Hey, not bad

I wanted to do a post on today’s show because I thought it was actually decent.


I’ve been rolling my eyes for weeks at Hope’s willingness to get back together with Aiden when HIS SON RAPED HER DAUGHTER, but today was a decent payoff for that frustration. My frustration was partly with the show, and not just with Hope. I thought they were genuinely trying to sell us Haiden, round 2. An idea I find so nauseating it is making Rope look good — seriously.

(And all this happening while Rafe lay tied up with the timer ticking down was fairly suspenseful, though I think they could have stretched it out even more. Like Hope goes to his house to cry on his shoulder, but his mother tells her triumphantly that Rafe is done with her and is with Blanca. So Hope goes home, discouraged … as the clock ticks down.)

I liked that Aiden’s fudging on when he was actually replaced with the double came back to bite him. It was such a weaselly lie — he already spilled he was working for the Dimeras and was hired to kill her, but he couldn’t resist holding back that one extra fact.

But why was Roman so eager to excuse Hope for giving Aiden another chance? Why was everyone? One of my pet peeves with modern Days is how other characters on the show are so willing to excuse a supposed “good” character’s actions. You know, people don’t have to agree on things.

But I should be careful what I wish for, because when Days does disagreement it sometimes turns out like Chad and Jennifer today.


I thought the scenes themselves were great, honestly. Billy Flynn and Missy Reeves did really well and had a really nice rhythm going. Their recriminations they were hurling at each other were nicely specific — I liked that Jen said she was wary of him from the beginning, because she was, though saying Ben only went crazy because of Chad was stretching things a bit far. And I liked how he brought up her pill popping and said she was just doing this because she was going crazy about her daughter.

But. It all came out of freaking nowhere. We needed to see Jennifer seeing something specific to set her off, to make the danger to Thomas seem urgent. And we needed a longer buildup of simmering frustration, more distrust between the two of them, before this final crack up.

Well, one takes what one can get, these days.



5 thoughts on “Hey, not bad

  1. I am a week behind but I got home Friday in time to catch half of the show live. I could have fainted…The kidnapping story was looking like an umbrella story with all the different characters involved! What I watched on Friday was better than anything I have seen in months so i guess I will try to catch up and keep on watching. I have been on verge of giving it up but Friday gave me a little hope that I will be able to stick with it a bit longer.

    • I have been enjoying the drama around Tate’s kidnapping for the most part too! And like I said in this post, I liked the the Rafe/Hope/Aiden stuff this week — something I haven’t been able to say for awhile. Let’s hope it continues.

  2. I agree with your post and your comments, but it was yet another week without Steve and Kayla. This means they have been on ONCE in 4 weeks and I am not sure they will be on next week. That is so ridiculous! I am so over the Ciara/Chase stuff and really ready to be done with the Abigail stuff now that she’s gone. It will be great if they actually do make the kidnapping story an umbrella one. Maybe they will pull Steve and Kayla into this story. I really just want some consistency- tired of the show being hot or cold. There. I’m done with my whine for the week!

    • I totally agree that it’s crazy how they’ve disappeared. Argh, it’s driving me nuts. I really hope they can get involved with investigating Tate’s kidnapping. Steve’s partner John is certainly involved, so hopefully at some point Steve will be involved too, and that’s a start …

  3. Once in four weeks 😮 and, believe me, nothing to write home about !! I, too, hope they get involved in the search for Tate. Again, both characters have a rich history with so many others…don’t waste it !! This whole Rafe/Hope story line is eerily similar to the annex explosion back in May 1987 where Steve & Kayla were trapped. For my two cents, nothing could top those scenes…

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