Salem under seige


So far, I’m afraid that Steve’s assessment of the villains as the “Three Stooges” has been all too accurate. I don’t know if it’s a writing or directing problem (I know it’s not an acting problem: I’ve seen what James Read, George DelHoyo, and Paul Telfer can do), but I’m not feeling as much menace and danger as I feel like I should be. The show seems to undercut the drama before it has a chance to grow. For instance, I think someone wanting to work outside the law could be a good conflict, but Brady’s hit on the bad guys was too rushed and was over before I even had time to worry about what might happen.

So it’s been very uneven, but there have been good moments in the midst of it all. That’s what makes these hostage situations/plane crashes/car accidents worth it in the end, the emotions and relationships and how they change and intensify under the pressure of events.  The Paul/Sonny conversation was particularly good, where Sonny denied wanting to have a relationship and they exchanged angstful looks:


And then they discussed whether it was always possible to know if you were working for the good guys or the bad guys — just in time for Sonny to go home and hear Brady ordering that hit.

I liked JJ and Gabi’s love scene and how she told him he was a hero, and I also am open to Chad and Gabi having a momentary flirtation. I think they have a nice chemistry, and I know it won’t last. Chad’s conversation with Jennifer, when she gave him the watch, was really good, and her being the one to encourage him to move on is very soapy — given we know Abby is alive. It’s been nice to see Steve and Kayla working together, though I want to see them being more active than they have been so far. (My biggest fear is that Kayla will be a passive sufferer in all this, so I’m eager for signs that isn’t the case).

The big cliffhanger today, with Clyde shooting Abe, was more dramatic and effective than any of the other “big” moments they’ve done so far. (Line of the day: after Orpheus hijacked the press conference, Abe muttered, “How do you follow that?” James Reynolds said it perfectly.) Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come.

Regarding Chloe’s baby story, speculation has been running wild about whose baby this is going to be. I can put this out there because it’s not a spoiler, just speculation, but somehow it is speculation that is perfectly absurd and yet horridly logical, and I can totally see it happening: that Chloe’s baby is Daniel and Nicole’s baby. This speculation is based on the constant references to Nicole’s childlessness, and — warning, mild spoiler — Ken Corday saying in an interview that Nicole’s upcoming story was a baby story. There’s also Chloe’s genuine puzzlement that Deimos was not the father, and then the way she suddenly seemed to think of another possibility. To me, it didn’t feel like she was just remembering someone else she’d slept with.


So, I can’t take credit for concocting this scenario (and believe me, given how much I hate Daniel, I don’t want to), but the idea is that Nicole and Daniel banked some of her eggs with the idea that they might, after marriage, arrange for a surrogate. Daniel, in order to “surprise” Nicole, went ahead and fertilized the eggs (ew!) and arranged for Chloe to be the surrogate. However, the implantation failed, and it all came to nothing. But — surprise! — the miracle embryo was just biding its time and has now implanted.

So Deimos, who now has all the blood tests in his possession, will discover the truth of the baby’s parentage, and will keep it a secret and plan to kidnap the baby when it is born. He’s weirdly obsessed with the baby already, and they could amp up his obsession with Nicole and making her a mother. But he knows Nicole wouldn’t be party to a kidnapping (not anymore, anyway) so he’ll have to produce some other baby to pawn off on Chloe.

That doesn’t explain why Chloe wouldn’t want to hand the baby over in the first place, to her good friend who she knows is devastated that she never had a child, but I think they can work around that. Maybe Deimos will kidnap Chloe and hold her hostage until the baby is born. Nadia Bjorlin has a real life maternity leave coming up, so maybe that’s how she’ll be offscreen for a bit.

It’s all very Dena. Her most successful story ever was the babyswitch storyline with Nicole, EJ, and Sami, and Dena has recycled even her worst stories.

The other question is how Eric might be involved in this — assuming he’s involved in Nicole’s story at all. He shows up in January, which is probably around when the baby is due to arrive. He might figure out what is going on and work to save her (and Chloe) from Deimos. If Ericole is in the works, I predict Deimos will go back to being an out and out villain (which I would prefer). So the baby might end up in danger too, and Eric could partly redeem his role in Daniel’s death by restoring Daniel’s child to her.

LOL. Forgive me, I’m going to be obsessing on what Eric’s story might be for the next four months. 😀

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12 thoughts on “Salem under seige

    • It would be. I was disgusted at the idea of a Daniel/Nicole baby at first, but I think this could work, and I would jump for joy if Eric has a role in unraveling the whole thing.

      I’m picturing Eric investigating Deimos because he gets suspicious of him somehow, but Nicole can’t forgive Eric and won’t hear a word against Deimos from him. So Eric has to help her in spite of herself. Could be super angsty.

      In my wildest dreams I’m hoping they’ll show Deimos was involved in the accident that killed Daniel. Right after it happened, Victor suspected Deimos had a hand in it. It wouldn’t absolve Eric totally (he still got behind the wheel when he was drinking) and I wouldn’t want that anyway, it would be too easy. But it would soften his guilt a bit and I would like that.

      This is me not getting my hopes up about Ericole. Yeah right. 🙂

  1. I’m just so excited that Greg is coming back! I never understood how they could decide to get rid of an actor with such serious leading man potential.

    I think that having Deimos go back to bad guy would be a better move. We need a strong sexy villain. I agree that the three stooges is bot being handled in the best way. James Reid is such a good actor – I’d like to see him to more than flaccidly threaten Kate!

    AND I’d like to Kayla out of that handkerchief on her head! Worse than shoulderpads in the 80’s.

    • Ha ha! That head scarf. Wonder if we have monthdays in store of her wearing it. LOL.

      I am hoping they see that Deimos is a much better fit for a new older-man villain like Victor used to be. Trying to turn him into some kind of leading man (or whatever they were trying to do) was a baffling decision. In the 80’s Victor was debonair enough to be sortof a romantic threat to our leading ladies (Kim, Diana, Carly) but not so young and handsome that he was reformed and paired off (like Lawrence, say). Deimos could take on that mantle and do it well.

      I am hopeful because Orpheus and Clyde were talking yesterday about Victor, and Orpheus said something like, “Victor seems off his game” and Clyde said “His younger brother might be a threat.” And it would be natural for Xander to know Deimos and possibly be working with him. So fingers crossed they’ve realized he should be a villain, and Nicole should not be paired with him in a rootable relationship.

      Probably not necessary for me to say, but I am excited that Greg is back too. 😀 😀

  2. Agreed about not feeling the drama we should be with 3 villains lurking about. I had to laugh out loud about the still shot I saw of the trio’s targets all out in the wide open–smart idea ! I don’t know….am I really supposed to be worried about the hostages—is it because I am older & wiser that I have ZERO concern ?
    As for S & K….I am happy for little, sweet scenes–I’ll take what I can get, but they should be given more. They have a HUGE history with Orpheus…they should remain front & center ! I hold out some hope since I believe the trio will be around for some time to come. Does Dena remember that MBE is an Emmy winner–UGH !!

    • They just aren’t milking the drama like they should. The criminals genuinely feel like the 3 stooges and the Salemites don’t feel as scared as they should be. The show is better than it was a month ago, though, so I don’t want to complain too much. Nice to see Steve and Kayla getting a bit more airtime, but I’m like you, I want more, more!

    • I agree, LJ. I’m not concerned at all about the hostages. I know that Steve will get Joe and all will be just fine. MBE does need more than just the helpless/sick act. Kayla’s hell of a lot stronger than what they are writing for her during this. Agree with MP, hoping Kayla’s not put on a helpless silent path.

      Although I am happy to see S&K more than 1x a week 2 weeks out of the month, we still need more. I watched Monday’s episode and thought there was enough of them in it, but Thursday’s was just, eh. Although nice, they were just little snippets as you said. Haven’t seen Friday’s yet. May do that tonight even tho it’s already almost 10pm. L/O is sick again… poor thing can’t get a break, so I’ll probably be up quite a bit anyway. If tomorrow’s gonna suck, might as well watch some S&K from Fri’s show.

  3. It’s a pickle for them I think…what to do with Vincent I. He is certainly handsome and sexy – def COULD be a leading man, but is that really NEEDED on the canvas right now ?- they have a lot of handsome men, both younger and older, with leading-man hero potential (and one returning – yay!). They’ve confused the hell out of the audience by having Deimos sort of waffling character-wise. Not that he has to be all one or the other, after all Victor had his soft spots even back when he was mostly a “baddie.” However, a sexy villain serves a lot of purposes on a soap. He’s enough of a bad boy to temp the ladies, and be a schemer to “break up” the rooting couples, and he also (ideally) would have some vulnerabilities (like Caroline for Victor back in the day) so that he remains redeemable, so the audience doesn’t just hate him.

    I also still don’t get why they didn’t throw VI in Judy Evans sphere just for a bit. I’ve been waiting for it, but no go so far.

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