Salem strikes back

The adventure continues …


Lots of fun scenes with our Fab Four. I love that the Salemites are working together in an active plan to strike back at the three villains. Marlena the profiler was particularly fun to watch. She also had a great moment with Deimos and Nicole, when Deimos was loudly (and obnoxiously) insisting Nicole not be involved. “You’re a very intuitive man, Deimos…” I gotta say, not one does shade like Dee.

I’m still baffled as to what is supposed to be going on with Nicole and Deimos. I keep waiting for a sure signal that he is a villain in this, and that their relationship isn’t something we’re supposed to be rooting for. I don’t get the sense that it is, but I don’t get the sense that it isn’t either. I mean, to me he comes across to me as condescending, overbearing, and controlling … but I guess I don’t have quite enough faith in Dena’s feminist bona fides to think that this is deliberate. Sigh. It would be nice to enjoy Nicole again. Right now, she’s coming across as a weak, easily manipulated mess. And what’s with all the making out on the couch? Make it stop.

I remember from her previous run that Dena’s Days can be difficult to blog about, because sometimes it feels like cotton candy — it can be fun to watch, but there’s no there there. But the Sonny/Paul/Chad scenes were a nice exception today. The conflict between Sonny and Chad was introduced too quickly and is now being resolved too quickly, but Sonny and Chad’s argument and subsequent hug was still fun to watch. I like it when Days focuses on friendships.


And I thought the conversation with Paul afterwards was very well done, when Paul apologized for his role in breaking up Will and Sonny and said maybe, if that hadn’t happened, Will wouldn’t have died. Sonny’s pain at Will’s death is obviously still fresh, but he is drawn to Paul all the same, and Freddie and Christopher Sean played that tension really nicely. I also think it is refreshing — after Will was the focus of the WilSon, at least the part I saw — to have Sonny be the one pursued. And Freddie was looking sharp in his Elvis pompadour and black leather jacket.

And to think I used to laugh at people who asked for more screen time for babies …


Get that kid a daytime Emmy.

Screencaps Joanie


10 thoughts on “Salem strikes back

  1. The worst thing about all the couch makeout scenes with Deimos is that they gross me out because he looks like such a bad kisser. Stop trying to eat Nicole’s face, please!

    • Hey ILoveMySnK…good to hear from you !! Hoping against hope that they have some romance when this all blows over. Safe to say, I think he is back in Kayla’s good graces—–give us a stand-alone episode PLEASE !!

      • Hi LJ! “Missed you” ! I completely agree that they need a stand alone where they hash things out and make up or, at least, get well on the road to making up. I also think S is back in good graces, but he still needs to tread lightly.

        I was curious if any of you S&K experts out there (Mary) can ever remember a time that K hurt S like he has hurt her (i.e. with all the women)? I know she told him “no” a few times on marriage proposals but everyone including S knew she didn’t mean it… Just asking b/c it seems K is the one always getting crapped on & was wondering if I’d forgotten/missed anything.

        Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Next week’s Days sounds like it will be a good one.

  2. Hey ILoveMySnK —– the answer would be NO !!! She has always borne the brunt of his crap…hence why I get outraged, well, irritated, when people say he should dump her. The beginning was fine–he felt like he didn’t deserve her. Then off to the races we go; blames her for Adrienne getting raped/breaks up,back together, then is downright cruel to her when breaking up to get her to go with Jack/Billy. They get back together, for a fairly long time—–the rape/the deaf story line/wedding/Benji (UGH)…then Marina (double UGH)—-but he never broke up with her after then in the first run (except when he “died”). Fast forward to 2006 – 2009 —Ava (but he was really Nick)—the brainwashing — no Steve being cruel. This current story line—umm, he abandoned her & Joey—the Ava crap & how he couldn’t figure a way around it (drug her drink perhaps)—–that ranks up there with pain he had inflicted in the first run. I don’t really count Kayla’s anger at the rape & deaf story line as cruel—she was justifiably angry (ugh Steve with Billy/Jack) Steve has usually been the one dishing out the hurt. Mary…any thoughts ? 🙂

    • I suspected as much which is why I think K has every right to be as p/o at him as she is/was. I remember the Marina crap- painful to watch. I watched 2nd run via youtube until Steve got his memory back and wanted to end on a high note b/c had read that the remainder of their 2nd run was not good (S/L not MBE/SN of course). The Ava sh**** should never raise it’s ugly head never ever ever again. I don’t think S ever set out to intentionally be cruel , he just failed to tell her his complete past and it bit him in the butt a few times. I don’t think K would ever be cruel either, but just wondered if there was ever anything (circumstances, past, whatever) that had the same gut punch as the stuff S brought. K marrying Billy-Jack even tho she didn’t love him- I think they are both at fault for that debacle.

      • The only time I can think of is Kayla’s walking out on him during the Marina crap. But even then that was his fault for not telling her. Gawd, all the pain could have been avoided if he just told her!
        Kayla’s never hurt him in the way he has hurt her.

        The worse for me is how cruel he was to her when he broke up with her for BillyJack. That stuff is more painful to watch for me than the Marina stuff. The Marina stuff is that good angst I love to watch.

        I guess its easier for me to forgive Steve because all the woman were from his past. Now if he had cheated with Marina or fell in love with her when she returned then that would have really damaged Steve and Kayla to me. As a Bo and Hope fan I hate how many times those 2 have been in love with others. lol

        The recent Ava stuff is very hard to get thru because the stupid writers had to take it a step too far and have Steve sleep with her to save Kayla. I dislike Dena for that.

        During their run in 2006 it would have been interesting if instead of the Ava crap the writers had give Kayla a boyfriend or husband.
        Though I have to admit the Stayla fan in me loves that Kayla could never get over Steve.

    • Yup, it’s pretty much always been Steve that has hurt Kayla not the other way around. That’s what is so hard about all this. I was kind of excited that the show seemed to focused on Kayla a bit more under Josh’s writing. Last fall she was articulating her trust issues really well, and when she forgave him and took him back, I thought it was well done. The hotel room scenes showed us that she was doing it a little bit prematurely maybe, but she was taking a leap of faith, which is believable for her character … and then Dena came in (I’m sure of it) to give us Ava 2.

      Then, with Dena gone, I think there was a real triangle being set up with Fynn/Kayla, and I really want that storyline, a “Mr. Simple” story. Not that I want Kayla to seriously be involved with someone else, but the storyline has long been there for the taking, in my mind. What I picture is someone she dated in LA or in Africa (another Doctors without Borders doctor, for instance) coming back, someone she leaned on when Steve was dead or missing. And he makes a big play for her when she is hurting over Steve and she leans on him — more in gratitude than in love, but she enjoys being with him and it doesn’t hurt so much when she is with him.

      Then we could see Steve eating his heart out a little bit, and then circumstances throw Steve and Kayla back together and we go from there …

      But even though I’m happy that Steve and Kayla are getting back together, I don’t like how they are making it all about “does Kayla recognize that Steve is, in fact, a hero?” It’s kind of putting it all on her and I don’t like that. There have been some good moments but I don’t think Kayla is being written very well. Under Dena’s last run Kayla felt like a bystander, and it’s not as bad as that now but it reminds me of it.

      • Days definitely needs to hire you, Mary, as a S&K s/l consultant. I so much would rather have had your idea of someone from Kayla’s past coming in as opposed to Ava. I also, agree, though, that she would not/should not have been in love with him b/c like Michelle, I love that Kayla never got over Steve. I’m not sure what to call it, faith, commitment, I don’t know, but whatever hold Steve has on Kayla’s heart is one reason I love the characters. I think Kayla has Steve’s heart in a similar way, but K just wasn’t in his life soon enough, and he was ripped from her and memory wiped clean (can’t really fault him for that one).

        One thing I don’t mind about the current S/L is that it seems more like of a reminder to Kayla of why she fell in love with Steve to start with(?) But, I do see where you’re coming from. I hope that Kayla isn’t swept under the rug as an insignificant b/c her character (esp now that she’s the head-haunch o doctor) can add so much and can be incorporated into many different angles and groups that maybe other characters can’t. I want to see more of the strong, confident, assertive Kayla and not a helpless, my head hurts and need someone to take care of me Kayla. The scene when Joey was held hostage and they were leaning on each other, I found acceptable since it wasn’t one sided.

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