She’s back

No, I’m not talking about Laura Horton, though her appearance was a nice surprise and a great Friday cliffhanger.


Hold me. Dena’s back.

I’m talking about Dena Higley. The material that she and her new co-writer Ryan Quan (after the departure of Josh Griffith) will begin airing next week.

I’m not defending the last few months of writing. It was terrible. Whatever Josh Griffith did right last fall was not on display these last few months (when Dena was on her supposed “leave of absence”). I can only guess as to why it was so bad — it felt like I was watching a show where no one was in charge. I tend to think there was a bitter power struggle going on, and what we saw was the hangover of that struggle. How else to explain, for instance, Jen’s motives for trying to take Thomas. First, she was regretful because Chad loved Abby and was grieving, but she felt she had to do it anyway. Then she insisted he was a horrible Dimera and that’s why she had to do it. Then she blamed him for Abby’s death. Then, after her own fall off the wagon she admits she shouldn’t have Thomas, but still insists that Chad shouldn’t either. But she tells him that he is a “good man.”

Oooookay. And of course, the completely logical outcome of this power struggle is that … Lucas and Adrienne are going to take Thomas. Why didn’t I think of that? Maybe because it makes absolutely no sense.

So while I don’t mourn the end of … whatever we were just watching, I can’t celebrate Dena’s return either, with or without Ryan Quan by her side. It feels more like “out of the frying pan, into the fire.”

But like so many of you out there, I’m nothing if not — dediciated? masochistic? insane? So I’ll still be watching. Cheers.


26 thoughts on “She’s back

  1. So has Jen asked Lucas and Adrienne? Or will she just bring him over and say hello, I couldn’t take care of him so here you go!

  2. I’ve “heard” that Dena looovees Ava. But let’s hope she acknowledges who keeps the show on the air and drops that horrific story line and doesn’t pursue the absolute grotesque thing that’s supposedly in the works.

    • Preach it ILoveMySnK—–enough with Ava—she has already screwed up our story line for going on 10 months–ENOUGH ALREADY !! I like Tamara Braun, but the character was lame—–she should have been recast as Britta..then you;d have me on board !!

      • A recast Britta would at least make some sense, and Steve would naturally feel guilty and want to help her. But … though I’m sure Tamara Braun is a lovely person, personally I don’t want to see her on my screen in any role. πŸ˜‰

  3. Agreed…I hear Dena does not like the “supercouple” idea & was a big Ava fan— two strikes against her already for me. The Ava stuff needs to be put to rest..for good–it has been going on way too long—–please stick a fork in this — S & K deserve more. Steve & Kayla could be doing some much more–if only the writers had some imagination—the possibilities are endless. I like the previews I am seeing, but as ILoveMySnK stated….I am very wary that Dena’s idiotic obsession could rear its ugly head yet again &force us down a path of more garbage.

  4. I’m not as totally negative about Dena as many… but I’m also not sure I have it in me to watch the whole show again. I need some umbrella storytelling in which S&K play a part to pull me back in, because at the moment I’m only hanging by that thread.

    • I’m still watching the whole show but it’s been a struggle, I must say. I am looking forward to the changes just because it will be something different. But not really with any expectations of improvement…

  5. I like the feel of the show much better than what we were getting from, like, November through July, even if the stories all feel like weird C-story leftovers. So I’m clinging to that at this point.

    What are these rumors about Ava?

    • The rumor is — anyone spoiler free stop reading! — that Ava and Steve’s son will turn out to be alive and show up in town as an angry teen. To me it seems quite likely, exactly the story that would appeal to Dena. I’m not totally opposed in principle — as long as we don’t get Ava back — but I do roll my eyes at Dena’s Ava obsession. The angry teen thing is sooo played out.

      • Ohhhhhh. Thanks. That was such a weird dropped thread, so I guess it makes sense to pick it up — but blah. I guess the conflict over Joey having murdered this kid’s mother is sort of interesting…

      • Still hoping beyond hope that if that does happen, it will turn out to not be Steve’s son. Honest to goodness, I LOVE S& K..have been with them for the whole ride, but I am getting tired of this. Having a constant reminder of Ava & “Nick” would be way too much. Again, he was “Nick” at that time—-yet this was never brought up at Ava’s first go-round…I really,really HATE when they rewrite history..especially for crappy story lines !! Agreed Mary..the angry teen–enough–what, is he going to be angry at “Steve” who was “Nick” at the time…then knew nothing about it until a few months ago —Calgon…take me away πŸ™‚

      • I just don’t GET Nicole/Deimos. Like I don’t understand what either one is actually thinking, no matter how well Zucker and Irizzary kind of manage to sell it. Why would Nicole like this man? Why would Deimos spend time with someone who talks about Daniel this damn much?!

      • The Daniel talk was out of control this week! I agree that VI and AZ are selling it as hard as they can. I think they are both great actors and I like them both. But I can barely stand to watch them together.

  6. I really think the horror story will take place b/c as Mary said, there’s been way too much talk and happenings so that it appears this is the road we’re about to go down. Not sure my heart can take it…may have to go on break until they sort that crap out. Kayla can only take so much — SEEING him sleep with the wench to start with then a kid show up? Too much for one woman IMO.

    I had a great idea over the weekend, which I tweeted out this am πŸ™‚ They need to spinoff S&K into a PI show. It should be comedy/drama (bc MB & SN can do comedy well) where they’re working together to solve cases… kind of like Hart to Hart from the 80s. This way, I have everything I want: More S&K and S&K together – happy story w/ my fave super-couple together, no Ava and entertainment! Problem solved.

  7. Hi MP – I haven’t really stopped watching as I thought I would. I went off for a few weeks and came back to find myself watching each day in about 20 minutes and FF’d many of the storylines. I keep thinking I will watch the ones I like and then realize I seriously don’t like any of them.

    A few things that keep bugging me are they still haven’t gotten the relationships right or show the cast interacting. For example where is Hope in Jennifer’s drug problems, love that they are using the family connection of Lucas and Julie/Doug but they haven’t shown Hope once with Jen and for that matter JJ has been MIA during his sister’s “death”. They just don’t bring the friend / family connections together and it would be so much better if they did.

    Chad keeps saying he has no friends but isn’t Sonny supposedly his best friend?? and what happened to the “bromance” we all loved of Rafe and Chad it would be nice to see Rafe and Chad together, maybe have Rafe give Chad some advice about what it feels like to have a Dad leave!. It makes NO sense that Chad would give up Thomas to Lucas and Adrienne.

    They also just leave stories for weeks and then pick them up again. Last conversation Steve had with Eddie was how he would do anything to change and prove to Kayla that he is a “new” man and then he will not go to 1 therapy session with her? Makes no sense.

    I don’t know the writers like you do so I am hoping with a consistent writing team they can stick to once story and keep it the same, not seem like everyone is bi-polar!!

    I am putting myself in the masochist category with you as I have been watching again for a year but can’t say I have really enjoyed much of it or then a few good stories last fall and some glimmers here and there.

    • Hi Dawn, glad you are still hanging in there watching. πŸ™‚ I agree with your criticisms. Chad seems so alone. They’ve done a good job sometimes showing that aloneness — like the scenes last week when he was trashing his living room while Claire sang “Amazing Grace.” But yeah, he has friends he could turn to, why not show them and use those relationships? And I totally agree about JJ, too. We haven’t seen him at all.

      I loved Steve’s scenes with Eddie, too — but who knows if they’ll ever interact again. Argh, so many frustrations.

      I honestly do think that the show will be more consistent at least for the next few months. It will be flat and cartoonish if Dena is her old self, but the stories will probably hang together better.

  8. At this point I only watch the show for Kayla and Steve. I don’t even know who half the characters are anymore. I stopped watching when they left and only returned when I heard they were both back.
    If I don’t see the writers reuniting them eventually I’m out. As much as I love watching MBE and SN, I won’t put myself watching the writers putting them with other people, rewriting history, etc.

    • I’m not there yet, of watching only S&K — but if it weren’t for this blog I probably would have given up on the rest of the show too.

      I do think they’ll reunite at some point — the question is how long it will take, and how much they actually work through any of these issues to get there. I’m hoping against hope that we’ll actually get to see a real reconciliation, and they just aren’t slapped back together at some point.

      • I’m still hanging in there too, though I have to say, it’s really tough right now. None of the current storylines make a whole lot of sense, and even though I know they are in big writing/cast transition, I frankly don’t care. Someone needs to start making decisions here. I’ll take anything that even makes a bit of cohesive sense at this point! Give me anything to work with!!!

        I feel like I hate all the characters right now, even the ones I used to love, because they are all acting so out-of-character, and like brainless morons (thought maybe I’m the brainless moron for continuing to torture myself). And the biggest flaw – I don’t like ANY of the couples. Everything is falling flat right now.

        I’m hanging on for Steve and Kayla, but I’m kind of scared what they might do to them – I’m okay with them not being together, but I need to still see the longing, etc. I cannot go back to them being indifferent with each other. I loved the theory of the “Nick” storyline (steve w/amnesia), but I didn’t like the execution very much, in that Steve was basically not into Kayla at all, and it just didn’t play for me. I don’t want them to start re-writing history too much. Any time the writers start doing that with a super-couple, they do damage IMHO.

  9. Oh please please please don’t let that supposed Steve and Ava child turn out to be alive! I just can’t! Like many of you, I thought bringing Britta back last Fall would’ve made much more sense! Especially considering there was a woman posing as Britta’s daughter that met up with Bo. Run with that Days!! I could deal with a Steve/Britta child but not Ava’s! Steve and Britta at least loved each other…when he was actually Steve! Ava was never with Steve. She was with “Patch”, and not even the Patch that first came to Salem but man who had no clue who he was. And she was just obsessed and nuts! OK I get it…soaps need antagonists. But not the same one over and over with the same story over and over. Secondly, Steve and Britta were together before Kayla therefore it’s easier to accept, in my opinion. The child would be much older and not a threat to his kids with Kayla. I’m sorry but I didn’t like it when they did it with Bo, giving him a daughter with Billie. But even that made more sense than Ava. What I notice is that fans get excited when they bring back the 80s Days. The 50th had Bo back, Steve, memories of the old Salem days. Now Orpheus is back and I am jumping for joy!! Though I will say having Clyde and Zander along is awesome too. Some antagonist with some depth. Not just a loon who is obsessed. To me that’s not worth carrying on. How cool would it be to find out Orpheus had something to do with Steve leaving Africa?? Or even Steve’s fake death years ago!! Possibilities, possibilities!! Please don’t let them get away chasing characters who never made sense or scored you ratings! Stick.With.The.Formula. If you don’t like super couples, go write for prime time! OK I’m done πŸ˜„

    • Great post Michelle !!! I am hoping against hope that Orpheus may have been involved with the Africa exit—him giving us a flashback today gives me hope ! Hope Steve & Kayla are front & center in this Orpheus return story line—–let’s get these characters on to something new ! Write for primetime–classic !!

    • Excellent points, Michelle!

      That’s what I really liked about Orpheus in the 80’s. He had a specific grudge against Roman for an understandable reason, and he had a specific plan that made sense. Britta was a good villain too — recognizably human. Ava just seems like a cartoon, and as much affection as I have for Joe Mascolo and Thaao, Stefano/Andre are cartoons too.

      I wish the show would invest in creating some new supercouples — they create the most loyal fans, like us! πŸ™‚ But it’s a major investment in long term story that the show doesn’t seem to have the patience for anymore. I actually give TomSell credit for creating Ericole and WilSon and Chabby — they might not have known how to write for them after their initial love stories, but their initial love stories were the closest the show has gotten to the supercouple formula for awhile. No couples have been created since then have come close.

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