Goodbye my friend

I will be posting about this week’s Days, but for now I wanted to commemorate the fact that I just finished watching my Shayla DVDs. I have been binge watching over the last few weeks and just finished the last scenes this morning. I posted about Steve’s death back in August of 2011 (here , here,  and here), so it’s taken me five years to watch a year and seven months worth of shows. But I’m so glad I did. It’s really fascinating to see Kayla’s character explored apart from Steve, and to see Mary Beth do some different material.

I’ll be doing some more posts on this late 91/early 92 time period. 1990-1992 was a time of upheaval for the show in general. A lot of cast comings and goings, and churning through different writers. But it’s not until 1992 that it really starts to do some damage — it feels a little more like the show today, choppy and inconsistent. But, for all that, one thing they still knew how to do was give a proper exit:

Kayla leaves Salem

I have heard that Mary Beth had to fight for the “Goodbye My Friend” montage, and I’m so glad she did. I teared up at the first scenes and cried through the whole thing.

But even aside from that, we got to see a real departure, unlike today, where someone will have one scene where they say got an offer to go to Timbuktu. Or they just disappear and someone else casually mentions it later. We get to see Kayla get a job offer from LA, and then decide to take it when she loses her job at University hospital and starts to have problems with Shane. We see her family helping her pack. She has a going away party. She visits Steve’s grave.


Doing the “courage” sign. Sob!

Speaking of those problems with Shane … Patsy Pease had departed the show abruptly just a few months before due to personal issues. So they ended the triangle somewhat suddenly, when Patsy Pease left, and suddenly Kayla and Shane were happy and blissful. Then they had to break them up pretty quickly after that, when they decided not to renew Mary Beth’s contract. Shane had recently paralyzed in an explosion (and that, I think, wasn’t part of Kayla’s exit story, it was happening anyway). So the show went with “Shane is impotent and can’t deal with it, so he pushes Kayla away.” Poor Shane! 😀


16 thoughts on “Goodbye my friend

  1. Just checking in to let you know I still *try* to read your blog. I haven’t watched Days in awhile. But I love reading your nostalgia. Shayla was a time I left Days in a hurry. I might have been more interested had they not rushed into it after Steve’s death. I’m so glad that MB did insist on the goodbye scene with Steve’s grave. Steve/Kayla were one of my first ever soap couples and I’d never thought they’d reunite them. (And yet they did).

    I also thought should anyone understand this story, it may be you. (May not since this is about a soap you probably didn’t watch). I started watching The 100 because of a couple that kept showing up on my Twitter. The guy is Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond from Lost). The woman is Paige Turco. I would see their screen captures and go “Awww, Desmond has a new series.” And then…”Omg, is that Melanie from All my children?” Yes, Paige Turco played a teenager on a soap more famous for having an older audience (my grandmother and her sister watched this soap and it came on after school so thus I did too). Her character is forgettable but she was my age and thus I remembered her. And for whatever reason, never forgot her. I can’t remember actors I see on TV shows now but soap actors from the 80s/90s will live forever in my memory.

    Anyway, thus I began watching that show because they are an established couple on The 100. My motto is “I’m nothing if not loyal to my soap actors”. 😀

    • Aw, hello Tripp! Great to see you!!! You know there is someone on Twitter whose name is “Tripp on TV” and I thought it was you and started talking to her about Chick. LOL. She was like “Chick? Oh, Chelsea and Nick? That’s a cute couple name.” Oops.

      Anyway, I know how you feel about your attachment to your soap actors. When someone has been on Days I am fond of them forever. I’m probably the only one who looks at Jen Aniston and thinks “That’s John Aniston’s daughter.”

      Okay, I’m exaggerating (but not by much).

      Do you watch Blake on Pretty Little Liars? I haven’t yet but it tickles me to death that Ashley Benson and Blake are on that show together. Horton cousins!

  2. This is such an excruciatingly painful era. I’m not sure I can read your posts about Steve’s death. I did see the montage, courtesy of you I believe and that was just so heartbreaking, but I thank you for posting it despite the funk it put me in for days. I know I’ll go through the same when I finally get the courage to read your posts about Steve’s death. Such a great job by those 2 during this hard time for both. I’ve read some interviews by MB and how hard it was for her, and she does a great job of putting those emotions right out there for us…. raw and painful.

    On the happier side, I’m looking forward to your posts about this week’s shows.

    • Steve’s death is painful to watch, but I like to watch the big exits they used to give characters back then. It’s a mark of respect for the character that they get a big sendoff. And of course it makes it easier knowing he’s not really dead and he’ll come back, eventually. Sometimes that was the only thing getting me through watching Steve’s death.

      I’ll try to post tomorrow about the episodes this week! 🙂 Next week I get to watch the show live — I’m off work. Should be fun!

  3. I’ve heard about the ‘Goodbye My Friend’ scene but could never bring myself to watch it. Now that I’ve been rewatching the 80’s I decided to watch it today. It’s as heartbreaking as I thought it would be. I couldn’t have watched it if Steve and Kayla weren’t together today. She did see him again. Awww

    I still can’t bring myself to watch Steve’s ‘death’ and I’ll neeeeever watch Stayla. lol.

    I never knew MBE was let go. After all that she brought to the show it makes me sad they didn’t think she was enough of a loved character to keep her around. I guess people just couldn’t accept her with someone besides Steve. Or maybe it was the Shane thing that was the mistake.

    Were other actors let go at that time. What about Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell? Were they back at this time?

    • I guess she was in negotiations with the show and they were going to re-sign her, but then a new writing team came on and they wanted to go in a different direction – as they say.

      I’m kind of relieved she wasn’t around for the crazy Reilly years, so maybe it worked out for the best.

      There were a ton of comings and goings around 90-92. Steve and Kim left in 90. Bo returned in 90 with Hope, but then Hope left again almost immediately. Kim and Marlena and Wayne Northrup’s Roman returned in 1991. Peter Reckell left in 1992 and was recast with Robert Kelker-Kelly. Kim left in early 92 (unexpectedly). Kayla left in May 92. Kim returned and I guess they were planning a Shane/Kim reunion eventually, but Charles Shaughnessy chose to leave in late 92. Matt Ashford was let go sometime in the early 90’s too. I’m sure there are others as well!

      • Wow, I didn’t realize there was so much turnover at that time.

        You’re right. It’s probably best Kayla and Steve weren’t around during those years. We may have only had them for 5 years but it was probably for the best that they didn’t stay on the show long term. Look at the kinds of stuff the writers did with Bo and Hope. I think it takes away from the Supercouples when they throw in all kinds of other loves in the mix. (Funny thing is I remember really liking Bo and Carly but then I was only watching off and on by then.)
        I hate to think what they would have done with Steve and Kayla if they had stayed on through out the 90’s and on.

  4. I haven’t watched the Shayla episodes because I too quit watching Days not too long after Steve died. I didn’t have the courage to watch because I too thought it was too soon……The Christmas present that was delivered from Steve had me in tears! I do have a question hopefully someone can answer.
    When Steve came back as Nick then finally remembered Kayla they’re in a bubble bath together.Kayla stated she hadn’t been with anyone other than Steve, she tried but couldn’t do it. But I thought she started a love affair with Shane…. besides the Christmas episode I did she a glimpse of Kayla being drunk and wanted Shane to stay with her. What happened?

    • Yeah, I took that to mean she wasn’t able to find someone where it worked out permanently. She and Shane did sleep together.

      I prefer to think she dated in the 14 years in LA, rather than thinking of her grieving continuously all those years, the way they made it sound in 2006. I mean, it didn’t have to be serious. Just someone to be with.

  5. I must admit, I stopped watching “Days” after Steve’s death/funeral. I only watched Kayla’s final show in the hopes that Steve would show up & they’d live happily ever after ! Whether Shane or anyone else, with the exception of Marcus, to have Kayla with anybody that quickly after the love of her life, her soulmate, died was just stupid, Can Kayla not be on her own ? I mean, to think she lost Steve & left Salem about 18 months later, and had had another serious relationship in between—give me a break ! I’m with ILoveMySnK — I get angry just thinking about it.
    Bo & Hope fans’ heads must be spinning—Bo hasn’t been dead a year & she already slept with someone !
    I predict that Chad & Gabby will sleep together the day before Abby comes back–again, great commitment there !!
    I am curious to know about this Christmas present that Steve sent Kayla—any video of that ?
    BTW, were S & K on Friday’s episode that what Mary was alluding to–Friday’s show not up to snuff?
    Cheers & happy viewing ! 🙂

  6. Looking forward to your posts on these stories!

    It’s been a long standing rumor that SN was open to coming back for an exit arc for Kayla, and TPTB weren’t interested. But I kind of love this exit for her, even if I didn’t love the way it was picked up again in 2006. It’s always struck me that so few of the supercouples got happy endings, they were almost beside the point of this kind of storytelling.

    • I thought they did a good job with her exit. I would have been interested in what they would have done with an exit arc for Steve and Kayla. It would make me happy to think of them off together happy for those 14 years.

      But I would feel less like that if they hadn’t, as you say, botched the way they picked it up in 2006. It hurts to see her kind of looking forward to a brand new start since we know that the show pretty much says it didn’t work.

  7. Well, letting MB go & not letting SN return to exit her out properly sounds about right for those clowns running the show back then !! Kayla looks great in that shot above ! Mary, do you feel the Shane/Kayla relationship will be brought up this time around when Charles & Patsy return ? Looking forward to another good week—can’t wait for your posts—especially since you are seeing it live !!

    • I doubt they’ll mention the Shane/Kayla relationship. I would actually like it if they did because it might be interesting. But I think the show has tossed it down the memory hole.

      I am really looking forward to seeing Shane and Kim though!

      I am excited for this week too. Last time I was off work the show was really terrible. Hoping for better this time. 🙂

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