Full time job

I was home from work today so I actually got to see the show live.

First, the good:


Of course, it’s a bit sad that it has been more than a year and this was the first scene they were in together (other than a half second interaction). But this really was nice. It almost seemed like the scriptwriter might have been having fun with the fact that they hadn’t shared a scene, when Adrienne came up and said he looked like her brother. I loved how she knocked on his head and told him he needed to get over the idea that therapy is only for the weak. And the way she lit a fire under him to win Kayla back. I also loved the hug. I have always loved how she hugs him, just throwing herself in his arms.


Of course I have to point out Steve’s comment about them “acting like we’re 9” because actually they didn’t meet until they were adults. But aaaah, I’m in too good a mood about it, I’ll let it slide.

It was also nice to hear Steve talk to someone else (other than Joey and Kayla) so we could hear what he’s thinking. It was a bit vague but he referenced his freakout about the session and said he didn’t know exactly why he reacted that way. (I’m not sure if there is going to be anything specific there — I’m kind of thinking not.) Then, for the same reason, it was especially nice to hear Kayla’s point of view, with Marlena, because it was clear that she’s not vindictively lashing out Steve, she genuinely feels like their relationship is impossible (at the moment). Marlena’s reaction, that things will work out and “sooner than you think” would be ludicrous for a real therapist but is par for the course with soap therapist. But it makes me worry that Steve and Kayla’s reunion, after months of going nowhere, is going to be rushed and happen too quickly.

“Loving Steve Johnson is a full-time job” was a great line — and very true, as those of us who watch clips, blog, or tweet incessantly about him can attest. 🙂


The conversation in the park was really good, especially Kayla’s line about not wanting him to change who he is. That was a gesture toward what I wanted — for them each to realize something in order to find their way back together. I thought the conversation in the hospital, with Steve talking about having a breakthrough by filling out a form, was pretty weak, though Mary Beth saved it by staring at him during this speech with a “Really, Steve?” expression on her face.

In other storylines, I am ridiculously excited to see Clyde again, and actually squealed at Orpheus’s appearance, which I didn’t know was happening today.


I don’t know where this is going, but I’m happy to have these two on my screen again. Lucas and Adrienne moving into the mansion to look after Thomas makes about as much sense as anything else in this storyline – maybe we’ll get to see them more often, which would be nice. I was disappointed that Laura’s news about Abigail didn’t amount to anything more than “Abby was misdiagnosed and her medication probably made it worse” — especially since I remember Abby’s diagnosis actually was PTSD, wasn’t it? But “the pills made me do it” is classic Dena, so … shrug. I kind of enjoyed seeing Billy Flynn interacting with someone other than Jen and Ciara, so that was nice.

All in all, a decent episode with a few great moments. With the way things have been going, I call that a win.

Screenshots Forever_SAFE


Hey, not bad

I wanted to do a post on today’s show because I thought it was actually decent.


I’ve been rolling my eyes for weeks at Hope’s willingness to get back together with Aiden when HIS SON RAPED HER DAUGHTER, but today was a decent payoff for that frustration. My frustration was partly with the show, and not just with Hope. I thought they were genuinely trying to sell us Haiden, round 2. An idea I find so nauseating it is making Rope look good — seriously.

(And all this happening while Rafe lay tied up with the timer ticking down was fairly suspenseful, though I think they could have stretched it out even more. Like Hope goes to his house to cry on his shoulder, but his mother tells her triumphantly that Rafe is done with her and is with Blanca. So Hope goes home, discouraged … as the clock ticks down.)

I liked that Aiden’s fudging on when he was actually replaced with the double came back to bite him. It was such a weaselly lie — he already spilled he was working for the Dimeras and was hired to kill her, but he couldn’t resist holding back that one extra fact.

But why was Roman so eager to excuse Hope for giving Aiden another chance? Why was everyone? One of my pet peeves with modern Days is how other characters on the show are so willing to excuse a supposed “good” character’s actions. You know, people don’t have to agree on things.

But I should be careful what I wish for, because when Days does disagreement it sometimes turns out like Chad and Jennifer today.


I thought the scenes themselves were great, honestly. Billy Flynn and Missy Reeves did really well and had a really nice rhythm going. Their recriminations they were hurling at each other were nicely specific — I liked that Jen said she was wary of him from the beginning, because she was, though saying Ben only went crazy because of Chad was stretching things a bit far. And I liked how he brought up her pill popping and said she was just doing this because she was going crazy about her daughter.

But. It all came out of freaking nowhere. We needed to see Jennifer seeing something specific to set her off, to make the danger to Thomas seem urgent. And we needed a longer buildup of simmering frustration, more distrust between the two of them, before this final crack up.

Well, one takes what one can get, these days.



Great couple of episodes for Steve and Kayla!

At first I was upset that the charges against him were just going to go away. But I suspect the ISA’s “favor” to him will come with strings attached, so it’s really just a turn in the story rather than the story being dropped. And it was really what led to the crisis with Kayla.


I loved the irony of that, that it was Steve getting out of trouble unscathed that brought things to a head. As she told Roman today, Kayla was ready to stand by Steve through the trial and everything that followed. But the fact that everything was dropped, and especially Steve’s reaction to that — that “it couldn’t have worked out any better” — was what really sent her over the edge.

This all works really well as a continuation of their conflict from last fall. They made it clear back then that Kayla was taking a leap of faith to be with Steve again, and he hadn’t necessarily earned his way back. So it would make sense that the issues that were unresolved then, would come back to haunt them now. It broke my heart when she said to him that she loved him and always would, that that wasn’t what this was about. I really appreciated that Kayla told Roman she didn’t enjoy breaking up with Steve — it showed she isn’t doing this out of anger.

I thought the Tina character was clunky, and way too convenient. But I kind of liked double Steve, serving as the voice of what Kayla’s worries, and showing Steve has taken her words to heart.

Overall, this is all a certainly a decently organic conflict for them, and who they are as characters. We remember the Steve we knew back in the 80’s, the tomcat who told her “I got nine lives, baby.” And it fits that Kayla as a grown-up professional, with a son who desperately needs help, would be risk-averse and keenly aware of her responsibilities. I do regret one thing, however. Back then, Steve kept telling her that they were too different to work as a couple, and one of the things he meant was just this difference — he lived on the edge, she was the middle class princess who wanted a settled life. One thing that became clear as their love story unfolded is that Steve wasn’t as drawn to danger as much as he pretended, and Kayla wasn’t as enamored of the settled life as he assumed of course she would be. So I do regret that their current dilemma is more of a stereotype of the bad boy/good girl difference than their original story was, which turned many of those stereotypes on their heads.

I thought the Abby/Chad/Ben scenes today were excellent.


Kate Mansi is doing such a great job showing Abby losing her sanity, and yet not wanting to admit it. I like how she isn’t overplaying the “I’m fine, I’m fine” (too many actors do, to signal they’re not fine, but sometimes that makes it hard for us to believe the other characters don’t pick up on it). The moment when she saw Ben and was able to make him disappear was a perfect lead in to when the real Ben appeared. I love this twist — she’s having visions of him, AND he’s really there. It’s like that old joke:  just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

Cleaning up

I’m a day behind in my Days watching — we’ve got guests coming this weekend so this has been me, frantically cleaning:


Just kidding. I would never clean that thoroughly.

I’ve been feeling pretty good about the show this week. The Chabby story has been really effective drama. I am loving the return of Rob Wilson (last summer, who would have thought I would ever say that?). I love that while Abby is clearly delusional, there is still the possibility that Ben is also stalking her. That keeps us (and Abby!) on edge and off balance.

I’ll catch up with y’all Sunday!

It was a dark and stormy night

Very cool episode today. I love it when Days does something different, and this was definitely different — tightly focused on one story, unfolding in real time, moody, spooky, intense.

I really enjoyed not knowing if Ben is back or not. Are we watching Abby slowly losing her mind, or are we watching a very, very clever stalker? Both possibilities are ripe for drama, and I hope they keep us guessing awhile longer.

But the really burning question is, which asshole gave them this damn gorilla?


That thing is creepy as hell.

I thought it was very clever to use Chad’s earlier lie about Ben, when he didn’t want to ruin their wedding day, to give Abby a reason not to trust his reassurances. Maybe he’s lying again, to protect her, to placate her.

JJ was much more helpful. I really loved the JJ and Abby scene, where he talked about her singing to him, and how much he trusted his big sister and felt safe with her. It was a very effective way to counter her fear, to remind her of her strength, at least for a moment. But it was only for a moment. Kate Mansi was truly excellent when she cried, “He’s gotten inside my head!”

And what a great cliffhanger! Man, I have missed Robert Scott Wilson.


Can’t wait to find out what happens!

The Saddest Little Wedding in the World

Remember how Jennifer was so stressed when she was planning this wedding that she was popping pills over it? Maybe she would have felt better if she knew no one was going to show up:

So many empty chairs …


Hope, Steve, Kayla, Joey, JJ (though he did show up eventually), Maggie, Gabi, Rafe … all MIA. I know some of these people were busy with the shootout and kidnapping drama, but it felt wrong to have some of these people actually in the episode, but not at the wedding.

Of course I’m always happy to see Eric, and he was looking extremely fine, by the way:


I liked this little scene — Eric trying to help Jennifer, getting rebuffed, and then backsliding himself. It shows Eric isn’t a saint, he’s struggling himself. It just makes me mad, though, if I think about it too much. This story is good and Greg Vaughan is doing well in it, but it feels like an afterthought. And why doesn’t anyone in his family seem to notice or care what he’s going through? This isn’t right!

Anyway. Back the wedding. The groom was handsome, the bride looked beautiful:


It felt like the scriptwriter, and certainly the actors, were doing their best, even if the overall construction of it felt rushed and anticlimactic. I really appreciated the thought that went into the dialogue. The vows were lovely, and the reading from Jack’s book. (But why was Julie reading it? Why not Adrienne, or, I don’t know, Steve?)

The drama surrounding Ben’s appearances is really good. I like that we don’t know if it’s really Ben or some kind of delusion, with the evidence pointing toward a delusion. Today’s cliffhanger throws that into doubt a bit, but I’m thinking this has to do with Abby’s upcoming exit. I’m afraid that she’s going to end up going to a mental institution. If that’s the case, though, I wish they had held off and given Chabby fans a little more time — just a week or two? a few days? — to just be happy. That doesn’t seem to be too much to ask. But that’s not the way weddings happen now. You always have to have a dramatic interruption, a big reveal, or the bride shoots the groom in the head, or something.




Diehard Days

What did you guys think of the big shootout at the OK warehouse? I thought it was fun, but it made me laugh too. Eduardo’s leap to take the bullet for Rafe was a great story idea, but the staging of it made me think of the Simpson’s episode where Homer trains to be a bodyguard:



The Chad and Abby scenes with Thomas’s birth certificate were really wonderful.


This isn’t the dress Theresa originally designed, is it?

Such a lovely gesture on Chad’s part, and I loved his explanation for not giving Thomas his last name, that it hasn’t done him any good and he doesn’t want Thomas carrying it around. I also loved that he said Abby represented the best of both of them.

The wedding itself was sad, though. I see we’re back to pathetically attended events. I liked the conversations at the beginning, as Jennifer, Julie, and Adrienne all shared something special with Abby. The “Norm de Plume” poem was an especially nice callback, and I loved having Adrienne there to represent the Johnson family. But only six people watching as Abby walks down the aisle? That is really, really pathetic.

But, what a cliffhanger – two cliffhangers! Between Ben’s (possible) appearance and John’s very, very creepy dad, color me excited for next week.