Tonight I celebrate my love for Bope

Another day, another standalone episode where one deceased half of supercouple appears to the other in a dream.

Seriously, it was great to see Bo again.


I really love it when the show dives into its history and really pulls out all the stops, and that’s what they did here. I actually squealed when Larry Welch showed up, just because it was so unexpected. And as a mother, when Zach appeared, I admit I cried.

The flashbacks were a treat. I got butterflies just hearing some of the old music themes. And Hope’s Massachusetts accent! I miss that! I just read an old interview where Kristian said that when she first joined the show, they said Hope had gone to boarding school in Boston, to explain her accent. I find that very cute.

But the capper was when “Tonight I Celebrate my Love for You” kicked in. What a surprise! I really miss all the great music from 80’s Days. I understand why they don’t do it anymore, but it added so much to the show. I’m really happy they’ve managed to bring a bit of that back, with Claire’s songs. But who can beat “Red Rain” playing as our guys got ready for action in Stockholm … “Don’t Give Up” as Kayla comforted Steve … “Wicked Game” for Jack and Jennifer … the end of the show music montages … and all the great, great couples themes, like this one.

In terms of plot, the whole episode was a bit thin. I do appreciate that Hope admitted that she lost her moral compass. But it felt a little bit weaselly to have Bo, and Zach, and Stefano (!) all come back to give her a pass and a blessing for not coming forward and letting Andre rot in jail. I’m glad they addressed the issue, though, and I hope it signals that the good guys might be a little bit more “good” going forward, because I’ve missed that.

And not to be a negative Nancy, but I also have to admit to some feelings of frustration. Things like this, great as they are, just make me realize how far the show has fallen. What does it say about the state of the current show that two of the best episodes in the last few months feature characters that they’ve killed off? “Hey viewers … here’s a glimpse of the show you could be watching, if we hadn’t killed everyone off!” (Yes, I know Peter wanted to leave. Still.) I’m not even a huge Bope shipper, but can I get excited about Hope’s choice between Rafe and Aiden after being reminded of this? Not just Bope, but when Days actually knew how to tell a great love story?




12 thoughts on “Tonight I celebrate my love for Bope

  1. I did enjoy and shed a few tears over this episode and I have not followed the BOPE couple that much. I’m to much a fan of Steve and Kayla and would really like for them to have a show like this also. Maybe this would be a good type show to bring them back together and bring that feeling of love the couple shared.

      • Me too.More than ready for more Steve and Kayla. Since they brought them back the have downplayed their existence, I don’t understand that. Us Steve and Kayla fans are hungry for more more more of them. DOOL has a great product and they need to use it. I don’t think our writers no how to write for them.

  2. Great perspective Mary Pickford..maybe the writers are trying to reinstate some values into mighty shakey s/l ..bring the goodness back to Salem…and restore the Bradys…which should include ERIC BRADY..HOME & HAPPY & GOOD🌞

  3. Curious MP why do you understand why Days doesn’t do music anymore (aside from budget?) I actually miss that, not so much the montage numbers which I did enjoy but just music in the background in general to add to the tone. I know JnJ used to use a few cords for a romantic scene and it would say a lot. I think steve and Kayla had that also. I know each supercoue had their special song and I agree when they played “tonight I celebrate my love”. I had a bit of a smile and liked the nod to the past

    • It’s money. I guess music rights are just insanely expensive. It’s a reason that they can’t release old episodes too. Very sad.

      I loved the songs they used for JnJ, particularly “Wicked Game.” That seemed really appropriate for them.

      But I’m really glad they sprang for it for this song. I wonder if “If Your Heart Comes Out Tonight” could appear in a future episode?? It would be nice to hear “The Rose” but they didn’t even do that in the 80’s!

  4. I have not enjoyed the character of Hope for a long time now. I was always more of a Bo fan than a Hope fan but I loved Bope. This episode just made me miss Bo even more.

    As far as the music goes I am not sure why they would not be able to use “If Your Heart Comes Out Tonight” since it was written for the show by two of the shows music writers back in the 80s.

    • Back in the 80’s I liked Hope more, but now I’m the same, more of a Bo fan.

      I’ve heard that too, that the song was written for Steve and Kayla. I would think it would be cheaper, or free! for that reason.

  5. I truly enjoyed this episode. OMG Larry! What a hoot!

    I “hope” this brings a return the old Hope, not this new wet mess they’ve presented us with. The idea that she just hasn’t been able to let go of her guilt about Bo makes sense. Like you said, MP, they basically gave her a pass on the murder, but with all the murderers walking around free in Salem, at least she managed to kill a bad guy LOL. Kristen and Peter just have that “thing” apparent in every scene they share together. That elusive chemistry. And YES, the music. I teared up. I admit it. One more dance.

    Steve and Kayla need an episode like THIS! I actually enjoy these stand alones more than the rest of show lately. But you are SO SO right. If they have to keep bringing back characters that they’ve killed off, something is wrong with the current show. But I’m grateful in any case to see Bo one more time. I wish Peter had been willing to come back, but since he wasn’t, this was a great use of the character. Let’s get Hope back to sanity-land. Honestly, I’m still reeling that they brought Aiden back – not sure that was the best choice, especially after they had his son rape Ciara!

    If we could get a great stand-alone episode for Steve and Kayla, I’ll be happy! For now πŸ™‚

    • There is something about the two of them together! You can’t explain it fully, but it’s there. Like Simon and Garfunkel, lol.

      I do give a pass to Days on this one because I know Peter wanted to leave, so I’m glad they gave him a hero sendoff, and this nice Bope tribute. But with the Jack episode just a few weeks back, the optics aren’t good for the current show!

  6. I haven’t seen Days for years, they havent shown it in Finland for like ten or so years, so I’m not familiar with everything that has happened.

    But recently I have seen the new episodes, and when I saw (on Instagram or somewhere) that Peter was going to be in this episode… I just had to watch it. And boy did I lose it when Zach walked in. I remember when he was killed and I couldn’t help the tears.

    It was also great to see Larry. Man he was a creep, and he still gave me the chills. But it was so nice that they remembered that Hope, and Bo also, have a history.

    It was nice closure, but I do hope they don’t bring back dead characters anymore. I mean yeah, the fans really miss Peter, but it’s time to move on. And Jack has been in and out from Days, last we saw him he was a ghost or something, and that’s just weird and unnecessary in my opinion.

    Let’s just have the living residents of Salem some interesting plots and let the dead be dead. Though I wouldn’t mind if they brought back characters that have left (Sami, I’m talking about you!). πŸ˜€

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