Happy now

So I start my work vacation with the awesome news that Greg Vaughan is returning to Days!


Here’s a recent picture from Tamara Braun’s instagram that set off some speculation that he was back. “He shaved his beard! He looks like Eric again!” I try not to get my hopes up with vague things like that, but in this case it turns out the speculators were right! He is already filming and will be airing on January 17. Early release for good behavior? Can’t wait to find out!

(Eeeeee! Isn’t he beautiful!)

Anyway, I promised I would post about last week’s Days. I was excited to have Steve and Kayla the focus of the action of the three villains. Steve was in fine form, talking fast and cracking one liners and outsmarting the bad guys.


I was not as thrilled with Kayla being bound and gagged and having almost no dialogue. It actually perfectly symbolized my fear of how Dena writes for Steve and Kayla: Steve being the center of attention, and Kayla a bystander, sidelined by injury. Last run it was a problem pregnancy, this time recovery from brain surgery. Also, the staging, or rather, not staging — of the climactic moment was bizarre, to say the least. We didn’t even see the shot that downed Steve. And Kayla told Steve that Orpheus said he was leaving her with Steve’s corpse like he was left with his wife’s. There is no way that chilling line should not have played on our screens.

But I will remain hopeful for better things. It’s been too long since Hope and Kayla have shared a scene, and I really enjoyed that. And Kim even sent a cactus. (That Hope didn’t seem to think much of. Hee.) With Joey being the one kidnapped (rather than Kayla), it will hopefully give Kayla a role to play in his rescue. And of course a chance for them to bond as they are doing so, and for the danger to bring them closer together.


But imagine being Orpheus and carrying off Joey as your prize! That doesn’t make sense. I am a little disappointed that we are getting so little of the villain’s motivations. Orpheus’s reasoning and backstory especially should be explained. Their villainy, and their cooperation, is sketchily drawn at best. “We hate everyone in Salem.” Yes, and? It reminds of Andre/Tony’s reasoning for creating Melaswen. “He’s an enemy of love.”

Okay, it’s not that bad. But a little something more than what we’ve gotten would be nice.

I haven’t talked about Chloe/Deimos/Nicole/Phillip because I find Deimos and Nicole to be a complete headscratcher of a pairing. As a writer, why would you ship off Nicole’s two love interests (my Ericole love is well known, but even Danicole had fans) and pair her with a random new character? Let alone one who kidnapped and tortured Bo. I have nothing against Vincent Irizzarry — I like him, even still! — but Deimos is a train wreck of a character. He’s bad! He’s good! Everyone in town is in love with him! He’s the new patriarch of Salem! He gets more airtime than anyone else! Any one of those things would be enough to earn him with enmity of viewers, and he’s all of them. It pains me not to enjoy watching Nicole, who I have always loved. But between her constant references to Daniel THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE YES WE GET IT and this pairing, I’m hard pressed not to fast forward her scenes.

(But let’s hope Greg’s return changes this! Wheeee!)

But I have to say I kind of like Phillip and Chloe.


I like the actor who plays Phillip — I know not everyone does — and I am enjoying seeing him get a little bit more airtime (and interacting with someone besides Belle). He was funny joking about Salem being the paternity test switching capital of the world, and the one liner about getting Caroline to do it was hilarious — since she was the one who switched Parker’s test results. More paternity test shenanigans has me rolling my eyes, but I will grudgingly admit it’s a bit of a twist to have the couple involved being the one wanting to switch the results … or however this plays out.

Screenshots Forever_SAFE and LizK ❤ SnK





12 thoughts on “Happy now

  1. Well up until the weekend I was so far behind in my viewing that I haven’t commented here in quite a while. I am still a couple of days behind but I had been a couple of weeks behind this time last week so I managed to watch a lot of Days last week and over the weekend.

    Because I am still a little behind I haven’t seen the Steve and Kayla’s showdown with Orpheus yet so I can’t comment on that part but I am excited to watch it. Unfortunately it may be Wednesday before I get the chance to watch again but I am looking forward to.

    I saw the Greg Vaughan announcement from Entertainment Weekly and that pic of him with the beard had me trying to figure out how they could sell the idea that prison had hardened him and he was now a bad boy (with a heart of gold) because those are my favorites…lol. I know there are a lot of Ericole fans out there but I am not a Nicole fan and I was never able to get behind them but I am interested in seeing what happens with Eric and Jennifer….especially if they had to deal with a Jack return….like most of Jennifer’s relationships have had to do.

    I have been enjoying Phillip and Chloe but I would be enjoying it more if I didn’t cringe every time they mentioned music or the record label…that just seems like such a dated storyline concept.

    I have been so disappointed by Deimos. I had such high hopes for Vincent Irrizarry coming to Days but I haven’t enjoyed a minute of it. Having him attack Maggie to get to Victor was a BIG mistake in my book. I can’t get passed it to open up to the character at all. And what is up with Dario working/spying for him? Maybe I missed something but that seemed to come out of nowhere to me.

    The return of the 3 villains is entertaining even if the set up and backstory is a bit thin but it’s an EVENT and I believe you are one of the people I remember stating that Dena can write events but can’t really develop story outside of those events. I’m along for the ride but with a sense of dread about what the state of the show will be when this event is over.

    • Hi Shea! Glad you’re still watching.

      I have no idea if they are going to go for Ericole with Greg’s return. I hope so of course, but I would be open to a transitional relationship for him and a slow burn. I know Days doesn’t do slow burn anymore (well, Dena doesn’t) but it would be quite weird for Nicole to be open to a relationship with Eric with where she is right now. So we might well see him him with Jennifer.

      Apparently Greg has been filming since July 25. That is only two months after his last airdate in May. So they decided to bring him back pretty quickly! I don’t know if it was due to fan response or not.

      I have written here that Dena writes events not stories, and I think it’s very true, but I didn’t say it originally. I think it was said by a OLTL actress. (Dena wrote for OLTL at one point.) It’s a good way to understand her writing.

      I still think the character of Deimos could work on the canvas if they kept him as a villain. “Reforming” him and having so many women have the hots for him is killing the character. It might be too late to save him but if they cut way back on his airtime and had it turn out he was a villain all along it might work. And get Nicole away from him. It’s painful to watch them together.

      • I was very close to giving up on Days before the Olympic break but when I realized Orpheus was coming back I decided to keep watching. I still have a hard time motivating myself to watch regularly and have decided I do best if I watch 2 or 3 episodes at once anyway. I still have no clue if I like the over all direction the show is heading or not but I am staying with it.

  2. I’m actually liking JPL more as Philip now, too. And I think he and Chloe work well together.

    This Deimos stuff is incredibly confusing. When Nicole warned Chloe about getting anywhere near him, I was like, “Then why are you sleeping with him?!” I truly can’t understand why she is doing the things she’s doing.

    • Exactly! When she was trying to say today that Deimos was a stand up guy and she can’t lie to him, just after discussing how he had Chloe followed and ordered the paternity test … uh, those two things don’t go together.

      I’ve heard rumors floating around that Jay Kenneth Johnson is coming back — he’d have to shave his awful beard! — and that’s why JPL is leaving. That might be just fan wishful thinking, but that would be the only reason to me to get rid of JPL. I like him. I like his family chemistry with Kate and Victor, and I like his romantic chemistry with Nadia. He just feels like Phillip to me. I love JKJ and would welcome him back with open arms, but if we can’t get him, I’d like to keep JPL.

      • I don’t hate JPL as Philip. I’m not a diehard JKJ-or-bust fan, but if he wants to play the role, then yeah, he should. Otherwise, I think JPL is working. The haircut and getting him out of that horrible Belle storyline did wonders.

  3. Well, can’t wait to watch last weeks’ shows ! I am disappointed that the climax did not play out as well as it could have—-seems like a pattern here…so close, yet so far ! I hope S & K grow closer through the danger and, like you, hope Kayla gets off the sidelines—-Emmy winner here Dena..wake up !!Loved your tweets about Joey—smart as a whip SMH — more like you wrote—-smart as a wig (and that is up for debate). Trying to figure out where he gets off being so smug, but I digress. Quick question Mary—on your tweets, you were apologizing to nicholsevans fan..what was that about ? Happy for you to hear about Greg’s return–I have always liked him since he popped up on my tv on 90210 way back when ! Here’s hoping for more action & romance this week ! Forever an S & K fan !!!

    • Yup, there was something off with the way they didn’t show the big climax of Steve being shot and Joey getting grabbed. But they kind of did the same thing today with John shooting Orpheus. The big leadup, the sound of a shot, and the next scene John is back with Marlena talking about what happened. Anyway, I think you will enjoy last weeks shows. And today’s!

      Thank you — I’m still smiling from ear to ear about Greg’s return. I’m hoping this means he’ll be at Day of Days again! Eeeee!

      Regarding nicholsevansfan, she had said that someone had tweeted an antisemitic slur at her, so I was just saying I was sorry that happened. Twitter can be an ugly place sometimes.

  4. Great tweets Mary—they crack me up !! Any way you can post that S & K scene you tweeted, where she literally knocks the patch off his eye 😮 ? Thanks for posting the posts from reunion time—I’ve gotten through the first 2— I LOVED that scene in the hospital closet. It is so evident how much they enjoy each others company. I will never forget the first scenes they shot after her return from her first pregnancy—it is a joy to see the love they have for each other–the smiles said it all !!

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