s not vindictively lashing out Steve, she genuinely feels like their relationship is impossible (at the moment). Marlena’s reaction, that things will work out and “sooner than you think” would be ludicrous for a real therapist but is par for the course with soap therapist. But it makes me worry that Steve and Kayla’s reunion, after months of going nowhere, is going to be rushed and happen too quickly.

“Loving Steve Johnson is a full-time job” was a great line — and very true, as those of us who watch clips, blog, or tweet incessantly about him can attest. 🙂


The conversation in the park was really good, especially Kayla’s line about not wanting him to change who he is. That was a gesture toward what I wanted — for them each to realize something in order to find their way back together. I thought the conversation in the hospital, with Steve talking about having a breakthrough by filling out a form, was pretty weak, though Mary Beth saved it by staring at him during this speech with a “Really, Steve?” expression on her face.

In other storylines, I am ridiculously excited to see Clyde again, and actually squealed at Orpheus’s appearance, which I didn’t know was happening today.


I don’t know where this is going, but I’m happy to have these two on my screen again. Lucas and Adrienne moving into the mansion to look after Thomas makes about as much sense as anything else in this storyline – maybe we’ll get to see them more often, which would be nice. I was disappointed that Laura’s news about Abigail didn’t amount to anything more than “Abby was misdiagnosed and her medication probably made it worse” — especially since I remember Abby’s diagnosis actually was PTSD, wasn’t it? But “the pills made me do it” is classic Dena, so … shrug. I kind of enjoyed seeing Billy Flynn interacting with someone other than Jen and Ciara, so that was nice.

All in all, a decent episode with a few great moments. With the way things have been going, I call that a win.

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