Welcome back, Eric


“It’s me, Eric.”

He’s here, he’s finally here!

A few weeks ago, when it was revealed that Eric’s entrance involved Hope, a rumor went around that they were going to be paired off. I didn’t really believe it, but really, can you count anything out on this show?

So imagine my relief when Hope referred to Eric as her nephew today. Do you think the scriptwriter wanted to reassure us because s/he knows how Days usually works? That if you rescue someone, you are fated to be romantically involved with that person?

Anyway, now that I don’t have to worry about an aunt/nephew hookup, I think this could be a good reintroduction for Eric. Saving Hope’s life gives him a hero moment right off the bat. More importantly, Hope killed someone, and went to prison, just as Eric did. I really loved their wry exchange, when she said “I thought you were in prison,” and he replied, “I thought you were too.” She might be the best, or really the only, person who can help him right now, because she feels guilty for what she did, but has still accepted the help of her family and friends (ALL of her family and ALL of her friends …).  She is in a unique position to reassure Eric that he shouldn’t hide himself away, that he can be forgiven too.

I also loved that Eric referred to his time as a priest in the Congo. One thing I really, really want to see is that Days is aware of what made Eric such a unique character. He had a gentleness about him that was different than the cops and spies and big business dealers on the rest of the show. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cops and spies, but he brought a very different male energy to the show and I don’t want to lose that. He’s not a standard-issue tough guy. That said, I know he is in a different place now because of his experiences in jail, and I expect him to be darker and I welcome it. Today, Greg played his lines with a quiet intensity, suggesting strong emotions roiling beneath the surface. I’m intrigued to see where this goes. But I do hope we’ll that sweetness and gentleness again … someday.

In other news, Anna continues to be a highlight for me in the Prague adventure. They gave her the best lines: “I only have one gun.” “Do you have any cashews?” Ha! But what really made it all work were Austin and Carrie’s reactions to her, like this exchange of looks after Carrie realized she was giving her mother advice on how to shoot people:


It was fun seeing Steve ranting and raving at Marlena today, too; it reminded me of old school Steve, always flying off the handle.  And then when he got shot, and Kayla decided to go off to Prague to make sure he was all right … well, I know we all remember this:

Steve shot in Stockholm

Sigh. I’d love to think it’s an intentional callback by the writers, but it’s delightful either way.

All in all, an excellent episode. Good job, Days.



11 thoughts on “Welcome back, Eric

  1. Just the word Stockholm sends me back to a happy place !! Kayla bursting into the room in that white sweater (perfect choice)…Steve shocked but secretly happy that she came…could go on & on. Still love that the engagement ring hearkens back to that time. Have not watched the episode, but am definitely looking forward to S & K having some foreign adventure & romance ! BTW Mary, could not access the clip 😦

    • Hi LJ! Try it again… I think the link was wrong, but I fixed it. It should work now. You are a member of my “circle” right? You have to be in order to see my clips. I have to say, I don’t really like Google+. Youtube is so much easier.

      Kayla appearing in the doorway in the white sweater is such a classic moment!

      • I am still having trouble viewing. I am 99% sure I asked a while ago, shortly after you switched over. I cannot seem to leave a comment or view, so could you please add me to your “circle”. Thanks so much Mary !!

  2. Awesome episode. Eric looks so grim, but his kindness is still there, in working to help Hope. Fun to see him pulling on that needle!

  3. Every so often Days has a good ep and its usually when Deimos and Nicole aren’t on. This was one ep I enjoyed! Finally!
    I even enjoyed Hope because I liked Eric. I’m not familiar with character because I had stopped watching the show when Steve and Kayla weren’t on but I think I’m going to like him. I’m familiar with the actor from GH where he replaced Jonathan Jackson as Luke and Laura’s son.

    I wish Steve had more to do in Prague but I did enjoy his mini rant. I want to see more of that. I just want SN to be given more to do. I don’t want him to become bored with the show plus he’s so talented he deserves more. I’m offended when Rafe is leading the team in Prague when Steve is there. Or how about bringing up what Stefano did to Steve?! Ugh!

    I liked Kayla with Joey and the teenagers. (I don’t agree with K in paying Joey’s way with Jade living there. Though Joey did bring up a good point about not wanting to abandon Jade) I think this creates an interesting set up for when you know who comes to town.

    Looking forward to Steve and Kayla’s romantic date in Prague. I’m sure the writers remembered Stockholm though it doesn’t look as though Steven’s going to need much of Kayla taking care of him. He seemed to bounce back quickly. Btw, why did Steve getting shot and Marlena taking care of him all take place off camera? So annoying.

    PS. Got a kick out of seeing the loft staircase again!

  4. They really should have dramatized Anna shooting Steve. It wouldn’t have been complicated and would have been so much better. I couldn’t believe how they showed him walking around later like nothing had happened. In 1986, he was at least laid up for one day. 😀

    I’m glad you liked Eric, what you saw of him. I know he was Lucky on GH, but I haven’t watch GH since the early 80’s so I never saw him in that role. I love him as Eric, and I hope this story will be worthy of the character!

    My parents paid my rent on an apartment my last year of college, when I wanted to move out of the dorms, so I don’t think it’s totally unreasonable that Kayla would offer to pay. Not sure about Jade, though, and why Kayla and Steve should be responsible for her — especially when Kayla obviously thought them living together was a bad idea. I guess it’s hard to throw someone out on the street, though.

  5. Thinking back, it seems like DAYS has really backed away from showing the “action” ever since Drake got injured doing a stunt. Remeber when Orpheus shot Steve – once again it happened off camera. It so weakened the whole scene – no reaction from Kayla, no tears from Joey as they dragged him away. They cut to Kayla crying over his body, then he regained consciousness.

    Loved seeing Eric back on DAYS. Since I’m not a fan of Nicole, I can’t really share your “Ericole” hopes (sorry). She gets on my last nerve, especially with the year of whining over St. Daniel plus the annoying relationship with Deimos. Nicole constantly crying over Daniel while Hope quickly moved on with Rafe made it even worse. I always thought Eric deserved a better match. I like AZ as an actress and think she is talented as well as beautiful – but the character of Nicole continues to be self destructive and irrational, not my favorite personality traits.

    My parents also helped me out with my apartments when I moved off campus way back when I was in college – but there is NO WAY they would have done so if I wanted to live with my boyfriend! The problem with Joey & Jade is the same one with JJ & Gabi. They were thrown together without ever getting to know each other, without any conflict or character development, therefore they were not very interesting. No passion – unrequited desire. Just hop in bed and hook up. Do you think that we would all still be in love with S&K if they had gone to bed together the first time they kissed? If they had not gone through hell and back to be with each other? If they had not both grown and changed because of their relationship with each other?

    Last year I thought that Jade had to be linked to Ava 💩somehow, that she got Joey under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the lamest rave ever and persuaded him to confront Ava 💩 with violence. But no – it was just poor Joey committing murder, wrapping up the most disturbing storyline of the year. I hate the way they never acknowledged that Steve was forced to have sex with Ava 💩 to save Sweetness – that it was not his choice. I still call that rape. The only good thing that came out of it was that Ava 💩 was no longer around to torture S&K and the rest of us who love them.

    • Cyn, I thoroughly enjoyed and agree with all of your poop emojis! I think instead of using the A name, we should all use poop emojis when referring to that she-devil. When I finally get caught up with current tech and get a “real” cell phone (aka smart phone), then I can do those emojis too! (impatiently waiting for that, day – been told I might get one for my b-day – fingers crossed. I also like AZ and have seen bits of her (while flipping thru in yrs past b/f sucked back in by S&K, but this whole Deimos bit and can’t let Daniel die crap has Got To Stop. blah/yuck – insert poop emoji

      I paid my own rent, but even still, my parents would have had a complete and total s-fit if I said I was moving in with a boyfriend. (Never had one til I met my H, so not a problem) But there would have been hell to pay.

      I do miss the slow build. But I also remember when I stopped watching regularly as a kid, I could go weeks or even a month or two w/o watching. When I finally watched an episode, it would take about as long as the intro scenes for me to get caught up. I think they could find a happier medium. That said, S&K’s story was done perfectly, IMO, as we were ALWAYS left hanging and not just drug along waiting ever so bored.

      Thank you so much for the clip, Mary. I’d seen part of it not too long ago, but the clip I saw didn’t include Steve thinking Hope was Kayla… that part is just… AWWW. Wish you could get those back on YT as my Mary Pickford recipe box is wanting more recipes.

      I haven’t watched this epi yet either, but I will and am soooo looking forward to it and when Kayla finally gets to Prague.

  6. “Anyway, now that I don’t have to worry about an aunt/nephew hookup…”

    Yeah because a hookup with your niece’s ex husband is so much better…LOL.

    I am still behind in viewing but I am excited about Eric’s return.

    Is it bad that I am so done with the Deimos character that I almost wish Daniel would come back from the dead….and that he would then take Nicole and their baby away from Salem for a good long while.

    I am still warming up to the recast Abigail so I am not sure I am ready to face the recast Jade but the Ciara recast can’t get here fast enough.

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