Days fun

Hey, everybody, I’m feeling good about Days this week! You know why? Because Mama Pickford is here! I don’t know if it was the break, or just having her to watch with, but I’ve been enjoying the show this week more than I was before. Plus, I’m looking forward to some of the changes coming up, which I’ve heard a little bit about — okay, the show won’t necessarily be better, but it might be … bad in a different way. (Hey, I’m trying to be realistic here.)

I’ll post more about the show this weekend, but this week has brought home to me how part of the fun (and sometimes, almost ALL of the fun) of watching a soap is the people you get to watch it with — and that includes all my fun blog readers and Twitter peeps. So I thank you all, because if I didn’t have you I think I would have given up on the show long ago.

More fun: one of Mama Pickford’s friends gave her some Days trivia cards from 1990, and we were testing each other’s knowledge. Lots of fun questions, many of which we didn’t know (what was the name of Liz’s cellmate when she went to prison for shooting Marie?), and some that we did. Who did Robin Jacobs’s first husband? What was Orpheus’s sister-in-law’s name? Who got Max to talk?

We got a kick out of this one: who were the wedding attendants for Roman and Marlena’s first wedding? A: Maggie, Marie, Kayla (played by Catherine Mary Stewart), Abe, Eugene, and … Chris Kositchek. Who as we know, is now Roman:


Soaps are so great.

And … my husband doesn’t watch with me, but ever since he came in one days and recognized Vincent Irizarry from his LuJack days, we have a running joke that Deimos is his favorite character. He keeps teasing me that he’s going to start a Days blog too, and yesterday he sent me this:


Needs work, I think. 🙂





5 thoughts on “Days fun

  1. When my kids were tiny I used to say ‘time for the John Black show” so that if they told their little friends how I ignored them for an hour a day their mothers wouldn’t know it was for Days.
    Fast forward 18 plus years and my now University aged son came in the other day and said, “oh you are still watching the John Black Show!”.
    Good parenting skills is a life long legacy.

    • Funny! In my country (Denmark), Days is called “The Horton Saga”. It’s was a bit awkward when there weren’t many Horton’s on the show.

    • I told my mom that you called it the John Black show and she loved it — John Black/Drake is her favorite!

      I love the community aspect of watching a soap. It’s what makes it worth it to hang in there in when the show isn’t the best.

      Farah, I love that it’s called “the Horton Saga” in Denmark! Yes, very awkward that it’s kind of the Brady saga now instead. LOL.

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