Double D

Sorry for my long silence. I was in Chicago for work, and it took me awhile to catch up. I actually like watching a bunch of shows in a row — I have an excuse to fast-forward.

Oh, man, that’s sad, isn’t it?

Here’s another thing that’s sad:  Steve and Kayla have had one love scene in two years, but Deimos and Nicole are having a “bed-in”:


As close as I’m getting to posting a picture of Nicole and Deimos in bed together.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how Eric is going to factor into this. Is he just going to be a wrinkle on the path to true love that is Nicole and Deimos? I thought that Deimos was going to be written as more of a villain, and that doesn’t seem to be the case. Everyone is falling over themselves to make excuses for him, he’s supposedly helping Hope because he feels “bad” about killing Bo (ugh, don’t even get me started), and his snooping around about Chloe’s baby is being presented semi-sympathetically, because he’s doing it for Nicole’s sake.

Oh, and then Daniel swooped in from heaven above to bestow his blessing on Deimos. It’s bad enough that Deimos is the new Daniel, but now the two of them are double teaming us. I keep thinking it can’t get worse, but Dena always manages to plumb new depths.

On a brighter note, even though Steve and Kayla don’t have a story going on right now, Days is being generous with adorable scenes like this:


I loved the banter about how many times they’ve gotten married, and the album and invitation were perfect:


A stethoscope in the form of a heart, wearing a patch. Insanely cute. ❤


Good work, props department. Looking forward to Valentine’s Day!

Screenshots Joanie and Luckynthestrong


24 thoughts on “Double D

  1. I agree, with Steve and Kayla on very little except this week I can fast forward almost the whole hour.
    I hope with the news that a main veteran actor is leaving, that has been back a couple if years is not Stephen Nichols. I do enjoy watching any scene he and Mary Beth Evans play in. I would like to see some of the play they did at the Day of Days event.

    I do think Brady and Nicole are good together.

    • I don’t think it’s Stephen (fingers crossed!). I think it’s either Vincent Irizzarry or A Martinez, and I’m leaning toward Vincent.

      I don’t know if they filmed the play at DoD — I hope they did! It would be great for fans who weren’t able to be there, to be able to see it.

  2. Unfortunately, the fast forward button on the DVR is getting a work out. Of course, I’m still enjoying Steve and Kayla and I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day. They just still have IT after all these years. But beyond their storyline I just can’t find anything I’m enjoying. I don’t like Brady without Theresa, but Brady and Nicole are intriguing me right now so I guess I’m going to see what happens there. I like VI, but Deimos just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m enjoying the Adrienne and Kate scenes more than I thought I would, so as depressing as the breast cancer storyline could be, I’m holding out a little hope that maybe it will be decent.

    • I’m actually kind of liking the Adrienne breast cancer story, mostly because it’s actually playing out in a way that affects other people on the canvas — and I love the Steve/Adrienne scenes! It’s kind of surprising to me that this story (featuring three recurring actors) is getting the front burner attention that it is, but I’ll take what I can get.

      I’m curious about where they are going with Brady and Nicole. I like their friendship, and even though I’m all about Ericole, I would far rather watch her with Brady than with Deimos. I suspect Brady will try to be a peacemaker between Eric and Nicole.

  3. haha @ the John and Yoko pic. I FF every time Nicole and Deimos are on. Honestly, I can’t stomach those bedroom scenes. Any of their scenes. They get a bedroom yet Steve and Kayla meet in hotels or have their scenes in the park or pier. This show.
    Why isn’t MBE given her own storyline? Emmy for Best Actress and contract player means nothing to Dena. I hate the Jade and Joey SL. We have a wedding to look forward to but I worry its not going to live up to what Steve and Kayla deserve. SN and MBE will make the best of it. They are still the best.

    ‘Barbydoll’ speculation on twitter is that the actor leaving is A Martinez or Vincent Irizarry. I hope the latter but with AM with hardly I story I’m afraid its likely him. AM is such a good actor its a shame the writers don’t know what to do with him.

    • I’m afraid it’s AM too, which would be such a shame! I love him, but they can’t seem to fit him in anywhere or give him an anchor, even as Papa Hernandez. Pairing him with Kate isn’t a good sign – we know her track record with men! I was hoping that they would try him with Kassie D. again. Thought they had really good chemistry! I say keep A. and dump Vincent. I really like him too, as an actor, but Deimos is all over the place – I think he’s a dud character – they don’t seem to know how to write for him. Make him a villain! Why not? They need a new baddie to replace Stefano and (somewhat) Victor since he is aging out. I don’t get why they don’t understand that we don’t have to LOVE him, we can LOVE TO HATE him. And, selfishly, if they villainize him a little more, that leaves a door open for Eric.

    • I hate the Jade and Joey story too, just because we don’t have a clear idea of who these people are and why we should care. It’s just a generic “teen pregnancy!” story and the only drama comes from wondering if Jade is telling the truth.

      As I said above I’m leaning toward VI being the one let go — maybe that’s wishful thinking, though. I like VI, and I think they could have made Deimos the new Victor and it would have worked. I had hopes that’s what Dena was going to do when she came back, especially when he didn’t kill Xander and lied to everyone about it, and he stalked Chloe and broke up with Nicole. But now they are presenting his relationship with Nicole as being sort of rootable – I don’t know anyone who is actually rooting for them, but they seem to be trying to show his emotions for her are sincere, and he’s trying to help Nicole get her baby and blaming himself for Chloe running away. It makes Nicole look less stupid for staying with him, but that’s the only good thing about that for me.

      I wish they would pair Eddie with Eve too. I just have no interest in Kate with anyone. And this whole illegal smuggling thing seems out of left field for Eduardo. Maybe it will make more sense when we find out more about what’s going on.

  4. Soooo, looks like I’ve missed nothing this week. I saw clips on IG of S&K in the park…is that all I missed? Super busy w/ wrapping up gifts for the teachers, so haven’t been on much.
    I’m not to unhappy that there’s no real s/l for S&K right now. At least they are being shown and in happy times w/ cute scenes like the park. I apprehensively look forward to their next s/l but am concerned of the “be careful what you wish for” as we don’t know what the writers might do to our great couple…. we just got them back together, and I want it to stay that way for a while

    • This is so true. I guess I should just be happy we are seeing them happy because we know it wont last. I’m not happy with the upcoming spoiler. Why can’t Dena let that character go. Sigh. Hopefully, they limit any flashbacks and please not create any new ones.

    • In Dena’s world, it might be better to be a supporting character, it minimizes the damage. 😦 I’m fine with them being happy and being supporting players for now.

      I keep hoping something will happen to avert what looks like it’s coming up. Sigh.

  5. I am all too happy to take these little, adorable scenes they are giving us. They can each do their own thing & then come together, as a couple, and just be together. Am I the only one irritated that they have yet to give Kayla & Adrienne a scene where they really talk. That one scene with Marlena & Adrienne, a ways back, that should have been Kayla in there—-Kayla has been with Adrienne since Day 1. I am happily fast-forwarding over most—-feel bad for those who have to sit through the whole show. One final thought–this whole Hope thing–seriously ? Give me a break ! A cop thrown in prison..right, she’d be their favorite ! As Mary tweeted–their prison storylines make me want to go into solitary confinement !

    • The Hope thing is so ridiculous. She’s the queen of the prison and everyone loves her. Of course.

      I am liking how we get to see Kayla and Steve in this Adrienne story, so they are not just about Joey and Jade. It would be nice to see Adrienne and Kayla have a heart to heart, though, since she’s the one who gave her the news.

      • I keep hoping for that scene between Kayla & Adrienne—the one with Marlena didn’t really make any sense, they have no connection. As for the upcoming spoiler that has been plastered all over other sites—-stupid idea, no doubt. I don’t really see it as an issue for S & K though–I mean Kayla has forgiven this man for things he has intentionally done to hurt her (quite a lengthy list,for sure)–this isn’t really something he can be blamed for–right ? He was “Nick” at the time and,if I remember correctly, Kayla encouraged him to go find out. I see it as a potential issue for Joey though—-just not S & K. Thoughts Mary…

      • I was also puzzled about those Marlena/Adrienne scenes. I wondered if they were supposed to be Kayla/Adrienne, but switched after Drake’s injury because they didn’t know how to fit Marlena into the stories.

        Kayla has forgiven many things, but I tend to end up thinking that if it isn’t an issue at all, why go there? But then again, I’ve always been bored out of my mind by the Paul story for John and Marlena.

  6. I musta missed something…what thing is happening regarding when Steve was Nick? What upcoming spoiler? Spoil away.
    I too have no use for whoever the couple is, always in bed scenes. Yuck! Never cared one bit for either character.

  7. Oh YUCK! I absolutely hate this idea, if it what you are talking about. Steve and Ava…oh man. Not good. I do not think I’m going to like this in any way. But it also makes sense why S&K are so happy right now, because they always are right before it hits the fan.

    • I think S & K are in a good place right now, and will stay that way…for the duration. There will be some bumps in the road, but I really think we have seen the last of the separation between the two. When you realize what they have been through and have found their way back to each other through it all, I am not worried about what lies ahead, I feel they will face their future together–this upcoming story line is no exception. BTW, I hate when they say Steve, when he was Nick at the time…I get it, but it still bugs me. 🙂

  8. Heh, well that’s what I thought after the 1988 wedding….then his retcon story with Marina came along, unwelcome. I mean I get it, a soap couple has to have problems in order to be a compelling couple. But retcons tick me off!
    And why does Steve always get the past-romance things – what the heck happened to the whole Finn thing. Did he leave the show?

  9.–he just vanished !! As for the Marina story line—annoying on so many levels; the rewriting of history being tops on my list. Mary has said it is a decent story line on a rewatch, but I just can’t get over that stuff. If you look back at S & K’s history, before the Marina debacle, they were essentially together for about a year—from the poisoning onward. Granted, there were bumps in the road—the rape, deafness, Benji (ugh) etc, but they were never really apart until Marina appeared. Iska, to follow up on your thought about why do it at all—-I think there will be some family conflict, but I don’t really see this as something that tears them apart. I think the Joey angle could be interesting…well, we can only hope 🙂

  10. What did happen to Finn (or the actor – did he leave the show?)

    Marina seems to be the last memorable storyline of the first run. Or I guess Emily and Gideon was after that? Not sure. At any rate, you can see the writing on the wall leading to SN’s exit in 1990. ’89 was OK, but ’90 saw no good story for S&K, and they were relegated to join in the nonsense on the island with that whole thing, which I can’t even remember now…many characters where there. Oh, and the glass eye, short blonde hair thing. Kind of easy to see in hindsight why he left the show then. Pretty stale.

    • Emily and Gideon were before the Marina storyline. I recently watched the Marina storyline for the first time and I must say it plays pretty well. There are some hard parts to get thru with Steve keeping everything from Kayla but once he goes to Italy there is some very good angst there. After that there was Kayla’s kidnapping, the trial and then Stephanie’s kidnapping. All big stories for them but agree nothing as good as those earlier years. I’d guess it was after this that SN decided to leave because that’s when they didn’t get any big stories . They had their wedding then we got to see them happy for a few months before Steve is gone :(((

      In hindsight its probably best that SN left before the crazy mid 90’s. I bet the writers would have destroyed them. When you think of all the other Supercouples went thru (how many times was Jennifer with someone other than Jack?) I’m glad Steve and Kayla really have been it for each other.

  11. Like other movie characters such as Sarah Connor or even Han Solo, I hate when they die. It bugged me that they didn’t just let Steve disappear, get kidnapped, something. But since Kayla just had to have a mate, they had to have him die in order to “move on”…with Shane( (and finish her ~5 year contract). How did the writers and producers not know how vehemently that would be rejected? It staggers the mind to this day.

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