I have to say I think my favorite part of Steve and Kayla’s Friday scenes was when Steve talked about getting her “jammies.” I know I’m not the only one who thought of this scene:

“The jammies with the little feetsies.” “I hate those pajamas!” Hee!

I really liked that the scenes didn’t immediately resolve their issues. That is what I was most afraid of. Instead it showed a clear step forward without pretending everything was fine. I really liked the line “I have scars that need to heal” … though ideally there would be just a little more specificity regarding what those scars actually are.

In that vein, I did like the moment when Steve decided to take matters into his own hands regarding protecting Kayla from Orpheus, and John was able to stop him and talk him out of it.Β That was all nicely specific. Kayla overhearing that high-handedness and then listening to his change of mind, led nicely into her asking him to come home with her.Β  But again it was nice that it was clear this is for reasons of safety, not a sign that all is forgotten and forgiven. Mary Beth’s vulnerable, yet hopeful, look as she asked him to come home with her was heartbreaking.


And is there anything better than panicked, worried Steve, fussing over Kayla?


Best line of the day, when Kayla told him to stop worrying: “You might as well tell me to stop breathing.”

When Steve pulled out his gun at the end, did anyone else think it was his harmonica at first? I was so excited! All in all, it was a good episode. It really felt like this was something that was happening to the whole town, and everyone was battening down the hatches. The end of the episode montage, with everyone locking their doors, was really effective. I LOVE end of the episode montages.


Looking forward to next week!





16 thoughts on “Jammies

  1. I really enjoyed the scenes yesterday and I was grinning like an idiot when Steve told Kayla he was going to bring her her jammies. I love it when a scene on today’s shows brings back memories from “way back when.” No, they haven’t resolved their issues, but at least they were talking. I’m glad he changed his mind about having the doctor keep her in the hospital and he actually talked to her rather than keeping the Orpheus return from her. Since Steve Johnson has always had a habit of keeping info from Kayla to keep her safe, it was nice to see him going against his usual M.O.

    When Kayla put her hand on Steve’s chest it reminded me in the early days of their relationship when it seemed their bodies were in sync long before they really had a relationship or that night on the roof.

    I was worried about Dena writing for Kayla, but right now I’m enjoying it. I hope I won’t be disappointed in the future.

    • I loved the moment when she put her hands on his chest too. I agree about their early relationship. πŸ™‚

      I think Dena has a tendency to write Kayla as too saintly and kind of passive, more the patient sufferer than the active, fierce Kayla that we know. That’s why I liked the moment when she wanted to get up out of bed and start treating patients. LOL.

  2. MP, I said the same thing on another site about him getting her “Jammie’s” and then referenced the above scene in the lighthouse. It’s such a Steveism!!!! I don’t know if it’s the writers or Stephen Nichols who does those little touches, but I happen to think it’s SN. I also thought he was reaching for his harmonica. I thought the episode was good, and I floved when he threw his leg up on the bed and settled in to protect his Sweetness. Overall pretty good episode.

    • Oh, yeah, when he put his leg up it reminded me of Drunk Kayla … “I like a man who sleeps with his boots on.” Love it.

      I don’t know how much actors can ad lib these days. I get the impression they can’t really, because everything is so tightly controlled to be as fast and efficient as possible. But changing “pajamas” to “jammies” maybe would be ok, and I can see SN doing that. πŸ™‚

  3. I thought the very same things with regard to the jammies comment and the gun instead of the harmonica. I have to say I’m also enjoying the writing of the show again where all the characters are concerned. The montage at the end with everyone on edge and locking their doors reminded me of the tension in the hotel room in Stockholm when Roman, Steve and Hope were loading their guns to “Red Rain.”

    • Oh, I love that “Red Rain” montage. One of my favorites. I love all montages, but it’s fun when they do something different like that one. I agree this one was kind of like that, everyone on edge and battening down the hatches. Good stuff.

  4. My favorite part was Kayla asking Steve to come home. I just love MBE and the vulnerability she can bring.

    I do wish the previous ep when Kayla collapsed and Steve rushed her to the hospital was played more dramatically. It would have made Steve’s words about his worry over losing her have a bit more impact.

    I was happy with the Steve and Kayla stuff though. I’m happy with Kayla just smiling at him. haha

    • Oh, I totally agree. Steve referenced talking to the “Big Dude” and promising him he would do anything if Kayla came through this safely. Would have been nice to actually see that worry, instead of him just talking about it. And her change of heart would also be more believable if we had seen a reason for it. Instead of Steve saying “you were woozy from the anesthetic so you must have meant it when you were happy to see me.” In Vicodin veritas? πŸ˜€

      I was worried it was going to be rushed, so I was pleasantly surprised — but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been better.

      • I have heard about these scenes they cut, even if they are alluded to in spoilers. Perhaps, Steve’s scene was cut—-which is a shame. They really could have used that scene as a soul-searching experience for Steve. He could have gone through ALL he has done to hurt Kayla….pledge (and hold to it this time) that he will NEVER abandon her again—and then move on from there. UGH, getting depressed that they blew yet another opportunity.
        As for Kayla’s change of heart—-do you mean about her letting him back in ? At least she really can’t blame Steve for Orpheus…..right

  5. Sat. night and I finally got to see this epi. – Yippee! Completely worth watching thru my crappy/choppy streaming. My favorite parts were the hand on the chest and Steve telling Kayla she might as well tell him to stop breathing… very reminiscent of the good ol’ days. I also liked the line about the deep scars, but kinda wished Steve would’ve looked a bit more hurt knowing he gave her those scars, but, all in all, loved the S&K scenes. Agree w/Michelle about the vulnerability that MBE can bring to Kayla. I’ve always loved that.. she does it so well. Can’t wait for next week. Any idea which days will be S&K days?

    • Good point about showing Steve’s reaction to the line about scars. Like I said in my post I also wanted them to get more specific about what Kayla’s scars actually are … I’m kind of worried that we’ll see a change of heart for her without them ever really delving deep into what the issues really were.

      I don’t know when they’ll be on next week — someone who reads spoilers might be able to tell you … anyone?

  6. Hello S & K fans !!! Well, Mary–your analysis made me watch the show ! I had a few to catch up on, as I hold off a few at at time. Friday’s show was excellent—–SN & MBE are just so damn awesome at what they do and when they get dialogue worthy of them, they just knock it out of the park ! I ,too, loved the “stop breathing” line and when she laid her hand on his chest—just little things, but they make them so powerful. I must say I smiled at the exchange between them when Steve came back & said he felt Kayla should have a say in what happens to her—–the looks they threw each other at the end of the exchange–LOVED it !! The montage was great, brought back some wonderful memories—Steve, right next to Kayla, boot on the bed, gun in hand….again, so powerful without any words.
    I would love a follow-up to the scars comment—-we all know that it is not just you-know-who, but the whole abandonment issue–can she ever truly trust him again ? does he have a clue what that did to her trust ? Perhaps it will come up in his therapy as I don’t see the couples counseling happening now.
    One last point–am I terrible in not having any real feelings about Joey–I can’t put my finger on it, I just don’t care about him–is it just me ? I cared about Stephanie…just not getting that vibe for Joey.
    Looking forward to the week….they do mention S & K on the Wed description. From the weekly preview, I would suspect, and hope, that they would be on from Wed-Fri/
    As for Orpheus—he is fantastic. Always loved his voice–when my kids were watching something–I said, “That sounds like Orpheus”—they’re like–“Who”?
    Also, the Lujack/Vincent Irizarry thing with your husband–wasn’t he paired with Judi Evans way back when ?
    Can’t wait to see what unfolds…hoping for more emotional scenes between our two favorites!

    • LJ, you are not alone. I am not a big Joey fan either. Same as you, I just don’t know what it is, but he bugs me… is he whiny?? I don’t know but something’s off. I watched youtube clips of the amnesia story with 1st Steph, but never watched 2nd Steph, but from what I’ve “heard”, 2nd Steph was better received.

      The boot on the bed thing got me too, just loved it – super classic Steve. My TV info finally showed Wed & Thurs for S&K. May be having a few more late late nights to watch. Between Mary’s videos and the excitement around the story line, I only slept about 4-5 hours most of last week. When nbc finally posted Friday’s epi, I was too tired to stay up after everyone had gone to bed to watch. I’ll be sure to get my rest so I can stay up after they are all are asleep and watch alone in the dark πŸ™‚

      Speaking of the videos, Mary, in the video where Kayla decides to go with Hope to Stockholm w/o Steve knowing, who is sitting behind Steve & John/Roman on the plan holding a picture of Steve when he was a kid? I think that person was lurking around during one of the emerald clips also. Thx

      • Don’t worry ILoveMySnK…I was up until about 3am this morning catching up !!! Joey is whiny….and I guess the whole, he really should be like 7 yrs old gets me–no real attachment for me. I liked both Stephanies—particularly the first one, because she seemed more down-to-earth..not a classic beauty..just more natural.
        BTW, that was supposedly Adrienne on the plane, the one who shut off the water when S & K were trapped etc—–a bit of a stretch that she was jetting all over, then shows up like a vagabond–sorry, not a big Adrienne fan here! Have a good night & great week ! Glad to know they are on at least 2x this week ! πŸ™‚

    • Glad you enjoyed it, LJ! I thought the scenes were great. Like you say, when they get the material they really knock it out of the park. I know they spend their own time rehearsing and working out how the scenes will go, and it shows.

      I like the actor who plays Joey but him killing Ava kind of ruined the character for me. I’m trying to get past it, but I just think the good guys shouldn’t do that without there being a good reason — an accident, self-defense, something. I feel the same way about Hope and Stefano, especially the way she and Rafe covered it up and pinned it on Andre afterwards. I’m having trouble getting past it.

      Yes, Vincent Irizarry and Judi Evans were paired as Lujack and Beth — they were kind of a baby S&K (good girl/bad boy). I really liked them. I watched Guiding Light for a couple of years.

      And ILoveMySnK, yes, that’s supposed to be Adrienne. They obviously hadn’t worked out the details of the character yet, ha ha. Adrienne wouldn’t have the money to jet off to Stockholm.

  7. Okay, I thought that might be Adrienne but wasn’t so sure since, as you both said, by the time she’s revealed, she is supposed to be quite poor. I never was a big fan of hers either. She was just really annoying, don’t you think? I think they made her that way to give the fans angst of getting S&K together…. every time they got close Adrienne would barge in or call. I didn’t realize she turned the water off either… not sure I’ve watched that full scene. Sometimes I question when I really started watching, b/c parts of some stories I thought I didn’t see are really familiar, but then others I’m clueless about. Like the Stockholm story, I remember John/Roman looking at the map of the underground tunnels and a few other things, but not too much. Maybe since I was 10ish I was actually acting like a kid during those times??? + my memory is becoming more questionable these days -haha! Darn, time flies, 5:30… off to wake up the kiddos and get ready for work. Looking forward to the week of DOOL and more MP posts πŸ™‚

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