Nouveau Deveraux

Technically, that should be “nouvelle,” but that didn’t rhyme.


(Look at that picture of Jack! Jack, who I met last weekend!!!)

I was quite favorably impressed with Marci Miller as the new Abby. I thought her scenes with Jen were very good. She connected very naturally with Jen and they gave off a nice mother/daughter vibe. She also really sold the whole “I faked my death so you could all move on” thing — not the easiest sell for one of your first scenes. And, family resemblance isn’t everything (see Brady, Ciara), but Marci’s striking resemblance to Melissa Reeves is a nice bonus.

She’s also got the “blink and let one tear fall down your cheek” thing down pat — always a good skill for a soap actress!


The big test will be seeing her with Chad.  They seem to be banking a lot on nuChabby, based on the general buzz, the frequent behind-the-scenes photos, and the constant cutesy tweeting between Billy and Marci. I worried that it was all being built up too much, because for me anyway, I won’t automatically ship a couple I like if there’s a recast — quite the opposite, actually.  Now, I’m not a Chabby shipper per se — I like them, but I was open to seeing Chad paired with someone else. I didn’t want to see Billy Flynn wasted just because Kate Mansi left the show. At any rate, I’m excited to see how it plays out.

Seeing Steve and Adrienne together is always something special, and this was a particularly good scene:


I loved the banter about “the blues” being her “something blue” and Steve saying he was the “something old” and Adrienne cracking up and saying “at least you didn’t say me!” Such a cute sibilng vibe to these scenes.

At the (pitifully attended) wedding itself, the highlight for me was Steve and Kayla making googoo eyes at each other:



I was on board for Justin’s big entrance, because it’s so soapy, but this is the kind of thing that calls for more than a couple of scenes (not even episodes) of preparation. I heard there was a cut scene where Adrienne was talking about the wedding and accidentally said Justin’s name instead of Lucas. That seems like a scene we should have seen, don’t you think? And a better writer would also have made more of Sonny being torn between encouraging his father to interrupt the wedding and the fact that he’s Lucas’s best man, his former father-in-law, and Lucas has endured so much loss in his life recently (as has Sonny). But instead it was just “Oh, by the way, Dad, you should totes interrupt the wedding.

Then there was Theresa’s exit this week. I actually have been drawn into this little arc against my will.


I was so annoyed at the whole Mateo retcon, and I still don’t believe in a million years that Shane and Kim would help Theresa leave her son and go off with a dangerous man, no matter how powerful he was. But, I must admit it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a decent “I have to pretend to be a horrible person” storyline (a story which can be good soapy angst if done well), and this one actually gave Jen Lilley and Eric Martsolf some surprisingly good material to work with. I haven’t liked Thrady that much since Theresa’s redemption. But they had an interesting dynamic when Theresa was bad and Brady was a drug addict, and the angst they got to play this week reminded me of when I liked them.

And, I’m glad they gave a little hint that Shane might have another plan in mind, and he’s not letting Theresa go off with Mateo after all, in his last scene on Friday.


Now can we get some scenes with Kim and Shane with Kayla and the rest of the cast, pretty please?

Screencaps Joanie


11 thoughts on “Nouveau Deveraux

  1. MP – I haven’t commented in a while, but never really stopped watching, although I would miss whole episodes here and there and FF’d much of what I had no interest in.

    But here I am again……………….Teresa and Brady never bothered me I would watch them and just have no emotional feeling about them. I do have to say retcon and all they both played this well and I loved seeing Shane again, Kim always bugged me for some reason (to smiley or over dramatic or something) and I still have that feeling but I did enjoy seeing them. I was a Shane fan way back when. I liked that they pulled Victor into the story with him being in on Teresa’s secret and being the one to hug and console Brady after she left. I see the show seems to be using the extended family and friends more and I always enjoyed that. (not to get off topic but cute scene with JJ, Chad, Sonny and Paul playing video games)

    Now for Justin, Lucas and Adrienne. First of all they never really showed Lucas and Adrienne that much but now they “make each other happy” and are “perfect” for each other. For a nice dramtic let’s interrupt the wedding scene there definitely needs to be some more build up and indication that Adrienne is having doubts, they played around it in the tiniest of ways (Jen’s comment to Adrienne that Justin was getting to her when they bought the spectator, Justin running to make sure Adrienne was OK at the hospital, Adrienne’s concern about how Justin was feeling after representing Hope, and yes 2 quick conversations with Sonny) but this should have had a nice slow build up of anticipation, with many scenes showing us Adrienne’s doubt (if she has doubts?) and Justin rekindling his feelings for Adrienne. Without that well who do I root for nice guy Lucas or nice guy Justin who has made some mistakes? Is Adrienne even torn between these 2?

    New Abby does seem good! I kind of hate that Laura is involved I mean would Jen’s own Mother let her daughter believe that she died? But Abby owing a debt to Andre would play well at some point, especially with him ingratiating himself to Chad and Dimera enterprises.

    Chad seems to have good chemistry with everyone, so I hold high hopes for him and the new Abby. But I can see him with Gabbi as well. I do love Gabbi and JJ together, but I wish would could have some more scenes with them building up their romance.

  2. Hey Mary! Great write-up. I haven’t really watched an episode since the proposal, but I suffered through Friday’s episode just to see the little bits & pieces of S&K we were given. I now remember why I never liked Adrienne too much other than the constant interruptions to S&K, she’s just annoying to watch. That said, I did love the scenes w/her S&K and the brotherly talk from S. There were some clips from the show on twitter, but I decided to watch the entire episode for the sole reason that the scene where K opens the door & S is there and she says “well hello handsome” wasn’t in the clips and I had to see it (knew about it from pics & comments on twitter). Almost worth suffering thru the terrible streaming thx to nbc & my crap computer. As you know, I’m not at all interested in Thrady, but I knew it was Jen Lilly’s last day, so I watched. Thought they did good, and if I were invested, I may have been affected… but I’m not so I wasn’t. Still trying not to get invested in Chad but Billy Flynn continues to make that difficult.

      • But Yes to Adrienne being annoying to watch – I feel the same (kinda of I felt about Kim way back when, she had good stories but just something bugged me about her!)

      • I meant that in the best way for Billy Flynn. I really like him and b/c of that, he’s making it difficult for me to not get invested 🙂

    • OMG ILoveMySnK…now I have to watch the show just for that line….cute !!! LOL about Adrienne…..can’t place my finger on it, but there is something about her that has always bugged me. Jiudi Evans is awesome and all that, but I never got invested into the character—just her being Steve’s sister didn’t do it for me. Bummed about only 3 episodes this week—hope we get us some S&K to last for the long weekend ! Happy Thanksgiving one & all !!

      • Hey LJ! I was surprised the person whose clips I saw didn’t clip that one scene. I’m hoping patchandkayla over at Instagram will post it soon b/c I could watch that little snippet over and over! It was super cute. It really has been quite a quality S&K drought since the proposal. I’m hoping that turns around soon.

        I hope you, Mary and everyone else has a great Thanksgiving also. I have to work Wed AND Fri — suxxx but the in between should be good.

  3. One thing that always bugged me about Adrienne is every time she hugged Steve she did it so dramatically! Like she was going to knock him over!

    I was never a big Kim and Shane fan but I love seeing them again. I get nostalgic seeing cast members from the 80s. I think PP is a good actress but she was a bit too dramatic at times. I remember how she kind of overdid it during Kayla’s deaf storyline. But I loved Kayla and Kim’s relationship. I hope we get something good between them but not holding my breath. I was so annoyed when Kayla called Kim and Shane to the hospital yet we don’t get a scene between them! And the one scene between Shane and Steve and they talk about Hope! Are you kidding me?! What is Dena’s obsession with this Hope thing?!

    I thought Jo had past away so when Steve mentioned her not making the wedding that took me by surprise. I guess I was thinking of the actress who was so great as Jo in the 80’s.
    I laughed at the lack of guest at the wedding. I read a hilarious tweet something about how they should have gotten married at Hopes trial. lol.

    Steve and Kayla remain the only reason I continue to watch. They are so perfect. They take the small moments they are getting lately and make them adorable.

    Oh and I love MBE new hairdo. So pretty.

  4. The Steve/Adrienne(/Kayla) scenes were really lovely. I cracked up at that same exchange about the “something old,” too. We’re finally getting beats like that between family members, which goes a long way toward my enjoyment of the show, even when the stories are not… stellar.

    A lot of the Lucas/Adrienne/Justin stuff works for me, maybe because it’s easy for me to intuit what’s going on. Lucas and Adrienne each found a safe haven in the other, and the “no drama” — which Lucas talked about with Kate — is, in many ways, the major appeal. I think where they’re stumbling is that they aren’t being clear on how that’s the dynamic. Lucas and Adrienne love each other because their relationship feels safe, but I don’t believe that either character would even pretend that it rivals their great loves (Sami and Justin). The dilemma for Adrienne *should* be, “At this point in my life, is the rollercoaster that goes with being with Justin worth it?” Which, yeah, makes Lucas a second choice, but a respectful second choice.

    It would also help if we understood why Justin cheated with Elsa in the first place.

  5. I don’t know why. I don’t know what it is. But I haven’t been able to STAND Lucas or the sight of him since day one. I could not be more against Adrienne being with him.

    OAN, I wonder if the “old” comment was ad libbed. It sure felt like it. Sometimes I can sense from the other actors that its a real laugh and not an acted laugh. Hard to fake!

    I don’t, and have never cared about other couples on the show other than S&K. But I gotta admit, Gabbi and Chad have some pretty cool stuff going on and its fun to watch….I also find her quite easy on the eyes.

  6. I want to like the new Abby, so I am doing my best to ignore the painfully stupid dialogue going on between Jen and Abby. The “fake my death” plot line is nothing but ludicrous and the complicity of Laura in needlessly hurting Jennifer is inexcusable. Of course, Laura has been hurting Jennifer Rose all her life, so why change now?

    The much hyped return of Shane & Kim has – as usual – been in a bubble. No scenes with family other than Teresa. Even the scene between Shane & Steve was nothing but a greeting. Nothing else. It is so depressing. These writers have 50 years of history to mine for stories, yet they are unable to write meaningful dialogue between two characters. Any hope that the whole “Shayla” thing would be brought up seems to be pointless in the hand of these writers.

    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Steve & Kayla, and I love what SN & MBE bring to their roles. While I am glad that they are engaged again, the dialogue between them is so lame. It could be so much better, with a little effort on the writer’s part. It is like they don’t want to write for them. At least we got a hot, sexy scene, including a bed. But there is never any follow through with this couple. Kayla is almost BURNT ALIVE by Orpheus, but the next day she is out measuring the church for Adrienne’s wedding, as if she had not just been through a significant trauma. Please stop putting people in life & death situations and then not milking them for the resulting emotional fallout. Major drama should always be followed up with the emotional connective tissue that binds these characters together. Dena’s writing always has the feeling of staggering from event to event, with no sense of how to write something that is not an EVENT.

    I kind of hope that Steve & Kayla elope, because weddings on DAYS are now horribly embarrassing affairs, and even siblings don’t bother to show up. It would be sad to see S&K – who are related to most of the characters in town & who had beautiful weddings back when DAYS cared about such things – having a wedding like the one pwe just saw with Lucas & Adrienne.

    The thing that has been driving me crazy for years about DAYS, is the way they treat sexual assault. If it had been Gabi who went out – for whatever reason – and got blackout drunk and woke up with evidence that she had had sex with someone she did not remember – the story would not be her guilt over cheating on JJ, it would be that she had been sexually assaulted by a stranger. That she had been raped. Instead, JJ has been made to feel like he intentionally went out and “cheated” on Gabi. Now – I have no investment in JJ and Gabi because they never had a story. None of the things that would have driven conflict and made this couple interesting are ever brought up, except by Julie. Gabi is MUCH older than JJ, been to prison for MURDERING his cousin, had a baby with another cousin, has a history of stalking & lying…. none of this is really ever addressed. They were 2 characters who were not related whose ship name was cute – that was the basis to their “love story”. The main reason for this incident of JJ “cheating” seems to only be to make Gabi look good when she dumps JJ and goes for Chad. The fact is, she has been flirting and hitting on Chad for weeks, even while poor JJ was in the hospital. I think he deserves better. I would love to see some scenes where JJ gets to know his Uncle Steve – another guy who was sexually assaulted in 2016.

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