I can haz HAZMAT?

Well, we’ve always known the costume department has a sense of humor.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.07.09 PM

She looks like the one of the Coneheads!

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 4.24.18 PM

Or as commenter thirddp pointed out on Twitter, like a giant sperm:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 4.27.30 PM

It’s been fun watching the actors maintain their dead serious expressions as they exchange bad news in their sperm suits. Hats off to soap actors, they are such troupers. And we’ve seen some nice glimmers of conflict and emotional scenes, like the one between JJ and Gabi, and the one between John and Paul.

I’m always in favor a big disaster that brings everyone together, so I have been enjoying the show more than I have for awhile. What I am missing is good soap pacing, which Days hasn’t done well for eons. Either nothing is happening and it’s taking forever not to happen, or else a disaster like this is unfolding and it happens too freaking fast. We hadn’t seen Paul for weeks when he became Patient One of this disaster. There should have been scenes of him feeling ill, brushing it off as the flu, before collapsing in some dramatic fashion. Also, Fynn put it together awfully quickly that this is a synthetic virus and therefore maliciously spread, and then in turn the finger was pointed at Yo Ling awfully quickly. These things can be so much more dramatic if they would draw out the suspense and drama a bit more.

Meanwhile Joey and Jade seem to have stumbled on the Manson family. About ten million red flags should have already gone up for Joey, but he is still lost in a moral gray area after killing Ava — that is, that would be a good explanation for his behavior if the show was bothering to give us one. Instead he is just coming off as very, very stupid. Sorry, Joey. But his dad got the opportunity to be a little bit smart, talking to Jade’s father and tracking down Claire and getting her to spill the beans. I appreciate how this are setting up (I assume) Steve’s absence for Kayla’s health crisis, which will conveniently allow Fynn to save Kayla’s life and cement a bond between them. Not bad.


7 thoughts on “I can haz HAZMAT?

  1. Well the hazmat suits reminded me of a Halloween costume I once wore in college. I wish I could explain why I dressed as a tampon for that Halloween party but I can’t.

    With the exception of the Aiden episode I have actually enjoyed most of this week. Of course I like storylines that involve a lot of different character interactions so this virus storyline is working for me but I agree with you that the pacing is all wrong. Epidemics are not usually eradicated in a week.

    I have been waiting for Real Andrews to show up for months so I was really intrigued when I found out he was playing Jade’s dad. I have clue how much he will be on but I do remember the casting call for Jade’s dad wanted someone “gorgeous” so that makes me hope he may be doing more than just being Jade’s angry dad in a couple of episodes.

    I am just continuously amazed at how naive and gullible Joey is. I just cannot believe that any child of Stephen Earl Johnson would be this dim. I think you are right and they are going for morally gray or troubled but it is just coming off as full blown idiot. That being said I am still somehow intrigued by this Manson family style cult Joey and Jade seem to be getting themselves involved in. I know it’s gonna be ridiculous but I still want to see it.

    Now I don’t know if it was just a new haircut or it it was just how casual he was dressed but yesterday it seemed like Billy Flynn looked younger all of a sudden. I am afraid that they are trying to make him look younger on purpose to try to sell a Ciara/Chad pairing.

    • I’m enjoying the disaster story too. At least it’s better than anything else we’ve gotten recently!

      I’m hoping for more to the story of Jade’s dad. He seemed remarkably unconcerned about the whole thing, so we’ll see. I have to say I like the idea of a Manson family type story too. That doesn’t mean it will be good, but like you I am curious about what will happen.

      Just say no to Chad/Ciara! I could see Ciara developing a crush on him but as to anything else … just no.

  2. One of the soap bloggers posted two pics of (I think) Kayla and Marlena in their suits with the line “Who wore it best?” Lol.

    After not watching for a few weeks, I was back in for this story. I loved the scene between John and Paul in Paul’s hospital room. It made me realize how much I’ve been missing little moments like that for all the characters. More, please.

    There’s such a sharp divide right now between the characters and stories that are working and those that aren’t. And as you point out, because of the show’s crazy pacing, it’s hard to get invested in what’s working when you know it’s going to be gone for weeks. John/Marlena/Paul are really working, but Belle and Brady are just atrocious. Why can’t the show bring the family together over this crisis? Steve and Kayla have been great since Steve came back, but Joey and Jade (although I like both actors)? Awful.

    I would love to see this virus crisis have time to play out with more small moments between core characters, but I’m afraid it’s all just going to wrap up with no repercussions for anyone.

    • “Who wore it best?” LOLOLOLOL. That’s awesome.

      The John and Paul scene was great. I want more of that, and more of Paul in general. I really wish they would slow down and give us some more emotional moments. These disasters are opportunities for these type of scenes – so take advantage of it!

      “Wrapping up with no repercussions for anyone” — that’s always my fear with Days. Unfortunately. LOL.

  3. I’m dying at the hazmat suits. Also at how everyone keeps taking their masks off when they’re within two feet of very ill patients. Kind of defeats the point, no?

    I really liked the John/Paul stuff. And JJ/Gabi work for me, too — I just wish they’d hit some of the inherent issues there. (Like that she killed his cousin. Or that by dating her, he’s basically taking on a child, too.) You’re right about the setup for Steve/Kayla/Fynn. It’s pretty classic construction, which I appreciate.

    • There are definitely some stories to tell with JJ/Gabi, and we’ve gotten next to nothing. They are so cute and have great chemistry, so use it! Good point that she killed his cousin. I kind of forgot about that family connection.

      They are all being really dumb with their quarantine protocol, it’s ridiculous. Oh well. At least they all get to wear funny suits. LOL.

  4. The virus story reeked. The ultra propping of Finn is just like that for Daniel. Did not like it with Daniel and do not appreciate a re hash. As for Kayla her actions more and more turn me off and this coming from one who worked to bring her and Steve back on air. Now Im just here for Steve. I find Kayla all too controlling, too bitter to even listen, to cold to care about.

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