Worth the wait*

*Just kidding. How long has it been? Three, four weeks? Too long.

Today’s show was really good, though, and not just for Steve and Kayla. Paul and Sonny’s scenes were stellar – I loved that Sonny talked about how he’d changed, become more cynical, more determined to go after what he wants. One thing that bothered me about the Sonny I saw (which was his late storyline) was his passivity, how he was always so Nice and Understanding that nothing got resolved. And I found Paul’s reasons for not wanting to be a detective surprisingly effective and moving.


It was a nice character moment for Christopher Sean. I’m ready for a new romance on the show (one NOT involving Deimos) and I’m on board for PaulSon.

But let’s get to Steve and Kayla! Their scenes actually felt like a shift in direction. Stephen and Mary Beth have gotten some strong stuff over the last few months, and they’ve made the most of it. But there’s not denying the story felt stalled — Steve would profess his love and his desire to prove she can trust him, she would be obviously tempted but turn him away. That plus the fact of their disappearance for days and weeks at a time added up to a frustrating experience.


Today, though, it started with Kayla reaching out. (I would have liked to have seen the setup that Kayla alluded to, that Joey was the one who suggested couples therapy, especially given what happened with Joey later. But anyway.) I was surprised, but intrigued, at Steve’s reluctance. On the one hand, given how eager he has been to prove himself in any way he can, it doesn’t make sense for him to turn down the one thing she has asked of him. But on the other, his reluctance fits his character. He likes big, grand gestures, not the slow slog of getting up every day and putting one foot in front of the other to solve a problem. His arguments against therapy rang true – a lot of people see it as just sitting around and “complaining,” and his unwillingness to dredge up old demons is certainly believable.

The most interesting moment was when Steve got genuinely angry and threw the fact that he quit his job in her face. This goes back to the root of the problem — if Kayla can’t stand to be around the chaos and danger that seems to swirl around him, how much can he, or should he, change? Is that even what she wants? This is an actual, grown up, complex problem, and I think it’s fascinating. What I am hoping, though it might be too much to hope for, is that can be an actual both right/both wrong situation. Kayla could realize that it’s not the danger itself that bothers her, but his reaction to danger (he tries to hide it from her, to shut her out, to make decisions without her input). And Steve could realize that there is no big, grand gesture that will make everything all right, there are no shortcuts to winning back Kayla’s trust.

Personally, the last person I would want to see as a couples counselor is an old friend I had known for years, especially one who was possessed by the devil and was a serial killer and so on … but the pickings are generally slim in Salem when it comes to professional help. πŸ˜€

Joey’s scenes with Jade were interesting, although (as with many things lately) a bit lacking in setup. We don’t know what Marlena told him, but it seems plausible that it was something like “How can you be ready for a relationship — especially with someone troubled — until you figure out your own issues?” But Joey’s take on it can be read, possibly, as what Steve is afraid of. Would a therapist tell Kayla that what she really needs to do is cut Steve out of her life? If that’s what Marlena told Joey regarding Jade, maybe that’s what she’ll tell Kayla regarding Steve.

The other moment that jumped out at me was when Steve told Joey to “be true to yourself.” This seemed an echo of his anger at Kayla from earlier — I quit my job for you, I changed who I am, and it wasn’t enough. Is he wondering if he should have done it? Is he proving Kayla right when she said, “You’ll resent me”? When Steve was late to the appointment, that was my first take.

But then the show threw me a curveball, when Steve remembered Kayla’s words about being afraid of what he would uncover in therapy. Was that a clue that there is something specific, a buried memory, perhaps? Or a general admission that he’s got more demons and problems than he wants to admit?  I have no idea, but I hope they pick it back up again.

PaulSon screencap Forever SAFE


20 thoughts on “Worth the wait*

  1. I love when you discuss Steve and Kayla. I don’t know how to take Steve’s reluctance to go to therapy. On one hand he says he’ll do anything to get Kayla back but then he falls into the same ole Steve by being so stubborn here. I just hope the writers don’t bring up some dark secret he’s been hiding since he was away. We’ve had enough of that!

    I hate that they apart but did very much enjoy their scenes in this ep. I’ve been watching 80’s episodes recently and its been hard to watch this Kayla be so cold towards him. (Not that he doesn’t deserve it!) But seeing her reaching out to him and wanting to work things out reminds me of the Kayla I remember.

    • That’s kind of why I was intrigued by it, because it shook up the dynamic. I was a bit ticked at Steve’s reluctance too, but I’m hoping they’ll give him some reason for it. But yeah, please not some secret from his past that he’s been keeping all this time. Ugh.

      I was watching those videotapes I found when Kayla was so persistent and determined. I do love that too … but it wouldn’t be right for her to be doing that now. I just wish Steve were as good at pursuing her as she was at pursuing him back then. He needs to step it up. LOL.

      • The “Mr Simple” story line finally came, but was handled poorly. There was so much potential, and the idea of seeing Steve really fight for Kayla…pursuing her like she did way back when–I would have loved that. Fynn was never a real threat….the writers, once again, let us down.

  2. I almost hope there is something going on, something that explains Steve’s abandonment of his wife & son. The reasoning from Steve on that aspect was weak. I I am so over this stupid Ava crap—it was a completely idiotic story line, from beginning to no end in sight…ugh ! I, too, am almost sad when I see there stuff from the 80s. I get that Kayla has been through a lot since the late 80s, but her turnabout rings hollow.
    Maybe her head injury exacerbated an existing condition that was already there. I felt she forgave Steve too quickly…maybe she is mad at herself about that.
    I am sad when I read comments on other sites talking about how Steve needs to dump Kayla and how she doesn’t appreciate him. They say they don’t have soulmate chemistry. GIVE ME A BREAK ! Were these people on board in the late 80s..clearly not ! Dump Kayla..do they forget how he abandoned Kayla & Joey—is that an easily forgivable offense ? Sorry for the rant…

    • I wonder if they are ever going to address Steve leaving Kayla and Joey in Africa. A few lines the writers have given us that he did it to protect them isn’t enough. I know they have to come up with something to explain SN’s not being on the show but they have to give us more! Steve would never abandon his family without good reason yet they aren’t addressing it.

      I can’t believe there are folks out there who think Steve should dump Kayla. That’s why I don’t read other forums. lol.
      I don’t know whether I agree that this Kayla rings hollow. I know fits hard to watch especially when you’re watching 80’s Kayla at the same time. I just keep reminding myself all the years that have gone by and all she’s been through. Plus trying to protect Joey. Yet she still hasn’t given up on Steve. She keeps reaching out to him and wants their relationship to work.

      • When I wrote that her turnabout rings hollow I was referring to her about face regarding their relationship. Back in the 80s, she was the one saying it did not matter that they were different…she fought him every step of the way until he realized that she was right. So, what has changed…..Steve hasn’t, but Kayla has—her life experiences, motherhood..etc changed her priorities. I get that, but I think Kayla is using this “bad boy/good girl” as an excuse–they were never that simplistic. As Mary wrote in an earlier post, her issue is trust & rightly so—she needs to get it out there & make him see that his abandonment has consequences. Steve can’t just run off, neglect his family & then wonder why Kayla isn’t necessarily secure in his reassurances—she has heard it all before. There had better be some underlying reason, that we don’t know of yet, for his leaving them in Africa—maybe it will come out in therapy…maybe in a stand-alone episode ?
        Now, for Ava…..this is really such a stupid story line. If they had brought back Britta, it would have made far more sense.Ava comes back because she is obsessed with a man who technically doesn’t exist anymore…once Steve regained his memory..”Nick” was gone. Then, we are supposed to swallow that they potentially had a child–give me a freeking break ! If this baby ever turns out to actually be alive…UGH…it had better not be Steve’s—-I am so over this pathetic story line. Seriously…it has been going on now for how long ? Dena Higley, I have heard, does not like the supercouple….well, I am starting to wonder.These actors/characters have such great history & great chemistry..give them a story line worthy of that–stop with this low rent garbage..it is a turn off. Seriously, I hate thinking this way because I was so glad to see he was coming back…but I am about to jump ship. He has been back for over a year…what the hell have they really done with these two great talents ?

      • I have lost hope that they are ever going to address why he left her behind in Africa, beyond what they have already told us.

        I think you have a point with her having forgiven him too quick last time. That makes sense to me and I hope they bring it that out a little bit more.

  3. Hey Michelle, completely agree with you and after reading this, I’m not as pissed as Steve as I was, but am still quite annoyed. I think what was really the kicker for me was that he told Kayla he would go, then didn’t. To me that’s just rude in general, but to do it to Kayla? I know he’s given up a lot, but he’s put her through hell time and time again. He’s lucky she still speaks to him. I just can’t bear the thought of some other horrid thing coming up from the past A-G-A-I-N that always bites them in the butt. Plus, if rumors are true of what might be coming, I may have to watch hiding behind my blankey just like I do any other horror show.

    • I was pissed at Steve too for not showing but then I was, at least, a little relieved that he called her and left a message that he wasn’t going to be there. It’s small but I hated that it looked like he was not even going to contact her.
      I do think the fact that Steve gave up his career is going to be an issue.

      I’m worried about that spoiler too but at least, the witch Ava is dead. I just worry about how Kayla’s going to react to it.

  4. > (I would have liked to have seen the setup that Kayla alluded to, that Joey was the one who suggested couples therapy, especially given what happened with Joey later. But anyway.)

    That was actually part of their last family scenes, but it was a month ago. πŸ™‚

    > And Steve could realize that there is no big, grand gesture that will make everything all right, there are no shortcuts to winning back Kayla’s trust.

    Great points all. I really think Steve acknowledging this would go far with Kayla (or at least genuinely put the ball in her court).

    • Damn, I can’t believe I forgot that. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the reminder!

      I would love to see Steve say that he understands big gestures aren’t going to be enough. I think they really haven’t communicated clearly up until now. I kind of liked seeing them arguing again.

  5. I’ve also seen comments where people on other boards are saying Steve needs to leave Kayla and my first thought is “did you even watch the show in the 1980’s???” I do sometimes feel like I’m not 100% certain why Kayla is acting this way and then other times I totally get her and want to yell at Steve. Part of my problem I think is that they aren’t on that often, so I forget things (like Joey suggesting marriage counseling).

    I am worried about Dena because it seems like to me for some reason she doesn’t like Kayla/MBE (I tuned out last time before Dena came on). I want to remind her that MBE is an Emmy award winner and with both SN & MBE they have a couple that is still popular after 30 years and two people who know how to act.

    For now though I’m watching my 1980’s DVD’s and enjoying that time period.

    • I’m staying away from message boards for the most part right now. I don’t need to hear other people talk about how bad the show is. It’s just depressing. And hearing them bash Kayla would be even worse.

      I think you are right to be worried — I am worried too. I think Dena likes to write for Steve and Kayla but I really don’t think she writes them well at all. Particularly Kayla. She seems to have trouble writing for “good” characters, especially good female characters. She is better, at least slightly better, with the bad girl types.

      • Ummm yeah, good thing I don’t read other boards either b/c my red-headed temper might – strike that – definitely would get the best of me…. Don’t go bashing my Kayla and damn sure don’t start suggesting Steve leave her or she leave him. Those are not fans of S&K and most likely were not part of their story from the beginning. I know we shouldn’t get angry with the simple-minded but I’ve got limits -don’t push’em πŸ™‚

        LJ — LOVED everything you said…. preach it!

        If this Dena chick doesn’t like MBE she must be a cold-hearted wicked b/witch. Who cannot love MBE? I mean really? She pushes away SN/MBE then I’m out for good.

        Off my soapbox now — It is most definitely Steve’s time to put in the effort to win Kayla back, and so far, he’s failing. Let’s hope we have some serious revelations/reminders of what their love is come to light with whatever comes of the head injury and surgery. They both need to be reminded. Great time for some flashbacks and a visit from Angel Steve or whatever they called him in the deaf story line.

  6. Yesterday was a good episode all around in my opinion. It’s the first time in a long time I haven’t fast forwarded thru it or simply deleted without even watching. Of course, S&K being on is always my reason for watching. But I also enjoyed the rest. Loved Sonny and Paul’s scenes. And even the Hernandez family. It was a nice break from the whole Deimos saga and even the Ciara/Chad story that is just wearing on me.
    As for S&K, loved it! It was an interesting shift. We have seen the “I can’t live with you/I can’t live without you” cliff hangers from Kayla that never are followed up on!! I agree it would’ve been nice to see Kayla get to the point of therapy but nevertheless, here we are and I’m happy. Yes at first it seemed like Steve just did a 180 from willing to do anything for Kayla to now putting the breaks on therapy. When he said “I’m not the one who has a problem with our relationship”…gosh I wanted Kayla to say “of course not! It was you who left in Africa, it was you who slept with Ava!” Kayla should have a problem and Steve should see that. That was a little insensitive to me. I was like “what are you doing, Steve!!???” Then it seemed his reluctance to be more about his fear than his willingness and that made sense. I don’t feel like he intentionally missed the session. At least not because he didn’t want to do it for Kayla. At first he noticed he was already late and seemed angry at himself. Then the play back of the conversation with Kayla calling him out for being afraid of what therapy might bring up. I get the feeling he was lost in thought with some issue he’s afraid of. My mind has been running wild with the possibilities! We never got a true explanation of why he left her in Africa. We just assumed Kayla did, in an offscreen conversation. BUT maybe not… I am with you all when I say please please please don’t let it have something to do with Ava. Please let us be done with her and that whole storyline so we can pretend it never happened! We will see. I just wish that we got to see them more than once a week ,if even that. I mean the look John gave Steve when he walked into TBD…come on that is worth following up on! But I’m sure we will just end up past that point the next time we do see them. Does anyone else think it’s interesting that these women keep coming up to Steve in these bars? Remember the blonde at Brady Pub right after he moved out? Wasn’t she wearing a red dress too? This probably means nothing but my mind grabs on to whatever it can!! Glad to see them back and to be able to discuss it with you all!

    • He was definitely being insensitive, and yet it somehow worked for me. I wouldn’t like it if he kept it up, but I could see things boiling over in the moment like that. We just need to follow up on it. Yeah, I was definitely struck by the voiceover and his expression — I hope it really means something interesting. And not another secret or another woman. Sigh. You’re right that there was another one at the Brady pub, someone who he helped before — I don’t remember all the details, but she wanted him to take a case. I think the trope of these women always showing up at bars to hit on Steve is really sort of stupid. Hope this one doesn’t mean anything. πŸ™‚

  7. So so much here; let me say with Dena at the helm, I don’t feel optimistic, I know I have bashed Dena before (here and on Twitter) but it just seems to me she really doesn’t like Kayla. Hence my nervousness about where this is going for our beloved duo. I too have seen the bashing of Kayla and that really annoys me. While her ups and downs have been confusing, I also see her side. Steve left her and Joey in Africa (we think as we’ve never really gotten a clear SL on this………..hint hint DOOL writers), comes back with a pocket full of promises and wham, Kayla gets her heart broken all over again. And I love my SEJ, but lets be honest. The man has a God complex a mile wide. He sincerely wants to protect Kayla, and there is never been a doubt he loves her, but the way he handles problems when they arise leaves a lot to be desired. (his past childhood, Jack, Marina, Ava, blah blah blah the list goes on and on) ONe would think he would have figured out by now that keeping Kayla out of the loop is a sure fire way to piss her off. Because it pisses me off for sure. I was super annoyed with him for skipping out on the therapy session, but was intrigued by the memory of Kayla asking him what was he afraid of. That could be some really good material if the writers handle it right. I was a little shocked at his anger with Kayla. After all Kayla has had to deal with the past 8 months, I wanted to seriously to whomp him upside his head for that. Our fav couple have a whole host of issues to work out. I really really want to see happy times ahead for them. Would greatly help if they were on more than 2x a month but hey what do I know?

    • Ha ha, yes, it would be very nice if they were on more than 2x a month! I think you are spot on with the issues between them and I think, overall, that both have been written in character — so far. I am nervous about Dena’s return too. I think she doesn’t get Kayla at all. Josh Griffith did, at least he seemed to last fall. He said he was a big fan and it showed.

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