Triangle troubles

One of the questions from the audience at the brunch with Stephen and Mary Beth last year was “Does Rafe smell good?”

Stephen read the question out loud and his deadpan reaction was priceless as he passed it over to Mary Beth to answer. Then she mouthed “Oh my God” and said he was so handsome and charming and smelled … so … good. It was adorable!


I’ve always been neutral-to-positive on Rafe. I’ve found him to be a bit of a lunkhead sometimes, but in that he’s not very different from the rest of the Salemites. I never liked the idea of him with Hope, but I did enjoy their friendship when they were just partners. I did like him with Sami, though I never got too attached because I knew he was doomed to get chewed up by EJami. He held his own in that triangle more than I expected.

Honestly I think my favorite relationship for Rafe was the one with Chad last fall.


I think Rafe does really well as a ensemble player — a friend, a police officer, a brother. These characters are really important to have on the canvas, so I’m happy to have Rafe on the show. I am not one who resents the sudden influx of Hernandezes — I’m glad to have some new blood on the show and I like the dynamic they’ve set up, especially with Rafe and Eduardo. I’m not sure about bringing on a new character to be a romantic interest for him, as they did with Jordan once before and are now doing with Blanca.


Blanca seems … nice. The actress is appealing and brings a nice energy to the screen. I think I have been burned by how many new women they have tried to introduce in the 30-something demographic — Summer, of course, is the latest to crash and burn, following Taylor, Jordan, Madison, Serena …

They are doing one thing right with Blanca, which is to bring her on slowly instead of putting her at the focal point of a story right off the bat. But I’m not encouraged by her falling for Rafe so suddenly, and that so far it is the only thing that defines her. That, and being able to make a mean guacamole. Well, there are worse things …


10 thoughts on “Triangle troubles

  1. As it stands, this show is not worthy of your nuanced criticism and thoughtful analysis. I haven’t watched in weeks, but you almost make me want to turn it on again.

    • Aw, you is so nice! πŸ™‚ But yes, I’m upset about the state of the show right now. It feels like it’s getting a liitle better story-wise, but the characters feel flat or something, there’s no one to root for.

  2. The show has been so bleh lately. Are Steve and Kayla even part of the show anymore??? It literally has been two weeks since they have been on screen. Is Joey still alive? Has he recovered from surgery? Who knows?? They are really the only reason I have tuned in lately so now what is the point? I am SO over Ciara and her Chad fantasy. Hope and Aiden? I can’t even. I think Deimos will pass Kate for the most people slept with in the shortest amount of time! Ugh. The fast forward button has been my friend lately! What in the world has happened??? How can the writers think this is actually good stuff???? SO many missed opportunities. There were so many promising story lines a few months ago. Sorry for the whiny post, but I am so fed up. However, I do agree with your tweet that Blanca is cute and the dance was adorable! That’s all I have on a positive note.

    • A-MEN Cathie!!! I am so with you. I haven’t watched for 2 weeks and won’t until they bring S&K back. I like Rafe only b/c he’s pleasant on the eyes, but have never been into any of his story lines… but keep him on he is sooo handsom πŸ™‚

    • Cathie, feel free to whine. I have not been enjoying the show at all lately. It’s been difficult to get inspired to blog about anything. I’m glad you agreed with me about Blanca today. That scene could have felt forced, but she was really natural and it worked.

      I like Vincent Irizarry but it’s it’s absolutely ridiculous that Deimos has all these women he’s involved with! I have been marginally more interested in the story since Kate pushed him in the river, so I hope that continues. But Hope and Aiden, Ciara and Chad?? Ugh and ugh.

      ILoveMySnK — Yup, I agree Rafe is handsome! πŸ™‚ I really do like him on the canvas. I haven’t been able to get into any of his pairings but I think I could see it with Blanca. We’ll see.

  3. UGH …. this is getting RIDICULOUS…..2 weeks without S & K ….give me a break !! Any wonder why this show has sunk to the bottom of the Nielsen Ratings pool ?

  4. I am a day behind….and have been 1-2 days behind for the last week. It’s just feeling like a chore to watch. If S&K were on I might feel different but I am not even sure if that would fix it. I have found myself looking forward to the Olympic break and that is pretty sad.

    I definitely feel like we have had a writing transition. It feels like every story on the canvas has reset or changed direction. I have no clue if it’s going to be any better but it feels like movement. I still think it’s feeling so much more old school soap than it had been and that makes it slightly easier to watch even if it is still dull and almost lifeless.

    I’m still trying to figure out what is up with the Deimos storyline. It doesn’t feel like Vincent Irrizarry is phoning it in…in fact I think he may be trying too hard to sell it but I have yet to get any kind of spark from him. I’m not just talking about romantic chemistry with any of the women in the story but I am also talking about that evil energy that you get from most villains,. I just feel nothing.

    So Blanca is very pretty. There are moments where she really reminds me of Christie Clark (Carrie) until she speaks. I was intrigued by this experiment to bring a well known and experienced telenovela actress onto an American soap opera but I don’t know where it’s going.

    I don’t understand the 2 week break from Steve and Kayla at all….I would like to believe this means we have a stand alone episode to look forward to but I doubt it. Why couldn’t they have given me a 2 week Hope/Ciara break instead?

    Galen Garing is very attractive man and Mary Beth has a little crush on him. I saw a little interview with her around the Emmys where she was talking about that Rafe and Hope first kiss and she seemed a bit jealous.

    • I feel like it is getting a little bit better but I agree, it feels like a chore to watch. It doesn’t help that I feel like half the characters I’m watching are leaving (so it’s hard to be too invested) and I hate anything to do with Hope or Ciara. That doesn’t leave much …

      I feel like Vincent has to try too hard to sell it, because it doesn’t make sense. I can kind of buy his past with Chloe but the Nicole and Kate stuff is so forced. I do kind of like this murder thing with Kate because I’m looking forward to seeing it crash down around her. But besides that, it’s been kind of painful.

      I hope Steve and Kayla will reappear again soon. Most of their stuff has been okay to good, so hopefully that will continue, whenever we see them again.

    • I’m so behind! I just can’t get really interested right now. Plan to catch up over the weekend. I do like the Hernandez stuff, and agree that Blanca is very cute. I like her, which is more than I can say for Hope. I really loved Rafe all throughout the serial killer storyline, and Galen Gering is charming and handsome. I just don’t think he and KA have much romantic chemistry. It would be nice if they could find someone he has a natural spark with. Fingers crossed for Blanca.

      As for the Deimos stuff. Sigh. VI is also super handsome and charming, but it’s not working within this story. He’s a really good actor, and he is trying to sell the hell out of it, but it’s just not there. I still wish they’d try him with Judi. JE is such a good actress, and she’s really wasted right now.

      MBE and SN must be on vacation. That’s the only explanation for dropping that story for TWO WEEKS!

      And dammit, bring back Matt Ashford and give him a contract.

      For the first time in a long time I’m watching GH every day and super behind on DOOL. A total reversal from the Fall and Winter.

      They need to pick up the pace and cull the herd (which I assume is coming), but they desperately need some focus.

      • I really don’t get getting rid of Greg Vaughan and then trying Nicole with Deimos and Dario who she really has no chemistry with. The Deimos/Nicole scenes on Wednesday were supposed to be all intense and angsty, and they both did their best, but there’s just no there there.

        I still like VI though, and I think trying him with JE would be a great idea. It’s worth trying!

        Glad GH is a little better, so you have something good to watch. I’ve gotten my DVDs back out, so that’s one positive side effect for me, anyway. LOL.

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