I watched Days of Our Lives as a child on my mother’s knee. In the 80’s I fell in love with the supercouples, especially Steve and Kayla. I drifted away from Days for most of the 90’s, but came back in time for Steve and Kayla’s second run in 2006. I started this blog then as a place for spoiler-free discussion of the show (hence the name). I love thoughtful discussion of soaps.

I also have DVDs of Steve and Kayla’s run from the 80’s, and Jack and Jennifer’s story in the early 90’s. I am blogging about those two stories along with the current show. My video channel for the S&K/J&J clips I post is here: My Google Plus channel. (Leave a comment on the post there asking to be added to my circle, and I will add you!)

If you’d like to send me an email, you can use the form below. Thanks for visiting my blog!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I think this blog is going to make me have to start TiFauxing “Days of Our Lives”. Or–for Paul’s sake–I’ll just keep updated here since this writing is better than any soap opera has seen since the days of Irna Phillips.

  2. I just wanted to say what a delight it was to discover your blog. Not only are you a wonderful writer but you have the uncanny ability to express what made all of us fall in love with our favorite characters (especially S&K) so many years ago. It is sometimes like reading my own thoughts. I’ve also been a DOOL fan for many years. but after Stephen Nichols left in 1990 I just couldn’t bear to watch anymore. It’s funny how life comes full circle sometimes. I am grateful to be able to have a second chance to watch my most favorite Soap couple on the air once again.

  3. Thank you, Demelza!

    I stopped watching around the same time you did (actually just before Steve “died”). After that I never thought I would watch it again, honestly. But here I am.

  4. I am a huge Dool fan from South Africa, specifically Justin and Adrienne.I am only able to watch what’s been posted on You Tube, and I am interested in purchasing dvd’s and/or watching clips both old and new with j and A ..any ideas?

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