On Hiatus

Hello everybody!

I think I am going to put this blog on hold, hopefully only for a few months. The show is depressingly bad, and I have no hope of it getting better until June. But the main reason is that I just got a huuuuuuuuge promotion at work. I was promoted to president of the nonprofit I work for (we say president, essentially the role is Executive Director). It’s a big jump for me and I want to be able to devote my full energies to it.

I don’t officially start until the end of April, but I’m busy making plans and getting a team in place so we can hit the ground running. Once things settle down a bit I hope to be able to pick this blog back up again, which ideally will be right around the time Ron, Sheri, and Ryan’s stuff starts airing.

I haven’t watched the show at all this week, but I will probably start again next week and I’ll still be around on Twitter. Hope to see you there!

Much love,




27 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. Congratulations on your promotion. That is fantastic!

    Since the wedding I have not DVR’ed the show. I’m just not interested in any of it any longer. MBE & SN are the only reason why I haven’t given up on it entirely (I read the description each day trying trying to figure out whether or not to keep it on the DVR), but with the spoilers I’ve read, I just don’t think I’ll be sticking around (which breaks my Stayla loving heart). The other storylines just do not interest me at all. Maybe after the Ron, Sheri and Ryan stuff starts airing, I’ll return, but for now I’m taking a break and watching my DVD’s.

    I will miss reading your point of view, but I completely understand that real life over Salem life takes priority (especially with how bad/boring Salem life is lately). I will continue to follow you on Twitter though.

    • The only reason I keep viewing and not wholeheartedly is to get a glimpse of Steve and Kayla which if I am lucky is once a week. Wish they would come up with a decent storyline that have them working together, and not tearing them apart. I guess they are considered to old to give them a main story or they just don’t know how to write for them. They are so good.

      • Hey there Barbie—-sounds like the new writing team will be putting couples like Steve & Kayla more in the forefront. Keep the faith & hang in there a few more months !! S & K forever !!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES ON YOUR NEW POSITION !!! We’ll miss your blog, but glad to know you will still do Twitter, because that always gives me a laugh !! Take good care…best of luck —know you will do a FANTASTIC job !!

  3. Congrats to you.what a great opportunity. I will miss reading your blog though . I find your viewpoint is so balanced and fun to read.
    Take care and good luck.-Jane

  4. Congratulations Mary! I wondered if something was up w/ you but am so glad it’s a good something. I will miss your blog but will catch you as I can on twitter. Best of luck with your new position!

  5. Congratulations!
    Best of luck on your new position – I’m sure it will be challenging but also a rewarding adventure.

    By the way, if you ever want to come back, but not that interested in the current “Days” stories – I, and I’m sure many others really enjoyed your take on past storylines …

  6. Congratulations on your promotion Mary. 🙂
    I try to put Days on in the background if I’m at home and its hard to watch… Fingers crossed that Ron can turn things around. I look forward to you coming back with your fabulous blog.

  7. Congrats Mary! Good luck in your new position. If it wasn’t for Steve and Kayla I would hang it up, but as long as MBE and SN stick it out, I will too. Look forward to hearing from you when you return!

  8. Congratulations on your promotion! That’s very exciting. And it’s sort of a perfect time for a hiatus, considering how dull the show is and that very little of this will ‘count’ in a few months’ time…

  9. Does your employer know you’ve wasted “Years of Your Life” watching these tacky, tacky, tacky soaps, and worse than that, actually taken them seriously as examples of good drama and acting? That you’ve gotten so caught up in the ‘lives’ of FICTIONAL characters that it suggests a twisted obsession bordering on mental illlness?

    Good to hear you’re taking a hiatus. Maybe you’ll come to your senses. You’re right — these shows are crap, and always have been. Hoping you won’t throw the rest of your life away…

    • Really? Did you do a google search looking for a soap blog so you can condescend and lecture the author? Why do you care what marypickford watches or writes about? Why do you care what her employer might think about it? Your apparent obsession with a stranger’s life is far more worrisome than MP’s interest in a soap opera.

    • Hmmmm speaking of a “twisted,obsession bordering on mental illness” perhaps Mary should devote a post on how certain readers of blogs can reach a mental health professional?

  10. Marcia is definitely right about one thing, soaps today are crap. This point is sad to all of us who remember soaps of yesteryear in which this was not the case. Mary, I would be glad to hurl insults at you if that means you would continue to blog out of spite because I loved reading your insights.

  11. Aw, thanks!! I am aiming for mid July to start up again. I am going on a trip (not a Tripp, ha ha) next week and I’ll be back July 10. I’m thinking I’ll get the blog started again then!

  12. Looking forward to seeing you blog again. The “island story” and “Salem on Halo” just haven’t been the same without the Mary Pickford treatment.

  13. I think Ron Carlivati’s first scenes air on July 19th (which may or may not be my birthday 🙂 ) so hopefully you will be back just in time.

  14. Your twitter feed cracks me up –calling Tripp a dumbshit—–can’t wait for the blog to start up again ! I hope all is going well with the promotion !!

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