When I first started going to message boards in 2006, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me who this “Shelle” person was. I’m embarrassed to say how long it took for the light bulb to go off. When it finally did, I initially thought the whole concept of couple names was overly cutesy and an affront to proper grammar. But, I have since completely reversed my position. Some couple names sound truly lovely (Lumi, Ericole) and the ones that don’t (Bope, EJami) still save a few keystrokes. It’s also fun when fans of a couple will go with one name (Danicole) and non-fans another (Dicole). So it has been with Nicole and Deimos. Neimos is what I see on Twitter as the neutral-to-positive name for this couple, and non-fans have kicked around Nicodeimos and (in a stroke of genius) Deimonic.

I haven’t made a secret of my dislike for this pairing, and as far as I can tell they haven’t caught fire with other fans either. And as Deimos keeps ramping up the villainy and with Eric back on the canvas, I think Deimonic is not long for this world.

I know a lot of people find it difficult to root for Eric to get together with the current version of Nicole, and I get it, I really do. It gives even me pause to imagine her going from loving Daniel, to Deimos, to back in love with Eric without a pause. I’m not bothered by the mere fact that she’s been with two different men, because Nicole has always had a past, and they’ve more or less established Nicole as a character who always wants to be with someone. It’s part of what I enjoy, the contrast between seen-it-all Nicole and priestly Eric, who seems virginal in comparison.

But what’s been missing the past year is the desperate edge that made her “looking for love in all the wrong places” sympathetic. And here I put the blame squarely on the day to day writing. They keep telling us she and Daniel had this once in a lifetime love, but I’ll never believe it. Even if I did believe it, it doesn’t fit her character to have her going on and on like Hope talking about Bo.* Talking about drawing strength from his love even in death, “what would Daniel do?” etc.

The emphasis through all of this should have been on Nicole’s certainty (after Daniel’s death) she could never find love without it all going wrong. (Even better if they made it clear that she wanted marriage and a family more than she wanted Daniel as a person, but that might be too much to hope for.) But, that just makes her more desperate to have love of any kind. That would create a feeling that she has to latch onto anyone who shows an interest. She’ll never have a great love, but she still can’t stand being alone. If a lifetime jailbird with questionable morals is the only option, she’ll take it.

So, I might have to pretend in my head that this is what happened, because I adored the Eric scenes from yesterday that indicated he was still in love with Nicole. There’s nothing I like more than a tortured man hopelessly longing for someone he thinks he can never have.


And if the story had played out as I illustrated above … she moved on, but not happily; he never moved on … it would preserve the contrast of their two characters that I love so much.

And, of course we had some lovely, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Steve and Kayla scenes yesterday too. I was a little distracted by the fact that Stephen didn’t act at all like he was in pain from his bullet wound. He was moving his arm freely and not wincing at all. Such is the healing power of Kayla!


I loved that Steve mentioned that the most romantic thing to him was that she jumped on a plane and flew across the ocean to nurse him back to health “just like Stockholm.” Sigh. And with Sheri back, in six months it will be just like Stockholm again.**

*Actually Hope never talks about Bo.

**Please don’t expect this.

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Sweeten the pill

DENA: Guess what? Steve and Kayla are getting back together!

ME: Yay!

DENA: But I’m going to do it in a way that you hate.

ME: Impossible!

ME: …

ME: Oh.

Dena truly is the monkey’s paw. It wasn’t just that Steve and Kayla got back together so fast. I expected that. It wasn’t that their issues were presented superficially. I expected that too.

It was that she seemed to be going out of her way to thumb her nose at Kayla fans who were worried about how she would write for Kayla. This is “I’ve finally accepted who he is” times one hundred. So many things! Marlena says it’s nice to see Steve happy again. (What about Kayla? Who cares!) Kayla says she wants Steve to go back to Blackpatch — she realized Steve shouldn’t give up her job for her. (She said that at the time!) She says she talks too much (wtf?) and they should try it Steve’s way (not talking, I guess).  Steve doesn’t have to go to therapy — she’s all done with that silliness. He just needs to watch sports … while she fetches his pipe and slippers, presumably.

I did like some of the dialogue. I liked that Kayla, when she mentioned he quit his job, said that danger came to them anyway. I am truly not against the idea that Kayla would or could come to the realization that you can’t banish danger from your life. I just feel that Steve should have come to a realization or two himself regarding playing God, regarding the cost of his decisions on other people, namely Kayla … and maybe have done some more heavy lifting in their reconciliation. (Couldn’t he have set up this romantic dinner?) I also liked when Steve insisted he was going to go to therapy, because he doesn’t want to screw this up again.

The sad thing is, I think this was Dena trying to write them talking about their issues. And according to some people, she’s not wrong. So what do I know?

Okay, so that’s the pill. But the she did sweeten it, and it was very, very, very sweet. I really loved the opening scenes, the fab four sitting around, reflecting on what just happened. It was refreshing to see everyone smiling, and Kayla teasing John and Marlena about their wedding date.


And no more headscarf! I love her hair like this.

Setting up their romantic dinner on the pier was absolutely perfect. I have so many fond memories of Steve and Kayla on that pier. I think the only thing that would have pegged my squee-meter more is the loft … or maybe the loft roof. 😀 I actually squealed when Steve called Kayla his “Lady in Red.” Nice use of history, Days! As always, Stephen and Mary Beth did so much with their eyes and their body language, showing how much these two love each other and enjoy each other.



Watching them dance was so lovely. Days doesn’t do these romantic scenes as much as they used to, so we have to enjoy them when we can. And Steve was always a big romantic at heart, and I love to see that side of him. (Another reason why it would have been much better if he had set this up *cough*).

I’ll leave you with this. My awesome friend Liz clipped that beautiful dance, with one notable improvement. Check it out:

I’m melllllllting. 🙂

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Storyline of the day

Hey everybody! I’ve been reviewing the Marina/key storyline as I repost my Jack and Jennifer clips on Google+. I had so much fun re-watching this clip, I thought I would share it with you all again. This little arc is more about Steve and Kayla, and is a great example of how you help two characters reconnect after something like the Marina disruption. Would love to see something like this for Steve and Kayla today … hint hint.

Days has carefully established a fragile bond between Kayla and Jack. They’ve used it to create some jealousy and angst for Steve when his relationship with Kayla was at its worst, but what’s going to happen now that things are a little better?

This is a fun denouement to the plot where Jack tries to break Isabella out of Bayview.


He succeeds, but in the process ends up getting himself and Kayla captured. In desperation, he called Steve for help, but Kayla came instead. Let’s watch:

Steve rescues Kayla and Jack

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Steve pretending to be a cop is always fun. I love how Jack adds “bribery” to the charges that Steve is listing—since Jack was the one doing the bribing when he was sneaking in to see Isabella. He reminds me of snotty little brother in this scene, big brother is here to rescue him now and he can hang back and shoot off smartmouth remarks. It’s very cute. And I love the very last look between Jack and Kayla as Steve is leading her away. They seem to have a shared understanding of, “Yes, Steve is shouting and ordering us around, but it’s best to just humor him, really.” It’s a perfect way to show that the bond between them is still there, and this little adventure has reinforced it.

Back at the Brady house, Steve keeps trying to blame Jack and Kayla keeps defending him. Mary Beth plays this very calmly, though, and not with the passion Kayla usually has when she’s defending someone. She can step back enough to see he has changed and, in typical Kayla fashion, doesn’t let her own issues stop her from speaking up for Jack when the situation seems to warrant it. But, she is still not totally comfortable in that role, and I like that tension. It would have been very easy for the show to make everything hunky-dory between Jack and Kayla after this storyline, but that doesn’t happen—though admittedly this is partly due to Mary Beth and Matt Ashford and the way they play it, never letting Jack and Kayla get too comfortable with each other.

But, at the moment, she is certainly more inclined to trust him than Steve is. When Jack arrives, Steve is still unconvinced. But, he lets him in calmly (no lapels grabbing).


When Jack asks for Steve’s help, I can really feel what a brave thing this is for him to do, to let down his walls enough to reach out like this. Plus, I love the way he prefaces it by saying Steve has every right to turn him down. It shows he’s not going to play the martyr if Steve turns him down. He used to use Steve’s suspicions about him as an excuse to lash out and act even worse than he would have otherwise. Now he seems to sense that he has to accept those suspicions, and work through them, in order to have any hope of being in a position of trust again.

Steve agrees to look for Isabella with Jack (but makes it clear that it’s only because he wants to find her too). As Jack turns to leave and says “Thank you, both of you”, Kayla gives one look at Steve but leaves him alone, not pushing it. And then there’s the ending shot on Steve’s face, contemplating that Jack might have good motives, with a vulnerable look that shows he hopes it’s true. We haven’t seen his buried feelings for Jack in a long time. The irony is perfect. Steve was the last to give up on Jack (not counting Jo), and he will also be the last to start acknowledging any change in him. It shows how much damage Jack had to do to get Steve to let go. That means he will have to work that much harder to get Steve to accept him again.


After Jack leaves, we get a very nice, tender scene of Steve and Kayla together. Kayla still keeps a little distance when she expresses skepticism that he can really take care of her, listing all the things that could still go wrong. But when Steve ushers her over to the couch and says they shouldn’t think about it, she relents and lets him fuss over her. That’s a step forward in itself. Of course it’s very soapy that when he makes his heartfelt declaration of his love and faith in them, he turns around and finds she’s asleep. But then we get a sighworthy moment as he gently takes her cup from her hands and covers her up, and says, “I really love you,” in that husky voice. Perfect.

Goodbye my friend

I will be posting about this week’s Days, but for now I wanted to commemorate the fact that I just finished watching my Shayla DVDs. I have been binge watching over the last few weeks and just finished the last scenes this morning. I posted about Steve’s death back in August of 2011 (here , here,  and here), so it’s taken me five years to watch a year and seven months worth of shows. But I’m so glad I did. It’s really fascinating to see Kayla’s character explored apart from Steve, and to see Mary Beth do some different material.

I’ll be doing some more posts on this late 91/early 92 time period. 1990-1992 was a time of upheaval for the show in general. A lot of cast comings and goings, and churning through different writers. But it’s not until 1992 that it really starts to do some damage — it feels a little more like the show today, choppy and inconsistent. But, for all that, one thing they still knew how to do was give a proper exit:

Kayla leaves Salem

I have heard that Mary Beth had to fight for the “Goodbye My Friend” montage, and I’m so glad she did. I teared up at the first scenes and cried through the whole thing.

But even aside from that, we got to see a real departure, unlike today, where someone will have one scene where they say got an offer to go to Timbuktu. Or they just disappear and someone else casually mentions it later. We get to see Kayla get a job offer from LA, and then decide to take it when she loses her job at University hospital and starts to have problems with Shane. We see her family helping her pack. She has a going away party. She visits Steve’s grave.


Doing the “courage” sign. Sob!

Speaking of those problems with Shane … Patsy Pease had departed the show abruptly just a few months before due to personal issues. So they ended the triangle somewhat suddenly, when Patsy Pease left, and suddenly Kayla and Shane were happy and blissful. Then they had to break them up pretty quickly after that, when they decided not to renew Mary Beth’s contract. Shane had recently paralyzed in an explosion (and that, I think, wasn’t part of Kayla’s exit story, it was happening anyway). So the show went with “Shane is impotent and can’t deal with it, so he pushes Kayla away.” Poor Shane! 😀

The Emeralds (2)

Can the leopard change his spots?


If this storyline were a magic 8-ball, it would say “Reply hazy, try again.”

The emeralds 4

On the plane on the way home from Stockholm, emboldened by their conversations in Stockholm, Kayla gives a sweet, sincere speech: “I’m not saying I could change you or you could change me, but we can change ourselves.” It all sounds so easy. And isn’t it? Steve left the emeralds behind, didn’t he? He silently takes her hand — the closest he can come to agreement.

Then it all unravels. Boom, boom, boom.  The pieces fall so perfectly, one after another, for maximum pain and humiliation. Steve falls asleep, Kayla puts on his jacket. Steve sees the customs officials, then turns to see Kayla wearing his jacket. He tries to trade coats. It’s too late. He is detained, questioned, strip searched, down to the removal of his patch. Then Kayla is grabbed and strip searched too. Steve is helpless to prevent any of it, to protect Kayla or keep her out of it.

The icing on the cake: Chris witnesses it all. Because Kayla believed in Steve, she believed in his innocence, she helpfully called Chris, her lawyer friend, to help him out …. and then she finds the emeralds. The undercurrents in the scene with Chris — Kayla shooting daggers with her eyes at Steve, hugging Chris as Steve looks on, them both sourly agreeing to go to Marlena’s party, and the capper … Kayla saying so disdainfully “Oh, I almost forgot … your jacket.” Ouch.

The agonizing dance continues over the next few days. (Honestly, how could I stand to watch this when it first aired?)

The emeralds 5

Warner shows up making threats, believing he’s been double crossed. Steve has to repeatedly go to Kayla and ask her for the emeralds. But Kayla is so angry that she won’t even admit that she has them. It all ends with Steve being stabbed by Warner and Steve desperately concealing his injury from Kayla, feeding every negative opinion she has about him to get rid of her as quickly as possible.

Then, finally, the turning point:

The emeralds 6

Kayla comes back. She sees the blood on the snow and follows him, and finds him bleeding on his steps. One of my favorite exchanges:

K: I’m going to help you whether you like it or not.

S: I don’t like it.

K: Tough.

It kind of breaks my heart, the way Kayla helps him and enters into his problems, before she ever finds out he didn’t really intend to smuggle the emeralds. The part that always gets me is when she says, “Look, we’re both angry …” she’s obviously trying to calm things down and work through it together. But Steve is too upset to listen.

He lets her have it with both barrels. When he taps his chest and says he’s already dead — we haven’t seen Steve like this for a long time. But it makes sense. This is all an overreaction, an overcorrection. He tried to do something right, and it blew up in his face. This, to him, puts the lie to what Kayla said on the plane, that you can choose who you want to be. He believed her, he bought into her vision of him, and now he’s doubly angry at her: for grabbing the jacket, sure, but mostly for raising his hopes and telling him “everything could be different.” The ultimate con.

He yells at her to get out, and she goes.

One thing he told her is people like her have choices. Unlike him, she can decide how she wants to live. But … maybe Kayla doesn’t have as many choices as he thinks. She comes back, and it’s really a key moment in their relationship. Remember how sure she was in Stockholm, how confident (“I found out I was right”) and compare that to what she says here: “It doesn’t matter what I want… I can’t stay from you.” This is the first time that Kayla’s need for Steve really breaks to the surface. It supersedes everything else — her anger and disappointment, his anger and certainty they don’t belong together, all the crap he just threw at her.

And that breaks through. He understands, because that’s what he feels. Needing her, desiring her, against all logic and reason. And he can’t help but respond to that.

What a kiss! (And, finally!)

Another favorite moment: when she asks what they’re going to do now, and he thinks she means about the emeralds, but it turns out she’s saying she wants to sleep with him. Mr. Sleazeball’s shocked reaction is priceless. Ha!

But what have they gained, really? He’s taken that step forward, but without any belief that anything good will come from it: “There’s no hope for us, you know that.”

She’ll recover her belief in him, that certainty that he’s a good man, and they are, after all, right for each other. But it’s telling that what she says tonight is “I don’t care.”


I have to say I think my favorite part of Steve and Kayla’s Friday scenes was when Steve talked about getting her “jammies.” I know I’m not the only one who thought of this scene:

“The jammies with the little feetsies.” “I hate those pajamas!” Hee!

I really liked that the scenes didn’t immediately resolve their issues. That is what I was most afraid of. Instead it showed a clear step forward without pretending everything was fine. I really liked the line “I have scars that need to heal” … though ideally there would be just a little more specificity regarding what those scars actually are.

In that vein, I did like the moment when Steve decided to take matters into his own hands regarding protecting Kayla from Orpheus, and John was able to stop him and talk him out of it. That was all nicely specific. Kayla overhearing that high-handedness and then listening to his change of mind, led nicely into her asking him to come home with her.  But again it was nice that it was clear this is for reasons of safety, not a sign that all is forgotten and forgiven. Mary Beth’s vulnerable, yet hopeful, look as she asked him to come home with her was heartbreaking.


And is there anything better than panicked, worried Steve, fussing over Kayla?


Best line of the day, when Kayla told him to stop worrying: “You might as well tell me to stop breathing.”

When Steve pulled out his gun at the end, did anyone else think it was his harmonica at first? I was so excited! All in all, it was a good episode. It really felt like this was something that was happening to the whole town, and everyone was battening down the hatches. The end of the episode montage, with everyone locking their doors, was really effective. I LOVE end of the episode montages.


Looking forward to next week!




The Emeralds (1)

Last year I started a rewatch of Steve and Kayla’s first run, and then I let it slip through the cracks. I think now is a perfect time to pick up that thread again. I left them in Stockholm with the omelet dinner and what happened afterwards. My last post was on this adorable scene.

That brings us to one of the best mini-storylines Steve and Kayla ever had, the emeralds storyline. This is similar in structure to the arc of the failed date. The show teases us by inching forward, then slaps us down very painfully, then bounces us back up again to dizzying heights. Ah, I didn’t appreciate the drama of a well done storyline back then. I was too busy being played like a violin as the show jerked my emotions around. (And I mean that in the best way possible.)

This story marks the last time Steve does — well, almost does — something criminal. There will be times that he’ll be suspected of doing something bad (like shooting Harper Deveraux), but this is really the last gasp of “thug” Steve.

One thing that jumped out at me this time is how delicate and complex their dynamic is. We all remember Determined Kayla, but even here, when she was at the height of her confidence, she wasn’t always in pursuit mode. She often took steps back, in large and small ways. And Steve wasn’t always running away — he reached out, he hung around, he kissed her. It’s a delicate dance that shifted the power back and forth and kept things from being too one-sided.

The show was very careful to make it clear that the big step forward in this storyline — that kiss — doesn’t erase their problems. (And oh, to have such clarity about what their issues actually are!) In fact, as we’ll see, their kiss seems to happen almost in spite of themselves, and raises the stakes of their issues without resolving them.

Let’s get started:

Emeralds 1

(To view the clips, you have to be part of my Google+ circle! If you haven’t already, go here and leave a comment and I’ll add you!)

This is the “inching forward” part — ah, they really knew how to tantalize us back then. Steve’s monologue at the outset is hilarious. I love that he teases her about her “Sound of Music” wardrobe.  One thing I love about Steve and Kayla is how much they obviously enjoy each other. Sometimes with these “opposite attract” couples it’s not clear that these people would really have anything to say to each other after they get together. That’s not true for these two. There is a sheer enjoyment of each other’s company that goes way beyond chemistry.

Back to the scene. When Steve realizes he’s talking to an empty room, he panics. Kayla shows back up right away, but panic and danger are always a good excuse for a desperate hug: “if anything happened to you …”  (Thanks, Orpheus! Maybe you can work your magic again now!)

When Kayla tells Steve he looks nice, his reaction, his obvious surprise and pleasure, his attempt to deflect — “it’s just a shirt and a pair of pants” — is really kind of heartbreaking. Then — one of the small steps back I was talking about above — she gets shy about her new dress and tells him to “forget it.” In reaction, Steve reaches out — he grabs her as she turns away and says “go put the dress on.”

While Kayla is changing, Steve actually primps a little, and goes the mirror for a Steve-in-the-mirror scene: “you’re good looking, yes you are,” he says. “Keep telling yourself that,” he half-sneers, hitting the mirror, but he laughs and fails to reach his usual levels of self-loathing. He’s too happy for that right now.

She comes out, and there’s so much unresolved sexual tension when he zips up her dress – and the looooong look while he touches her face. As we all scream at the TV “Just kiss her, you fool!”


It doesn’t happen … but things are going so well, surely it will be soon, very soon …

At dinner, Steve warms up a little and actually manages to give Kayla a compliment. “You look so pretty.” He also accepts one, when Kayla tells him he has “a lot of nice qualities.” Steve aims for a sleazy comeback but trails off. “What, no punchline?” Kayla says, smiling, watching him intently. Barriers are falling all over the place. Then the crucial exchange:

K: Underneath that tough exterior, there’s part of you I always knew was there. Someone who is good, caring, loyal …

S: If you see it, baby … you’re the only one who’s ever believed it.

This is key — he doesn’t believe it. But he’s starting to bask in that belief of hers. Kayla sees that, sees him softening. Maybe it’s enough that she believes? I think they are both toying with the idea that it is. Kayla’s confidence is at an all time high here. Remember she’s only recently decided to openly pursue him. And really, it’s been going rather well. We viewers have been lulled into a false sense of security too.

And that’s when Steve’s old friend comes in with his emeralds.

So their night is busted up. Steve yells at Kayla. She runs away. And he takes the emeralds.

Okay, not good. Now we’re nervous. But, it’s not immediately clear that this is going to be fatal:

Emeralds 2

Back at the hotel, they fight it out. We’ve gotten spoiled in Stockholm – even their fights have mostly been productive. Kayla’s mad, but she ends up pressing him again, that (over?)confidence again on full display: “I can make it happen, Steve.” All he has to do is “let it happen.” Steve wavers — saying hoarsely, “How?” — but remembers the emeralds and backs off and pushes her away again. All right, but … he’s done that before. And the next morning he’s happy, teasing and flirtatious, and he orders breakfast for them both — making up for their ruined dinner the night before. Reaching out again! And he’s still got time to change his mind, right?

Emeralds 3

Their game of “Ask Me Anything” after breakfast is wonderful. Does it get better than this? More playful sparring, more sexual tension. But under the guise of the game, they both ask what they’ve been dying to know. For Steve, “What do you see in me?” (And oh, his tremor, his look of vulnerability, as he brings out the question!)

For Kayla: “Are things going to be different when we get back to Salem?” Is he going to back away again, as he has so many times before? Is this step forward finally going to stick? Steve hesitates, but then answers. “Oh yeah.” How can he make that promise, look into those eyes, and still smuggle the emeralds?

Answer: he can’t. He leaves the emeralds behind, in his jacket. And we breathe a sigh of relief …

… but then Kayla, helpful Kayla, grabs the jacket on her way out.

And we’re off.