What happened?

My husband and I have a running joke about how little he knows about soaps, ever since he asked me if “Mick and Laura” were on Days of our Lives in the 80’s. (This is why he calls Steve and Kayla “Mick and McKayla.”) So imagine my surprise when he came in a few weeks ago, saw Deimos on the screen, and said “Is that Lujack?” It turns out he had a girlfriend in college who watched Guiding Light, and he watched it with her! All this time I never knew!

Ari Zucker is such a pro. I’ve seen her in some really bad storylines over the years, and she always tries to sell it and give it her all. But I wouldn’t blame her if she turned to the camera, peered through her black wig, and whispered in a Greek accent, “Please send help.” The faux flashbacks of her with two day players, one with a huge pornstache, shouting at her in subtitles, has been excruciatingly, laughingly bad. The only thing that would make it worse is John Paul Lavoisier and Eric Martsolf played Deimos and Victor. (Imagine Eric Martsolf in a huge Santos-style mustache!) Even worse was Deimos’s dream, where Helena came to him and scolded him for sleeping with Kate — although, admittedly, I do agree with her there.

Would I still rather watch Ari do this than coo over Daniel? A million times yes.

I actually genuinely like the idea of Nicole trying to get the goods on Deimos by romancing him. Has this story been told many times before? Yes, it has. Nicole/Xander comes to mind, which was just last year. But this time, everyone knows — including, so far, Deimos — that her motives are to take him down. I just hope they stretch it out longer than they did when Phillip was in a similar position (minus the seduction part) a few months ago. I can never figure out how Days will set up an intriguing premise (Phillip as a double agent) and then drop it immediately. I hope that doesn’t happen this time. In their clumsy way, they are setting up that Deimos is obsessed and haunted by Helena’s memory, which makes him ripe to be drawn to Nicole against his will. It’s not a terrible idea, Days! Don’t make it terrible!


Yesterday, my husband came in during this scene, watched as Deimos pulled the oxygen tubes out of Victor’s nose, and said sadly, “Lujack, what happened?”

(I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately, it’s been difficult to get inspired. I think I need to pull out my DVDs and post about Shayla again!)