Grave robbers

Samantha Gene Brady is one of those characters people love. Or love to hate. Or just hate.

For myself, I only caught the tail end of scheming Sami. I saw the very last of her multiple failed weddings, with Austin in 2006, and also the last of her paternity test switches (she blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie her baby was Lucas’s … I think). Soon after, Hogan Sheffer came on as headwriter and rather abruptly turned her into a leading lady rather than an anti-heroine. (He also wrote the infamous rape of Sami by EJ, which I am not even going to attempt to talk about today.) I thought at the time that the transition was a little abrupt, from the schemer and manipulator who constantly shot herself in the foot, to a heroine with multiple men in love with her who had more children than anyone else in town.

I still think so, but the show eventually managed to find something of a middle ground as time went on, keeping her impulsive and mouthy and easily driven to extremes (as she was in her scheming days), while keeping her romances firmly front and center. I’m someone who appreciates what she brings to the table: energy and spark, a certainly unpredictability, chemistry with co-stars; while feeling impatient with her copious screentime, and a bit of an eyeroll anytime she is called on to Act with a capital A.

However, one thing that the show desperately needs right now is energy and spark, so I’ll say cautiously that, so far at least, I have been enjoying her return.

I find this whole “let’s dig up Will’s grave … or not” plot point to be a bit strange. Usually Days tends to gloss over the icky details of what might mean to actually disinter someone and take a peek at their remains. It all stays discreetly offscreen. So having John and Paul head to the graveyard with shovels and a wheelbarrow — Paul, who is usually so levelheaded! — was odd, to say the least. And then, having brought it up, it feels strange that in the end they didn’t actually do it. I’m guessing there will be some plot reason for the delay; otherwise, it’s strange.

However, it made for a pretty great entrance for Sami to come in and grab the shovel to stop them, and her instant rudeness to Paul in particular –“Hi, you’re the one who ruined my son’s marriage” — was refreshing. I always enjoy when the good guys don’t get along. It might not be fair to blame Paul for what happened to Will and Sonny, but it’s understandable.

So far the highlights of Sami’s return have been her scenes with Lucas on Will’s grave, and her “happy crappy birthday” scenes with Eric.

I really enjoy Eric and Sami’s twin relationship. Greg Vaughan plays so well opposite big, showy actresses like Ali Sweeney (and Ari Zucker!). In this scene, they traded news about their lives very naturally. I particularly loved how she was trashing Nicole but in a good-natured, big-sisterly, she’s-not-good-enough-for-you way, and when Eric had had enough and said “Shut up, Sami,” she shut up. They feel very real as twins who are opposites and who argue a lot, but still love and support and help each other. (Which is why I will NEVER EVER WATCH that Hallmark movie where they play lovers! Ew ew ew ew!)

I was unimpressed with the way the Will story played out this week: Sami steals Hope’s gun and pistol-whips poor Dr. Rolf (seriously, he looked so frail cowering on the floor), she gets arrested, she gets released … and then Hope just hands over to her their best lead. Uh, nice job, commissioner?

But, for all that, I am still engaged and interested. I enjoy how so many people have been involved, and those who aren’t, are talking about it. Even in Salem, someone coming back from the dead should be big news! No doubt “Memphis” will look like the Horton Town Square and the Brady Pub, but it feels like things are about to kick into high gear, and I’m excited to see what happens.


10 thoughts on “Grave robbers

  1. Hi Mary,
    Love the post—but wondering how you felt about Nicole’s exit. Again, I am strictly an exasperated S& K fan, but heard lots of grumblings about her exit. Maybe a separate post ?

    • Actually, I loved it! I mean, I was devastated because Eric and Nicole got ripped apart just as they got back together, but I really liked it from a story perspective. It gave us long-suffering Ericole fans a reunion, turned Brady dark (which is how I like him), and left the door WIDE open for Nicole to come back. It was sad to see Nicole leaving town in kind of a weak way, without fighting back, but I could accept it given the other good things.

      Then … I really liked the Brady/Eric fight this week, but I thought his scenes with Jen afterward were not so great. I hate shipper war drama, so it’s not a Jeneric vs. Ericole thing for me. I believe that Jen could have a crush and be eager to be there for him, even if he’s hung up on another woman (might be interesting for Jen to be in that position, given how often she’s been at the center of a triangle). But to have Eric say “This ain’t over” to Brady and then immediately tell Jen, “oh well, guess I’ll just pray for Brady and focus on the Horton center” seemed too abrupt. Those scenes weren’t well written.

  2. Sami has always annoyed the hell out of me. She jumped from being bratty teen to scheming criminal pretty quickly. Of course the fact that so much of her teenage story involved sex has always really bothered me. They used her being raped as a teen (by another teen named Alan) and walking in on John and Marlena having sex as motivations for a lot of her character flaws but they had her drug and rape Austin and fall into bed with Lucas and try to pass his baby off as Austin’s. It was just way too much for a teen character. Later on it angered me that the character was given so much of the spotlight when other characters could barely get screen time. I went from full time viewer to occasional viewer in the late 90s when I felt like it became the Sami Show.

    I think Sami and Nicole had a lot of similarities in how they have been written and utilized over the years but Ari Zucker never steamrolled over her co-stars in scenes the way Allison Sweeney has done so many times over the years.

    I still need more Steve and Kayla! FYI-I saw the pics online of Kristian Alfonso’s 4,000 episode party and it slapped me in the face that Trip and Ciara are going to be a thing in the future.

    • I get what you are saying about Sami. I wasn’t watching during her teen years but I did see quite a bit of her Lumi/EJami/Safe period, and it was exhausting to watch her pinging around. I get frustrated at endless triangles too, so I doubt the years-long Sami/Austin/Carrie stuff would have worked for me.

      Definitely need more Steve and Kayla! It was nice to see them play a role in Adrienne’s rescue, though why Steve was able to figure out Adrienne was Bonnie, when he probably knew her the least, was pretty unbelievable. I enjoyed the scenes, though, especially the big confrontation at Bonnie/Victor’s wedding.

      The teen scene needs something, I don’t know what. I just do not believe in Claire and Theo as a couple. I thought they worked when Theo broke up with Claire, but she was still hung up on him, and Tripp was interested in Claire. That dynamic was interesting. But since Claire and Theo got back together, I don’t think it’s working. I don’t know if I would like Claire/Tripp, but that’s what it seems like they are setting up to me. The new Ciara could change all that, though. I guess for now I don’t have an opinion who should be with who. I’m just hoping for any improvement at all. LOL.

  3. Hmm, definitely not enough S&K but some lately is better than none. I’m reminded of the time Steve was out against the clock trying to save Kayla from poisoning in 1987 (whoa…it just hit me…30 years ago???), the way they kept having Adrienne closer and closer to ending this jail story. I like when the writers are able to successfully drag something like out for a long time, where people keep just missing what they are supposed to see.

    Looking forward to your Halloween post. What on earth was that? I think its the weirdest, most out there ep I have ever seen! Loved the ghost Kayla stuff, but I didn’t like how ugly it turned with him weeping over her dead body. Kinda took a little of the “fun” out of such a TZone-type scenario.

  4. On a totally off-subject note, who remembers the original Emergency Center set from 1986 to circa1989? I loved the scenes that took place there, so many great memories of coming home from college to rewind the VCR and seeing S&K go at it at the ER. Sadly, the feeling wasn’t the same with the 2nd ER (with the punching bag and boxing ring). Granted, they were married by then or close to it, and therefore the angst and argumentative banter was no longer. My question is, why did they get a new ER? Was it story-related, or was there an actual on-set reason for a new ER such as a set fire or something? Whatever it was, it seems to me a classic case of if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. The cool and fun vibe of the original ER was so much better, and I really missed it then.

  5. It is truly sad that I am getting used to Days of Our Lives without our Steve & Kayla ! So extremely disappointed in Ron & his lies about focusing on the veterans. I can only hope that if S & K are ever given an actual story line, that is independent of Tripp—–because I could really care less what happens to him. Ron has done NOTHING to redeem Tripp……and if he involves S & K with him, I will be done until Tripp goes bye-bye ! :O

  6. Anybody out there in S & K land know why we haven’t heard from “Mary” lately ? Hoping all is well with her & everyone on this site ! Happy & healthy 2018 to all 🙂 !!

    • Hi LJ! I’m still here, just got swamped with holiday craziness and two back to back business trips! I got waaaay behind on Days and couldn’t post. But Mama Pickford is here visiting now and she’s helping me get caught up. Hopefully I’ll be able to post again soon. Thanks for checking in. 🙂

      • Hi Mary…….so good to hear from you !! Hope your holiday was a good one & have a great 2018——looking forward to seeing your posts once you get the chance 🙂

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