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You see, Days? You see why we’re always asking for more cast interaction?

I thought today’s Steve and Kayla’s scenes were perfect.


Especially since we hadn’t seen them for awhile (ahem) — and the last time we did, Kayla had that somewhat confusing reversal from what she told him in LA. I was willing and able to fanwank that reversal, but we sorely needed to see her confiding in someone what she is feeling. And Fynn, blank slate that he is, is the perfect person for her to confide in. He has no agenda, he’s not going to come back with an automatic “But Steve loves you” or “I think you should give him another chance.”

This was the key line: “If he could have convinced you that he’s changed, he would have already done it.”

What I loved about the Steve and Eduardo scenes is that they, in turn, addressed this exact question. First of all, I love when the show can find two people going through a similar situation and use a conversation like this to illuminate both of their thoughts and motives. Both men had dangerous jobs and left their wives in order to “protect” them. And (And they used Eduardo’s past in the later scenes too, when Kayla scoffed at Steve’s “safe” job working with an assassin. Nicely done.)

So what else could Steve do that he hasn’t already done? As Eduardo said, he’s “apologized, groveled, begged, pleaded, and promised.” People on Twitter have been saying this for months: Steve has done it all, what more does Kayla want? But the show managed to nail down the missing piece: as good as the conversations we’ve seen Steve and Kayla have (and there have been some good ones), words are cheap. What has Steve actually done since he got back? He’s gone off on one dangerous quest after another. Not the best way to allay her worries.

And, as an aside, we really need to hear more about what her worries actually are, because they have been somewhat simplistically reduced to “we’re too different.” That is a rather lovely mirror of what he used to tell her over and over again back in 1987, but I’d like to see the show make more of the trust issues, and fear of being hurt, instead of reducing everything to the adventurer vs. the homebody. But I digress.

So when Eduardo said that buying the bar was a way to show Adriana he was serious about sticking around, it was a challenge to Steve’s worldview — his tendency for grand gestures and outsize self-sacrifice. Kayla doesn’t want him to slay a dragon for her, in fact, that’s what’s scaring her off. So taking a job as a bartender is doing the opposite — as if the brave knight won the fair lady by staying in the castle and helping her clean out the moat. Is that something he can do, is it something that he should do? I like that I’m not sure, but I also like that he is going to try.

But of course, he shows up just in time to see Fynn making his move:


Ah, jealous Steve. I love Steve in so many ways, but jealous Steve has a special place in my heart. I loved the quiet hostility when he said, “Oh, I’m not angry at her.”

Then, it was interesting how he told Kayla that by not flying off the handle it was a way of showing her he’s changed. Kayla’s skepticism that tending bar will be enough for him is warranted (and I loved the shoutout to his short stint at the men’s clothing store). And honestly I’m not sure if I believe it myself. I would like to see them eventually hammer out some middle ground between Steve changing who he is for her, or Kayla deciding she’ll take him on any terms. I’m not sure the show is sophisticated enough to explore these issues and come up with a layered solution, but today was a very, very good start.

And I did love the Cheatin Heart shout-out, including the peanuts on the floor! However … I don’t think Steve ever had to “drag” Kayla there. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Show me

  1. Thank you, thank you, for finally coming up with some time for Steve and Kayla. While I hate the idea of Fynn with Kayla, I love the idea of Steve fighting for her…So bring it on Days–as long as the story leads back to Steve and Kayla reconnecting, I will be satisfied.

    On a side note, what’s up with Kayla disliking Jade so much? Kayla who found a home for Frankie and Max and took in Adrienne doesn’t want to help this girl. Okay, yes, Joe got into trouble with her. Hey, Joe got into trouble before her! Kayla, where’s your big heart?

    • We are talking about her kid now. Makes a big difference . And this girl is dragging him into what Kayla as a Mom is not approving of. I myself would have liked him to be more like Steve when it came to jumping into bed with Jade. What an example that could have been to our teens of today. Probably dont watch DOOL the way they did many years ago.This soap does not seem to want to take time developing relationships like they did so many years ago. They whip pages of story out and so far into the future who knows. But I have and always will love Steve and Kayla and their relationship and would love to see some of that relived again.

  2. As far as I remember, she followed him to the Cheating Heart the first time and never had to be dragged there at all. Too bad they didn’t show a flashback of the night they played pool for kisses – that one was awesome. I guess they reserve their “flashbacks” for Aiden so we can be forced to see his stupid “romance” with Hope over and over again.

    Since they use the club TBD set a lot, perhaps this means we will see more of Steve, but I hate it that he is stepping out of “BlackPatch” since it had so much potential for story. I don’t think Sweetness ever stops by there for coffee or drinks, so that doesn’t give me much hope for more S&K interaction. Now if they reinvented the Heart, that might be interesting.

    I am frustrated that S&K are sidelined, but at least they have not been ruined like Hope has been in the last year. She gets on my last nerve and I wish they would just rest her character for a few months. Send her off with Doug & Julie on a cruise, and take Ciara with her – please!

    As for Kayla’s big heart and Jade, well, I think Jade is a little too much like Steve for her comfort since she is so intent on pushing Steve away. Jade has a troubled childhood plus absent parents, little or no morals or ethics, and thoughtlessly talked him into skipping bail and running away from his legal responsibilities. As much as I love Steve, that is pretty much a description of him in 1985 when we first meet him. He was a drug dealing flunky for Victor who did pretty much anything for a buck, and was hungry for revenge on his old buddy, Bo. He matured and changed his life, but it took time. It took time to reveal his troubled past and his good heart, which made his character more interesting and vulnerable, which made us love him.

  3. I agree that I don’t think Kayla has really expressed what is really her problem with Steve. Maybe she doesn’t think he really loves her as passionately as he showed in the video his sexual actions with Ava. I’m sure she feels he loves her, but not sure if he loves her as much. I may be grabbing at straws. I know I would have a hard time getting that video out of my head.

    • If Kayla thinks that way, it must be her head injury. All she has to do is flashback to their courtship to see/feel the passion Steve has for her. Another thing, Steve never loved Ava…he was brainwashed at the time he/Nick hooked up with her—that is why this whole storyline was so stupid–Ava obsessed with a man who didn’t really exist anymore. It would have made far more sense if they had brought Britta back.

  4. FINALLY! I actually enjoyed most of yesterday’s episode. I’m not crazy about Jade and Joey, but I enjoyed everyone else especially Steve and Kayla. I agree about needing to know more about what Kayla’s worries are. I would also like more consistency with their story. For example, the last time they were on screen (weeks ago!) Kayla had come to Steve’s hotel room to talk and because she couldn’t stay away, but we never saw what happened. I guess nothing, but it could have been an interesting conversation! We need Kayla to do more than just say it won’t work.
    I am also kind of disappointed Steve is leaving Blackpatch- I thought that was a perfect compromise- he would be able to use his experience, but still be in town and not running off all of the time. I, like Kayla, have doubts about the bar tending gig, but I am open to see what happens! I also loved the Cheating Heart reference- a flashback would have been perfect for sure! Great blog as usual, MP!

    • Im extremely disappointed. Yes, Black Patch was the compromise and it was fair! Kayla is making no efforts to work on this with him nor even hint at what might mean something to her.

      As for this storyline it has been painfully slow moving and non eventful.

      I never thought I could say this but the brain washing story was superior! Here we have zero movement and other than seeing Steve feeling bad most of the time there is little if any emotion shown. While you see this as drama, for many its just slow and non eventful.

  5. Thanks Mary for a great analysis of the show. I read it this morning, but was running late for work, so couldn’t comment. I agree whole hearted with what you said. I remember the day he worked at the tie shop…. Kayla certainly didn’t make it easy on him. Remember? She was there and it was almost like he was embarrassed to be working at the place and to make it worse, Jack walked in…. anyway. I’m glad we FINALLY got to see S&K together again. One small step toward getting back together, but lord knows, there will be many more bumps. There has been way to much of Hope/Aiden/Ciara/Chad/Jen…. too much crap. Those stories have been beaten down… let’s move the real stars to the forefront. BTW, I do like Jen, they just need to use her better. Was never a big fan of Hope as she just gets on my nerves, and really, how dumb can you be to take Aiden back, I mean, seriously people wth? We still need our S&K stand alone episode, but if they think they have to have someone else in there, throw Rafe in and make sure he doesn’t say much and walks around w/o a shirt. 🙂

  6. I kinda thought the post-kissing-Flynn scene in her office was odd and weak. They just start talking, and not about what he just witnessed. It looked pretty much like Kayla was fully accepting and even liking the kiss, and he saw that. Then their dialogue didn’t really address it. Didn’t go the way I expected at all.

    The Cheatin Heart remodeled…OK, is this the first ever mention of what became of the 80s dive bar? That was interesting and unexpected. I too really expected a flash back to a scene or two. Like maybe the Christmas when he gave her chattering teeth. But dragged there, and dancing all night long? I dunno about that. Not really their true history being said there.

    Lastly, and this is about today (Friday’s ep), all the talk about Kayla hating Jade and thinking she’s all wrong for Joey. Joey says her and Steve need counseling too, etc. You’d think that someone, perhaps Joey, would have mentioned that everyone and their dog once told Kayla to stay away from Steve and that he was absolutely all wrong for her and nothing but trouble. Sound familiar? She should give Jade a chance like she did with Steve, no?

    At any rate, nice to them back in two eps this week. I don’t watch unless they are on, period.

    • It’s not the first time they mentioned that it was the old Cheatin’ Heart. When Eduardo first purchased the club and approached Dario about running it, Dario made a comment about how he had worked there when it was the Cheatin’ Heart but even when I heard reference it seemed like more of a reminder….like I had already heard that before. Maybe Adrienne mentioned it along the way?

  7. I didn’t see yesterday’s ep…. How much S&K did they show? May be #patchandkaylaforever (instagram) will have the highlights for me? I love their instagram.

  8. I *so* enjoyed this particular episode. In a sea of “meh” lately this one had me excited. I’ve basically taken to judging episodes as stand alone’s considering the lack of story line continuity. I won’t beat that dead horse. It was so refreshing to see the cleverness and casual, historic mentions return. I completely agree with you about drawing the parallels with Steve’s and Edwardo’s dangerous pasts and present problems. So good. This is a new way to connect two families who otherwise don’t really have a reason to be connected. Days has been having enough issues mixing relatives. I’ve been liking the beefed up Hernandez crew and their story line for quite a while now anyway. Adding them to my S&K faves…gravy. If this is going to be the quality of Johnson/Hernandez episodes bring them on!! Let’s hope the writers use the fact that Adriana works at the hospital now to make a Kayla/Adriana connection. I would love to see that. Allies on the flip side, them commiserating with each other over the hell that their loves have wreaked on their families! Also, I think they’d have a good deal to compare/advise with child issues as well. Neither one approves of their son’s choice of girl friend. The tension it would create between the two ladies if one got back with their man. So many possibilities! Please, please let them figure out how to mine this gold!!

    • This was a really good episode — I was impressed. I just really, really hope that the show can turn things around after the break. More episodes like this would help!

      I would LOVE to see the Johnson/Hernandez family interact more — I like the idea of seeing Adriana and Kayla interacting. They definitely have some things in common too!

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