Here comes the Son

I wanted to take a moment to post because I’m heading out of town tomorrow for a family bar mitzvah. I am behind in my Days watching — I haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet, but I figure I’ll have plenty of time during the Olympics to get all caught up.

It was a very nice surprise to see Sonny again!


I had heard the rumors he was coming back, but didn’t know when it would happen. I am excited to see what they do with Paulson. One thing this show desperately needs is a new romance worth rooting for. Rafe and Hope, Dario and Nicole, Deimos and … everyone? No thank you. I like JJ and Gabi, but we never see them. I detected sparks between Sonny and Paul before Freddie left, so I’m interested to see where they take them this time.

I liked that they first showed him with his family. I missed that with Belle and Shawn, for instance, when they came back — especially Brandon Beemer’s Shawn. They were just so eager to reintroduce the Shellip triangle, which was the worst idea ever … actually it’s nowhere near the worst idea Days has had, but still, it wasn’t good. It was like the show forgot he was related to everyone in town. Too bad too, because even in this stale, sketchy, underdeveloped story, I actually enjoyed what I saw of Brandon Beemer this time.

But back to Sonny. I think it’s a bit silly for him to come bearing a big check for Victor to rescue him from his financial woes — a crisis this is not (Victor might have lost a lot of his money, but he seems to be doing just fine). But I like that Sonny is plunging into the fray with Deimos, and I hope that he and Justin (whose evidence tampering seems to be coming back to haunt him) will continue to be involved in this story. I also really appreciated the scene at TBD with Adrienne and Justin, family members just catching up. I was glad to hear him talk about Will and how much he needed to be away from Salem, where everything reminded him of him.

So I’m very glad he is back, but I have an uneasy feeling about this latest round of firings and hirings. Can’t we keep a stable cast for more than six months, or is that too much to ask?


Mix and match

Hey, if Lani and Shawn become a couple, we can call them “Lawn” because it’s like watching grass grow!


I kid, I kid. I have no opinion on them yet. It seems to me the past couple of days have taken some characters out of their usual orbits, and there seems to be some chem testing going on, especially with Lani and Fynn. I’m still on the fence about Lani. I feel like I could warm up to her – maybe.

But Fynn is another story. Fynn is like the Hydra, what grew in the place where we chopped off Daniel’s head. He’s a doctor, he’s a sleaze, and he’s everyone’s best friend. Why are he and Shawn best buds suddenly? And Claire is confiding in him? Ugh. I took an instant dislike to him at the beginning and now that I’ve seen him talking to Daniel’s shrine I hate him even more. Not to mention that sleazy scene about his sex tapes. Do they think we will see this and think “what a charming rogue”? Ick.

I wish I enjoyed Belle being bitchy to Shawn. I wanted to enjoy it, but she was so passive aggressive it pushed all my formerly Belle-hating buttons. He questions whether she can afford to buy an expensive ring and she turns it into “You are questioning my perfection, waaah!” But I also thought Shawn’s line about her “crossing a line” (presumably with Phillip) was patronizing and uncalled-for. Basically, I hated them both in that scene. And Phillip isn’t impressing me his smarts, either — Deimos just took him behind the woodshed and whupped him with one hand tied behind his back. He didn’t even make it a challenge.

Okay, I hate being so negative – moving on. There was some good stuff these last two days. Today, I especially liked the scenes with Andre and Chase.


Chase is still a blank slate, so they could turn him into a bad seed, which I could totally go for.  I liked the way he said “I hurt people” so calmly, as a statement of fact. That worked a lot better for me than his pathetic explanation and apology to Ciara and Theo last week. Andre was laying it on pretty thick about how much they had in common, how they were going to meet again, and how Chase shouldn’t tell anyone. He came across as, well, a pedophile grooming his next victim. But it worked — in a really, really creepy way.

And it probably wasn’t intentional, but Ciara was reasoning like a battered wife where Chase is concerned. “Oh, I can’t even think about dating, what would it do to Chase?” He’s just crazy because he loves me so much – I’ll tiptoe around him and keep him placated at all costs.

I also liked the Hernandez clan dinner. Gabi was really cute teasing (and cheerleading) the two men for actually getting along. And Galen and A have a really nice father/son chemistry, partly hostile, but friendly too. I liked Eduardo getting a little tipsy and talking about his regrets and encouraging Rafe to go after what (or who) he wants. A is really selling me on both Eddy’s urgent desire to connect with his family, and his bittersweet knowledge that it’s all a little too late — he can never get those years back.

And finally, I found Thrady genuinely sweet and touching in their scenes with the ukelele:


It all could have come off as way too precious and self-consciously cute (I sometimes feel that way about Jen Lilley), but it all felt natural and unforced. I like their self-deprecating jokes about singing, and how Brady played for her to cheer her up, and she turned around and played for him later. And I thought their conversation about Nicole and Theresa’s uncertainty about her was surprisingly mature.

The “they can’t have sex” angle is obviously to create a little distance so Nicole can be more of a problem. (The scenes skeeved me out a little, but I think that was Fynn’s presence. Yup, I really hate Fynn.) No doubt Daniel’s heart won’t give Brady any trouble if he tries to have sex with Nicole.

But imagine how Daniel’s heart would react if it was Melanie. Ha!


Shawn’s return has been handled so badly. It is really driving me crazy. He comes back, has one talk with his daughter, and announces he wants Belle back. Then he says it again. And again. And again. No reason given. No motivation for the change of heart. Just “I want you back” to someone who cheated on him with Phillip right before they got married (remember that?), cheated on him in Maine, and now has just cheated on him again!


I haaaaated Brandon Beemer’s Shawn in his last run, but I was hoping the show would give me a reason to like him this time around. So far, that has not happened. Have we even seen him with Hope or Ciara yet?

It’s also been very depressing that this has brought the return of glittery Belle. I was liking Belle and I’m still hanging onto it, but having two men desperately pursuing her when she has proven herself no prize to either one of them is killing it for me.

That said, I did enjoy the conversation between Marlena and Belle today, when Marlena scolded her for running off to Vegas with Phillip. It’s as close as we’ve gotten to an explanation for Belle’s motivations. I liked the frustration that came through when she said she knew if she stayed she would just have to listen to Claire trying to get her back together with Shawn. (Though, actually, I think she agreed to go to Vegas before Claire called Shawn.) I want to here her say she’s sick of true love and happily ever after — now she just wants to have fun. It makes perfect sense, so let’s hear her say it. Instead we got to hear Marlena say Belle is probably blaming herself for going to Vegas more than anyone. Um, it doesn’t look like it to me.

I have only two words to say to the idea of Deimos and Kate getting together: HELL NO.


Isn’t it enough that she got her hooks into Eduardo? I love A Martinez and Vincent Irizarry, and both of them are wasted on this woman.

Side note: I love the way Vincent says “Deimos Kiriakis.” Gives me the shivers every time I hear it. I want to see him introduce himself to everyone in town, twice.

I said yesterday that I want more from Eric’s story. One thing I didn’t realize I wanted was to see this hot little jailbird:


Screencaps Forever Safe



I’ve been struggling to come up with something to say about the show these last two episodes.

Not that there haven’t been things to enjoy. I really liked Rafe and Eduardo’s conversation yesterday. But even with that, I have to ask, where did it come from? Rafe has been freezing Eddy out for months, and now suddenly he says, “Oh, I guess Gabi thinks you’re all right,” and sits down and has a heart to heart. I thought it was interesting that Eddy didn’t offer the “I had to leave to protect you” excuse, and instead said that he was caught up in living up to some masculine code. That was refreshing, actually. And I thought Galen did well showing Rafe’s vulnerability and hurt.


I wasn’t so crazy about the Rope almost-kiss that preceded it. I can’t get over the fact that her attraction to him seems to have kicked off once he helped her hide a body. Apparently that is the the way to Hope’s heart, who knew?

Chad and Abby were adorable in their scenes with Jennifer, but tonally it felt completely off. “My mom is in terrible pain, but it makes her like Chad more, so hurray!”


Now here is my biggest complaint. Ever since I found out Brandon Beemer is coming back to the show, I have dreaded the return of the Shawn/Phillip/Belle triangle. I grew especially to hate Brandon Beemer’s Shawn, so much so that I kind of forgot how good looking the guy is:


His re-introduction is doing nothing to soothe my worries about Shellip, round two. What I hated about that triangle is that both Shawn and Phillip were gaga over Belle, without seeing any reason why they would be so into her. She treated them both horribly, wavering limply back and forth, back and forth, while they both eagerly lapped up any affection she threw their way. Shawn suddenly being willing to “fight” for Belle, after sending her divorce papers like three days ago, makes no sense at all. What changed?

I love that Belle has a spine now, is a little bit bitchy. Martha plays that aspect really well. And I can accept Phillip being willing to let bygones be bygones (though I wish they would explain that too), but Shawn? There is no reason he should be eager to fight for the woman who cheated on him twice and now looks to be cheating on him again. Aaargh!

And Belle? When your husband calls when you are postcoital with another man, you let it go to voicemail.