Bad Tripp

Mixed bag this week.

I thought the hospital scenes with Abby were well done. Missy Reeves was particularly good, and I teared up when she mentioned holding Abby’s fingers as a baby. I appreciated how we saw most characters in town being told the news of the accident and expressing their concern — think about how Dena handled Kayla’s brain surgery as a sad contrast.

I am still a little fuzzy on Chad’s reaction and what it means for the Chabby/Chabi relationships.

He is clearly overcome with grief and guilt for Abby, and feels keenly that the last words he said to her where “stay dead” (Billy Flynn is hitting all the beats there), but I’m not getting (yet) a sense of “It’s really you I’ve loved all along” — the dialogue feels a little more ambiguous. Even when he said tearfully to Abby “I love you,” it still didn’t come across as an epiphany, at least to me, and the camera went to Gabi’s reaction. I really don’t want to see more of him being torn between the two women — it is damaging the character. However, I might be reading this all wrong. I’m content to watch for now and see how it goes.

I am very curious what they are planning with Eric, Nicole, and Brady. They’ve cleared turned a page here and I’m waiting to see how it all shakes out.

I’ve seen some complaints that Nicole keeping her forgiveness of Eric a secret doesn’t make sense, but that doesn’t bother me. People often put off uncomfortable conversations, and that’s the kind of secret I think this is — though taken to an extreme. Also, her instinct to keep this a secret could be telling, that she knows deep down that her forgiveness of Eric means other walls are coming down between them too. All I know is that the scene of them together in Eric’s room was played by both Greg and Ari with a lot of sexual tension, and the moment when she said, “Of course there is nothing between us,” as she turned away, was Soap Denial 101.

From a character (not just shipper) perspective, it was a lovely scene. We saw how much it meant to Eric that she had forgiven him, when he was worried that she had changed her mind. That gave him a reason to go along with her wishes, even though he knows it’s not a good idea. I loved that he tried to talk her out of keeping this a secret by quoting scripture, and the touch of sarcasm with “And you think this is a good idea?” was perfect.

Why is Brady suddenly gripped with irrational jealousy regarding Nicole? Who knows? They could give us any number of reasons that connected with his history with women, but they haven’t. Brady as a character has suffered from bad, or nonexistent, characterization, but he has certainly jumped from woman to woman, convinced each time that this is True Love. This could be explored, or even acknowledged, by the show, but instead the show presents each relationship with a straight face — including his current one. It would be fascinating for Brady to realize that he and Nicole have a similar history of jumping from relationship to relationship, which could give him a reason to doubt what they have now … especially in contrast to Eric’s steady constancy.

Speaking of whom, they need to do more with the fact that this is Brady’s brother he’s jealous of, who he has always been close to, and who has recently been to hell and back…. and who he was recently urging Nicole to forgive.

That brings me to Steve and Kayla. I talked last time about how this story didn’t have to be so crummy, but the fact is that it was, and Ron didn’t really do anything to fix it before heading to this big showdown. I have no sense of Tripp as a person; his characterization is so paper-thin, his reasons for blaming Kayla so laughable, that it sucked a lot of the drama out of the scenes on Friday. I know the Dena portion of the story cannot be unwritten, but how hard would it be to have Tripp overhear Kayla saying to Steve, “I just hope Tripp never finds out the truth about how his mother died” or something else to send him over the edge right now?

Kayla was written well during the scenes themselves — I liked how, after her initial shock, she went to compassion first, and then (finally!) anger when the extent of Tripp’s hatred and delusion became clear. (I’m assuming Ron knows that Steve didn’t actually “leave” Kayla for Ava.) And Steve and Joey talking about Tripp at the same time and putting the pieces together was reasonably well put together.

But, I have to admit the whole thing depressed me, and it’s going to take some pretty damn amazing writing for me to accept Tripp as a viable character after this. Also (and it really pains me to say this), but I feel a little bit like that with Joey as well. Having Joey kill Ava was a major, major mistake, and no matter how many times Steve tries to say it was “sort of” self-defense, that’s not what happened. I don’t know how Joey is exiting the canvas, but I hope it’s something that redeems him a little and gives the character some strength and independence (but doesn’t kill him off). Then, down the road, maybe we can get a recast and a fresh start for him.

In the meantime, give us a Stephanie.

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8 thoughts on “Bad Tripp

  1. Love this!

    Chad/Abigail/Gabi- I can see where your perspective is on this. I actually viewed those scenes a little differently. Chad talking through what was happening at Abigail’s beside was almost like a confessional/therapy session for him, to me. He admitted that he was hurt and scared from the first time she left and it left him with a lot of insecurities and preconceived thoughts about her actions that turned out not to be true. He also finally admitted that the reason she left their marriage is because he made her feel like she wasn’t wanted– it was like he finally was starting to put it all together and then he was saying “but I’ve wanted you all along.” At least for me, that’s how those scenes came across.

    Nicole/Brady/Eric- totally on the same page here! I WISH they would explore “hot second I’m in love Brady.” lol. I mean, has he even mentioned Theresa lately? Not that I’m a Thrady fan, but you know, she was the love of his life not too long ago. Plus, why not show some compassion for his brother Eric instead of this insane jealousy– it’s not a good look for Brady. But let’s face it, the secret isn’t forgiveness, it’s that Nicole’s feelings for Eric are starting to resurface. That scene in Eric’s bedroom was classic Ericole. Amazing!

    Stayla/Tripp – Again, agree. They could have done so much more with Tripp. I still think Ron has a chance to redeem him- albeit he has some work to do. I hope he does, though, because with Tripp’s past, he *could* have good soapy potential, if written correctly.

    Love your writing and your thoughts!

    • Thank you! 🙂

      I love your perspective on the Chabby scenes. Maybe I’m waiting for “Oh my God, I’ve been such a fool.” LOL. I liked his monologue where he was piecing together what happened. That’s not exactly how it played out onscreen — but I think it’s what better fits the characters, and I think there’s room to finesse it a bit. It’s how it would have played out in the hands of a halfway competent soap writer. I’d also like to see him apologize to Gabi and admit he hasn’t been fair to her either.

      The Ericole/Brady stuff is REALLY working for me — I get how some are sick of Nicole or sick of how she has leapt from man to man. But that’s always been part of her character, and unlike with Brady, it HAS been explored, at least in the past. I like how they seem to presenting her forgiveness of Eric as like a wall coming down so other feelings can come through. Plus the clock is ticking until Ari’s departure, that limits my ability to hold grudges, lol.

      Tripp’s past should have been explored more as he came on so we could get to know him. Maybe they’ll take the opportunity now to create a true bad-boy-who’s-redeemable-down-the-road character. I think it’s the best option at this point.

  2. I was not really feeling the hospital scenes as much as I wanted to. Billy and Marci did a wonderful job with their scenes in the park the previous week, but it was a little bit of a letdown to have Dario shuffled off the canvas so quickly. The hospital scenes were the kind of thing we always say we want as soap fans — family! emotion! connection! — but I feel like the underlying story is on its way to a quick resolution, so it wasn’t as soapy as it could have been. Chad not getting to see Abby was great, but then it didn’t play forward.

    Also whatever happened to coma dreams? Some fantasies would have helped everything feel less basic.

    About the Steve/Kayla/Joey/Tripp scenes, I agree. I did actually like Steve’s lines about self defense, because it felt like a needed reminder in the story of what his POV would be here… even if it is ridiculous. But this story does seem to have put everyone in a corner and I don’t see a lot of investment in getting them out of it.

  3. I am mainly a S & K fan, so I don’t really pay attention to other story lines. I am so hoping, as I said in my last comment, that Steve doesn’t act like an ass, as he is prone to do when it comes to those who share his blood line & Kayla. First, he covers for Adrienne & treats Kayla like garbage……then Jack rapes Kayla, and he asks her to “talk” to him..and now, Tripp. If there is even a hint of him being torn between this woman whom basically saved him & this punk…UGH !!! Kayla has been nothing short of exceptional in her treatment of Tripp, a constant reminder of Ava—-she doesn’t deserve any of this. Jack was redeemed in most people’s eyes (never mine) & I am sure they will try to do that with Tripp…but they’ve lost me. I might hate him a little less if he finds out “Uncle Angelo” actually killed Ava & turns him in.Looking forward to your tweets about this week & deciding if they are worth watching. BTW, Eric looks hot in that black tank top ! 🙂

  4. I agree with your views on Brady, Nicole and Eric as well as most of what you said regarding Kayla,Steve & Tripp. I think will try to redeem Trip since Joey’s character is leaving. Brady is a confusing dude he falls in love with everyone they pair him with and the actresses leave and we have to go on the rollercoaster again. Ron C inherited a mess with so many storylines already occurring I think he’s doing pretty good. As a Chad and Abby fan seeing the destruction of Chad to Chad (I love Gabi no I love Abby) it’s been painful. I actually felt closure needed to happen with the triangle one way or the other. I think the 8/7 episode made up for ambiguous dialogue we got from Chad last week. I commend the writers for Monday show where we here for the first time Chad’s fear & he even admitted his own insecurities played a part in his choices. I’ve been married 20 years when tough times come you pull together. Chad bailed I blame Dena as he said on Monday he didn’t fight for Abby. I try to imagine what it would be like if my spouse had PTSD and abandoned me how I would of reacted. Dena never explored this the new Abby was being recasted. Instead a triangle was formed and the viewers never got to see Chabby address or work through their problems. We watched Chad go back & forth for months thus causing his character to take some major hits.

  5. I tend to disagree with you about the SK/Tripp story. For one, I don’t think a different actor playing Tripp later on doesn’t help anything,and I actually think the actor is doing a pretty good job with what he has. I actually hate characters changing actors, in general.

    But, I found the 4-5 eps leading to the showdown with Kayla held hostage by Tripp with Steve and Joey coming in pretty darn compelling. It kept ending on a good cliffhanger, and I couldn’t wait to see the next day’s ep. THAT doesn’t happen too often in DOOL these days. While it should have been made to linger a lot longer, as well as a lot of missed opportunities to better mold the Tripp character (like having him instead be quite the long haired loser getting into trouble type, much like Steve in his youth), I thought it came together pretty compellingly. I can’t remember the last time I actually looked forward to, and thought to much about seeing the next day’s outcome.

  6. Wish I could say I am enjoying Days. I used to love this show. Currently, Days is depressing me.
    I feel that Steve & Kayla are being shoved aside to remain more extras than actually have story coming.
    if unhappy Joe should have been recast and the potential of the two brothers who came from different paths could have moved to something as in the past with Steve and Jack.

    I think both Kayla and Steve instead of telling Joey to feel better or just rely on counseling without some positive acts to give him a sense of renewed self worth was lacking. Working in a shelter, feeding the homeless, building tiny houses, helping out in the Community Center along with counseling woefully was missing and sadly so considering the past of both Steve and Kayla.

    I’m no fan of the dual roles nor constant camp. I loved a character who could impart some humor but also a little heart like Eugene and Caliope. But Hattie and Bonnie are not doing that and their over the top performances seem more like a parody mocking soaps.

    I have an issue with Chad because he seemed to go for whichever woman is currently flattering his ego rather than making me feel or care. They tried to undo it all in a hospital scene but the problem was just that one quick undo and all that Chad and Gabi just instantly mattered not to anyone even Jennifer was not skeptical of one who hurt her daughter. I remember a Brady family who never failed to put Steve on notice in his day. Yet here nothing.

    I’m just left feeling a void and the void is that Days is not making me care, not making it so that you really want to tune in again tomorrow.

  7. So as to not totally depress people I have found some renewed enjoyment in watching POP’s reissuance of the old series ER. Really well done.

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