Not another one

Someone sure loves baby stories, doesn’t she?

I really hope that Jade is lying about the baby, or there is some other twist so that Joey doesn’t end up a father before his twentieth birthday. I like James Lastovic but Joey has been written as such a dim bulb. If there was some career he was preparing for, something he was dreaming of doing, and this baby was forcing him to give up that dream, I might be able to muster up more interest. But he’s going to college (under protest), living at home, and not working. Steve is proud of him for “stepping up” but how is he stepping up? Offering Jade a place to live in a place he’s not paying for?


There’s also the fact that he’s a murderer. I could maybe forgive that, but I can never forgive this hair:


I will take the ring to Mordor, only I do not know the way.

Also, Jade’s smugness, and her taunting, about the baby at Thanksgiving drained any sympathy I had for the character (and I did have some). If she’s going to treat her baby like a meal ticket, why should I see it any differently? Grrr. Someone help me out here.

I am theoretically intrigued by this Abby/Chad/Gabi triangle — I like all three characters. So far, though, the best thing about it is the homophonic couple names. Chabby vs. Chabi! They sound so alike? How can we choose?? Abby’s talk about staying dead had me shouting at the TV, “What about your son??” Also, the fact that her own brother is with Gabi should put a dent in her certainty that Chad has “moved on.”

On Friday, though, they addressed the Thomas issue a little by having Abby freak out at her inability to comfort him, which added fuel to the idea that Thomas might be better off without her too.


In general, Abby’s hysteria on Friday made her decision to stay in hiding a lot more understandable. I liked that Jennifer mentioned her pill addiction and Chad’s doubt about her ability to take care of Thomas. (Though she left out the whole custody battle — I’d like to see Abby’s reaction to that!) And I was surprisingly moved by Jennifer’s sense of betrayal that Laura kept Abby hidden from her. In general, I’ve been enjoying the Deveraux/Horton family interactions. Let’s hope the love triangle gets a little more interesting.

As for Adrienne’s big decision, again the execution of the story leaves a lot to be desired. I loved Justin’s big entrance (even without the necessary buildup) because it was soapy, and Adrienne’s collapse was fun to watch for the same reason, but the writing is so thin in between these events that it is hard to care. “I love them both,” she says. But what does she see in Lucas? What does she see in Justin? What are the stakes? Three times she has been interrupted right before she announces who she has “chosen,” and sadly this is all the suspense we have been given. Again the pleasure is coming from the family/friend interactions. Wally Kurth and Bryan Datillo have obviously been having a lot of fun with their juvenile sparring. And then there’s Steve throwing shade at Justin:


What a look! I love Steve in protective older brother mode.

Aaaaaand … how great was this scene:



Screencaps Joanie


10 thoughts on “Not another one

  1. I just want to stare at that screen cap of Kayla and Steve. Even if the writing is lacking, MBE and SN always make everything worth watching. Those scenes on the sofa reminded me so much of classic Steve and Kayla. I loved when Steve hugged her and said ‘I love you so much’ I’m currently rewatching the 80’s and he use to say that to her all the time. Love it.

    I came back to the show in 2015 when they were reunited and though the show wasn’t the best of Days, it still was so much better than it is today just a year later. There’s not a story I’m intrigued by other than just watching Steve and Kayla.

  2. A year ago the stories were so much better. When they were talking about Thomas’s birthday I was remembering Abby and Ben in the cabin. That was a good story.

    Steve and Kayla are kind of the saving grace of the show right now!

    • I find this year and last year terrible just for different reasons. I loathed the darkness and isolation last year, but I hate just the down right blandness we have now. I just hang on for snippets I like here and there at this point.

  3. There are some things– like Adrienne’s interrupted wedding and Jade’s scheming — that I’m enjoying on a day-to-day basis. But it’s the same old, same old when it comes to the ways that the writing isn’t make the most of it. Oh well…

    I’m trying to enjoy the Steve and Kayla cuteness, even though I wish there was a little more substance to their story right now. It’s been getting better since the “Kayla falls on her sword” part of the story. And the new Abby is promising, although I’m waiting for the story to pick up.

  4. I pretty much watch for S & K as well. This whole Adrienne story line is just stupid. If she really can’t choose–is it fair to either of them ? Am I also expected to believe they were locked up, by their son no less,in the room over Thanksgiving while all this other stuff was going on—give me a break ! Your statements about Joey are right on–especially the hair business–lol. Joey is stepping up ? Really ? Does he have a choice ? Unless he was going to up & join the circus as a clown, I don’t think Jade was going anywhere—so, I think the choice was made for him. I liked Stephanie, but have never really gotten into Joey–can’t really explain why. He is the son of my all-time favorite couple, but I could care less if he walked out of the pub and never came back ! As for S & K—-I loved that scene !!! As Michelle pointed out, I could look at that screen shot all day–they are so freeking cute. Stephen & MaryBeth are just so awesome in bringing out the best in all their scenes. Those little scenes mean so much & I will take them whenever they pop up ! Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving…..thanks Mary, as always, for a great write-up–even when there hasn’t been too much to write about ! 🙂

  5. Joey’s hair is horrendous. He’s the new Nicole!

    I found Jade’s smugness hilarious, but you’re right — it drains all sympathy for her, which is fine as long as she isn’t the one we’re supposed to be sympathetic toward. Joey NEEDS some kind of ambition or dream or something. So he’s going to… stop going to college, which he doesn’t seem too invested in, to get a job that he’ll have to go to like four times a year? What a sacrifice!

    I’m almost certain this child will wind up being JJ’s, though.

    • I thought JJ’s blanked out sex was going to be with Lani? I can’t imagine they would have a story with him having black out sex with a teen and impregnating her would they? My goodness I REALLY hope not.

  6. She was from Miami. It’s weird though because didn’t JJ and Lani know one another before because they were both cops? He must have been super drunk, lol. Unless Lani is still crazy and drugged him.

  7. Ditto Michelle Lee & LJ… not much more to add except I’m more than done with Nicole/Deimos/Chloe/Phillip/ROPE…. They all need to just move along… on 2nd thought, Rafe can stay and have a nice s/l with Steve so we can look at him, but that’s it. The rest need to go and we need more S&K and the Johnson family

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