Today was a fun episode. The highlight for me was actually the short scene between Abe and Kayla, when she told him he still had fragments of the bullet in his chest. It was just very real and heartfelt, as Kayla tried to soothe him and he demanded to know the truth about his condition.


James Reynolds took this meatier material and ran with it like the old pro that he is, and Kayla was so warm and comforting. I liked seeing Mary Beth Evans given the chance to do something other than worry about Joey. Kyler Pettis is doing great work as Theo in this story, and all of the teens in the hospital were surprisingly good.

I also enjoyed the Steve, Kayla, John, and Marlena scenes, talking about Orpheus, reviewing the past and analyzing his character.


Considering how so many of the women characters have been sidelined lately, it was satisfying to me to have Marlena play the role of the profiler, talking about Orpheus’s motivations.


Criminal profiles usually end up sounding pretty facile on TV, and this was no exception, but I genuinely thought it worked well. It was effective to cut from her discussion of how Orpheus wasn’t a true sociopath because he was able to love, to Orpheus looking at pictures of his family and Joey trying to engage him.

I also appreciate that Joey (and Claire, when she was there) was actually doing, or trying to do, something. I love my 60-something heroes and I could watch Steve crouching in an alley exchanging gunfire all day long, but I want to be able to root for the younger characters too. So when Brady and Sonny act like idiots and John and Steve get the job done, I’m kind of curious what the show is trying to do. Don’t they want to give Brady and Sonny a chance to win viewers’ hearts?

Speaking of Brady and Sonny, I was torn about yesterday’s show and this Kirakis-vs.-Dimera thing they are setting up. First of all, Days shouldn’t do business storylines. Whenever they do, it’s so obvious they have no idea what they are talking about. “We have to operationalize our assets.” “It’s mission-critical to stay incentivized.” “Did you put the cover on the TPS reports?”

Also, it is so frustrating that Dena is in such a hurry to get the plot going. A feud like this should develop much more organically. I’m all for Chad being a little shady, but it should take a lot more than a couple weak arguments from Kate to get him to work with Andre again. I think Billy and Thaao have a fun brotherly chemistry and I’m all for them sharing scenes, but that was ridiculous.

Sad to see the Dimera “family” reduced to Chad, Andre, and Kate. Might as well give Thomas a VP spot.



The Kiriakis living room, on the other hand, is stuffed to the gills. It was fun seeing all those actors together, most of whom I like very much, all yelling at each other. I got the sense they were having a lot of fun with these scenes. And Deimos really did fit right in. I still think he could work as the new Victor, when Victor was shady and ruthless — the remaining Kiriakises are just too good right now. Deimos set my teeth on edge with his condescension towards Theresa at the beginning of the episode — he used the same “don’t bother your pretty little head” voice on Nicole on Monday and I hated it then too. But if Deimos is being set up as a villain, it works. I’m glad Theresa complained about it and barged into the meeting later to chew them out, even if it all ended up feeling a little bizarre.

Deimos seems to be buying that Phillip is the father of Chloe’s baby for now, though Phillip’s fumbling answer to his questions should have been a big red flag. Until last week, I was almost completely tuned out of the baby story and anything involving Deimos and Nicole, but Eric’s potential future involvement in it all has galvanized my investment immeasurably.

I can’t exactly say that the show is good right now, but I am enjoying each episode much more than I was, and there are definitely some things that have me interested at least. The pieces are there for some interesting and dramatic stories, if the show could just find a way to put them together.

Screencaps Joanie and Forever SAFE

11 thoughts on “Fragments

  1. I talked/asked about this before, but it still kind of confuses me. John Black…Roman Brady…
    Roman as played by Wayne Northrop, then died. John Black/The Pawn comes in and he is Roman back from the dead. How does he find out and what was it like when he found out he was NOT Roman but was Black? Roman when he was supposed to be Roman played by Drake Hogysten, didn’t get along with Steve at all. They were at each other’s throats in Stockholm, and Roman even punched Steve on the pier once during the Kayla/Jack story. How then are they such close buddies now? Was there a retcon involved, or did they actually show the two of them reconciling and burying their hatchets? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 95% of all S&K scenes, except for a bunch I never could find online of the 1st return in 2006.

    • Steve and RoJohn (Roman as played by Drake before real Roman’s return) made up relatively early on. They were friends by the time Steve and Kayla married (Roman was one of Steve’s groomsmen). They had the occasional clash here and there, but they were friends (and family) that whole way through. When Steve died, Roman spoke at his funeral and very much grieved for the loss of his friend.

      So, it’s not a retcon. They were friends when Steve died and that friendship continued in 2006 and to this day.

    • RoJohn — what we call John when he was Roman 85-91 — was implanted with Roman’s memories up until that point, so he genuinely thought he was Roman and remembered his life. When Roman came back he had been held captive for 7 years so he does not remember anything that happened during that time, including all the Orpheus stuff from 86. He does presumably remember what happened in 1979 when he accidentally shot Orpheus’s wife. Not that we’ve heard much about that. Orpheus seems to think he might as well get rid of both men. LOL.

      Steve and RoJohn had an interesting relationship. Steve took care of him when he was “the Pawn” and didn’t know who he was, though Steve wasn’t exactly being altruistic, he did help him. When RoJohn realized he was police chief Roman and Steve was still a bad guy of course they were on opposite sides. They started to cooperate during Stockholm, though they often argued about the best way to accomplish things. As Erica said, they made peace pretty early on and were friends for pretty much all of 87-90.

  2. I will say the storylines that are being written now are more like the old days? I am not impressed with the way they are writing for Steve and Kayla though. They are making them boring and they definitely never were a boring couple. Their closeness and romantic side leave a lot to be desired. I do hope that improves drastically.

    • I’m disappointed with the Kayla and Steve stuff too. I think the one ep when Steve was shot and Kayla realized he was wearing a vest was probably their best moment but other than that its been the same scene over and over. Kayla stressed about Joey and Steve promising her that Joey will be okay. We get it Dena! Now write more interesting dialogue and scenes for them!

    • I don’t enjoy seeing the same scene over and over again for sure. I’m hopeful once this crisis is over with Joey we will see how the events have affected them. Kayla definitely softened toward Steve before and during the crisis and I’m guessing that will continue after they get him back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. There are aspects I like about S&K, and parts I don’t like. Steve was often hilarious in the old days (who could forget when his fish died, Goldy the Goldfish, or when he “thought he saw Santi Claus!!!”) All that Emergency Center stuff was great. “State your name…briefly please…” I remember all that stuff.
    Now, he no longer has any of that edge. Too serious maybe?
    And I know Kayla is older now, and a doctor, etc. but she totally lost all her naivete of the past. Maybe that is normal? She was so hopeful and positive and thought the best of people. Now she’s negative nilly and kind of doom and gloom. Not sure the writers thought it was a natural progression of maturity and age, or if they forgot who S&K were in the 80s. That period in the ER were great times, and I’d like to see some of that banter between them… in addition to the closeness and romance you mention.

    • I’d assume that everything that Kayla went through in her life would tend to make on less naive and blindly optimistic. Besides, she wasn’t naive and blindly optimistic all through the 80’s anyway. Who she was when Steve died in 1990 was not the exact same person she was in 1986 (and Steve wasn’t exactly the same either). I think it would be entirely unrealistic for Kayla or Steve to be exactly as they were back then. People grow and change. That’s as it should be.

  4. As for S & K scenes lately—-they could be better, but compared to these last 6 months, I’ll take them ! Their son has been kidnapped, so I can see the hold on any romance—but I have seen the closeness in several scenes. Kayla has been through a lot—–I mean, I can’t blame her for feeling negative most of the time–her son is with someone she doesn’t approve of, her brother died & she doesn’t know if she can truly trust Steve—-her life has pretty much sucked this past year, except for the brief reunion in December—-what’s there to be thrilled about? Their scene in the storage closet way back when harkened back to old times—but, they really haven’t “been together” for how long —-hard to do those kinds of scenes when they are apart. I’m hoping their reunion will bring back some more fun times. Agreed with Mary—nice to see the “old timers” putting their collective heads together–hoping the ladies continue to get meatier dialogue ! Love your tweets Mary…crack me up—“get my jacket from Dario”–lol ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • Thanks. LOL. I am looking forward to Eric’s return, as you can see. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I am hopeful we’ll get to see some of those happy scenes like the storage closet and the reunion they had in December. Those scenes were really well written and felt very “them” to me. That was Josh’s writing, though. I was never thrilled with how Dena wrote for Kayla, but she’s never written for them when they were happy so we’ll see how she does.

  5. I’m enjoying the overall show much more lately. The two things that are really irking me are: 1) the Hope/Aiden stuff zzzzzzzzz, total FF for me. They ruined Aiden’s character, and he’s not even a fun villain. Plus Hope has been cheesing me off for months! I feel like Rope has been a fail and they should move on; 2) Kayla! MBE won a very much deserved Emmy this year, and now all they can think to do with her is have her “resting” on the couch and sobbing? I know she had some good stuff in the hospital scenes, but c’mon! She and Steve have had the same conversation over and over for the past two weeks! I wish Kayla and Marlena would ditch the men and save the day.

    On the bright side, I’m liking the kids more and more. I think I love Claire and her obsession with her Youtube page. At first I was so irritated, but then I kind of thought it was hysterical. I think I get punchy watching these episodes :).

    And how come Kate falls on the Dimera side of all this stuff? She’s got ties on both sides, so does that mean her tongue is going to be down Andre’s throat soon?

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