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Hey everybody! I’ve been reviewing the Marina/key storyline as I repost my Jack and Jennifer clips on Google+. I had so much fun re-watching this clip, I thought I would share it with you all again. This little arc is more about Steve and Kayla, and is a great example of how you help two characters reconnect after something like the Marina disruption. Would love to see something like this for Steve and Kayla today … hint hint.

Days has carefully established a fragile bond between Kayla and Jack. They’ve used it to create some jealousy and angst for Steve when his relationship with Kayla was at its worst, but what’s going to happen now that things are a little better?

This is a fun denouement to the plot where Jack tries to break Isabella out of Bayview.


He succeeds, but in the process ends up getting himself and Kayla captured. In desperation, he called Steve for help, but Kayla came instead. Let’s watch:

Steve rescues Kayla and Jack

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Steve pretending to be a cop is always fun. I love how Jack adds “bribery” to the charges that Steve is listing—since Jack was the one doing the bribing when he was sneaking in to see Isabella. He reminds me of snotty little brother in this scene, big brother is here to rescue him now and he can hang back and shoot off smartmouth remarks. It’s very cute. And I love the very last look between Jack and Kayla as Steve is leading her away. They seem to have a shared understanding of, “Yes, Steve is shouting and ordering us around, but it’s best to just humor him, really.” It’s a perfect way to show that the bond between them is still there, and this little adventure has reinforced it.

Back at the Brady house, Steve keeps trying to blame Jack and Kayla keeps defending him. Mary Beth plays this very calmly, though, and not with the passion Kayla usually has when she’s defending someone. She can step back enough to see he has changed and, in typical Kayla fashion, doesn’t let her own issues stop her from speaking up for Jack when the situation seems to warrant it. But, she is still not totally comfortable in that role, and I like that tension. It would have been very easy for the show to make everything hunky-dory between Jack and Kayla after this storyline, but that doesn’t happen—though admittedly this is partly due to Mary Beth and Matt Ashford and the way they play it, never letting Jack and Kayla get too comfortable with each other.

But, at the moment, she is certainly more inclined to trust him than Steve is. When Jack arrives, Steve is still unconvinced. But, he lets him in calmly (no lapels grabbing).


When Jack asks for Steve’s help, I can really feel what a brave thing this is for him to do, to let down his walls enough to reach out like this. Plus, I love the way he prefaces it by saying Steve has every right to turn him down. It shows he’s not going to play the martyr if Steve turns him down. He used to use Steve’s suspicions about him as an excuse to lash out and act even worse than he would have otherwise. Now he seems to sense that he has to accept those suspicions, and work through them, in order to have any hope of being in a position of trust again.

Steve agrees to look for Isabella with Jack (but makes it clear that it’s only because he wants to find her too). As Jack turns to leave and says “Thank you, both of you”, Kayla gives one look at Steve but leaves him alone, not pushing it. And then there’s the ending shot on Steve’s face, contemplating that Jack might have good motives, with a vulnerable look that shows he hopes it’s true. We haven’t seen his buried feelings for Jack in a long time. The irony is perfect. Steve was the last to give up on Jack (not counting Jo), and he will also be the last to start acknowledging any change in him. It shows how much damage Jack had to do to get Steve to let go. That means he will have to work that much harder to get Steve to accept him again.


After Jack leaves, we get a very nice, tender scene of Steve and Kayla together. Kayla still keeps a little distance when she expresses skepticism that he can really take care of her, listing all the things that could still go wrong. But when Steve ushers her over to the couch and says they shouldn’t think about it, she relents and lets him fuss over her. That’s a step forward in itself. Of course it’s very soapy that when he makes his heartfelt declaration of his love and faith in them, he turns around and finds she’s asleep. But then we get a sighworthy moment as he gently takes her cup from her hands and covers her up, and says, “I really love you,” in that husky voice. Perfect.

6 thoughts on “Storyline of the day

  1. LOVE Steves “I really love you’ I can watch that over and over. He’s had scenes like this a few times. One that I can recall is when he was taking care of Kayla when she was poisoned.

    I’m sad to say it but I have so little faith that today’s writers could give us little moments like this again. I feel them rushing through putting Steve and Kayla together again. I look at the way they handled the couples therapy and Kayla’s surgery. So many missed opportunities.

    • Yup. They don’t do this anymore, or rarely. I think it’s bizarre that Dena worked on the Marina storyline and did pretty much the same story 15 year later, but only the bad stuff (crazy woman from Steve’s past who is supposedly dangerous and exciting) and not the good stuff, the slow reconnection, the angst and longing.

      No one does that husky “I love you” like Stephen. 🙂

  2. I must be honest with my fellow S & K peeps. I NEVER liked Jack..ever——from his beginning, to the horrifying thing he his supposed redemption—NEVER got over what he did. Makes sense that I don’t remember this scene as Jack is involved–probably fast forwarded on my VHS !!
    As for the Marina story line–I believe I have stated previously that this story line & its outright contradiction of previous story line history (who Steve was with) irritates me to no end. Don’t even get me started about how his supposed marriage to this chick invalidated the yacht wedding–UGH..don’t make me go there Mary!! Thanks for that sweet scene—I skipped to the end …just like old times !
    S & K 4 EVER !!

    • It was a hard road for me to like Jack — I soured on him as a character with Jack #2 long before the rape — but he earned his way back. Matt Ashford is just so good, and I love the complex Billy-Jack/Steve relationship.

      Oh yes, the retcon is why I could not get into this story in 1989-90. I loved the whole original Steve backstory, the whole three knives thing with Britta and Bo. They did a good job establishing, I thought, that his time with Britta and Bo was an exception to the rest of his life — the only time he opened up. And I loved that idea, that he opened up only once before and was totally burned by it. So the idea that he had this whole other serious relationship and marriage just didn’t fit with me.

      But I am more tolerant now of retcons, my standard is that they do something worthwhile with it, and on that score the Marina story works for me. I just ignore it though when I watch early S&K. It obviously wasn’t in the writers’ minds then, why should it be on mine? 🙂

    • I’ve never forgiven what Jack did to Kayla so I have a hard time liking him as well. I’m in the middle of a rewatch and I had forgotten that in 88, Jack would have let Kayla die on the plane when she was taken to save Harpers life

  3. Ok Mary–so you were ok with the history rewrite because the Marina story was good ? If so, you are better & stronger than me. I guess the whole story never worked for me because it kind of blew everything we knew out of the water. As you said, Steve was burnt by Britta.,justifiably hesitant with Kayla—-that makes sense. A whole relationship/marriage—when did this supposedly happen——back when I was a teen, my feelings about this just made me avoid the whole story line. I hate when writers treat fans like idiots. They could have went a different route, even bringing back Briita–but they were lazy.I think their laziness is showing up again—-this story arc could be much, much more—-missed opportunities again–sensing a pattern here ! HAPPY FRIDAY ALL ! 🙂

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