Here comes the Son

I wanted to take a moment to post because I’m heading out of town tomorrow for a family bar mitzvah. I am behind in my Days watching — I haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet, but I figure I’ll have plenty of time during the Olympics to get all caught up.

It was a very nice surprise to see Sonny again!


I had heard the rumors he was coming back, but didn’t know when it would happen. I am excited to see what they do with Paulson. One thing this show desperately needs is a new romance worth rooting for. Rafe and Hope, Dario and Nicole, Deimos and … everyone? No thank you. I like JJ and Gabi, but we never see them. I detected sparks between Sonny and Paul before Freddie left, so I’m interested to see where they take them this time.

I liked that they first showed him with his family. I missed that with Belle and Shawn, for instance, when they came back — especially Brandon Beemer’s Shawn. They were just so eager to reintroduce the Shellip triangle, which was the worst idea ever … actually it’s nowhere near the worst idea Days has had, but still, it wasn’t good. It was like the show forgot he was related to everyone in town. Too bad too, because even in this stale, sketchy, underdeveloped story, I actually enjoyed what I saw of Brandon Beemer this time.

But back to Sonny. I think it’s a bit silly for him to come bearing a big check for Victor to rescue him from his financial woes — a crisis this is not (Victor might have lost a lot of his money, but he seems to be doing just fine). But I like that Sonny is plunging into the fray with Deimos, and I hope that he and Justin (whose evidence tampering seems to be coming back to haunt him) will continue to be involved in this story. I also really appreciated the scene at TBD with Adrienne and Justin, family members just catching up. I was glad to hear him talk about Will and how much he needed to be away from Salem, where everything reminded him of him.

So I’m very glad he is back, but I have an uneasy feeling about this latest round of firings and hirings. Can’t we keep a stable cast for more than six months, or is that too much to ask?


10 thoughts on “Here comes the Son

  1. I started watching again with the return of Sonny. Some good things and some bad, but I didn’t realize how much I missed the interactions between family and friends. I knew that characters were in bubbles, but seeing Sonny with his family and Gabi/Marlena, John/Marlena earlier this week was like a warm blanket. I’m bracing for the potentially bad story to come, but right now, I’ll take what I can get.

  2. I was away last week, but thankfully DVRed, since S & K were in it twice. I have yet to watch, because I want to savor it as this week has been another S & K drought. Will they even bother to have them on before the 2 week hiatus — UGH !!

    • I don’t think they will have S&K again, but I’m not really sure… I’ve seen “rumors” posted around that they might be on, but my TV info has not mentioned them (Not that it’s reliable). I am soooooo worried that Days is going to run off SN again, and possibly MBE this time too. That would break my heart b/c I feel I’ve just been reunited with 2 long-lost friends.

      • The snandmbe site shows promos for after the olympics and will include mbe with her head problem with Steve and Joey by her side so we will get to see more of them. I don’t know how much but some.

    • Almost all of the videos for my posts about 80s/90s Days were on my YouTube channel. Days/Sony has been clamping down on YouTube channels that post Days clips and getting them taken down for copyright infringement. Mine had escaped their notice, until this week. But now my channel has been shut down and all my videos are gone. 😦

      • Crap !! I had only just found out, from this blog, about that Xena site on Youtube & had just finished 1986—seeing scenes I had never seen because I only started watching in September ’86. I was just getting into the whole Duke story line & when I went on last night, it’s gone 😮 ! I am not happy about any of this—if they insist on shutting these things down, then offer us DVDs….maybe they don’t want people to see how far they have fallen-lol !! Still hoping for an S & K stand-alone after the Olympics—have you seen the preview for the “Second season of Days” Mary ?

  3. I am heartbroken that TrueXena’s YT channel is gone. She had the only full collection of S&K’s return to DAYS from 2006-2009 that I was ever able to find. And she was making a beautiful playlist of one hour of S&K episodes clipped together from 86 & 87 that was a joy to watch. I’m glad I saw it all before it went down, but it is so frustrating that Sony constantly does this to loyal fans of their show. Yes – it clearly shows how low DAYS has fallen over the last 30 years. Stories were intricately plotted and allowed to play out as written. Families and friends showed up for weddings and funerals. Holidays were meaningful and emotional times for families to gather together. The dialogue flowed smoothly and was sometimes intentionally hilarious – remember Eugene and Calliope? And relationships took time and energy to develop, instead of just picking random meaningless couplings.

    I like VI and I think he is a talented actor, but his character Deimos has already had sex with 3 women on screen since he hit Salem earlier this year. This does not make me interested in the character or his “feelings” – it only makes me wish that some of his screen time could be given to stories and characters that have history and relevance to the show.

    • For anyone looking for True Xena’s videos just find me on twitter. She’s moved over to Dailymotion and Google +. I don’t want to put the link here just in case. She’s uploading everything again this time password protected. I will DM you the links.

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