I swear, this show gives me whiplash. Every week or so, along will come an episode that zips along in an enjoyable fashion, and I think “You know what, these stories are fun. Maybe I’m too hard on Dena.” And then … another episode, same characters, some stories, and it’s back to watching paint dry. Badly.

At any rate, the last few weeks, I have found glimmers to enjoy. The premise to the Orwell story is dumb, but it has provided a framework for some interesting interactions. The writing for Jennifer has been better than it has in years, getting her back to her investigative reporter roots. And, while Drew’s return is the most baffling return since … Hattie, his scenes with Jennifer have been tons of fun.  I’ve also enjoyed Gabi and Abby teaming up, though the supposed triangle with Chad/Abby/Gabi has mostly been underwhelming. Note to Days, it’s not romantic to show Chad “working on his marriage” like it’s a chore. The show is clearly setting up for something to happen with Chabi during this kidnapping, and it just makes Chad look fickle. At the moment I’m not rooting for either Chabi or Chabby — which I often find is the case with Dena’s “romances.”

In Prague, since Anna, Carrie, and Austin’s departure, we’ve had all the excitement that sitting around in the lobby can provide. Whew! But, this masquerade has at least given us some awesome eye candy:


And Marlena throwing shade at Rafe as he fretted about the plan was comedy gold. I also liked the Paul/Sonny scenes — Sonny was adorable with all his spy talk — but I’m waiting for the show to actually give them some kind of conflict, some journey to be together. They are starting to remind me of how JJ/Gabi started — promising chemistry but no story.

As for the other big story, the baby Holly saga — I haven’t been as down on this story as so many people have, but I have to admit the last couple of weeks have been pretty bad. Chloe’s reservations about Deimos were certainly well-founded, but now it seems clear she was only using him as a convenient excuse. Which is fine, and in fact it should make the story better, but it doesn’t. It all feels slapped together for the sake of the plot.”Shit, we’re running out of reasons for Chloe to keep Holly from Nicole, come up with another one, quick!”

The only bright spot (for me, anyway) is Nicole finally getting a clue about Deimos. I know she hasn’t broken up with him yet, but that seems to be where the story is going. In his eagerness to prove he’s the man for her, he rushes out and does something stupid and violent (to the judge, to Chloe) and it ends up rebounding on Nicole. I hope that will inspire a little self-reflection on her part as to how she could be so wrong about him, but we’ll see how it shakes out.

At the moment it’s looking like I might not be getting my Ericole, since they seem to be busy setting up Brady and Nicole (and possibly Eric and Jennifer) instead. For now, I’m just trying to enjoy Eric’s return and take it as it comes. Eric’s scenes with Jennifer were surprisingly bittersweet, especially the moment when she called herself his friend. Greg Vaughan did so well conveying how touched Eric was by that, showing how isolated he has been. This was another bittersweet moment, from today:


I’m ready for him to have scenes with people other than Hope. I’m curious what will bring him back to Salem, if he’ll come back with Hope when she is cleared or if it’s something else. I was intrigued to find out that these Hope/Eric scenes were probably originally planned for a new character – a casting call went out for a former doctor who lived off the grid, who would be interacting with Hope. It will be interesting to see if we can pinpoint when the main story for Eric kicks in.

Screencaps Forever_SAFE


12 thoughts on “Glimmers

  1. When Greg Vaughn originally came on as priest Eric, I didn’t love it. He was so goody two shoes and of course he was in that mess of a story with Serena. I thought that the alcoholism story was too dark (just like all of Josh Griffith’s material), but this Eric strikes just the right balance for me. The brooding hero fighting to make up for his past. Maybe that’s why I like him with Jennifer. He and Jack mostly couldn’t be more different, but they both have a tendency toward self-flaggelation.

    I will watch any scene with Chad, but I couldn’t agree more that this triangle is terrible. I remember reading that when Billy Flynn first came on, he played the character as loving Abigail even when they paired him with Jordan and her with Ben. Maybe Chabby was always the plan, but it seemed to me like the actors were really driving that result. This time, I just have no idea. To play the “what if” game, I wonder if this would feel differently if Kate Mansi were still playing Abby.

    Thanks for the great post–I look forward to new blogs from you more than I do watching the show most days.

    • Aw, thanks. 🙂 I hope the show will improve, though, so you can look forward to it again. I know I would like to!

      I’m glad you are liking the new Eric. So far I like the balance between new dark Eric and the Eric we knew before. I like all the references to his past and his faith. So far they are staying true to what I think Eric would be post-prison and after all he’s gone through, and I am really liking that. I’m eager to see him back in Salem.

      I am not completely opposed to Eric/Jen, but I kind of want Eric to have his own supercoupledom. Anyone who is with Jen will be distant second to JnJ. I like the idea of him coming back to Salem with someone in his corner, because I think he’s going to need it.

      I like Billy Flynn a lot too and I enjoy him in whatever scenes he plays. He has chemistry with everyone. But one thing I loved about him was his undying love for Abby, and right now it feels like he’s just going through the motions. But he doesn’t seem dying with love for Gabi, either. It just feels wishy washy.

  2. “We’ve had all the excitement that sitting around in the lobby can provide”… hysterical! I noticed that too. Tons of sitting around and no action. Actors look kind of uncomfortable. What a dull change/reverse from Stockholm 31 years ago. That was a time when my friend and I could hardly wait to get home and watch our taped episode. Now, its like, when I get to it. No rush. There better be some kind of action or showdown. And why the heck would you meet in a hotel lobby to discuss top secret, important stuff? They need to shoot outdoors again. Now that I think about it, do they EVER go outside the DOOL studio anymore?

    Ah, the glorious 80s….gone forever ;(

    • Yup, it will never be the 80’s again. I’m just glad I have my DVDs. I have some full episode DVDs from Sheri’s run as headwriter (83-86) that I haven’t watched. I need to bust those out before her writing and/or consulting stuff starts this summer! But it will probably make my expectations go way too high. LOL.

  3. I LOVE STEVE IN A TUX. That’s the most input I have other than I hate that they had Rafe thinking he might be in charge. He, unlike the others, doesn’t know crap about Stefano. I wish I could watch next week’s wedding episodes live. But, alas, I will suffer through my crappy computer and NBC’s shit streaming to watch S&K’s wedding episodes. I usually just rely on the clips from P&K on IG and what’s posted on twitter as that’s all my patience with crap technology can withstand… I will suffer for S&K.

    • LOL ILoveMySnK–tell us how you really feel 😮 !!! I’ve already told the kids that some of their stuff has to go off the DVR to make room for the wedding, because that will be staying on there !!

    • I avoid the NBC site like the plaque. Within about a week after airing, I’ve had pretty good luck finding full episodes by searching for example “days of our lives 2/5/17”, just general google search. Seems they show up on Vimeo a lot.

      • good to know about vimeo I’ll have to check it out. A “friend” on twitter gave me a link to another site that usually has things posted within 12 hours but i don’t know if i can wait that long. it’ll be bad enuf watching all the twitter feeds while i’m at work (against policy of course but oh well-it’s s&k) and not being able to actually watch the episode until many hours later. As for work, if they REALLY didn’t want employees on those sites, they’d block them… it’s a big enough company – they know how to do it if they want it done!

  4. Mary—love your blog, but your daily tweets are the best !! I read somewhere else that one day in Salem took 9 episodes—-UGH–let’s pick up the pace please !! This Prague story line has been a snooze fest—although we have had some nice scenes with S & K with some sweet dialogue (which I will take any day), it dragged on too long. They always look so sharp–seeing the Prague shot next to the NYE ’86 shot (on the home page), just shows how well both of them have aged–they still got it ! I pretty much watch S & K, the other stories don’t hold much interest—but I heard Hope was thinking about Rafe as she was near death–give me a break ! Glad you are enjoying the Eric scenes & I agree about the Jen pairing–Eric deserves to not be someone’e second best ! LOL about the Chloe excuse though !Looking forward to the wedding……MB’s instagram account has been putting up old pix and adorable hashtags !!!

    • I am so excited about the wedding next week. It really looks like it is going to be great. I know that it will be small and not everyone I want to be there will be there, but I love Kayla’s dress and Steve looks great in his black suit too. And Stephanie!! I intend to fully enjoy it.

      • Agreed about the wedding—everything I read or see gets me more pumped up about it ! The preview in S.O.D., with MBE & SN sharing their thoughts about the day—-outstanding ! I loved how MB said all they really needed was a dark set with one light & it still would of been fine. SN said it was his best day since coming back & I am so looking forward to the vows, since SN & MBE did their own. I am just hoping & praying that we don’t get any “special reports” on Wed or Thurs ! They look fantastic & looking forward to having the Johnson family back together !! ENJOY ALL !!!

  5. I do love seeing Steve in a tux, but WTH – why call something a “Masquerade Ball” and then have people in formal wear and masks from Party City? Steve’s was the worst – at least they picked interesting ones for the rest of the main cast. Perhaps they were trying to minimize the patch, but it looked cheap and horrible. No wigs, no costumes, lame half face masks that did not conceal identity one iota equals no drama. Costuming matters. Set design matters. Salem used to have seasons, it stormed, it snowed, there was a heat wave, the wind blew, there were noises on the waterfront, people wore seasonal attire. Now all the guys wears leather jackets all year long, and half the women never wear anything but a tight sleeveless dress. I know these are little things, but they are all part of why DAYS does not appeal to modern viewers. I get that they have little budget for such things, but they need to get out of the studio more often, like they did last year when Brady went to the beach. I love many things about this show, especially the cast and the history, but so many other things are just so poorly done, and it just bugs me. Still – I am looking forward to this weeks’ since wedding of my favorie couple, and just hope the wedding episodes aren’t ruined by trying to pack too much extraneous junk in them.

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