Suddenly I love you

I know I keep harping on Dena and her faults, but another one of her faults is how quickly people fall in (and out) of love. Last week Phillip announced he’s in love with Chloe. Okay. That was fast. And this week Sonny told Justin that he knows Justin still in love with Adrienne. That one makes more sense, but I would have liked more than two scenes and a couple of jealous glances from Justin before moving straight to “love.”


But of course the highlight of the week was Steve’s proposal. I really needed this. Their reunion happened fast (as I’ve complained about before), and it would have been nice to see some fallout from the whole “Orpheus locked Kayla in a coffin and set it on fire” thing — apparently everyone has forgotten about that — but this was very, very wonderful:


The dialogue was forgettable (“You’re sweet … that’s why I call you Sweetness”) but Stephen and Mary Beth delivered it with so much depth of feeling. And it was nice to see Steve’s uncertainty about Kayla’s answer.

And it was great to see them get a love scene, with an actual bed! Note the yellow roses in the background:


And since I complained about this last time, I will give full props to the show for showing Steve setting all this up and wooing her so sweetly. I’ve been wanting to see that.

I’m off to Day of Days tomorrow! I’ll be posting some pics on Twitter over the weekend, and of course I’ll do a full write-up when I get back!

Screencaps Joanie


8 thoughts on “Suddenly I love you

  1. We’re certainly not getting much build up to our romances that’s for sure. But at least we got this. Very sweet.

    Have a great time at DOD MP.! Looking forward to your recap!

  2. OMG Mary, I waited all day, well, since I saw your post on twitter (yes, I still “illegally” read twitter feed (& even now venture to log-in) @ work – I would read your blog, but it’s a “prohibited site” ha!) Anyway, I was so worried that you would not be happy w/the proposal .. am I glad that’s not the case! Yes, everything moved very quickly. But, I think at one point, Steve mentioned to John that it’d been a month since the whole Orpheus thing started. For me, that was sufficient time, and given the events, for Kayla to realize (1) she could’ve lost Steve again- dead, not just away and (2) hero, always-to-the-rescue Steve is just who he is (God complex included) and why she fell in love w/him to start with – plus he keeps saving her!. I do want to see Justin & Adrienne back together, but agree not enough scenes/encounters for this to jump ahead, but it’s gonna, cuz that wedding is just around the corner.

    Again, so happy for you to be able to attend DoD. I hope you have a fantastic time, and I’m looking forward to your tweets and posts. Take care!

    • Hey there ILoveMySnK—-how have you been ? I agree about the Justin & Adrienne thing—-have never been a fan, at all, of them–or her for that matter ! Can’t wait to see this proposal…an actual LOVE scene–woot woot !! Hoping they can stay together for the long-term—Kayla doing her hospital duties, Steve doing his PI work —dealing with crap about Joey & life, in general, together. I honestly cannot see what else they could be through that would tear them apart, so hoping we get to enjoy this. This Teresa story line, to quote Mary, is “so dumb”–I admire her acting, but we could have come up with something better-FOR FREE !! Hope DoD was a blast Mary— love the pics you have shared !!

  3. Hey there LJ! I’ve been busy being happy but a bit jealous of all those who got to see MBE & SN this past weekend. When Mary posted one of her pics, I was in between loads of laundry & asking my 3 y/o why she’s not wearing pants. Her answer “Because I don’t want to” and all I could think was at least she’s wearing panties! I was never a huge fan of Justin & Adrienne. I really did not like Adrienne probably b/c of all the times she interrupted S&K, but there’s also something I about her I find that’s just a little bit annoying. But, I wouldn’t mind a s/l w/them if it’s limited and not all the focus like this Hope sh***.

    I completely agree Michelle. MBE & SN are the best and they certainly can still bring the hotness. S&K really do need to have a hash-it-out discussion. We still need that standalone Stayla epi, but we will never get one. Hell, we couldn’t even bask in the afterglo of the proposal

    • So, am I getting from you ILoveMySnK that there was no “morning after” ? BOO !! Well, happy to have a love scene & you are both correct that these two just ooze chemistry. It is simply amazing that after 30 years they still have it——looks & chemistry wise. It is also a bonus, and definitely adds to their scenes, that they thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. Honestly, you just feel the heat between them when they are next to each other. I am hoping that, if Steve continues with therapy, as promised, that it may enlighten him & lead to a further discussion about the core issues that Steve needs to address with Kayla. In the meantime, will enjoy them being a team again. BTW, ILoveMySnK, pants are over-rated anyway–lol !

      • No morning after. They left us longing for more, and they haven’t been in a scene together since. A spoiler for them were revealed for them on Twitter from DoD but I’ll leave it up to Mary as to what she wants to include on her “no spoilers” blog 🙂 Or you can email me at my gmail account… I have one specifically for my S&K addiction emails

    • I’m only watching Days for Steve and Kayla but the only other story that is at least, a little bit interesting to me is Justin and Adrienne. I wasn’t a big fan of them in the 80’s, especially once they got married. Both were having affairs or whatever but I’d like to see them end up together today. I like watching characters that have a history on the show. If only I had faith in Dena to do justice to the stories.

      I’m worried about what happens to S/K once they get married. I don’t want them to fade into the background. I want them to have a story, a good story with nothing that breaks them up again.

      Oh and can we get some Kayla and Kim scenes? You would never know that Kayla knows her sister is in town! Grrr

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