No drama

Today’s episode was really frustrating from a storytelling perspective, but I really enjoyed it — some of it anyway — when I was watching it.

Tate’s kidnapping was the only thing on the show in the last few months that was marginally watchable — it involved a lot of players, it developed over time, there were a few twists and turns along the way. So this week Victor and Deimos figure out it was Kate for some bullshit reason, they confront her, she says “whatevs” and that’s it.

So much for that.

The other blink-and-you-miss it storyline wrap-up was Kayla’s hematoma. She collapses, has surgery over the commercial break, and wakes up with no complications. Her family didn’t have time to even hear about it, let alone visit her or express some worry. Steve and Joey got to worry for about two seconds and then it was all over.


Matching bandages

However, I was intrigued by Kayla’s dialogue, when she said that she hated nagging Steve and Joey, but she feels so powerless she doesn’t know what else to do. And then when she woke up in the hospital and said “Are you sure that’s what you want?” when Steve said she’d be back to her old self. Part of me thinks “Arrgh they are going to make Kayla be the one in the wrong!” but another part is intrigued that they are showing her point of view — her uncertainty and insecurity. It’s too soon to see where they are going with it, but just for today, I liked it. No reason Kayla can’t be the insecure one for once.

And there was an Orpheus, Steve and Kayla flashback! What a treat. I’m so glad Orpheus is targeting them too — hopefully it will put them in the middle of this story. Clyde and Orpheus’s banter was a lot of fun, and I think Xander will be an interesting addition to the mix.

It was also great to see Eve again, but no way should they have had Theresa’s bachelorette party without Anne.

And, finally, you know I’m glad to hear about Eric, but I was honestly baffled by those scenes today. Why introduce the idea the Nicole can’t forgive Eric, unless they are bringing him back? If they were kicking off an Ericole story, I actually love the idea of Nicole not being able to forgive (even if the reason is, cough, Daniel), since what broke them up was Eric not being able to forgive her. But since Eric isn’t coming back (that I know of …), it almost felt like a gratuitous slap. “Okay, I know I’ve got a lot on my plate this first week, wrapping up old stories and kicking off new ones, but what I really want to do is stick it to Ericole fans, one last time.” “Okay, Dena.”


6 thoughts on “No drama

  1. Matching bandages—– LOL !!! Boy, if Dena makes Kayla the one at fault….don’t get me started ! It is weird that they look to be “wrapping” this up quickly (haha)—is Steve implying that her actions lately were on account of this condition ? I think her back & forth were confusing—-but her anger & mistrust is definitely justified ! The only thing I can see is that Dena wants to get that whole thing off the table (including Fynn?), and, hopefully, as you said, put them front & center in the Orpheus return story. I have hope after your mention of the flashback—-Stockholm anyone ?

    • I wish I had more faith in the writers to do justice to the Stayla/Orpheus connection but I don’t. My ears also perked up when Kaylas vulnerable, insecure side came out when she questioned whether Steve would want her old self to come back. I actually liked the moment but how I wish the writers would focus on their issues. They are on so sporadically and the writing is all over the place its hard to focus. I also liked when Kayla said something about how Steve and Joey do big things without telling her.
      My favorite part was Kayla waking up and wanting Steve there. That was a sweet moment in story that could have been so much more. Sigh.

      I really wish Dena didn’t brush over the couples therapy. How disappointing.

    • I think there might be some attempt to say Kayla was acting differently because of the hematoma, and I am kind of dreading that. I haven’t liked the vagueness of how their issues have been presented, but the issues are real and shouldn’t be swept aside as “the hematoma made me do it.”

      I think the sweet moment when Kayla woke up would have been more meaningful if they had milked more drama out of her collapse. A day or two of Steve going nuts with worry and blaming himself would have been great soap, and would have raised the stakes so that when she woke up happy to see Steve and Joey it would have carried more weight.

      It’s funny how happy I was that Orpheus is out to get Steve and Kayla! LOL.

      • Agreed —seemed rushed. Let Steve worry & reflect a little—maybe Kayla has some kind of out of body experience. I mean Orpheus, from what I see, doesn’t show up for a week…couldn’t they have given this a day or two –because, as you say, the payoff would have been much sweeter ! Again, only twice this week & all over the place.I am super happy if Orpheus is out to get S & K…I LOVE it when they work together. I hope Steve doesn’t do this protective crap…Kayla can hold her own.Please,put them side by side, fighting together…for a change. Is that too much to ask ? *** sigh***

  2. What a letdown. Kayla’s brain injury has been going on since January, yet the whole problem is over in a commercial break. So many potential story opportunities just tossed away by the “new” writers – it makes me sick. I hate seeing SN & MBE treated this way. Steve & Kayla are left out of almost every event that involves their family and are still played mostly in isolation with the exception of Joey and Fynn. Even the Fynn thing was handled so poorly that it makes me cringe. What if they had made him Ava’s secret lover and confidant, who then goes after Kayla in revenge for Ava’s murder? Anything but the lame storyline that we were given.

    I admit that I had hopes of a real story coming from this crisis. What if Kayla had an “out of body” type experience while under anesthesia, like she did when she had the surgery to repair the damage to her ears? She could have encountered “Angel Steve” again, or, even better, she could have encountered Jack. I could see him playing devil’s advocate about her situation and confusion over her feeling about Steve. He might have even pointed out that Steve was basically raped by Ava and made her see that she was treating him unfairly.

    Or… She could have memory loss from her brain surgery, and be unable to remember the last 20 years. That way she wouldn’t even know about Joey and would still think that Steve was dead would be shocked to see him when she woke up.

    I’m sure I could come up with many other possibilities if I tried, and I know the readers of this blog could, too. So why can’t the “professional writers” be bothered to give it a try? It does not bode well for our beloved S&K in the future. I gave up watching General Hospital last year since it was a depressing mess at the time, filled with characters that I no longer liked very much. Last week I tuned in again and found it to be much improved – I just wish that I could have that experience with DAYS. I don’t want DAYS to be canceled, but it’s ratings continue to slide due to poor writing and lack of planning. The constant revolving door of actors does not help, either. Why get interested in a couple when you know they have already been written off? While I know some of the actors have chosen to leave, many others have been fired for no reason. The other 3 remaining soaps don’t do things the way DAYS does – maybe that is why they don’t have to come up with a plan to “save” their show every damn year!

  3. Wow Cyn….great ideas !! I love them all ! I too wished they had done some kind of experience with Kayla–the amnesia thing would have been awesome—thinking Steve was still gone. You hit the nail on the head though–we are far more creative because we care more than these writers seem to do. They are wasting great characters & great actors & shoving crap down or throats–ENOUGH ALREADY !! 😮

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