Well, I have to give Ron credit. He took a shit story, and with a lot of help from Mary Beth and Stephen, managed to spin a little bit of gold from it.

There’s still a lot of problems with the story, mostly centered around Tripp’s problematic characterization, but let’s start with the awesome Mary Beth Evans. No one cries like she can!

It’s a testament to both the writing and Mary Beth that during Wednesday’s scenes I was passionately rooting for Joey to change his mind and stay, because in general, this is the opposite of what I want. I think James Lastovic started out promising (and his blue eyes are a perfect mirror of Mary Beth’s), but he has sadly sunk in further and further as an actor during his time on the show.Β Also … I know it’s shallow, but I seriously cannot get over his hair. He looks like a member of Ratt.

More importantly, the character was severely damaged when Dena turned him into a killer. I genuinely think the only way to salvage the character is to send him off to prison, and bring him back in a year with a recast and a reboot, hopefully with some interesting layers.

It was so gratifying to hear Kayla’s point of view articulated at last. I was impressed with how Ron artfully reinvented Kayla’s previous cheerful welcoming of Tripp, by having her say “How could I say no? You put me in an impossible situation.” I also loved when she pointed out that Steve has a history of making unilateral decisions.

The dialogue in the Joey/Kayla scene was also excellent. When Kayla attributed his desire to turn himself in to a desire to earn Steve’s respect, I loved how he said it was not because of Steve, but because of HER and the values she raised him with. It was a perfect way to reconcile her (and the viewers) to his decision, because it paid tribute the one constant relationship in his life which has been too often overlooked.

I cannot say often enough how refreshing it is to see Kayla be able to be angry and to blame Steve, even to the point of being unfair. I was seeing some arguing on Twitter this week about who’s right, who’s wrong, and “team Kayla” and “team Steve.” I don’t care about that. Drama, the best drama, is when you can see both sides, sympathize with both of their pain. Layers, what are they?

The weak link in all of this is still Tripp. I hope Ron can save him because I know he’s still on the show, but at the moment I can’t stand the character. It think it might have been a mistake to go for the big dramatic showdown with the scalpel — I suspect that Ron wanted to give Tripp something in the ballpark of Joey’s bad acts, in order to put him on roughly equal footing with Joey. That solves some issues — it gave Tripp a reason to tell Joey not to confess, it gives Kayla a solid reason to say “If our son is going to prison, your son should too!” — but it creates new ones. I’m not going to forget the image of Tripp holding a knife to Kayla’s throat anytime soon, and I think Steve seems a little too willing to let bygones be bygones.

(Look at the framing of this shot — Steve watching Kayla and Joey leave, with Tripp lurking in the background. Perfect.)

But, these past two weeks have been damn good soap, so let us hope for better things. I’d like to see Steve think he can move past it and be there for his son “because that’s what parents do,” but with Joey gone and Kayla traumatized and angry, he’ll find it more difficult than he imagines. Stephen could really sell that kind of angst.

Screencaps JoanieΒ (except the Ratt oneΒ πŸ™‚Β )


17 thoughts on “Tears

  1. MB was amazing. I hope Ron has seen what her and SN are capable of. Gosh, give them some comedy because they’d kill that too!
    It’s been very satisfying to watch SN and MBE finally get some material they can sink their teeth into. It’s been too long. I always said that under Dena they must have been bored out of their minds as actors.

    Once again I’m upset with Steve. I’m just not happy with the way he handled what Tripp did to Kayla and Joey. Tripp is not a child so this flesh and blood stuff doesn’t wash with me. I liked the anger he showed towards Tripp at the pub but it wasn’t enough.
    I’m really going to have a hard time watching Steve and Tripp bond while Joey is in jail. I hate it.
    I think I’m going to enjoy the uncomfortable relationship between Kayla and Tripp going forward. I hope he really has to work to earn her love and trust.

    I’m also not thrilled with Steve being so passive about Joey wanting to go to jail. I get that he knows Joey is suffering but I’m having a hard time believing the Steve who had a tough life and who has been to jail being okay with Joey’s decision.

    I agree with you about Tripp. Ron has work to do with him.

    Hopefully, this is the last we will ever hear of Ava.

  2. I loved Mary Beth’s performance, and I enjoyed the story Joe told about his childhood. I didn’t think the drama was very well structured. Kayla standing in the way of what everyone else wants has become very lazy writing.

    IDK what to think about Ron evening up the score somewhat between Joey and Tripp. I like that Tripp is not just a golden boy from a scrappy background anymore, but I don’t believe he will really suffer enough consequences. It was always a drag on Joey’s romantic prospects for me that he had killed a woman, so if the reason that to Tripp instead of Joey is that he can date people like Ciara and Claire, I don’t understand showing him to be violent against women and easily triggered. I also think it undercuts the argument that Joey has to go away to be redeemed that Ron is making.

  3. I have to again disagree with the notion of a recast of Tripp. I think he’s a pretty good actor and maybe you can’t stand him is because you’re supposed to not like him and he’s selling being a jerk. Or do you just think he’s a bad actor? I like it.

    I was actually thinking that between Tripp and Joey, we’d get a big fight scene. That’s what I fully expected. Just like Steve and Jack after the Kayla rape. But that was not to be. I agree though, if not that fight scene, than I was kinda looking forward to Steve doing SOMEthing to Tripp. Tackle to the floor or a nice punch when he let go of Kayla at the hostage scene. Or start to strangle him in a tussle and quickly realize its his own son. Tripp needed some form of punishment for what he did.

    Not sure now where this story is going, but I recall SN saying he had the summer off, so I assume that later this year they will be not on for a few months.

  4. Hi MP,

    I just wanted to say welcome back. I haven’t watch much since the wedding. I did get to see the episode of them celebrating their first “wedding” anniversary. I was so happy to see the sign language, anchor, yellow flowers. All good stuff. I’m really unhappy to have Ava’s kid on screen and no Kayla kid. I feel like Kayla gets the shaft all the time. I do have the episodes on DVR, so I might catch up this weekend.

    I just wanted to say that I have missed your analyst of the show. You should be a writer for Days.


  5. 1) Glad Kayla let Steve have it, justified or not. She is in distress about losing her son, who she raised on her own, for the murder of a woman who should have been in prison for any number of crimes.
    2) Sick of Steve acting like a complete ass when it comes to those who share his blood line. Why is Kayla the only one in his life who never gets the benefit of the doubt ?
    3) Tripp was ready to kill Kayla based on ZERO evidence—and how is he treated by Kayla’s loved ones, who are supposed to have her back ? **UGH**
    4)I don’t really care if Steve forgives Tripp…that is a foregone conclusion, isn’t it ? It will be interesting to see how the fallout affects S & K——-hoping Kayla keeps Steve at arms length, so he might get a freeking clue about how hurt she is—about everything ! (However, today’s show doesn’t show it going in that direction…unless it may be down the road, if Kayla holds it in for the time being)
    5)So done with the Tripp/Joey comparison….not even close ! Soap Central had a Two Scoops column last week (week of 8/14) & the writer equated Tripp & Joey. That writer was promptly obliterated by a fan who presented facts that showed anything but equality concerning the two scenarios.
    6) So done with people on DOOL sites bashing Kayla for her reaction. I can understand why it may bother them, but when phrases like “Poor Steve” & “Kayla doesn’t deserve Steve” get thrown around—-I am about ready to jump through my computer & shake these people. Do they have even the slightest clue of S & K’s history ? How many times Steve has hurt Kayla….I mean really, really hurt her ? **UGH**
    7) Always love great drama & great acting. MBE & SN are daytime royalty & MBE should get an Emmy.
    8) For all the hype surrounding Ron C., I am not hopeful about Tripp suffering any real consequences. He had a scalpel to her throat, based on NOTHING & the men in her life just let Tripp carry on..WTH ?
    9) Much like Jack, Tripp will NEVER be redeemed in my eyes. There is no going back—he is a good actor who had promise. Then, they turned the character into a gullible, vindictive clown who was hell bent on revenge based on the musings of a woman scorned—–nice going Sherlock !!
    10) Thanks Mary—-for letting me vent !! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I’m having a hard time with Steve again. His whole ‘he’s my blood, he’s my son’ just drives me crazy. I hate it every time he says it. In one moment he saying Kayla is the most important person and in the next he easily forgives Tripp for what he did to her. He tells Kayla he’ll deal with Tripp. What happend with that? Instead we get Steve inviting Tripp to the get together for Joey at the pub. Did Steve consider whether Kayla would want him there?

      I’m disappointed that Ron is rushing the story. Suddenly Tripp sees the light about Ava. I’m going to hate if Kayla forgives Tripp next week.

      Ron has done better than Dena but its been mostly MBE and SN who have salvaged this storyline.

      Here’s hoping we never ever have to hear the name Ava ever again.

    • Hey LJ! Missed discussing things with you here. So glad Mary is back…. We get the blog and the friends πŸ˜„

  6. I actually think Steve’s reactions to Tripp are true to form given his family history. He forgave Jo and eventually Jack. Duke was really the exception. Also, Steve himself held Hope at knife point and threatened to pour “acid” in her face to get revenge on Bo. It actually wasn’t acid but she didn’t know that and Hope and Bo both forgave him. It is hard to see how Tripp can be redeemed simply because the writing (and maybe the acting) doesn’t show enough depth to the character whereas Steve and Jack (Matt Ashford) were so well written and acted that they were not only redeemed but became beloved. Those 80s writers were amazing and even managed to redeem Nick “the pimp” Corelli and he used to pump underage girls and tired to force poor Jennifer and Frankie into making porn!

    • Hey Shea—–I agree about Steve’s reaction being true to form, and that is what bugs me. He always puts his “blood” first, regardless of Kayla. Adrienne, a person he wouldn’t give time of day to before—-he takes a murder rap (even though she was justified) and kicks Kayla to the curb, after some nasty words, of course.Even after Jack raped her, he wanted her to go talk to him—wth ? Now , Tripp—–as Michelle said—when is he going to “take care of him”? Quick answer–he won’t. I mean, he only had a scalpel to your wife’s throat & jeopardized her whole career–no big for Steve ! **UGH**

  7. I have been kicking around my feelings for a week or so about this story and how Ron is handling it. As I’ve said before, I like Lucas Adams and I think he has potential, but (as they did with the character of Joey) made him do such awful things it makes it hard to move past it. The whole Jack redemption took years and I don’t know if the average soap viewer in 2017 has the patience to wait that long for a slow, earned redemption. I know Steve wants to have a relationship with his son and now Tripp is the only Johnson kid on the canvas. As lj said above, Steve puts “blood” first. It seems that Kayla always gives in to Steve to make sure he is happy. It’s funny, their falling in love story is still one of my favorites, but rewatching it with 30 years of my own experience makes me look at it a little differently and now I want to Kayla to tell Steve to grow up and that just once she is going to do things on her own terms. Thankfully SN and MBE keep me watching because they are so magical together.

  8. Missing your blog Mary !!! I am also missing S & K—-3x in what will now be 5 weeks is pathetic. This is Ron’s show now—where the hell are they ? They are veterans——to see Bonnie, Theo & Claire more than them is just preposterous…..and I don’t see it getting better any time soon. 😦

    • I heard somewhere that SN said he was taking the summer off. So that would explain the 5 weeks thus far. Sucks! I don’t care about any of the other storylines. The double Marlena/Adrian – kind of amusing. But some serious fast forwarding here!

      • I’d like to think that, but his summer off would coincide with Dec,Jan & Feb shows, since they shoot so far ahead. These shows would have been shot back in March. I think Ron is just pushing what HE thinks people want to see & it isn’t S & K. So much for all his talk about focus on the veterans !

  9. Hi LJ (and everyone)!

    Sorry I haven’t posted. I was depressed about what was happening with Steve and Kayla and their story (and now the way they’ve disappeared). It also took me awhile to start to care about characters again that Dena had done her damage to. But I’m starting to get invested again in some of the stories – though I’m still bummed about S&K of course – and I’m working on a post right now. Should be up tomorrow!

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