I was delighted to see Shane again, even though this whole Theresa/Mateo retcon is really terrible. Charles Shaughnessy is looking very, very good:


Poor Charlie was essentially stuck with narrating a complicated backstory retcon, and the way Shane was … undercover? I guess? … as a priest, in Salem, where everyone knows him, makes absolutely no sense. But it was honestly thrilling to see him with Theresa and hear him calling her “Jeannie.” It was extra special for me because I just watched the storyline when he found out she was his daughter.


My expectations of Dena are always fairly low, but I have to say this exit story for Theresa is even worse than I could have imagined. We just had a guy in town, Xander, who swore vengeance on Theresa. Using him for her exit wouldn’t require a new actor and a complicated retcon. I mean, there might be complications with how Xander’s exit was written and Deimos pretending he’s dead, but I feel like that could be worked around. It would have had to be better than this!

And if that’s not enough, we had another complicated retcon introduced today, with the (obviously recently shot) “flashbacks” of the reveal that Chloe is, indeed, carrying Nicole and Daniel’s baby. I have no way of gauging how surprised the average viewer might be at this “twist.” All I know is that I was reading the theory on message boards months ago (and I wrote about it here) and so have already worked through my rage at the idea of baby Saint Daniel and at how Daniel keeps getting storylines even though he is dead and off the show.

Putting aside the retcon aspect, it kills me how the show seems to miss every opportunity to milk the emotional drama of their own stories. We should see Chloe be completely torn up at the idea that Nicole has always wanted a baby and yet Chloe doesn’t feel the baby would be safe, because of Nicole’s involvement with Deimos. (This is really the only logical reason for keeping the baby from Nicole. They haven’t actually told us this is the reason, but I’m reading it in.) Phillips actions would make more sense if he was actually falling in love with Chloe — trying to help her, rejecting her when she lied to him, and now wanting to help her again — but I’m not getting that vibe at all.  I suppose the Nicole/Deimos breakup is full of drama but, it’s Nicole and Deimos, so … meh.

And, here’s the thing:  I don’t think it’s true. I don’t think Daniel is the father of Nicole’s baby. Here’s why. First, this reveal was done so early in the story, and it was done all at once. I know it’s a stretch to say Dena is a better storyteller than this, but if this was THE twist, the big shock, wouldn’t she have waited and teased it a little? This is Chloe’s very first day back! I think it’s a setup for another twist down the line.

And that brings me to the moment in the flashback when the nurse comes back to Daniel, Chloe, and Nicole and says, “There’s a drunk man creating a disturbance out there.” Why is that line there? A drunk man? Come on, it has to be Eric. All right, I don’t want to think about Eric drunkenly giving his “sample” and then switching the samples. And if Nicole thinks she has some miracle Daniel baby and then finds out Eric snatched that from her … ugh! Eric doesn’t need more things to feel guilty about. If this is where they are going, I hope it was the clinic making a mistake.

They also managed to dig up this shirt that Nicole wore back in July, a few weeks after the furnace room scenes, for the flashback.

Eric confesses he's in love with Nicole!

Coincidence? Or is it possible that one of her banked eggs was already fertilized from a furnace room hookup? (No idea if the science of that would work, but c’mon, Days doesn’t care.) They’d also have to retcon that Eric and Nicole actually had sex in the furnace room. Another retcon! Why not?

I know, it’s so bad. It’s terrible storytelling. It’s all so, so Dena. But I can’t help it — I’ll admit it — I’m happy. Because if there’s one thing that Days does, always, without fail, it’s give a baby to an estranged couple that are, say it with me, Meant To Be. And to me that means that they are planning on writing for them as a couple. I have no particular confidence that it will be good. As a soap fan who appreciates a well done soap plot, I’m cringing. But as an Ericole fan … hell yes, I’ll take it.


Eric, with a baby. Need I say more?


18 thoughts on “Retcon-apalooza

  1. This baby drama keeps getting weirder! Chloe’s soliloquy was right out of Tootsie! LOL at the idea of drunk Eric switching out his “sample.” You are so right though. I believe as well that this IS going to turn out to be Eric’s child. That drunk line was too pointed. Of course we won’t find out until the kid has to have an organ transplant, BUT…anyway, since we know Eric is returning and Daniel is dead (except for everyone genuflecting to his memory) it only makes sense they throw him into. Frankly, I think Nicole and Deimos are a big dud, so here’s hoping! I wonder if Eric will return deciding to dedicate his life to the church again, until…

    As for Theresa’s exit story, it would have made a lot more sense for her to be kidnapped or killed by Xander, who was conveniently RIGHT THERE. Why bring back Mateo and this silly “I want you back” drivel?

    I’ll take Shane though! CS looks fantastic. Can’t wait for some scenes with him and Steve (and Kayla?). I wonder if their past relationship will even be mentioned? Looking forward to seeing Patsy as well, though I fear some convoluted “faking my death” mess for Theresa with everyone complicit except poor dumb Brady.

    One good point: I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Jenn back to The Spectator. And I’m actually enjoying Justin and Adrienne again.

    • Ha ha, Tootsie! “That is one nutty hospital”! I love that movie!

      I am genuinely excited for the return of the Spectator. Jen, Adrienne, and Justin were the best part of Thursday’s show. I loved Jen and Adrienne’s excitement. Could be good!

      The Mateo thing is so random. I love seeing Shane and Kim though. Wish it was for a better story!

  2. I hate retcons as a general rule, but what I dislike more is massive character shifts. I don’t think we’ve seen a bigger character shift than Theresa over the past few years. When she first came on, I really, really liked her. Sami was leaving and Theresa was poised to really take that schemer space. Instead, they had her to do something really horrible (hit John with a poker and almost kill him) and then reform her into a complete good girl with no nuance. I actually like this exit story for her because it connects to her bad girl start on the show. It is completely rushed and I agree that Shane’s weird priest intro yesterday made no sense, but I saw more chemistry between the few minutes Theresa had with Mateo than I’ve ever seen between her and Brady. I would love to see this story play out over the longer term, but I know that Jen Lilley is leaving soon, so that’s not going to happen. It’s too bad that they are setting her up as some kind of martyr or victim on her way out.

    Regarding the other retcon, I’m pretty disgusted by the whole thing. And I could have done without the return of Shawn Christian, albeit briefly.

    Denise, I am also so happy that Jen and Adrienne are buying the Spectator! I appreciated that they talked about how news has changed and that they showed Jen’s reluctance in entering a brave new media world. I hope we get a Spectator set and not just the two of them meeting to talk business at the Brady Pub.

    • If only we could have Jack back too. But I’m so glad they referenced him. Aside from the romance, Jakc and Jenn’s reporting and sparring was just really good fun – the show could use some of that now. Being a reporter was such a huge part of Jennifer’s character and I’m glad they are investing in her again. And Missy Reeves was truly at her best when she was playing reporter. Jennifer’s spunky character has taken a big hit I think in the past few years – she has been sort of aimless, except for being a Mom. Now that there seems to be some kind of story circling around her again, I hope they do The Spectator justice. Bring back Vern too! 🙂

      If they decide NOT to do Ericole again and this baby really is Daniel’s, I could definitely see Eric being hired on as a photographer. at The Spectator. Greg and Missy had some good moments, and pretty good chemistry. I could see working with that too.

    • The exchange today between Theresa and Kim where Theresa talked about not being afraid to use her body and then throwing Kim sleeping with Victor in her face – that gave me a hint as to what this story could have been if they had done it right and not just thrown this together for a quick exit story. That could really have been interesting!

      I agree she was reformed too fast and she completely lost her edge, and it was a mistake to have her do something as bad as John and the poker. A schemer with a vulnerable side was a much better fit for her.

      I think Jen Lilley will probably be back at some point.

  3. Great points always ! I completely agree about this idiotic Theresa exit story line. It seems like we have been hearing about her exit for months & months & months and all the speculation surrounding it–and THIS is what we get ? Good grief !! Echoing Denise’s thought—-hope there is interaction between the S & K couples——I really would just love to see Steve’s reaction should he find out about Kayla & Shane. Granted, she had every right, but I think the expression would be priceless !! Any thoughts about the “coffin” story line Mary ? Again, like so many recent story lines, rushed & more missed opportunities !

    • I would assume Steve knows about Kayla and Shane. I know we never saw Kayla tell Steve onscreen but it was a long time ago and if it is brought up, I always imagined Steve would know about it.
      Not that I’m expecting any Kim and Kayla scenes. It seems like its too much to ask for the writing on the show today.

      Other than Steve and Kayla’s storyline, I really can’t follow what is going on in other storylines. They just aren’t interesting enough. The baby storyline is so convoluted I can’t even follow it. I like Hope but this storyline is played out. I’m supposed to care she killed that monster Stefano? Why does it seem like Hopes the only actress Dena writes for? Then again I guess I should be glad she’s not writing much for my fave. She already stuck her in a coffin and lit it on fire. Lame!

      Did I hear a rumour on twitter of a writers change coming again? Gosh, I hope so

    • I would love to see Shayla referenced somehow. A Steve side-eye at Shane would make my year! But it won’t happen. I’ll be happy if the four of them share some scenes. Kim and Kayla didn’t interact in Patsy’s last return. Hope they will this time.

      Michelle, I was going to post on the coffin thing, but it was all over so quick. Too quick. I swear the way Dena is speeding through things …. what’s the hurry? I feel like every story is a quick rewrite or something.

      • I did read that Steve and Shane share some scenes so I’m happy about that. Would love some Kim and Kayla. I wish the show would just bring some of these veterans back full time. Kim, Shane, Justin, Adrianne. I’d rather watch them than most of the current cast. But I guess in NBCs view that’s not how you get the younger demographic?

  4. OK so how did Jeannie get the name Theresa?? I watched the show back when Jeannie was born but not when Theresa first came to Salem. For a while I didn’t even realize this was Shane and Kim’s daughter. Just wondering why she’s called Theresa now.

    • Theresa is apparently her middle name although it was never referenced back in the day. When she first came to town, Kayla called her Jeannie and Theresa said she hated that name and was going by Theresa now.

      There was no real backstory to it other than she just didn’t like “Jeannie.” At the time it was fairly obvious that the show had done it to keep the character a mystery at first. Theresa was in town and involved with JJ for a few episodes before she was revealed as Jeannie Theresa Donovan.

  5. I’m with you Michelle Lee. I would love to see more of the veterans full time. I also love that Jen & Adrienne bought the Spectator. I also noticed Jack’s picture displayed in full view in the background and absolutely loved that. Just wish they hadn’t killed him so many times already and that he could have an opportunity to come back legit. I also would like to see Steve give Shane the side-eye…. haha! IMO Steve still has a ton of sucking up to do.

    As for the baby drama, I really don’t care. It seems Eric was well loved. The little I saw b/f he left, I can see why… so for all of you Ericole fans, I hope you get what you’re wanting 🙂

  6. Wow, that whole “the doctor is dealing with a drunk man” moment absolutely flew right by me. But you’re right, why would they have made a point of including that if it wouldn’t come back into play sometime later? You’re a genius, MP!

    Setting aside the complete unlikelihood of Eric actually being able to replace Daniel’s “deposit” with his own, and even setting aside my own delight if it actually turns out the baby is Eric and Nicole’s, I do have to wonder how Nicole will react to this news when she finds out the truth some day. This is the guy she said she could never forgive for killing her beloved Daniel. Anyway, we’re a long way from that moment…first Nicole has to find out it’s HER baby, never mind who the dad is!

    • I have been thinking about that, the idea that Nicole will be devastated that the baby is not Daniel’s. I think if Eric knowingly tampered with the test, this would be bad and hard to watch (because Nicole would be justified in being angry).. But if it was an accident, I think I could deal with it. When she finally gets the baby and loves it, I think she would soften toward the baby’s father. Anyway, I’m curious how it will play out.

      • Do you think there is any possibility that JJ, when in Florida and drunk, it would be Chloe he had this so called fling with and it is his baby. It is going to have to be something to bring up the fact that this happened unless confessing takes care of it.. It is probably crazy as this would put a kink in Chloe’s present storyline.

  7. MP, please watch yesterday’s and today’s episode and write about them. I’m looking forward to seeing your take on them. I enjoyed them especially the last scene on Tuesday’s show. Only good that happened yesterday. Thanks.

    • I did not expect the hot love scene. That was a nice surprise. MBE and SN can still bring the sexiness! The writing is still lacking for them though and that is not a surprise. 😦
      I guess we are supposed to care that Hope is going to jail. That’s their big November sweeps story? I like Hope but I don’t care.

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