Kissin’ Kynn

This is an old story. A woman who is disillusioned with her true love will lean on a man who hasn’t let her down, and in doing so ends up dating him/kissing him/falling into bed with him. Off the top of my head, Hope did it with Patrick, and Jen did it with Frankie. It’s a specific variation on the “Mr. Simple” story — more like “Mr. Dependable” — and when it’s done right, it can address a problem of breakdown of trust in the main couple. And here’s the thing: Steve and Kayla have never done this story. When Jack #1 came along as Mr. Simple in 1987, Kayla never wanted to be more than friends. It was fantastic to see Jealous Steve, but it was clear to us as viewers that all Steve had to do was declare himself and Kayla would come running.


This is different. I don’t know how seriously Kayla will consider dating Fynn, or kissing him, or (eek) falling into bed with him. I’m guessing her reaction after today will be to try to put some distance between them. But the real issue, which was clear in today’s episode, is that she is unable to trust Steve.

I’m sure there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth on Twitter and message boards about the kiss today (I’ve been staying away). Not just because of the kiss, but because Steve was off rescuing Joey while Kayla was falling into Fynn’s arms. She pointed out correctly that Steve was keeping her in the dark, but it would be easy for a viewer to justify Steve not telling her the full story while it was still unfolding (and while there was no time to lose). But if you know their history — even of the last few months! — Kayla’s frustration was logical and justified. Steve “playing God” Johnson was reverting back to form, even after the debacle of Ava and knowing how much Kayla hates secrets and has trust issues with him. As a mark of good faith, he should have been sharing every clue, every lead.

So yes, I do think she is justified. But in the end, I actually don’t care if Kayla is “right” or not. It is human and understandable for Steve to keep her in the dark so she won’t worry, but it is also human and understandable for her to turn to the closest source of comfort in a moment of distress (and pain medication).

I’m prepared for this story to go south, and quickly, but at the moment I am still — cautiously — on board.


27 thoughts on “Kissin’ Kynn

  1. If I put my obsession with Steve and Kayla aside then I can rationalize it and it doesn’t bother me having Kayla enjoy the attentions and affections of a man that is filling a void in her life. She feels supported and she trust Fynn so I understand it on that level. However, Fynn is an underdeveloped character whose best friend called him a player from the moment he hit town and had to report his stolen sex tapes to the police when his apartment was burglarized so based on what little we know about his history, he doesn’t seem worthy of Kayla’s trust. But I do prefer them using Fynn in this role rather than someone like Justin or Abe because it isn’t as messy as it would be if it were a character we are invested in and it should be very clear to all Steve and Kayla fans that this is a temporary obstacle and S&K are still the endgame.

    I wish the timing were different because having Kayla make out with Fynn while Steve is rescuing their son makes Kayla look bad. I already feel like the writing is making her look a little too cold and bitter so this doesn’t help. I feel like I know Kayla better than these writers do so it isn’t a huge deal to me but for viewers who don’t know Kayla as well they are not writing her as a character they should be sympathetic towards.

    That is actually one of the issues I have with the show…they don’t write characters I can easily feel sympathetic toward. Maybe I am a simpleton but I still want there to be good guys versus bad guys. I like heroes and heroines and I don’t need a slate full of dark and grey characters. Kayla is one of the few truly “good” characters left but they are writing her with a bitterness that borders on cruelty and I just want her to lighten up.

    This brings me to my next comment about yesterday’s show….I am so glad we finally got some insight into Joey! I have been wanting them to give us some sort of insight into what he is thinking and feeling and finally we get a glimpse. He’s been trying like hell to be a Steve to impress Jade but deep down he’s a Kayla! (That still doesn’t explain why he killed Ava but it at least explains why he joined a cult.) I feel likeif I had a clearer picture of Joey’s upbringing I might get him a little more. I know at first they made it seem like Steve had not really been involved in his life at all but then they seemed to change that a bit. I think if I knew how long Steve was absent…was it 3 years or was it 15…then I think I could understand Joey struggling with finding himself a bit more. I still wouldn’t have a clue why he killed Ava but I think I would understand his motivation for becoming a rebel and choosing a girl like Jade.

    • It’s true they’ve developed Fynn so little that he’s kind of a blank slate, and that makes the story less compelling. I still have a little bit of distaste for him from his initial introduction. Lately they seem to be going for more of a serious doctor vibe for him, but that’s really it. I’m going with it because it’s really more about Steve and Kayla than Fynn and Kayla, and I am enjoying it so far on that basis.

      Yes, it was good to get some more motivation for Joey, though he is still acting like such a fool! I am so frustrated with him. And Jade’s character was starting to get more layers I thought, before they left for LA, but now she’s acting like a cardboard femme fatale (“prove you love me by doing something wild” – so dumb!).

      • There’s still something there with Jade. Yesterday when Joey said “You’re parents must of kept you in a really tight cage” and she says something like “Let it go, I have”. They definitely seem to be going for a Steve and Kayla parallel. When they were in jail after the prom Joey even said something about how he could see she had a good heart or something like that so I won’t be surprised to find out she has gaping wounds from her childhood just like Steve did. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Real Andrews as her dad.

      • I think you’re right about Jade’s family coming back and there’s more to the story there. I didn’t think of Joey being the Kayla to her Steve but it’s an interesting idea. I just hope we get some more layers to her character and the situation.

    • I don’t really see the cruelty. She’s not being manipulative or searching for a new relationship, she just doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Steve right now, and Steve seems to understand why.

      It is interesting that they are contrasting the Fynn/Kayla stuff with Steve looking for Joey, but given how he has pushed back on her being there at all and lied to her, and won’t give her information about where he is, I don’t think it makes Kayla look bad. She’s worried sick about Joey, and that’s been her primary focus for weeks.

      • Im sorry, all this understanding for Kayla and none for Steve has gotten to me.
        Steve is NOT lying to Kayla regarding Joey. He is actively searching and has been protective of Kayla knowing she is not well! She, seems to lie whenever it suits her so how is this an issue?
        As for Kayla she is being disrespectful, constantly bitching about Steve, all negativity all the time, yet expecting him to be at her call at any time. Add to that Kayla having such disregard when it was obvious Ava was insane YET all justify Kayla actively seeking new relations. Steve did NOT actively seek anything other than freeing Kayla. I have to say no good deed goes unpunished here.

        It is bordering on cruelty when Kayla goes on for months constantly emoting negativity toward Steve to just about everyone she has a conversation with. It borders on Cruelty to bring new boyfriend into a search Steve is on for their son! It was cruel when Kayla dug in a knife when Steve was not sentenced to prison for a crime he did not commit but confessed to for Joey’s sake. Her reaction was if not cruel mean.

  2. I’d have more concerns about the timing if Steve had been honest with Kayla about what was going on with Joe and if we hadn’t seen her absolutely freaking out earlier. I mean, it’s not like she’s been playing footsie with Fynn for hours while knowing that Steve and Joe were in trouble. But I guess everybody sees different things.

    I haven’t found her to be cold and bitter, but if she is I think she’s certainly earned that right. She’s paid for Steve’s bad decisions over and over (and over and over) again. And every single time, she’s forgiven him only to have him do the same thing. Keeping secrets to “protect” her, making decisions that effect her life without any thought to how it might impact her. It’s a pattern that absolutely has to change. And I don’t think it’s too out of line for Kayla to know she has to keep some distance simply because Steve can get to her.

    I’m on board with the Fynn stuff because it provides an obvious contrast to Steve, as well as an outlet for everything Kayla is going through. I don’t believe for a minute that the show is planning on anything long-term – or even all that meaningful – with Kayla and Fynn, but if he serves the purpose of making Steve look at things a little differently, then I’m good with it.

    But, MP, you should beware – being okay with this story is only slightly below liking Shayla on the list of S&K unforgivable fan sins.

    • That’s what I think too – I don’t read her behavior as bitterness and cruelty, but rather wariness and self-protection. Someone who is tired of being hurt and tired of not being listened to when she asks him not to keep secrets. And if she’s a little bitter and lashes out unfairly, I think it’s understandable.

      I guessed that would be the case – that the story isn’t popular – that’s why I’m staying away from message boards for the moment. And hey, you know I’m a Shayla fan too. LOL.

  3. Ive heard every excuse for Kayla. But what I have seen is a controlling Kayla, an unforgiving Kayla, a Kayla whose definition of team work is baffling. I’ve seen a Kayla who can lie just as much as any while berating the other! As for Steve he is flawed. She knew that from day one. But, he always saw the good in Kayla and as long as he had memories he did NOT initiate affairs.

    Hypocrisy is not attractive nor is the new Kayla.

    I am tired of all the blame is on Steve! This has gotten as old as Kayla’s constant negativity. This time, I would love to see Steve not so content with Kayla and perhaps ready to become himself again. Tired of emasculating him to serve a woman who rarely notices how much he has been trying!

    Don’t misunderstand. I was a fan of both for years. This year, count me in as a Steve fan.

    • Well, as is clear from what I wrote above, I don’t see it that way. “She knew he was flawed” doesn’t mean he gets a free pass and she doesn’t. She can be flawed too – although I actually don’t think she’s being that unfair.

      But, I am aware I’m in the minority on this, so …

    • I’m not sure I explained my point of view very well at all…

      I actually agree with MP and Erica but I feel like that is more based on my interpretation of the history of S&K and analyzing years of their interactions. If I didn’t know the characters as well and I was just taking what the show has recently given me then I could see it as bitterness and cruelty.

      It goes back to what I was saying about these writers. They just aren’t writing characters I can feel sympathetic toward. They make everyone seem like a hypocrite. I think the only character that they have written sympathetically may be Theresa!

      I am still very much a Kayla fan

  4. As for me, I dearly loved these characters. I loved their romance and love story. I found Steve to be the most unique character on daytime. I then learned to care for Kayla. But, and there is a but, Kayla in 2016 changed enormously. Yes, I agree with Shea it is the writing, however, the story as seen on screen shows me a Kayla that is no longer “Sweetness”. At this point in the story, I find that Steve has tried. His efforts go totally unnoticed and Kayla never ends her barrage of negativity. All this negativity wears on one. At this point, Im no longer finding Kayla all that rootable!

  5. I thought I could get to like Jade but asking Joey to do something against the law to prove he “deserved” her. Really? I am hoping to see the end of her, at least that’s what I think right now.

    • The character is poorly written and all over the place, but I still find myself slightly intrigued. She could disappear and I wouldn’t necessarily care, but a little part of me does want to know her backstory just to understand why she’s so crazy. Besides she’s the only girl on Salem that Joey is not related to … 🙂

  6. I’m wanting Steve to feel what Kayla has gone through many times in their relationship…hes been with these women (Marina and Ava, any more?) while she has stood by him and suffered..not to mention the other good reasons u brought up Mary.- him leaving her out of decision making etc. The actor playing Finn is alright …he’s a little young for my taste but ok I’m going with it and happy so far. As Shea said, we all know S&K are endgame. Apparently Ingo Rademacher is heading back to GH. How I wish he could have been in this role! He’s the right age for her and he’s an Aussie.😀

  7. I disagree with this need for tit for tat with Kayla. For one, it has totally changed the character of Kayla. As such I now find Kayla unpleasant and difficult to enjoy on screen. She is just a bitter, negative force constantly declaring herself a martyr with no recognition whatsoever of what Steve does. Another point of contention, Steve never willingly had an affair! He met Ava after losing all memories, having been tortured and brainwashed. Even during that time Steve left her. That Ava was insane and returned was NOT his fault despite Kayla’s rantings! Marina was over 25 years ago and a face from his past. Again, he never really chased her nor had an affair! Kayla, on the other hand is actively in pursuit. Her actions are intentional. Her negativity constant and somewhat unfair seemingly acts of punishment. This is no longer someone who could be referenced as Sweetness.
    While I loved her dearly for years, this year the change in her has turned me off!
    Im at the point of wishing Steve would walk from her and not pursue her.
    I do NOT want to see a weakened Steve to promote a brand new Kayla controlling and domineering!

    Its sad how turned off I feel now for a couple I have supported for years and years.

    I really want Steve in a story of his own now!

    • Steve’s MO with other women has never been to chase them, it’s true, but he has left himself open to temptation in a way that is easy to see as a betrayal. I don’t know if you remember Steve telling Marcus that Marina was “in his blood” which Kayla overheard, or being the one who put sexual contact on the table with Ava this time around while he didn’t look for Kayla.

      Regardless of all of that, though, Kayla is not having an affair either, because she and Steve aren’t married and aren’t even together.

      I don’t understand how Kayla is supposed to be affecting Steve’s character integrity. If anything, him being willing to demonstrate fidelity and faith while she works through her doubts gives his character back integrity that was lost in recent years.

      • Let me say that the scene you mentioned about Steve telling Marcus Marina was “in his blood” and talking about it being “pure lust” is a scene that always made my skin crawl. I remember at the time the whole thing felt out of the blue and Marcus doesn’t even react the way I would have expected him to have reacted to that conversation. And of course I don’t remember Kayla ever telling Steve she overheard that.

        I It’s not much different to the way it is now. Steve and Kayla have never really had the open discussion about the truth of what happened with Ava and I don’t know that they ever dealt with the some of these aspects of the Marina story either.

      • I thought that scene was a lot, but they did lead up to it pretty well with Steve acting protective and defensive of his past with Marina, and being led to the hotel room that made Kayla think he was having an affair. In general, they did a better job in those days of pushing the relationship drama without crossing boundaries… I don’t think Steve and Marina even kissed, but you could feel how those scenes stressed the relationship, and gave Kayla a reason to let him go to resolve his past.

        Those kinds of scenes are difficult, but I’ll take them over the kind of second run scenes that made it seem like these kinds of things wouldn’t really affect their relationship. It always seems like it’s a give and take with Days!

      • I always interpreted Steve’s defensiveness about his past with Marina as being more about the fact that she used him which really hurt him and the fact that he thought he had been responsible for her death. Granted they showed enough flashbacks of both Steve and Marina remembering being together that I guess that was supposed to tell me something but I thought Steve always treated Marina as someone he didn’t trust and just wanted her to go away so without the scene where he is talking to Marcus I never would have thought he was being tempted.

  8. Just a clarification, a story of his own is not tit for tat. It is a story in which Steve can function without having to constantly feel he must bow down to meet the standards of a Kayla who rarely notices his efforts and consistently finds fault no matter what he does. I want him to function as a character with character integrity not be changed to fit into a mold which is not him. I do not want a watered down Steve for anyone. He is an unusual character in daytime and that is what drew me to him. I have never been impressed with the typical soap male stereotypes.

    • Maybe I’ll be sorely disappointed, but I don’t think the plan is to water down Steve. I think the plan is to make Kayla see that the uncomplicated, safe life isn’t really for her, and that without Steve in her life, it’s only half a life, however safe it may be.

      Well, it’s how *I* would write it, anyway.

  9. I’m always confused about the accusations that Kayla is trying to change Steve or doesn’t accept him for who he is. She flat out told Roman she knew two things – she couldn’t live that way anymore and Steve would never change. If that’s not accepting him for who he is and not trying to change him, I don’t know what is. She was the one who recognized that her life wasn’t working for her anymore and she broke up with Steve. He’s a free man. She’s not asking him to change or demanding that he do so or lose her. So, it seems to me that the criticism is not that she doesn’t accept Steve for who he is, but that she won’t put her own feelings aside to live with/marry him. I would think that people who don’t want Steve to change in any way would be grateful to Kayla for setting him free rather than using his love for her to issue ultimatums and manipulate him in to being something he’s not.

    Now the ball is in Steve’s court. If he’s the man some think he should be, he’ll walk away from Kayla completely and go find some woman who fits the lifestyle he wants to lead (if Joe hadn’t killed Ava, she’d be perfect – worships the ground Steve walks on and loves all the craziness). If he’s the man I think he is, he’ll realize that a lot of what Kayla is feeling right now is tied directly to his own choices – particularly abandoning his family in Africa – and give her the same patience, understanding, forgiveness, and love that she has always shown him. And, in the end, the two of them will find a middle-ground just like they always did.

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