Jack’s back

I really enjoyed yesterday’s episode.


I like the idea of the stand-alone episodes focusing on a particular storyline,* and this was well done, letting an arc develop that culminated in Jennifer standing up at the meeting.

I could complain that we didn’t see a transition from using the pills as they were intended to abusing them. It felt like people were calling her out on taking the pills before it was realistic to think she had a problem. I would have liked a scene where Fynn refused to prescribe her more pills, and she found a shadier doctor to give her another prescription. Also, they had an opportunity to show the pills costing her more than Chad refusing to let Thomas go home with her. But, given that Days often has the subtlety of a sledgehammer, maybe this showed some admirable restraint. And it really would be embarrassing and humiliating for someone like Jen, who prides herself on fulfilling her responsibilities (as she told Jack today) to be denied that role.

I liked the details they included in today’s episode. I liked that they addressed the issue of her chronic pain — and how difficult it is to manage without creating exactly these kinds of situations. I liked that she had stashes hidden all over the house. So after flushing her pills in a moment of resolve, she was tearing the house apart hoping she had missed some. That was great visual storytelling, and I bet Missy Reeves had fun with those scenes. I loved Lucas’s role as the voice of sanity — especially when he called her on the fact that if she is going to call people who go to meetings stupid junkies, she is including Lucas, and Brady, and Maggie, in that assessment.

And of course there was Jack. It was so great to see Matt Ashford again.

I am ambivalent about bringing him back on a permanent basis, just because I think Jack is a difficult character to write for. They either make him a clown, make him beg for Jennifer’s favor, or kill him off again (usually all three). But if someone could do some research and come up with a story that fits this unique and wonderful character, I’m all for it.

But I thought this was nice. He was the perfect person to remind Jennifer of her strength and persistence, and I liked that he did it using her reporting skills as his example, rather than her pursuit of him. The flashbacks were great, especially the first one. Bickering in a romantic moment is so quintessentially Jack and Jennifer.


And this final look – I have to say, swoon.

*Steve and Kayla Steve and Kayla Steve and Kayla


16 thoughts on “Jack’s back

  1. Jack is back, indeed. I tend toward the same ambivalence as you regarding a permanent return of Jack. That character had about three years of great story from 87-91, but at least for me it was mostly downhill after that. Yesterday, though, the performance and the writing brought back shades of the old Jack. He wasn’t buffoonish, he wasn’t dressed in some ridiculous costume, and he wasn’t trying to be some kind of hero lite. He was kind, but also a little sarcastic. He used writing metaphors. He pushed her to be better.

    I’ve watched those clips on youtube so many times, but seeing them in the context of the show yesterday made me a little teary. I was so glad that they went with clips from the original run.

    I’ll cross my fingers for you that a Steve and Kayla stand alone is coming up.

    • That’s what I felt like too, that this felt like I would imagine the Jack would grow up to be. Not a buffoon, not Jen’s idiot sidekick. When Jack fell in the cake last time, I knew it was all downhill from there. This felt like the real Jack (ironic because he was just a dream appearance).

      I watched the flashback scenes just a few years ago but like you say it always feels different in the context of the show. They looked like such babies, so young! I love the shell ring scene.

  2. I LOVED this episode so please don’t take anything else I say as a knock against the episode that we watched yesterday because it was beautifully done…

    I think I would have prefered to see the content of yesterdays episode played out over a few different days instead of cramming it all into one episode. It feels like they are trying to cover for all of their lazy storytelling by finally giving this story some focus. I have come to the realization that these writers have NO CLUE how to use supporting character. We all know that part of the problem is the stuff they keep cutting but that is only one part of the problem.

    Jennifer is a supporting character. We should have seen her in scenes supporting storylines over the last several months. Honestly if they weren’t lazy we could have seen Jennifer support other while also struggle internally after the deaths of Paige and Will. We could have seen her become more fragile after finding out what Ben did to Abby and then once the car accident happened the loss of Daniel could have weighed on her even more. IF we had seen her already struggling with depression or something I could almost buy how quickly she became hooked on the pain medication but instead they opted for an instant addiction with no real set up even though all of the pieces for a decent story were already there. Basically a week after the accident they tried to show us she was addicted and Eric sees her take one pill and calls her out? We watched Abby spiralling out of control why not show Jennifer slowly becoming more dependent on the pills as she struggles to support Abby? We saw Jennifer mess up one time at work…what we could have seen was how she struggled to handle the hospital PR during the virus quarantine while trying to give up the pills only to then have Chad throw her problem back in her face when he wouldn’t let her take Thomas for the night. Instead we got a lazy, flimsy set up for one great episode.

    They did a great job using Lucas, Julie and Doug in support yesterday. I would have liked a little more Jack and a few more flashbacks but other than that I really don’t have anything else to complain about when it comes to yesterday’s show. I admit that I shed a couple of tears.

    Apparently Melissa Salmons wrote the script for yesterday and according to someone on Daytime Royalty she posted a tweet then it was later deleted. I guess someone tweeted what a great job she did with the script and she replied to the tweet that the show had not aired for her yet but that this was her favorite material was allowed to do this year and she was afraid a lot might have been cut for time. I wonder if there has always been an issue with so much content being cut for time or if this is a new phenomenon? People also seem to find her using the word “allowed” to be of interest. I have no idea if any of it is significant but she did delete the tweet later….maybe after she saw the show?

    • I have the same frustrations as you do regarding the lack of buildup. I love your idea of her vowing to give up the pills during the quarantine crisis and then still having Chad refuse to send Thomas home with her. That would be a perfect setup for a relapse.

      It would have been great to see her slowly coming apart, and yet show her thinking she needs to hold it together for Abby and JJ and the pills help her do that. I think that would fit really well with her character, and be a little bit different spin on an addiction story. I also thought it was dumb that Eric was calling her on her pills so soon – that everybody was.

      That’s interesting about Melissa Salmons. “Allowed” might just mean she has to write to the story outline. But it’s tempting to read more into it!

  3. I like these type of episodes also. I did think they drug out the Chad/Abby thing a little to long, and Hope/Aiden, especially the one with Aiden by himself..

    • I agree. I liked the Chad Abby standalone quite a bit, but their overall story is dragging out too much. I’m ready for it to wrap up – we all know Kate Mansi is leaving so let it happen already.

  4. It was wonderful seeing Jack again. πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ». I only wish he’d been on more. I liked the parts with Julie and Jen …Julie was not leaving her alone…”no dear, I’lll come with you” and then slaps her. The highlights were of course Jack and Jen. They still have a special connection after all these years.❀️ Mary, I too liked how Jack told her she could overcome this using her journalist past as proof of her tenacity. I wish someone else would remind her how she went after him! That was one of the things I loved about their relationship. He put up so many roadblocks but no matter what happened, what he did, even after he rejected her time and time again, she never gave up. I loved how she used to literally chase after him. Great stuff.

    I wish MA could come back and have MR leave the canvass for a while, even die (is that bad?) She can come back but I’d like to see him on his own…maybe they could come up with good things for him to do that are Different than the way they’ve always pigeonholed him. He could deal with losing her, be a parent to Abby and of course he could bother Steve. Then he could reunite with Jen who surprise! is not dead. Basically a pipe dream lol!

    I’m looking forward to seeing Finn, Kayla and Steve as they are looking for Joey. Would Finn and Kayla be Fayla? Not good. 😜

    • I would absolutely LOVE to have Jack on the canvas without Jen for awhile. It’s been the other way too much, and too much focus on Jen as the center of a triangle. I’d love to see Jack involved with someone else for awhile, and then Jen could come back later.

      Someone else could remind Jen of how she was so strong and determined with Jack. I just really liked that Jack went for her professional determination instead. It seemed very Jack.

  5. OMG, If they ever get a day of just S&K I am calling in SICK to work… Since going back to work, I don’t feel I’ve missed too much since they are hardly giving my faves a chance on screen. I do look at the “guide” my cable offers, and usually just see their names mentioned once (at most twice) a week and that ticks me off…. but then I read this blog and see I missed a little more than what was mentioned in the synopsis on my cable info. I am sorry I’m missing Jack… I did like his sarcastic/funny days.

    • I’ll be tempted to call in sick too, if they do a standalone episode with Steve and Kayla! Yeah, it’s been frustrating how little they’ve been on. Hopefully that will change. πŸ™‚

  6. Great comments! I too really like the show, LOVED how Jack used analogies about journalism. I agree with all of the commentators about that the show did a poor job setting up Jenn’s addition. They had her verbalize how she felt in one episode without showing any of this onscreen, so frustrating as that could have been done so well. She brought up JJ being sick and she thought he might die, but there were no scenes of her at the hospital, by JJ’s bedside or at all worried. She mentioned the pressure of being in the house with so many “ghosts” – great line as it is true what her role as the “good Horton girl” actually costs her. None of it on screen. I am not going to repeat all the comments on how her addiction was way to quick (and yes I agree Abby losing her mind was shown well over a period of time, but now wrap it up)

    I am curious to see how they use Jack in the next few episodes, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing MA on screen. I am a fan of Jack/MA and yowza he has aged well and has the distinguished handsome look. While I would love to have JnJ back again, I just don’t think it would be good as they have “been there done that” and they writers just don’t seem to have any creativity to create a really compelling interesting story. How do they sustain the JnJ relationship when making Jack the comic relief and all around silly guy. I actually would love to just see Matthew Ashford on screen again, he definitely has strength. Even if he played a different character, I know I have joked on Twitter why not make him “billy’s long lost twin that was given up for adoption without anyone knowing – or some silly retcon like that.

    Hey if we can get an Aiden clone, we can’t get a Jack look alike?

    • Billy’s long lost twin could work. Duke had a twin named Earl and there was some weird thing between Jo and Earl….so the twins could have had different fathers and this long lost twin was Earl’s son instead od Duke’s so Jo had to hide his existence and gave him up at birth or Duke would have killed her. Lol….stranger plots have happened.

  7. Welcome back MP – we missed you! It was good to see Jack, but it was a very brief visit. I agree with the above complaints about the lack of real foundation to this story. As with so many storyline on this show, it is easy to imagine ways that it could have been written in a more interesting manner.

    I’m really bugged that they are going to such lengths to inflate the “character” of Fynn. The virus outbreak with Fynn coming to the rescue – yuck. Even worse, the little scene at the Brady Pub where Fynn pretty much forces Kayla to share a meal with him. Kayla has just dropped the bomb on her mom that she and Steve were over – wait – I thought she need time to “think” about their relationship. Caroline basically doesn’t really react to her daughter giving up on the man she has loved for 30 years, the man who has been a good son-in-law and always very supportive of Caroline. The only one who cared to listen and believe her when she was having visions of Bo, who risks his life over and over for the Brady family. Then she says that Fynn must have a good soul because he is a good tipper. WTF? More likely it means he is bad at math, has more money than he needs, or was a waiter at some time in his life. Any of those are more likely than “having a good soul”.

    So I have a little theory that maybe Fynn had a thing going with Ava – remember they had at least one date that we know of – and now is insinuating himself into Kayla’s life to exacerbate the problems between Steve and Kayla. Maybe his missing sex video is with Ava. Maybe he helped fake her death and she is still out there somewhere, waiting to cause more trouble.

    It would totally be out of character for Kayla to “hook up” with anyone, especially one of her employees! She just isn’t wired that way. I could suspect that he might drug her and try to take advantage of her, but not that she might see him as a potential lover. Never ever! I am looking forward to Steve kicking his Aussie ass.

    • So COMPLETELY agree with you! It’s time for S to kick some Aussie sassy ass… and for Kayla to pull her head out of hers. YES, she has a right to be pissed, but as others have said, it’s not like she wouldn’t have done the same thing if she though S’s life was in danger. I like the flash backs… let’s have her flash back to Allllll those years she thought the love of her life was dead…. and things like that to remind her of what they have…

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