Harebrained schemes

I’ve mostly been annoyed at this whole Deimos story, until now. I couldn’t believe in any of the emotions the show was trying to sell me — Kate or Nicole falling for Deimos, Deimos obsessed with Nicole. I didn’t see any reason Deimos and Kate would want to marry each other. I thought the “Helena” flashbacks were laughable.

But damn if they didn’t hook me this week, a little. I thought the introduction of Chloe into the story was reasonably well done — a retcon but not a horrible one. I think they even had her mention a boyfriend “Robert” back when she showed up in town after Daniel and Nicole got engaged. I’ve always liked Chloe for the most part, and I’ve thought since last year that she would be a good addition to the canvas — a well known and liked character in that age range, who isn’t related to everyone in town.


Kate’s scheme is crazy, but my fears that the Salem PD would swallow it whole (like they usually do) have proved to be unfounded. Unlike her feelings for Deimos, which I never believed, I do believe she would make a play for the Kiriakis fortune. I really liked the scene where Victor came to Kate with his offer to back up either her story, or Nicole’s. I enjoyed seeing him bait the trap and let her walk into it. I thought Victor’s story to Roman today was a bit sad, though. Victor is usually a lot more subtle than that. Nevertheless, it was gratifying when Roman pointed out that a lot of people wanted Deimos dead and Victor and Kate seem awfully eager to pin the blame on Nicole. The Salem PD does have its moments of clarity, few though they may be.

I am reasonably interested in seeing all the different characters investigated who have a motivation to kill Deimos. And I am very eager for Kate and Aiden to be exposed for the frauds they are. (I’m just shaking my head at Hope for getting back with Aiden — the woman is insane.) Deimos is obviously not going to take this lying down, though I hope he stays “dead” for awhile so we can see the investigation play out a little bit more.


I’m also grateful it’s given Nicole something different to talk about other than losing the “love of her life” (cough, cough), some different characters to interact with, and hopefully will give her a little bit of her fight back.

I also enjoyed Steve and Kayla’s standoff with Charlene Manson and family on Monday.


The standoff gave both Steve and Kayla their chance to shine, even Joey … though he’s still got a long way to go before he can get back in my good graces. Steve was an effective hostage negotiator – I especially liked how he used the story of how he lost his eye to connect with Dirk. And of course Kayla the doctor springing into action at the end when Joey was shot.

My favorite moment, though, was when Joey asked Kayla about Fynn and Steve looked up, suddenly alert.


I love jealous Steve so much, and Stephen plays it so well … I want Kayla to stay with Fynn forever. Ha ha, just kidding! But I do hope Fynn has a little more fight left in him.







28 thoughts on “Harebrained schemes

  1. Mr Simple has been fun. But not long enough. Let Steve see that someone else is making a real play for his sexy wife and he might change his mind about not changing his dangerous ways. If he wants Kayla he would have to really fight for her before we get our happy reunion.

    • I agree with you. Even though our end game is to see S & K back together, it is fun to see Steve squirm a bit, as he seems to take Kayla’s devotion for granted. I know Fynn is on canvas until the end of summer, so who knows. I also saw something about a casting call for a “loner doctor between 45-55″…..mmmm interesting age range! I am hoping that all of this will lead to a stand-alone episode for Steve & Kayla, where their relationship in the past & now is explored and feelings are let out !!

      • Oh, interesting about the casting call! I like that age range too. I wonder …

        A standalone episode would be so great! I’d love to see that be their reconciliation episode, maybe, where they hash everything out. And flashbacks.

    • Yes, exactly! I want this to play out a little bit more. Fynn can still have feelings for her and she can lean on him as a friend — that’s enough for what I want, which is to see Steve squirm.

  2. I was actually crazed the past two days when, after they left off with Joe being shot, they brought us back to Deimos et al. But I am a little more interested! Chloe is a great character to throw into the mix – did Deimos really care for her, or is this another big old lie!? She’s a lovely woman and a good addition, I hope. Just as long as I don’t have to listen to her and Nicole going on and on about Daniel…

    I also honestly laughed during the scenes with Mama Hernandez scheming to get her son and her BFF together – very cute. I love how she calls Hope “the skinny detective.”I hope Rafe moves on because Hope is clearly cray-cray. I kind of like Aiden more as a little weasel than I did as Mr. Good Guy, and he is getting himself wrapped up in all kinds of intrigues with Kate and Andre, etc.

    As for Finn, Steve and Kayla – Steve doesn’t have to find out that they’ve agreed to be “just friends.” Let him squirm!!! And, Hell Yeah, to a stand alone episode. I’d love to see Jack show up in Steve’s dreams and give him crap. Where is Matthew?

    • Ugh, I didn’t think about Chloe and Nicole going on and on about Daniel. Hope that doesn’t happen.

      I get the biggest kick out of Mama Hernandez not liking Hope. I loved her calling Hope “the skinny detective” and Aiden “the shady guy who should be dead.” Ha ha! I like Aiden better this way too but does Hope have to be so stupid to get hoodwinked AGAIN? It’s too much.

      Matthew was supposed to be back for five episodes, so we’ll see. I’d love to see him interact with Steve.

  3. I commented over on mykkleraus’ blog how something weird seemed to happen at the beginning of last week and the show just feels like it has a different vibe to me all of a sudden. It feels more like an old school soapy vibe than it did before. I can’t put my finger on anything specific but these last couple of weeks have just felt a little lighter. The Deimos story feels so soapy that it is almost campy at times. It almost feels like storylines may have changed and shifted a bit. This material would have been filmed in January so maybe it is coinciding with when Dena returned from her LOA? Josh’s departure was announced in mid February so this could be the point where they were not in agreement about the direction stories were headed so some changed may have occurred. (I am just speculating but it could explain why it feels different.)

    Whatever it is….I think it has been more entertaining. I am still not sure I actually like any of this Deimos storyline. It still has a ton of holes and details that that I do not understand but I would much rather see Kate scheming like this than watch her bedding Deimos or any other man and I would rather see Nicole fighting to prove her innocence than grieving over Daniel. I haven’t formed an opinion about the addition of Chloe yet but I will try to keep an open mind.

    I enjoyed the stand off at the commune but whoever decided it was a good idea not to follow up on that story until 3 days late needs to be fired. I think my favorite part was when Kayla put Aunt Simone in her place. But what the heck was up with the layout of that commune where Steve went in through a door right off that alley area but entered the room from the other side of the building?

    • I have been more entertained by the show this week, though it’s a very, very low bar to clear after the last few months. I think you’re right about the campiness — in a good way (or at least, better than what we’ve been seeing). Steve and Kayla have been a bright spot — at least they feel like themselves and I believe in the emotions I’m seeing. Joey unfortunately ….

      I’ve always liked Chloe. I don’t think Nadia Bjorlin is a great actress, but she is good at certain things that soap actresses need. She has a strong screen presence and is good at connecting with co-stars.

      I agree, I’ve always been lukewarm on Kate but I would rather see her scheming then bedding Deimos and supposedly falling for him. I just didn’t buy that at all. And hopefully this will wake Nicole up a little and make her fight back.

  4. The reintroduction of Chloe definitely feels like a positive move. I thought it was downright bizarre how they didn’t make a big deal out of her walking in at the end of last week — seriously, that could’ve been any random lady — but her material with Deimos/Robert this week has been interesting. And she’s not behaving like a complete moron (yet)! Like you said, very little of this actually makes sense, but a lot of the dynamics work. (Why would Deimos reveal his true identity to her so soon? What’s to stop her from going on Google and reading up on all this shit?) I think Shea might be right that this was in the throes of the writing shift, and we’re seeing some forceful course… well, I don’t know if *correction* is the word, but change for sure. It’s almost as if they decided the dynamics resulting from this Deimos “death” were worth enough that the setup barely mattered.

    I found the commune stuff unbearable, although I thought the kid playing Dirk did well and that Steve’s negotiating with him was well written. I’m just tired of the writers creating more and more new stuff every time they need a plot point, instead of focusing back on what’s already on the show. Couldn’t they have found a way for this life-or-death situation for the Johnsons to result from something going on with Deimos or Andre or anything else that’s already set up? They just keep adding and adding, and as a result, everything is so flimsy.

    • The commune stuff is stupid. I also find the politics behind it weird and borderline offensive (“we are the 99 percent,” but, oh, they are actually thieves and murderers). That plus Yo Ling being a murderous environmental activist — is there some Donald Trump fan on the writing staff?

      Everything feels thin, I agree. A lot of “let’s throw a bunch of crap at the wall and see what sticks.” And the emotions they are trying to sell mostly aren’t working – anything to do with Deimos, Hope deciding getting back with Aiden is the way to go. But I agree it feels like things have shifted a bit. We’ll see if it lasts.

    • Amen about the commune stuff being unbearable & thin !! There are so many other things they could explore without making up stuff with characters we have no history with, and, therefore, could care less about. I love S & K, but Joey…….I don’t know..I had a better feeling & more connection with Stephanie–am I the only one ? Quick question—-when Shane & Kim come back, do you think it will come out about Shane & Kayla (ugh)….if so, do you see that going anywhere ?

      • I actually wouldn’t mind if they addressed the Kayla/Shane thing, though it’s SO far in the past that there might not be much to play there.

    • Oh, and addressing the comments about Shane. I’ve mentioned b/f that I quit watching during Marlena’s possession (just couldn’t take the stupidity of the story lines), so I didn’t see them try to kill off Steve (thank God)… I’m not sure about addressing the Shane thing… now that I’m 40 w/a B-I-L of my own, all I can think is EWWWW πŸ™‚

      • LOL..EWWWW–I agree !! S & K are M.I.A. ……they leave us hanging like that –absurd !! I was just wondering about the Shane thing because Kayla told Steve way back in 2006 that she was with “somebody” but never mentioned who. Again,Steve was presumed dead….but I think it could be an issue with it being Shane–does Kim know? I always thought she should have been put with Marcus way back when–that would have been fine !!

    • They taped this stuff way back around Christmas 2015. So it was WAY before MBE won the Emmy. Btw, they are also taping Christmas 2016 now. That schedule hurts them so so much imo.

      • Ohhhh, that’s right… completely forgot about that– I’d read that somewhere before. BTW, how do people find out info like this??? Just curious how folks get the scoop on things. Speaking of which, I checked the “spoiler” pages that I know of, and it doesn’t look like SnK will be on next week either…. I’ve resorted to old video clips on youtube. Many great ones out there. Watching those, I do go more towards team Kayla as she is either crying or got the sad face in most… she’s been through some sh***. But, I’ll try to remain just neutral as I luv’ em both πŸ™‚ You search youtube for SnK kiss and you get some great, mostly happy times, videos!

  5. Oh yeah, Kim knows all about Kayla and Shane – it caused a lot of conflict between them even though Kim had already divorced Shane and thought she was pregnant by another man. Kayla’s pop was a real jerk to Kayla over it, basically telling her that she had no right to any happiness with her sisters ex-husband, no matter how much hell and heartbreak Kayla had been through in the previous year. As usual, Shawn only cared about his “best and brightest”. As far as we know, Steve does not know that it was Shane that she was talking about when she said she had been with “someone” but it didn’t work out.

    • Thanks for the heads up about that whole situation Cyn—I stopped watching when Steve was “killed” off. I LOVE watching old S & K clips on youtube—–the storylines were, for the most part,fantastic. I wish they would go back to Stockholm !!

      I have 2 words for the powers that be, “stand-alone episode” !! Let’s get this couple back on track & give them a storyline worthy of their history & talents !!

      • I had to edit your comment, LJ. Remember this is “spoiler-free” Days. πŸ™‚

        But I agree, we need a standalone episode! I am about to go back and do some clip watching too, I think … I need something to blog about!

  6. OOPS..sorry Mary !! Getting late πŸ™‚ Those old clips make me yearn for the days of great storylines,….something sorely lacking these days. I LOVE S& K, but this storyline, if that is what they call it..is a dud ! πŸ™‚

    • No worries. πŸ™‚ Whenever I watch old clips I’m truly amazed by how good the show was back then. Even the stories I remember as being “bad” are still well constructed, especially compared to today.

  7. I see a huge double standard here. Kayla apparently is always considered blameless and righteous. I don’t get that at all. I love these two But when Kayla acts out i am not Immune to it. It was not a righteous act to go after her sisters husband! That she kept names from Steve also shows she keeps things com others that do portray her in a good light. the sam was true with Fynn. Yet Steve would be held to scrutiny and is if and when he is not given to full disclosure. Steve does not go unpunished.

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