Christmas cheer

Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit. Maybe it’s that Steve and Kayla are happy, and I’m looking forward to Greg’s return. Maybe I’m just beaten down at this point. Whatever it is, I don’t think the show is any better, but I’ve been enjoying it more.

Depth, consistency, characterization, slow burn romance … we’ll never get these things with Dena, but occasionally she will hit on a soap plot that has a interlocking geometry to it that is satisfying. The first babyswitch story was like that, and this new one is starting to shape up and cohere a little bit.

I always wanted to like the story, because it’s the one that Eric will probably be involved in, and I’m still hoping Eric will somehow turn out to be the father.  But I also appreciate how much the show is focusing on Chloe and Nicole’s friendship. Female friendships aren’t often the focus on soaps, so this is refreshing.


Some of the dialogue today was genuinely cute and clever, like when Chloe said ruefully she hoped this time she could have her baby in a hospital, and when Nicole reassured her that she’s done this before, delivering Grace is what started her on her fabulous babyswitching career.

I actually teared up a little when Nicole held her baby. I’m delighted that the baby is a girl, and I’m even more delighted that Nicole didn’t name the baby Danielle, or Danipalooza, or whatever.


Now that I feel more (cautiously) hopeful that Deimos and Nicole aren’t going to be the rooting couple, I’ve even been enjoying Deimos again. His blase attitude with Brady regarding Phillip was kind of amusing: “yeah, I kidnapped Phillip and drugged him, what?” I could get on board with this characterization of Deimos: he genuinely cares for (some) people, but if you’re not one of those people, he’ll squash you like a bug if it helps him reach his goals.

Still, it’s annoying that no one calls him on it for more than a minute or two, so I really enjoyed Phillip’s parting rant, which also included Victor (another character who never gets called on anything).


Phillip’s sendoff was actually good. It was a little abrupt, but his scenes with Chloe, the Kiriakises, and Kate actually hit some emotional beats. I really liked John Paul Lavoisier. I love Jay Kenneth Johnson, but John Paul fit well in the role. I can’t figure out why they got rid of him just when they finally got him away from Belle and gave him something more interesting to do. (And yet we keep Dario and Deimos …) I suspect the departure of Jen Lilley had something to do with it — Brady is at loose ends now, and I think they might try pairing him with Chloe. But they definitely left the door wide open for Phillip’s return, and if Jay Kenneth Johnson isn’t interested, I would welcome John Paul back with open arms.

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12 thoughts on “Christmas cheer

  1. MP, you know a post from you is a real treat. And just on Christmas I consider it a mini gift. Your opening few paragraphs were laugh out loud funny. And oh so true. The rest spot on as well.
    Please don’t stop. I love the sharp analysis tinged with humour. Well done and Merry Christmas.

  2. I really have nothing to say about the show – I keep watching and wondering why? I am a few episodes behind and I must admit I FF ALL of the Deimos Nicole scenes – I just can’t watch them.

    I did like Phillip, the show needs someone who is not so perfect (AKA brady) but has a swinging moral compass can be snarky, not perfect, sometimes sweet and tells it straight. You kind a root for him even though you know he is flawed. They could have done something with the character, not sure why the got rid of him.

    • I can’t stand Deimos and Nicole together but I still watch them when they are with other people. LOL.

      Phillip was a recast that worked despite not getting very good writing, at least romance-wise. I thought his family interactions were good, and they touched on an interesting issue with his exit – Victor does slight him and give him a hard time, in favor of Brady and especially Deimos. I’d love to see that explored more.

  3. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to Mary & all her followers ! Love the post Mary, even though I have deleted all of this weeks episodes on my DVR since S & K are M.I.A. !! Danipalooza—- LOL !! Happy & healthy New Year 2017 to all — thanks Mary, for all you do !!

    • Thank you, LJ! Merry Christmas to you too! Yup, sad there’s no S&K this week. I was more engaged with the other stories than I have been for awhile, and it’s nice to see some things coming to a head this week. Let’s hope we get SN and MBE back next week. 🙂

  4. One thing I do like that they are doing is showing the interaction between family and friends a great deal more. That is one thing I always liked when we have scenes of family and friends together supporting or just laughing & hanging out together. Usually cutsie scenes but still help to drive the story of what someone is thinking or worried about. That seems to have improved.

  5. Hey Mary! Thx for the for the post. The only way I keep up if there is no S&K is if you write abt it. I really am missing all of my fe!low S&K friends AND S&K. Merry Christmas to you Mary & to all of my other online S&K friends!

    • Merry Christmas ILoveMySnK !! It has been a long, rough year for us S&K fans, but we are ending on a high note ! Here’s hoping 2017 brings us more good times !!

  6. There are moments when I enjoy Deimos, but it’s almost always those times when they let him be a villain — before Nicole or Victor or someone else swoops in to tell us that he’s actually a Good Man. Just let him be bad! VI is great at that. It doesn’t mean he can’t have a romance; the Stefano/Kate pairing showed a different side of Stefano, but they didn’t spend half his screentime reassuring us that he wasn’t so bad after all.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    • Thank you! Hope you did too. 🙂

      I totally agree about Deimos. I like him when he’s a villain and the show lets him be amoral and Machiavellian. But then when Nicole or Victor turns around and makes excuses for him, it just makes me dislike him.

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