Anna’s ashes

I know I haven’t posted for awhile, but I have actually been been able to find something to enjoy in each episode (well, usually). But, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — some of Dena’s ideas sound good on paper and have real potential, but the execution of them is usually slapdash and all surface level. I have to try hard to block out my brain when it starts whispering, wow, if they had done it this way this could be a really good story. Why aren’t they doing it this way?

But on that surface level, there are things to enjoy. The Prague scenes are a perfect example. It’s all plot, but it’s been fun to watch our guys running around, chasing clues and talking about the case. It’s bittersweet to hear all this talk about Stefano being alive when Joe Mascolo has just died — I’m hopeful that he will turn up in a scene or two that he filmed before he died. How amazing would that be?

Anna’s appearance added a welcome comic element to the Prague story. Carting around Tony’s ashes in what looks like a cocktail shaker, waving a gun around, speaking French to the Czech policeman, sparring with Marlena. I especially loved the interplay when Anna watched jealously as Carrie hugged Marlena and then Carrie and Anna sniped at each other.


Christie Clark played the exasperated straight man perfectly to Leanne Hunley’s kooky screwball heroine. It was all so great that I was gobsmacked to realize that Carrie and Anna have hardly shared any scenes at all, and not since 1986!

So seeing Carrie and Anna was a major treat, but seeing Carrie and Austin gave me warm fuzzies too. Not because I ever shipped them (I missed their 90’s heyday), but because seeing Austin Peck standing there woodenly reminded me of 2005-6 when I was posting constantly on the Television Without Pity board. We called Austin the “Forehead of Thought” and made many, many jokes about his woodenness and his stupidity. Sigh. That board was so much fun.

Regarding the other stories, I’ve gotten to the point where I am FFing all of Hope’s prison scenes. I try not to FF in general, but these scenes are just painfully bad. I am still (with reservations) enjoying the Chad/Abby/Gabi scenes, but I’m starting to feel a familiar dread. Last time Dena was writing, she arranged the twenty- and thirty-somethings in complicated quads that featured endlessly revolving couplings and uncouplings. (Being a fan of the slow burn love story, it’s one of the things I dislike most about her writing.) What she’s setting up with Chad/Abby/Gabi/JJ/Lani/maybe Dario/maybe whoever — has the same feel to it. I think Chad and NuAbby have chemistry, as I mentioned in my last post. I really love their angsty scenes, and I thought their date scenes this week were great. I mean … look at them.


But, but … I’d rather they were apart and longing for each other right now. I’m almost feeling the “longing for each other” story element with Chad and Gabi. If I set aside how silly it is that Chad and Gabi are using the L word after a few kisses and one makeout session, the supercouple scenario is more on their side: just as they are about to get together … the dead wife comes back from the grave! But, I don’t think they are endgame, so it’s all a bit weird.

Sigh. It’s like Bizarro world. Everything is backwards.

Next week, ERIC!!

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17 thoughts on “Anna’s ashes

  1. Funny, I just had almost the exact same thoughts about Prague. I can appreciate it for what it is, and the returning characters add some zip, but it really is just plot-plot-plot, and that plot isn’t even super-interesting. I keep seeing posts about how Anna is being “ruined” and “this isn’t Anna,” but… she was always this sort of over-the-top character, from what I’ve seen. She had periods of success and happiness, but she’s always been bold and flighty. I’d much rather get to examine the whole Marlena/Carrie/Anna dynamic — something we’ve NEVER had onscreen, just implied — in a handful of scenes than see Carrie and Anna hug and be cool.

    I’m with you on the Chabby situation. This is one of those Dena stories with “interesting geometry,” but it has the potential to blow up in a not-good way if they get the focus wrong. Chad/Abigail need to be the nucleus. I think it would’ve helped for them to have this romantic reunion RIGHT when she returned, only for Chad to find out days later that she’d been lurking around and not told him, so he could have felt genuinely betrayed (and like she lied to his face by reuniting without telling him the whole story). THEN you can have him turn to Gabi, and he realizes that flame is still there, etc. Basically you need him to turn to Gabi quickly, then discover that his anger for Abigail doesn’t supersede his great love for her, but he’s “stuck” with Gabi. This is the bad version, and God knows I don’t want more babies, but if Gabi had gotten pregnant by him before Abby returned, that would’ve assisted the conflict more, IMO.

    • I like your idea for Chad and Abby — if they had reunited when Chad was still “omg you’re alive!” and then anger sets in as he realizes she was hanging around for months and actually didn’t even intend to come back to him that night. Then a rebound relationship with Gabi that doesn’t work (esp since she’s on the rebound too). Pregnancy though — bite your tongue! πŸ™‚

  2. Happy New Year Mary !! Glad to see you back. Was wondering what you thought about whole Jade miscarriage story line. Cannot say I am sad it happened, as the story line was stupid to begin with. I thought the acting was pretty good—SN & MBE always bring such depth to any scene they are in; their eyes say so much !
    Not into the Abby/Chad/Gabi story line, but I do have a big problem with the L word being said so quickly. The slow burn romances are the best—I remember how satisfying it was when Steve FINALLY admitted it to Kayla. Why does Dena have an issue with those kinds of stories—too complicated to write ?

    • Hey LJ! I was wondering the same thing too about the Jade s/l and what Mary thought of that. I was beginning tolook forward to seeing S&K as grandparents, but oh well.

      • HeyILoveMySnK…good to hear from you !! I did like their talks about being grandparents, but they probably would have ended up being parents. What did you think of the story line ? I thought Kayla was a bit too clinical in talking to Joe, her son. I know she’s a doctor & all, but it’s your son ! I thought Paige (Jade) did a great job throughout the miscarriage show, but I still am not feeling it for “Joey”—can’t put my finger on it, but just not into him as a character & I should be, considering whose son he is ! Happy 2017 !

    • Thank you, ladies. πŸ™‚ I will post on Jade’s miscarriage — I was waiting a bit for indications as to where they are going with it. I wasn’t spoiled at all on her miscarriage and was totally surprised.

      I don’t know why slow burn romances never happen anymore. It’s not just Dena, it happens less and less on Days (and other soaps too, from what I hear). It drives me crazy because this is the perfect genre for it. Whenever there is a story that approaches that slow burn style — Eric/Nicole, Sonny/Will, even Chad/Abby a little, fans tend to love it. So why don’t they do it more? The million dollar question!

      • Hey Mary & LJ happy 2017 to you both. LJ, I agree, the writing DID NOT represent Kayla well at all during those scenes. She’s a mom first, doctor second. Jade was getting super annoying for a while seeming to throw the pregnancy in S&K’s faces, but that nonsense appeared to die down a little (but I was really hping for another drunk Kayla moment as a result of Jade’s antics). I thought the Jade actress did fine, but am looking forward to the replacement in hopes she’s a little better. My position on Joe varies. One second he’s annoying as hell and another he’s okay. I hate that they are bringing the whole “I’m being punished for Ava” shit into this….. let that B and the topics surrounding her die already. I half-expected the miscarriage s/l but wasn’t sure of my feelings either way, and still am not. I do think S&K would’ve had more of a parental as opposed to grand parent role had the story gone that way… lots of possibilities if the baby had been born for good family s/l.

        Although not really watching when Eric was on, I am looking forward to his return. I remember a scene w/him and Nicole where they were handcuffed to some, IDK, hot water thingy in a basement(?)… no clue what was happening, just stopped & watched during my channel surfing. I thought then that pairing was good… then continued on my channel surfing way.

  3. Agree about the L word. Wow. I remember thinking, seriously? Slow burn flushed down the toilet.
    For possibly the first time ever, I find myself not really watching S&K scenes – in this smuggling shipment SL. I don’t understand it and don’t care to. When will it end? I hate when S&K are just along for the ride in a SL. That happened a lot in 1990.

    • I agree that it’s a shame to see Steve and Kayla just running around spouting exposition-type dialogue for a story that’s not focused on them, but I like them being in on the action.

      The L word for Chad and Gabi was so dumb and forced. And unnecessary. She can be a threat without it — the appeal of an easy relationship.

      • I like seeing them involved in it as well. I don’t mind that they are not front & center. I also like that they have them each doing their own thing. I was surprised about the miscarriage too, especially since everyone seemed to be on board with the whole pregnancy thing. I look forward to that post Mary. As far as Prague…oh, how I wish it was Stockholm ! πŸ™‚

  4. I kind of think their writing Chad/Gabi more as the rooting couple without meaning to. They have to write them as the more sympathetic/perfect ones to make the triangle work. They’ve basically kind of just glossed over her crazy, Chad compared her to Stefano! I mean Abby has basically been written as Chad’s whole world, especially near the end of Casey’s run and all of Billy’s, it’s kind of hard to believe he’d give Gabi a second glance. I guess they needed a story for Gabi though, as Camila has done nothing since her return until now. I’d imagine in the end, whenever that is, it will be Chad and Abby.

    I don’t remember Anna being quite this wacky, but she’s entertaining me, which is a plus. I’ll be honest though I’ve never been big on either version of Austin and would have preferred Carrie had left him back in Switzerland.

    • It seems like Gabi is basically a different person now, compared to the one before she went to prison. Kidnapping someone (Melanie? I forget now.) I can feel the show trying to make this one of those “root for everyone” triangles, where no one is the bad guy. Instead I feel like it’s challenging my liking for all of them except JJ, particularly Gabi. Oh well.

  5. I’m not loving the way they’re using Anna. She’s always been kooky, but usually someone like Roman has been around to be entertained by it. Right now, it’s kind of sad. Seeing Carrie hug Marlena in front of her should have been angsty if this was fully sketched out, but with the way everyone was talking to her, it felt cruel. If only there was some magistrate for her to seduce.

    It is surprisingly nice to see Austin Peck’s Austin again, though.

  6. I see what you are saying, that she’s being held up as figure of ridicule. For me, though, it’s all kooky enough that I find it kind of screwball fun, and somehow the Carrie/Marlena/Anna byplay was the right amount of angst for me.

    I’m all in favor of her seducing a magistrate, though. πŸ˜€

  7. I honestly don’t even remember Anna being Carrie’s Mother? I watched the show back then but somehow it didn’t stick in my memory.
    The Jade miscarriage, I have to say I was kinda happy to see, I was not looking forward to more Joey and Jade, I thought they would go with it wasn’t really Joe’s baby at some point after Kayla and Steve got really attached as the Grandparents/pseudo parents. Guess I was wrong on that one.
    I like all the actors in this triangle (or quadrangle, pentagon with Lani?) , Gabbi (even though she is coming across as kinda bitchy especially with JJ), Chad I have always loved, and new Abby seems good, but it just isn’t working for me. For all the reasons everyone stated above. Too much too soon with Chad and Gabby, plus JJ I just like him whenever he is on. I liked him and Gabby together, even though they didn’t show their developing relationship that much I enjoyed them when they were on.

    Ahh slow burns were the best and in my opinion that is what soaps are for, so much airtime to really develop a character and relationship.

    I never watched Eric during his storyline, but at the end of his run I did finally see what everyone who loved him kept saying (I am talking to you MP! LOL) and I am glad he is coming back. I even liked him with Jennifer πŸ™‚

    I never saw him with Nicole, but ugh I seriously can’t watch any of her scenes with Deimos, when will that relationship go away?

    • Agreed about the Anna being Carrie’s mom. When Christie Clark put that twitter pix up about how they hadn’t had a scene together since ’86—I’m like , “Anna was on in ’86 ? Guess I was too zoned in to Steve & Kayla’s blossoming relationship ! πŸ™‚

      • HaHa! me too LJ… When I first hard of Anna’s return, I was wondering who the hell is she and what’s she have to do with Carrie! I too, had more important people I was focusing on… It amazes me how much I took for granted how great MBE & SN / the whole S&K story line was… but then again, I was a pre-teen, so there’s that. I fully appreciate them now, both the old story lines, the stories I missed, including all of 2nd run and today… even tho they’ve certainly had some crap thrown at them/written for them during htis 3rd run.

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