Bye Bye Baby

I was totally caught off guard when Jade had a miscarriage — it’s not where I thought the story was going.

I thought the miscarriage scenes themselves were quite good. Stephen and Mary Beth were excellent as always, and I thought James Lastovic did well also.


The actress who plays Jade is hit-or-miss, but she was effective in those scenes, mourning the loss of her child and alternating turning to Joey for comfort and lashing out at him because he didn’t want the child in the first place.


From the beginning, the only thing that was working for me this story was how it was affecting Steve and Kayla, and thinking about them being grandparents. All the other supercouples have at least one grandkid, now it was going to be Steve and Kayla’s turn! But it did nothing for me regarding Joey or Jade.

Let’s think of how this story has evolved so far:

  1. Joey decides to break up with Jade
  2. After we haven’t seen her for weeks, Jade suddenly turns up and tells him she’s pregnant. She holds it over his head like a sword, plays the victim.
  3. Joey says he’ll drop out of college, get a job, support her. His friends and family are wary and suspicious.
  4. Jade smirks and taunts everyone at Thanksgiving about her pregnancy
  5. Her dad throws her out of the house. Joey, Steve, Kayla ask her to move in
  6. Suddenly she softens, is glad to be part of a family, helps out at the pub, talks lovingly about her baby

This isn’t a unbelievable trajectory, that someone could change because of prospective motherhood, and from the kindness Joey, Steve, and Kayla showed her. But the way it played out there was no explanation for the change, or even much of an acknowledgment that there was a change.

As for Joey, I said before that this baby story would have been so much better if we saw him giving up something that actually mattered to him. If he had been in school pursuing his dream of being a doctor, or something (anything!), and he had to give that up, that would have been much sharper and more effective. As it was, he was giving up … nothing. He was living at home, going to school because his parents thought it was a good idea. Who cares if he loses that?

So, given all this, I am a little more intrigued by this story now that Jade has lost the baby. Maybe it will force Joey to evaluate his life, think about what he wants to do, and pursue it. And, even though I would be happy never to hear the name Ava ever again, I actually kind of appreciate his paranoia that losing this baby was punishment for killing Ava, because it makes the story more specific to Joey himself. I still wish from the bottom of my heart that this plot point hadn’t happened (at least not the way it played out — if he killed her in self defense, that would be different), but since it did, I’d rather they show ramifications from it.

I really have no idea how this is going to play out. As I said above, I hope it makes Joey step up and decide what he wants to do with his life. He could turn dark from this, but I kind of don’t see that happening. We already had angry Joey, so I hope we see grown-up Joey now (also, Joey with a haircut!) As for Jade, I could see her also deciding to turn her life around, but if anyone turns to the dark side, it will probably be her. I could see her lashing out at Joey, as she already has for not really wanting to baby, and also at his parents for the same reason. Her dad has already thrown her out, if she rejects Joey and his family too, it could get bad for her …

… just in time for a certain other angry teen to hit town?

Screencaps Joanie


13 thoughts on “Bye Bye Baby

  1. My stomach is churning over the approaching spawn of satan story. I cracked-up a bit at Joey becoming a doc… as smart as his parents are, I never got the impression that he got that gene! I’m hopeful that will turn around at some point. I’m just not impressed with Joey in general. I agree with you, Mary, that we needed to see him giving up something that was important to him. Jade turning dark could be interesting. I can see the lashing out as being reasonable under the circumstances. It’s hard to lose a baby, even if its really early in the preg. TV sometimes makes it look like (and maybe some people do) bounce right back and be “ok” but for others, it’s a loss as big as if it’d happened later in the preg. and there is a lot of guilt and sometimes anger to go along with the sorrow. I’d hate to see Jade turn on the people that took her in, but then again, I don’t ever want anyone messing with my Stayla.

    Joey needs a haircut…. that cannot be stressed enough.

    • I like the idea too of a miscarriage being an upsetting event. Remember Hope’s miscarriage, when Steve picked her up on the pier? That was so well done all around, affecting Bo and Hope’s relationship, but also Steve and Kayla’s.

      Joey has a “Bill and Ted” manner which is a little off-putting, and the hair doesn’t help. Get. It. Cut.

      • Yes! I remember Hope’s miscarriage. Steve was so sweet to her and it let Kayla see more of his caring side… huge impact on her IMO.

  2. Agree with both of you —– Please Joey get a haircut!

    I commented on another post that I thought the story would be Jade lied and the father was someone other then Joey. This would be revealed of course after S&K became attached dotting Grandparents. So yes I was wrong on that. I was kind of OK with Jade being a manipulative bitch at least that made her interesting but somewhere between Thanksgiving and xmas after spending oh 2 weeks with the Johnsons she is a reformed happy family girl.

    I am at the point where I am FF’d most of the show or missing entire episodes and not really caring. I like certain characters (Chad, Sonny, S&K, JJ, Gabby) but just can’t seem to get interested in their storylines.

    On another topic do you think there is any chance to the rumored cancellation in 2018?

    • Thirddp
      I haven’t heard anything official, but twitter rumor is the 3rd hour of the Today show is getting axed and not Days, but don’t hold me to that…

    • I agree Dawn, I thought maybe this new character would turn out to be the father of Jade’s baby. Instead they might be setting up Jade turning to him, the new bad boy in town, and a triangle between Joey, Jade, and the new guy. We’ll see.

      I’m worried about the rumors of cancellation, because the ratings are not as strong as they were last year when Days was negotiating. And they have to put Megyn Kelly’s show somewhere…. but like ILoveMySnK said, the last thing we heard was she was going to replace the last hour of the Today show. Fingers crossed.

  3. OK, gotta start by agreeing with everyone else so far: Joey, get a haircut.

    I like Paige Searcy, but I don’t think the writers knew how to write Jade. Actually when she started feeling like a part of the Johnson family, I was feeling sorry for her. The scenes with her dad helped with figuring out why Jade is the way she is. And when she lost the baby she really made me feel sad for her.

    Seeing Steve and Kayla figure out how they felt about being grandparents was fun. I missed Kayla’s pregnancy with Joey, but I remember the scene of Kayla and Steve seeing the ultrasound when she was pregnant with Stephanie (especially since that was MBE’s real-life daughter). I thought watching all of them seeing Jade/Joey’s baby on the screen made it come home for them.

    I think James Lastovic has been a stronger actor during this storyline. Of course working with SN and MBE I think always helps him, but also in his scenes with Paige.

    I’m already dreading the upcoming storyline with the newest angry teen, but I’m so ready for Steve and Kayla to get married again.

    • I think Paige Searcy has been decent. I think she’s inconsistent, but it feels like most of the teens are. VJ is definitely the weakest actor of the five, and Kyler Pettis the strongest. It’s good to have a character around who isn’t related to everyone, so for that reason they need Jade around. I hear the new one starts today, though I haven’t watched yet.

      I agree James did well, especially in the hospital scenes.

      I’d like to see Steve and Kayla be grandparents too. But I think Stephanie needs to come back and provide one. 🙂

  4. MBE and SN were fantastic reacting to the miscarriage. PS and JL weren’t so bad themselves. The acting was the best part of this storyline. Every so often we get oh so cute Steve and Kayla moments which are the highlight of the show for me. I’m just thrilled to see them happy and together. I’m still rewatching the 80’s and its lovely to know at the same time their story continues today.
    In the meantime both anticipating and dreading whatever story Dena comes up for them next.

    • That’s definitely what I love about watching a soap, the continuity of the characters I know the budgets are smaller and the stories will never be as good, but it’s thrilling to see characters I fell in love with as a teen still together, still getting new stories. No other genre is like that!

  5. Agree with Michelle–happy to see them together & happy ! I don’t mind them not being front & center—they are supporting players and I will take any cute/sweet/romantic scenes they will give me ! As for the miscarriage story line; I was surprised it happened, but, in the long run, I believe they can get more out of the story now. The acting was great all around. In agreement with Mary, the turn from nasty to sweet for Jade was too quick & unexplained—-like Kayla’s hematoma ! As I have stated previously, I believe the upcoming story line is less about S &K and more about the potential conflict with Joey. I don’t see Joey & Jade as some couple people are rooting for for the long haul. Again, it was a couple thrown together so quick. I am so grateful I was a fan in the day of the slow burn romance, where relationships actually meant something because the characters were delved into throughout the story. Also rewatching the 80s —Stockholm—- need I say more ? Joey needs to have his hair short, like when he first showed up—it looks ridiculous.

    • I’m not sad she had a miscarriage either. I think young characters get saddled with kids too quickly these days (Abby, Theresa) and of course everything has to be some crazy who’s-the-daddy story. (Or who’s the mommy, as we’re seeing now!)

      I think you’re right that this is setting up something for Joey, more than Steve and Kayla.

      • If that is where that story is headed, I’m okay with that (guess I have to be–lol)—but please…no flashbacks or I’ll puke !!

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