Sweeten the pill

DENA: Guess what? Steve and Kayla are getting back together!

ME: Yay!

DENA: But I’m going to do it in a way that you hate.

ME: Impossible!

ME: …

ME: Oh.

Dena truly is the monkey’s paw. It wasn’t just that Steve and Kayla got back together so fast. I expected that. It wasn’t that their issues were presented superficially. I expected that too.

It was that she seemed to be going out of her way to thumb her nose at Kayla fans who were worried about how she would write for Kayla. This is “I’ve finally accepted who he is” times one hundred. So many things! Marlena says it’s nice to see Steve happy again. (What about Kayla? Who cares!) Kayla says she wants Steve to go back to Blackpatch — she realized Steve shouldn’t give up her job for her. (She said that at the time!) She says she talks too much (wtf?) and they should try it Steve’s way (not talking, I guess).Β  Steve doesn’t have to go to therapy — she’s all done with that silliness. He just needs to watch sports … while she fetches his pipe and slippers, presumably.

I did like some of the dialogue. I liked that Kayla, when she mentioned he quit his job, said that danger came to them anyway. I am truly not against the idea that Kayla would or could come to the realization that you can’t banish danger from your life. I just feel that Steve should have come to a realization or two himself regarding playing God, regarding the cost of his decisions on other people, namely Kayla … and maybe have done some more heavy lifting in their reconciliation. (Couldn’t he have set up this romantic dinner?) I also liked when Steve insisted he was going to go to therapy, because he doesn’t want to screw this up again.

The sad thing is, I think this was Dena trying to write them talking about their issues. And according to some people, she’s not wrong. So what do I know?

Okay, so that’s the pill. But the she did sweeten it, and it was very, very, very sweet. I really loved the opening scenes, the fab four sitting around, reflecting on what just happened. It was refreshing to see everyone smiling, and Kayla teasing John and Marlena about their wedding date.


And no more headscarf! I love her hair like this.

Setting up their romantic dinner on the pier was absolutely perfect. I have so many fond memories of Steve and Kayla on that pier. I think the only thing that would have pegged my squee-meter more is the loft … or maybe the loft roof. πŸ˜€Β I actually squealed when Steve called Kayla his “Lady in Red.” Nice use of history, Days! As always, Stephen and Mary Beth did so much with their eyes and their body language, showing how much these two love each other and enjoy each other.



Watching them dance was so lovely. Days doesn’t do these romantic scenes as much as they used to, so we have to enjoy them when we can. And Steve was always a big romantic at heart, and I love to see that side of him. (Another reason why it would have been much better if he had set this up *cough*).

I’ll leave you with this. My awesome friend Liz clipped that beautiful dance, with one notable improvement. Check it out:

I’m melllllllting. πŸ™‚

Screencaps LizK ❀ SnK


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  1. Love the added bonus to that clip!
    Yes, I need a therapist to get over my anger at Dena’s writing…but I have to remember it could be worse. 1) They could be really apart 2) They could be off air. Yes this reunion is 3) on the list…..but I guess it’s not 1 or 2.
    SN and MBE give so much to the mere words of any script. Got to be grateful for that as well.

    • It could be a LOT worse and I’m thankful for that. And it was really, really nice that we got these nice romantic scenes as part of their reunion, rather than an offscreen reconciliation.

  2. Too quick, but it could be worse, I agree. I wish they could have sprung for Lady in Red, but I know that’s probably way out of budget. In any case, I guess we have to realize that the Days of the slow build are really kind of over. They just don’t do it anymore (no matter the writing regime). I wish they’d realize that their audience still DOES have the capacity to withstand more suspense in their romances! It’s not just DOOL though. Seems like writing slow build romance is truly a lost art. Do they really believe we all are so impatient? We ALWAYS were!!!! I feel like sometimes they are listening to social media, or are so afraid for the ratings that they feel like they have to deliver the goods at least once a week.

    And off topic. Aiden – icky!!!! Can it please be over?

    • I think Aiden is done after this week so you’ll get your wish. πŸ™‚ For all that it’s been dragging on forever today’s scenes felt really weird and abrupt. I’m guessing there was a quick change in the direction of the story.

      I don’t know why, but Days rarely does that slow burn at all anymore. I think Chabby did, a bit. During the TomSell era actually they built up Ericole, Wilson, and Haiden and were pretty slow on each one. So it does still happen sometimes. But Dena is not known for that.

      I love your point, yes, we were impatient back then too. We waited because we were hooked and we HAD to! If they pulled us in we would wait now too, I promise. πŸ™‚

  3. Ahh that dance. The Lady in Red music makes it so much more. I love the look on Kayla’s face. The tears thru the smile. The way she hugs, kisses Steve while dancing. MBE always makes it so much more.

    As frustrating as the writing is these days, I’m happy my favorite couple are together and on my screen. Sigh. They are still together after all these years. Who can say that about their favorite couple. Look at Hope and Jennifer without Bo and Jack.

    I’m so happy Days remembered Lady in Red. The writers do so much wrong but I love when they remember history.
    Curious what everyones favorite Lady in Red dance is? It’s hard to choose but I think mine is still the oh so romantic silent dance on the roof.

    • I’m happy they are together and happy too. They were definitely stalled and having the same conversation over and over for quite a few months, so I’m glad to see that change. But not happy to see Kayla take it all on herself. Sigh.

      I am with you, my favorite Lady in Red is the silent one on the roof. What a perfect moment for them! The deaf storyline is so amazing. I love Kayla’s dress in the Lady in Red fantasy sequence but back then I thought they ended up playing it too much. LOL. I would take something like that now in a heartbeat, though! I miss the music and the fantasy sequences and the end of the episode montages so much.

  4. Once again, all I can say is “Preach it, MP.”

    I have, at various times over the past six months, been accused of hating Steve, of not really wanting Steve and Kayla together, and of wanting things that have “destroyed” Kayla. Mostly I can shrug that off because none of it was true. What I have wanted is a real story that explores the actual issues that *should* exist between Steve and Kayla after all of these years and everything that’s happened. Maybe that was always a pipe dream, but SN and MBE are so good and there is so much organic conflict to explore, that I couldn’t help myself.

    No matter what has occurred, I’ve never stopped wanting Steve and Kayla together. And, in that regard, yesterday’s show was great. SN and MBE still have amazing chemistry and their interactions can cover up a lot of things. My fangirl heart was squeeing at the kisses, the dance, the I love yous.

    But, man, this dialogue makes it so hard. And I agree, I think this is Dena trying to write them in a good way. Which is almost worse. Whoever wrote the “don’t like to talk, talks too much” lines ought to be immediately fired. Not only because it doesn’t fit any version of them ever, but also because it was just awful. I mean, it was so bad that SN and MBE were clearly struggling to make something out of it. Just horrible, horrible writing.

    While there are many things that made me soap ragey (as you pointed out), I will admit that at least they threw in a couple of lines to make things feel slightly more balanced (Steve’s commitment to therapy, his acknowledgment that he forgot they work best as a team, and his comment about not screwing it up again). But, overall, it felt far too much like Kayla saying this was all her fault and that will never not bug me.

    • Yep. It was kind of the best and the worst, all at once. I’m very ambivalent.

      The “I talk too much, let’s do it your way and not talk” was definitely the low point. It felt a little like a “screw you” from Dena, though I suppose I’m being paranoid. She doesn’t write the dialogue.

      I’m guessing we won’t see much of Steve’s therapy or them talking about their issues much at all going forward. And given this, maybe that’s for the best … unfortunately. I’m prepared to enjoy seeing them happy and together going forward, and I’ll try not to let this bother me too much long term.

  5. Agree with you all. My mouth actually dropped when Kayla said maybe she shouldn’t talk so much and they should try it Steve’s way of not talking. Yeah because lack of communication is clearly the answer for a successful relationship! Arghhh! That didn’the strike me as something Kayla would say. She’s always been forgiving but that was more submissive. I liked the point where Kayla said she needed to let Steve be himself the way he’s always let her be herself, because that is true. And when Kayla said they aren’t guaranteed time does make it understandable why she has decided to not wait to move forward. We all know how much they love each other and that she wants to be with him. There are needs that need to be met first. It could have been “hey we clearly have some issues to work thru still but I love you and want us to work on this together” or something like that. We can hope that Steve will continue therapy and maybe come to make certain changes on his own. He certainly has enough things from his childhood and life that could be the source. It could back to as a child, when he tried to protect his mother from his father, he was sent away. Maybe he feels like to protect the people he loves he has to keep things from them, or do things without their knowledge or he will be “sent away” again. I love seeing them together, Steve referring to Kayla as his lady in red, the mention of their past together and tying in the pier to that all gave me that giddy feeling! Still, couples therapy could be fun and interesting to watch!

  6. I guess its a minor thing, but the other thing about Steve and history, is this thing that he’s so into sports. I never had the least bit feeling that in the first run, that he couldn’t care less about football. Too busy trying to survive. I feel that was a weird thing either created in the 3rd run or maybe back in the 2nd. I just don’t see him as a sports enthusiast. Music, yes. Doesn’t fit his character. Remember when Jennifer was with a total football jock instead of Frankie? Steve made fun of him, and all that he stands for. I know you don’t have to be a jock to like football. But the first time they showed them on the couch watching football…I just thought, really, S&K watching football? That’s something she would have done with Chris Kosicheck.

    As far as this romance scene coming quickly and out of the blue – I agree it felt rushed. But on the other hand, they have been part now for a pretty long time.

  7. Great comments, and I agree. This is the outcome I was hoping against when they set up the conflict, and Steve was saying he would wait as long as it took for Kayla to be ready to take him back. But of course SN and MBE made the absolute most of it.

    > I feel that was a weird thing either created in the 3rd run or maybe back in the 2nd. I just don’t see him as a sports enthusiast.

    There were a few sports mentions in the 2nd run… When Steve had amnesia, one of the reasons he felt more connected to Billie was that Kayla wasn’t into sports… that was not fun. There was a cute scene later about Kayla forgetting to record his basketball game and Steve being annoyed, but it was for play. I can see him being a casual sports fan, but that’s about it.

    • Not me, I just don’t see it. It feels more like the 2nd run writers threw it in there without thinking. I guess it was just another way for him to tell Kayla how different they were or have become, and therefore shouldn’t be together (2nd run). But, at the expense of a character trait that didn’t exist. Maybe we can attribute it to who he thought he was when his mind was taken over by…whoever it was. I mean, if he can be forced to make Kayla perform surgery in a barn, I suppose he can be forced to watch football πŸ˜‰

    • Regarding the sports thing, on the scale of things that bother me, it barely registers. But, that being said, it is part and parcel with the way the second run flattened and simplified their characters, especially given they were reintroducing these characters after a long absence.

      I remember a scene early on where Kayla made Steve (before he got his memory back) a fancy dinner and he was uncomfortable and said he was a meat and potatoes guy. And that just isn’t true. I loved the way the original story played with the stereotypical good girl/bad boy traits and mixed them up. Kayla was the sexual aggressor, Steve was the romantic. Steve being a gourmet chef who had traveled the world was another way they played against the stereotypes.

      Anyway, Steve being more comfortable with Billie watching sports, which Kayla of course wouldn’t be interested in, fits right in with that flattening of their characters. Grrrr.

  8. WOW! The song just makes it so much more romantic. Steve and Kayla still have that magic they do so well. I never expected much from the writers, so I was thrilled with the reunion. It was a long six or seven months. Thanks for the beautiful clip.

    • I thought the real Lady in Red song made a big, big difference. It fit their dance perfectly, like that’s what it was supposed to be. Maybe they were playing it when they shot the scene!

  9. Ya know, I fully expected Lady in Red to come out of her phone there. Didn’t you? He mentioned it, and I thought how fitting that she would bring that to the date to dance to, 27 years later. As someone pointed out, maybe the rights to it are too expensive (though why the the one hit wonder Chris De Burgh care or turn down their offer?).
    Guilty Pleasure side note: I figured out the bass line one time. Great fretless bass work!

    • I love that you figured out the bass line to Lady in Red. Awesome!

      I’m sure it was a money thing or they would have gone for it. It’s probably not Chris de Burgh, he’d probably love the exposure, it’s the record label.

  10. Hi! I’m fairly new to this site and must say how much I enjoy reading your posts,Mary, as well as the different perspectives of everyone! I have been shy about posting because I know some sites can have heated discussions rather than enjoying each other’s points of view! I’m glad to see everyone here seems wonderful and polite!

    I have been a Days fan since the 80s and that is because of Steve and Kayla. Like most of you, I have had my ups and downs with the show and with our favorite super couple but always enjoy seeing Nichols and Evans on screen because of their wonderful chemistry and how they bring these roles to life. Simply amazing!

    While I agree with all of these previous comments, I wanted to play “Steve’s advocate” to offer a different view.

    It is true that Kayla has been thru a great deal since meeting Steve. And has stuck by him and forgiven him time again. Over the years, I often found myself yelling thru the TV screen whenever our beloved Steve was making another bone head move! Pushing Kayla away after his father came back. Sacrificing Kayla to save Jack, then pushing her,at first, to forgive Jack after the rape, to again save him. Marina anyone? And the 2nd run wasn’t much better as far as those terms. Billie,Ej, Ava…

    Here is what I do see. This has always been Steve. Insecure, scared, hasty at times. Many times. But it all came from a good place. What Kayla saw in him. His heart. His devotion. His loyalty. At times so overcome with these things, that it clouds his better judgement. A longing for something he never had growing up.

    There is Kayla. A woman who has loved him unconditionally and fought for him when most would’ve given up. Who can blame her that now, as she is older, is tired of Steve’s antics. Except they aren’t really just his antics. They are part of crazy Salem. Now again, there are plenty of times when I have been angry at the writing. But that’s because I don’t feel either have been fairly represented for who these characters are.

    In my mind, Steve did change drastically for Kayla…back when they first met. He took a chance and chose to leave the sleezy acts behind and opt for something more honest. And that was enough for Kayla. And Kayla has always been perfect for Steve. That’s what has been so endearing with this couple.

    There were times lately , now please don’t get too upset with me 😁 , that I felt Kayla was a bit harsh with Steve. One thing I did not like…Steve has always been insecure as a father. Back in the 80s, he was scared of not being a good enough dad. Then again in their 2nd run. She pushed for another baby as he told her of his worries and how was afraid of messing up his child’s life. So when she told him their kids were better off without him, I felt that was so harsh and not like Kayla. It was his worst fear come true. Another thing was the back and forth they have sort of been doing for months. One minute she can’t live without him then next she can’t live with. This go round, Kayla is still enough for him, but Steve no longer is for her. Until Salem is Salem and she sees the man that has always come to the rescue. To me in that regard, has rang more true of these two than some of the recent stuff. And that is their special love.The writing has been so over the place with them and these two actors are amazing because in spite of this, we all still love them and they do wonderful with what they have. Scenes that were nicely set up, but the dialogue failed. Often I have thought if they’d let Nichols and Evans improv, they’d probably do a beautiful job!!

    I wanted to smack Steve for leaving Africa. And again with the whole Ava story and everything that has followed. And Kayla deserves her voice and not the blame the writing decided to give her since they tried to wrap up the reconcilation quickly, skipping over the part where they, and we, got to fall in love all over again. I don’t think it’s her fault at all. But I do think our one eyed hero deserves a bit of a break. Although he still should have some major groveling to do!

    Call this my introductory post…any others shall be kept shorter πŸ˜„

    • Hi, Sabrina! Yes, we are a little polite corner of the internet here. My commenters are the best! Welcome!!

      There is so much material there to work with regarding Steve as a father. I would love to see them do more with all that material. It’s hard because it’s not really believable that Steve would leave Joey after missing Stephanie’s childhood and being so determined not to be like Duke. Another reason why they really, really needed to give him a much better reason to leave them in Africa. I mean, we really had to see that there was an immediate threat and he had no real options.

      Regarding Kayla being harsh. I think that’s fair to think that. πŸ™‚ I think part of what I wanted was to see was some of that messiness – that Kayla can be unfair and lash out, can decide to settle for less (like Fynn) and Steve can deal with that and they can work through it and come back together. I wanted to see some jealous Steve and some pining and worrying on his part, him being driven a little crazy by the thought of losing her (we know SN can do that so well). But I also wanted to see Kayla longing for him even as she makes the “safe” choice, and we weren’t really seeing that in the way that I wanted either. So I don’t think anyone was too happy, lol.

    • I can see what you mean, but I have to say I haven’t really enjoyed how Steve has related to Kayla’s parenting either. He contradicts her in front of Joe, and takes Joe’s side. He tells Joe to lie to her about important things like Ava’s murder and Steve going to find Bo. He says she coddles Joe, and then does the same thing himself.

      Given that he was absent all of those years and (like you pointed out) he’s insecure as a father, it’sd puzzling. For me, it’s been easier to understand Kayla’s frustration with Steve as a father based on him leaving her to do all the heavy lifting for years, than his attitude toward her.

      There have been a few nice moments — like when he backed her up about Joe’s therapy. This was one of the reasons I thought the summer writing made some sense. But given that Kayla’s mothering was part of the reason Steve fell in love with her, in general I just need to see more from him.

    • Hi Sabrina! I just wanted to say hello because I’m a fairly infrequent commenter and sorta new here too (within the past year). This site is the best, MP and the commenters do the most in-depth discussion of Steve and Kayla you will find anywhere, and I really enjoyed your comment.

      The one thing you inspired me to say is this: I wonder how things would be different if, instead of hoping that some day Steve would be able to work through and get over his God complex and tendency to hide things, Kayla simply assumed that he would NOT get over them, and started from there. Too often we’ve seen a dynamic where hopeful, tenacious Kayla digs in and works on things, and they have a few beautiful days together, only to see her crushed again as Steve does what Steve always does. I feel I’m seeing that dynamic being set up again now. I guess I want a more gritty, world-weary Kayla Brady–one who decides she wants her man, but changes the rules of engagement: I will no longer be crushed when I suspect Steve is playing God and hiding things. I will simply include that in my list of likely outcomes and have my own contingency plans for it to preserve myself and my relationship with him. Is that a healthy approach for the average couple? Well maybe not, but this is Salem we’re talking about.

      I guess I just feel the need for a new game plan between these two. I feel we’ve all been watching, wishing for them to mine deeper into their issues, and a breakthrough is around the corner–but it usually hinges on Steve Johnson being nagged by Kayla to chip away at his walls. What if instead, Kayla allowed him to leave some walls intact if he chose, but adjusted her actions accordingly. No more tears, no disappointment; no threats of forever breakups; we plan a future together, but when you play God and make your own decisions, I make my own as well, and you deal with it. To the extent you can come close to me, you will be rewarded with closeness. I reclaim my power, the power of reduced expectations. No accusing looks, heartbreak, dashed dreams. Just realism. Would this erase what we love about them–the connection and their ability to break down each other’s walls? I don’t know. I’m just feeling such a sense of “same old” with them, and instead of everything revolving around whether Steve Johnson can change, I want to see Kayla change–not by becoming a forgiving doormat, but by setting the rules for once.

      That was much longer than I planned. I blame you, Sabrina!

    • I think the big frustration for some fans, including me, is the disparate treatment of Steve and Kayla – by the writers and by some fans. With Steve, he can screw up in major ways that hurt Kayla and his family and yet, those screw-ups are generally easily forgiven/excused. He had a lousy childhood, he wants to protect his family so he makes decisions without them, etc. And those excuses are absolutely true and are what keep him as a sympathetic character despite the bad decisions.

      But, if Kayla makes a “mistake” or reacts with something other than nearly immediate forgiveness of Steve, she’s just mean, cold, harsh, and a bitch. No matter how much he hurts her, or how much his decisions negatively affect her life and her kids, she’s not allowed to doubt, fear, hurt, or deny forgiveness. If she does, well she’s being written out of character or otherwise not acceptable.

      All I wanted to see was some balance. I wanted to see Steve realize that it was his turn to try and break down Kayla’s walls. I wanted some self-realization that his decisions actually have consequences that can’t be fixed overnight or with just an apology. I never wanted him to “change” as much as I wanted him to acknowledge that Kayla has reasons for how she feels – for her fears and doubts. I mean, it took four or five months after their separation before he even bothered to ask her what she needed from him.

      In the end, it was poorly written and underdeveloped and suffered from them going around in circles in every conversation. But wanting – just once – for Kayla to wonder whether being with Steve was what truly made her happy was never about not giving Steve a break, or about “blaming” him, or whatever. It was about Steve – for once – not being able to take Kayla’s love and forgiveness as a given and to realize that she did have other choices. And the only way that can ever happen is if Kayla is allowed to say that she can’t just “get over” everything that’s happened. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be acceptable.

      In any case, with Dena writing, I much prefer that S&K are together. She’s much less likely to destroy them that way.

  11. Loved your comments MP, Iska, and Susanna! How lovely to see the different points brought up. I too wish we would have gotten more from the Fynn storyline because I do love jealous Steve!! I see your point MP about letting Kayla have that messiness to her. It reminds me of the Shayla storyline, after she lost Steve. I believe there was a conversation with Roman or her dad when she basically said I’ve been the good, sweet girl all my life and where did it get me, it’s my turn now. And she has been thru the ringer!! Abother point with their parenting, it is interesting how Steve was so protective with Stephanie, and Kayla more laid back. Now with Joe, Kayla is protective and Steve has the more laid back approach, like with Jade. Like they understand what they are going thru and figuring out. That’s fun to see. I do wish they’d bring Stephanie back! And Susanna, I guess when we are all so passionate about our couple, it’s easy to go on and on. πŸ˜„ Thanks for the welcome everyone!

  12. An additional note that I forgot to mention is how I loved the dance scene redone with the Lady In Red! Wow! That’s what I was hoping for! I wanted to share that I recently stumbled across a new YouTube account that strictly has Steve and Kayla music videos! Check out Stayladays! I don’t mean to just advocate for one YouTuber. There are tons of great ones. I only mention this one because most others seem to have many subscribers and I assume are more well known. I just stumbled across this gem and enjoy S&K montages set to music! Especially 80s music!! πŸ˜„

  13. Dena aside, it seems like the fundamental problem the show has had with the five old-school supercouples (Steve and Kayla, Bo and Hope, Jack and Jennifer, Justin and Adrienne, and John and Marlena) is that in each case, the male has disappeared for a long time. The show has never found a good reason for their absences that doesn’t make the females in the relationship look like idiots. Bo and Steve disappeared for years because of the ISA, Jack went chasing a story, John was busy trying to find his umpteenth family, and Justin cheated while overseas on business. In every case, I don’t think the show, regardless of regime, has done a good job of reuniting the couples in a meaningful way that does justice to both parties, but especially the women.

    I’m glad to see Steve and Kayla and John and Marlena back together and also working together. Neither couple has ever been my absolute favorite, but I’ve really enjoyed their scenes as of late, mostly because of that killer chemistry the actors have. I would rather see this than watch any attempt Dena might make at couples’ therapy. πŸ˜›

  14. It’s interesting to get a longtime S&K fan’s perspective on this. It mostly worked for me, primarily because the last year of their story *didn’t*, so I just wanted it wrapped up. I never totally understood Kayla’s issues with Steve — he did “play God” a few times, but danger keeps coming TO them, so I’m glad the Orpheus thing helped her accept that. I do hate that the counseling thing is off the table, because even just mentioning that they’re working on trust would be good. Part of the problem, for me, is that I never felt Kayla didn’t want to be with Steve. She was resisting for the sake of story, and it made her come off like a nag. So it was nice to see them band together during the crisis and then just move the hell on. I hope they get a good story that isn’t about someone trying to split them up now.

    And I just read the pier thing as a budgetary issue, so it’s nice that it registers as history for S&K fans. It makes me slightly less ragey about Kayla hanging Christmas lights all over a PIER!

    • One thing I wish the show would do a better job of highlighting is that Kayla’s problem isn’t just the danger, but how it tears them apart. She’s said all along that she accepts Steve and doesn’t want him to change, (which made her dialogue this week feel like a canard to me). But after believing he was dead for so many years, and then him choosing to leave her again because of the danger, and having her heart broken after taking him back, when he slept with Ava, it always seemed to me that she was trying to protect herself from more heartbreak. I really liked the conflict between wanting to be with the love of her life, and not being sure if she could take any more of the pain that it always seems to bring.

      It breaks my heart that the show can’t effectively get this across… or even worse at this point, just doesn’t seem to care.

  15. Hi everyone! Wow so much here; so glad to see that I am not the only one analyzing the heck out of this epi! Let me begin by saying I was cautiously optimistic, but didn’t allow myself to get overly excited. (with Dena you learn this super quick) So here goes; as wonderful as seeing the pier again (yippee, did a fan girl dance for that) and seeing them smile, laugh, dance and kiss was, the dialogue just felt, I don’t know, awkward? While I do believe they BOTH have made mistakes this past year, hearing Kayla apologize for talking too much? WTH?!??! That kind of annoyed me, immensely. Almost like she was saying she shouldn’t have an opinion or voice. Maybe my feminist side is coming out, but she has had a good reason to be p****d with him this year. And yeah, it felt rushed. Not rushed in the sense that we have to find out they still love each other (neither have denied that over the summer) but rushed in that they still have not really hashed out their problems that led to them being apart in the first place. May sound like no faith here, but I don’t think we will ever get an honest to God, sit down, let our hair loose, heartfelt discussion about Africa, his job, Ava or Kayla’s feelings of abandonment. I guess I am asking too much from a soap, but their reconciliation would feel more solid and permanent to me if this had happened. And I did love Steve’s line about continuing with his therapist. I said way back in ’86 when they got together his childhood did a real number on his ability to handle problems and his self esteem. I think that is one of the reasons I fell in love with Steve. That tough exterior he tried so hard to project, but underneath he was just a big old heart with no idea how to give love or feel he was worthy of it. Telling my age here, but when he and Hope became friends (way before Kayla was brought on) we saw glimpses of that then. I remember thinking, “this guy has a great character underneath that sleazy act, he is just afraid to show it” And of course SN can just act the heck of that.
    Overall I was giddy and happy for the few minutes we got to see our beloved couple happy and laughing Seems as if those moments are few and far between so I cherish them all the more when we do get them. MBE and SN just breathe these wonderful characters into life and bring so much to them. Their on screen chemistry is unmatched and their off screen friendship I think makes their work better. Their little nuggets give me something to look forward to!

  16. Wow, over 30 comments and I read them all. I’m very late to the party. Mary, as usual, did a great job with her analysis. Yes, this was rushed, yes, the lines “I don’t like to talk much” and “I should just button it up” were complete and total BS and out of character for each… but, given this is a soap with new writers, I can forgive and move on…About the only positive I heard after that snippet of dialogue was S telling K she doesn’t talk too much and basically, keep talking (I don’t remember what he sd exactly), but a crumb that I can take and be able to deal w/the rest of the garbage. I was relieved when I finally watched the full show and realized her apology was for scaring the s****t out of S and not for how she’d been towards him.

    Loved reading all of the comments. Everyone has such valid points. I do hate that K was made out to be the nagging B and S really did / does need to do more groveling, but maybe he’ll get to do some in a not so in your face way (a la breakfast and coffee and desk scenes)

    I’m just glad they are finally out of the holding pattern and moving forward. I know they are going to be facing more drama… it is a soap πŸ™‚ …. but I hope they are doing it together and not forced apart again b/c I’m not sure I’d be able to put up with that.

  17. Well, ILoveMySnK, I’m even later to the party–hope they let me in ! Just a couple of quick points.I agree with Mary (surprise!) that it would have been nice if Steve set up the dinner, but I can kind of see why it didn’t happen in this case. I think Steve was still in a holding pattern, waiting for Kayla to make the first move. My hope is that if Steve does do therapy and realizes his “God” complex & how it has hurt his one true love. After that realization, he does something romantic—–maybe cracks out the old cookbook Kayla gave him—maybe even a stand-alone episode—dare to dream ! Quick question…..are we to assume that S & K made love after that scene on Monday—or that they are reconciled and still working towards that step ?

    • Hey LJ – Bringing out the old cookbook would be great! BTW, I don’t think they were able to do the deed since K was called away for work, then they had Abe’s surgery???? IDK just my thoughts

  18. I found this site by accident, but I couldn’t stop smiling at the Steve/Kayla scene. I haven’t watched Days in many years but this was my supercouple. I did tune in some when they returned last time and was so happy until it became a train wreck (my opinion) when revealed Steve had chosen the ISA over Kayla. He would never have abandoned her or his kids. I was hoping the writers would reveal that Steve left Kayla because he wanted to keep her safe but I found out that the writers stuck with the abandonment storyline and I couldn’t bare to watch that. Thank you for sharing the scene above, I may have to go in search of some youtube videos. Maybe even watch some older ones again. Mary Beth and Stephen have always had so much chemistry and I love watching them together.

    • Be careful! I was like you and hadn’t watched in years and just stumbled across on the day Steve returned to Days last year. I went back and watched old clips on YT (Most removed now) and some from 2nd run… I got addicted to S&K worse than I was 30 yrs ago πŸ™‚ Mary has lots of good posts here. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading the Steve & Kayla story she has where she discusses the characters all the way to the 1st wedding. Brought back TONS of memories for me and probably help me dive deeper into my addiction… ummm thanks Mary???

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