When I first started going to message boards in 2006, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me who this “Shelle” person was. I’m embarrassed to say how long it took for the light bulb to go off. When it finally did, I initially thought the whole concept of couple names was overly cutesy and an affront to proper grammar. But, I have since completely reversed my position. Some couple names sound truly lovely (Lumi, Ericole) and the ones that don’t (Bope, EJami) still save a few keystrokes. It’s also fun when fans of a couple will go with one name (Danicole) and non-fans another (Dicole). So it has been with Nicole and Deimos. Neimos is what I see on Twitter as the neutral-to-positive name for this couple, and non-fans have kicked around Nicodeimos and (in a stroke of genius) Deimonic.

I haven’t made a secret of my dislike for this pairing, and as far as I can tell they haven’t caught fire with other fans either. And as Deimos keeps ramping up the villainy and with Eric back on the canvas, I think Deimonic is not long for this world.

I know a lot of people find it difficult to root for Eric to get together with the current version of Nicole, and I get it, I really do. It gives even me pause to imagine her going from loving Daniel, to Deimos, to back in love with Eric without a pause. I’m not bothered by the mere fact that she’s been with two different men, because Nicole has always had a past, and they’ve more or less established Nicole as a character who always wants to be with someone. It’s part of what I enjoy, the contrast between seen-it-all Nicole and priestly Eric, who seems virginal in comparison.

But what’s been missing the past year is the desperate edge that made her “looking for love in all the wrong places” sympathetic. And here I put the blame squarely on the day to day writing. They keep telling us she and Daniel had this once in a lifetime love, but I’ll never believe it. Even if I did believe it, it doesn’t fit her character to have her going on and on like Hope talking about Bo.* Talking about drawing strength from his love even in death, “what would Daniel do?” etc.

The emphasis through all of this should have been on Nicole’s certainty (after Daniel’s death) she could never find love without it all going wrong. (Even better if they made it clear that she wanted marriage and a family more than she wanted Daniel as a person, but that might be too much to hope for.) But, that just makes her more desperate to have love of any kind. That would create a feeling that she has to latch onto anyone who shows an interest. She’ll never have a great love, but she still can’t stand being alone. If a lifetime jailbird with questionable morals is the only option, she’ll take it.

So, I might have to pretend in my head that this is what happened, because I adored the Eric scenes from yesterday that indicated he was still in love with Nicole. There’s nothing I like more than a tortured man hopelessly longing for someone he thinks he can never have.


And if the story had played out as I illustrated above … she moved on, but not happily; he never moved on … it would preserve the contrast of their two characters that I love so much.

And, of course we had some lovely, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Steve and Kayla scenes yesterday too. I was a little distracted by the fact that Stephen didn’t act at all like he was in pain from his bullet wound. He was moving his arm freely and not wincing at all. Such is the healing power of Kayla!


I loved that Steve mentioned that the most romantic thing to him was that she jumped on a plane and flew across the ocean to nurse him back to health “just like Stockholm.” Sigh. And with Sheri back, in six months it will be just like Stockholm again.**

*Actually Hope never talks about Bo.

**Please don’t expect this.

Screencaps Joanie



9 thoughts on “Deimonic

  1. A frustrating ep to sit thru with only 3 short Steve and Kayla scenes. To have to sit thru endless Deimonic (perfect name!) scenes is the worst. I honestly cannot stomach Deimos. It’s so bad I don’t think I will ever like VI in anything ever again because of it.
    But Steve and Kayla were as lovely as ever. Loved Kayla kissing Steve’s wound. Loved her ‘lets ease you over to the recover room.’ Loved that they finally had a bedroom scene. (I couldn’t help but notice that MBE even revealed her shoulders and arms. haha. I remember reading a quote from her where she said something about she wasn’t ever doing it again or something along those lines.)

    • I’ve heard MBE talk about love scenes too and how she likes to be very covered up in them. I was proud of her for showing her shoulders and arms. 😀

      Sometimes it’s nice when your couple isn’t frontburner because they can just be happy and we can get scenes like this. That’s the bright side, lol.

  2. Someone PLEASE tell me that S & K were not on in the final 10-15 minutes because we had a Special Report ***UGH*** BTW Mary, I laughed out loud at your asterisks, especially the Hope one. ! As far as a story line similar to Stockholm….well, you never know–but, at least we will always have Stockholm !

    • They weren’t on, don’t worry. 🙂

      Sheri’s involvement makes me dream of Stockholm again, but I know I’ll be a lot happier if I don’t raise my expectations quite that high. I’ll be happy if the show if even half as good as it was then, because that would be twice as good as it is now … or something.

      • Whew…..glad I didn’t lose any of their short but sweet scenes ! Agree with your above comment—-I’ll take them being supporting players for now & enjoy any happy/romantic/cute scenes they give me (we deserve this after the last year they gave us)—no pressure on them. Truth about Sheri…..will not expect miracles, but know she has some good story-telling in her !

  3. I always hated the couple names and thought they were the dumbest things humans ever came up with – until I joined twitter… I resisted for a short time, but when you’re limited to the # of characters you can type you do what you’ve got to do. I hated myself for using it for a while but now I’m a full convert as well and all about my #Stayla

    I also loved your asterisks – funny but sadly all too true. Super cute S&K scenes, but I’m glad I didn’t have to suffer through the Deimonic Vomit to see them. I’m so grateful for Trish that does P&K on IG.

    • I still kind of resist Stayla because we used to always say “S&K” to shorten Steve and Kayla, but that doesn’t work on Twitter because punctuation doesn’t work in a tag. So I’ll probably give in on Stayla too eventually. But “Shim” for Shane and Kim is terrible! I think Kane would be better. Or, let’s see … Shakim? Bronovan? Drady? LOL.

  4. You are spot-on about what Nicole’s POV in this *should* be. All this talk about her and Daniel’s great love rings so false because we never saw that onscreen. For Nicole, Daniel represented the love she’s wanted all her life — and what Eric denied her when he dumped her for shredding those papers. That should be the throughline. Grrrr.

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