I Do

Well, that was a pretty damn amazing little interlude, wasn’t it?


Stephen called it “a bubble of love” and it really was. This wedding showed that you don’t have to have a big budget to have a beautiful wedding. Some people complained about the fact that the guests were standing, but I think it was better. Chairs can make a small wedding look even smaller, like the Chabby wedding (where there were actually EMPTY chairs). I’ve seen small weddings like this is real life too, where everyone stands.

I can certainly quibble about people who weren’t there, but I thought they did a good job bringing in most of the people of the current cast who should be there. Having Shane, Carrie, and Austin there was a nice treat, since they are only back for a short time. And I really appreciated that Hope came back in time for it. I’ve been frustrated with the fact that Days has turned into the Hope show for the last few years (Dena said once in an interview that she was on “Team Hope” — what headwriter talks like that?? — and believe me, it shows), but Hope was such an important part of Steve and Kayla’s early love story. She needed to be there.  (I also liked that she pulled Roman aside to tell him Eric was the one who took care of her.)

Of course, I loved, loved, loved having Stephanie there:


It wasn’t just seeing Stephanie again, it was that Shelley Hennig wanted to come back for Stephen and Mary Beth. It just made the whole thing more meaningful.

Her scene with Joey in the part was adorable. They did a good job connecting as siblings, teasing each other and saying “ew!” at the idea of their parents having sex. I actually enjoyed James Lastovic again! Another reason for Stephanie to come back for good!

So many great little moments: Steve catching the bouquet, Stephanie tearing up during the ceremony, Joey telling Steve to “man up.” I loved Steve calling everyone to dance, and watching the all the couples together. I wanted “The Rose” or “When Your Heart Comes Out Tonight” but I was glad they got a song.

But, I have to say my favorite part was the vows. This is no surprise, since Stephen and Mary Beth apparently wrote them themselves. It showed. I loved Kayla’s reference to how the first time they got married, she thought she knew everything. I don’t know if that’s 100% true of when they got married, but it’s very, very true of their early story. Kayla was very, very sure they belonged together (she had to be to be keep at it through all the obstacles he threw at her) and didn’t quite get what a painful journey it was going to be. I loved that we saw that journey — from certainty to doubt, but then taking the plunge again anyway knowing the risks.

For Steve, I loved the line “You chipped and chipped away at that armor and you started to show me the best parts of myself. Parts I didn’t even know were there.” One thing that sometimes irks me is when people say Kayla “reformed” Steve or “saved” him. She didn’t; she just revealed to him who he really was. It’s a fine distinction but I think an important one.

I was going to go on from here to complaining about the rest of the show, but I’ll save that for next time. Instead, I’ll leave you with this:


Sigh. So beautiful.

Screencaps LizK  and NBC




13 thoughts on “I Do

  1. I loved everything about the wedding ceremony. I’m so thankful SN and MBE intervened and asked to help with the vows. MBE had said when they got the script that ‘it wasn’t enough’ , I’m not surprised that Dena wouldn’t do justice to these two characters coming together again.

    I loved Steve’s line about his swagger and bravado when they first met. MBE often mentions that about SN’s performance as early Steve in her interviews. How Steve had to work to hide what he was feeling. Love that. Kayla telling him how she has always loved him. We knew that but it was good to hear her day it after everything she’s been thru with him. Steve thanking Kayla for their 2 kids with Steph and Joey standing there. As a long time S/K fan that touched me so much.

    Some of my favorite moments seemed ad libbed. Steve’s funny about ‘Dr Brady’ paying for the ring had me LOL. The cast reaction to that line, especially KA are great. Kayla doing Beyonce with ‘all the single ladies. Steve’s reaction to catching the bouquet.
    SH was perfect standing next to MBE during the ceremony. Her reactions were so real. I love Stephanie for being there for her parents and SH for loving SN and MBE to want to be there for them in every way.

    I’m disappointed they didn’t go away on a honeymoon but how HOT was the small love scene we did get. SN was smoldering here. “Have I told you how beautiful you look in that dress?… Can I take it off of you?” SWOON! Kayla kissing his tattoo.

    I don’t want to dwell on the negative but I can’t help but complain about Dena. Steve arrives home and gives Kayla chocolates for Valentines Day. He wouldn’t give her such a cliched gift! Marlena and Stephanie giving her cliched wedding gifts. That’s so from the lack of imagination writing of Dena.
    I know Caroline couldn’t be there I guess because of Peggy McKay’s health but why use Marlena? She seemed out of place. I would have loved to see Kayla with Adrienne instead. She didn’t even have a scene with her brother.
    The worse was Dena making the first scene at the wedding all about Hope. I wanted to reach thru the tv screen!
    Thankfully, I forgot about Hope when Steve said “I’m like the gum on your shoe, baby’ lol. Only SN could made that line work!

  2. First of all; thank goodness for SN & MBE!! even though I was excited for another Stayla wedding; with Dena at the helm I was a tad nervous. But when I heard that Stephen and Mary Beth had a chance to add to the lines and make them personal, whew!! And they didn’t disappoint. Steve’s vows were by far some of the most heartfelt and sincere lines I think I have ever heard. And the way SN delivered them! Hot damn! I just bawled like a baby. (happy tears) Kayla’s lines were great, but I will admit I liked Steve’s better. Having “little sweetness” there just mad me so happy. SH just fits so seamlessly and I liked her interaction with JL. The guests standing, the ceremony at a bar and Caroline not being there really didn’t bother me. Even though their yacht wedding was the stuff dreams are made of, MBE was right. That’s not really WHO these characters are anymore. I was happy with the intimate way it was presented. I do wish Steve would have had interaction with Adrienne and yes some of those god awful dancing sequences I would have gladly traded for more bedroom time with S&K. Now for the Hope show. Funny thing I saw on Twitter and sad to say but I agreed 100%. “It sure was awful nice of Hope to let Steve and Kayla have their wedding at her coming home party.” (I may not be quoting exactly, but you get the drift) Again, it did seem like too much time was given to Hope. I am heartily sick of Hope and Rafe. They get more annoying by the minute. And SN made me feel horrible because he said he was glad her prison SL was resolved and she got to be there. And I do see his point. Hope (the good Hope, the one I used to love to bits) was there from the beginning. She encouraged Kayla to never give up on Steve and she rooted for them when no one else in the Brady family did. So yes, I get why she was there. It just felt like too much emphasis was placed on her and not the wedding we were there for to begin with. Some of the scenes and dialogue didn’t seem to flow. I am not sure if this was due to the writing, directing or the editing. But DAYS has had that problem for awhile now and to my untrained eye, it looks choppy. And the 30 seconds we got in THEIR bedroom (squeeeeee!) was sexy as hell. Proof again these two actors can do so much with so little. Steve’s sexy growl about how beautiful Kayla’s dress was and asking could he take it off of her and Kayla kissing his tattoo………perfection! It made this hardcore Stayla fan happy!

  3. Agreed — especially for present-day Days, this was downright good. I’m so glad SN and MBE apparently stepped in to punch up the vows, because they worked very well. I could’ve done with a bit more of a ceremony, but those vows felt like the actual characters. And I have so much appreciation for Shelley Hennig not only signing on for the wedding, but being so pumped about it that she kept crowing on social media. That’s awesome. (I also thought she brought out a side of Joey that we haven’t seen enough of, and he seemed so at-ease with her!)

  4. There was definitely much more on the positive side of the ledger than is usual for Days in 2017. The vows, the guests, and the little love scene have been well mentioned… I also appreciated all of the wedding touches (cake, dancing, toasts, bouquet toss) and how down to earth everything was.

    Seeing Stephanie and Joey was a treat, but I thought their dialogue was a little rough for S&K’s wedding day. Stephanie especially could be a little more mature at this point, and it would have been nice to heave them appreciate a little more that their parents’ love brought them back together. But I did appreciate seeing them as a family. Steph’s little moment with Adrienne meant a lot, too.

    Overall I wished it had flowed more from story… but there were many times I would have never guessed it would happen at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Beyond devastated to not have this episode in my DVR as I had the news conference take away the whole episode—I was not one of the lucky regions that re-aired it. The clown at NBC keeps pushing the site—that’s ok, but the episode is only available until 3/9 !!
    Anyway——- a few comments regarding the episode. I had dared to dream that S & K might get their stand-alone episode, or at least have the majority of it—most people there, including the happy couple, could have reminisced about them from way back when—- because they were there too !! I was glad Hope was there, as she has always backed Steve, but I do think it took away from the wedding. I wish Adrienne had some interaction with either Steve or Kayla during the episode.
    I did LOVE “Stephanie” and the emotions she was showing as she stood next to “Kayla” during the ceremony.—same for S & K——all so genuine, so real—-made it all so meaningful. I will forever be grateful to Shelly that she came back for SN & MBE—their love shines through ! So grateful that they wrote their own vows, they were beautiful!! SN was so real delivering those lines & MBE reactions….just heartfelt all the way around. I loved “Kayla’s” vows too—–I almost wished she recollected back to the time when she first met “Steve” & how she felt—–let us in on when she started to have feelings for him—-that would have been interesting to hear, just because she has never said it out right,
    All in all, a lovely wedding, including all the ad-libs–and, I truly believe, this time is forever !!!
    BTW, they both looked FANTASTIC !!

  6. I agree with most everyone. I enjoyed the sibling connection between SH & JL, and agree, that JL was sooo much better w/her. I didn’t mind the fact that Hope was there, as you’ve all said, purely for the history and that she was the one always rooting for S&K. What I did mind was the emphasis placed on her… As Mary’s said, it’s been “Days of Hope” for way too long and they should’ve toned it down for the wedding episode at least. That said, I too am okay that neither Caroline nor Kim were there and that it was held at the bar that used to be the Cheatin’ Heart. I also loved the intimacy of the wedding and wasn’t bothered at all w/the guests standing. Thank the good lord SN and MBE stepped in for the vows, as who knows what kind of junk we would’ve gotten. But those vows meant so much, I think, to all of us S&K fans, and they were delivered with such love by MB & SN. The 30 sec of bedroom was 30 sec of awesome. At least they have a bedroom now and may be they’ll get some use from it asap. However, looks like we may be having an S&K dry spell??? That would really stink if that’s the case. Until they are back on though, I’ll keep re-living the recent highlights and re-visiting some older ones (ummm November is a good place to start!)

  7. Since it came up at the wedding I guess the fact that Steve is keeping the secret from Kayla about Stefano that it will come back to bite him. I almost forgot about the fortune tellers words about deception and the Phoenix rising until someone reminded me.

    This visit from Shane really hasn’t endeared him to me. I don’t like him encouraging Steve to keep this from Kayla. I also thought he came off very smug during this SL.

    So besides Ava Spawn we have this to cause drama for S/K
    (Though with the passing of Joseph Mascola and Dena being gone I guess this could change, )

    • Completely agree Shane is the trouble-maker here. One of the things that p/o K so much was S keeping things from her and here he is, not even married yet, and doing it again. I love that he is wanting to tell her and hate that Shane is talking him out of it… I kept saying to my screen “shut the hell up Shane!”. I also think this is going to come back and bite S in the butt. Someone online said, “well Kayla knew Hope killed Stefano and never told Steve” but, if I remember correctly, that was when K was mad at S & they weren’t together… everyone soon knew and what K knew when became irrelevant – plus she owed nothing to S at that time – IMO – Okay, getting all worked up again! They should have left Joe’s final scenes as they were on that Thursday w/ Stefano just disappearing. Ugh… frustrating.

  8. The wedding was sweet and fun. Stephanie was a very welcome presence and it just felt like she belongs there….and I wasn’t a fan of what I saw of Stephanie years ago. I am upset that my NBC channel that I record the show on preempted it with no make up and no mention of it at all. We get another NBC channel but since I was at work I have no clue if they aired the show live or not but I know they didn’t air a late night make up. I am bummed because I wanted it on my DVR but at least the video player on the NBC website seems to be working better than it used to and I watched it online without issue.

  9. Pretty decent wedding. I can’t help but be a little bummed though, that the glorious 80s style wedding is such a thing of the distant past. A bar instead? I guess it being the Cheatin Heart makes it kinda cool. As a side note, just because the bar was renovated nice, isn’t it still a really seedy neighborhood…?

    Anyway, this is such a gift for long time S&K followers. After his 1990 death, the Shane romance, the subpar 2nd run, the off-screen divorce, SN saying he’d never return to DOOL….we had to endure a lot of crap, and this is the show finally letting them be happy and in their rightful place. Fan-driven results, for sure. I used to be so mad that they let Bo and Hope sail off into the sunset in the 80s, while the best soap couple on earth had to have one die, and the other start the most unwelcome romance in history. Not fair! Man, we waited a long time for things to be set right! It makes me realize I stuck around for good reason.

      • I wish the writers could make us forget Steve and Ava happened! Now we have the spawn coming to remind us!! 😭

      • It certainly seems like the show does not want anyone to remember Shayla. Its weird to see him interact with S&K, as if the history was erased. Though obviously never discussed on-screen, any normal couple in the world would have discussed who they were with by now…especially a close family friend like Shane. Whole thing is creepy and messed up, and I hate it now as much as I did then. I suppose if it doesn’t affect any storyline today, no reason to bring it up.

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